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Napoleon s control The country was unified and reorganized into regions provinces and towns By 1815. Napoleon was defeated and most of Italy returned to former sovereigns Though his reign was short we have. Napoleon to thank for the creation of civil codes and registration of vital records. The era after Napoleon was a tumultuous one for the country The years before 1870 are often referred to as il. Risorgimento the Resurgence or Rising Again This was a movement to encourage nationalism and. unite again as one Italy Some towns continued to maintain records but keeping civil registrations was no. longer required There are many gaps in the civil records after 1815 especially for northern Italy but vital. records continued in the south Many northern areas have two periods of civil registration 1805 1815 the. Napoleonic era and 1866 present Most of southern Italy has kept civil registrations from 1809 present. Some areas did not begin civil registration until after unification The names of some provinces and towns. changed at this time so records may be under different towns even though your ancestors stayed in the same. area World War II destroyed many records Local communities have attempted to reconstruct these records. but they may not always be accurate Italy s town names have remained the same since the war Historic maps. of Italy through the library s free database Historic Map Works show how names and locations changed. during different time periods, Fortunately we now have access to many of Italy s civil records through FamilySearch Records in Italy have. been microfilmed since the 1970s The Genealogical Society of Utah has been filming parish and civil records. from as many archives as will give permission These records are kept at the local level and you can try. typing the name of a town in the Family History Library catalog to see what records are available Most. microfilmed records will have whole indexes or at least ten year indexes If your ancestral town is a small. village within a larger town check the records of the larger town. Early records may be written in different languages such as Latin French Spanish or Italian including. dialects Many early records including church records have very little information but there s often more. detail in later civil records Each province in Italy has a. state archives located in the province s capital city These. are often referred to as Registri dello Stato Civile or Civil. Registration records with the name of the town, Information varies from town to town and formats for vital. records also changed over time By studying a few Italian. words and phrases it s possible to extract basic, information from civil records If you don t read Italian. acquire an Italian word list keep an Italian English. dictionary on hand or use Google translate Word lists are. also available on FamilySearch, Knowing traditional naming patterns is also helpful The. oldest son in the family was often named after the paternal. grandfather the second son named after the maternal. grandfather and so on The same pattern was followed. when naming daughters in the family Surnames such as. Di Anni or La Tora that begin with prefixes are usually. indexed under the first letter of the prefix but names and. words can be broken up and hyphenated in all kinds of. ways If you have only American names it may be difficult. to decipher the Italian birth names Once you start. researching Italian records you may find names similar. Birth record for Mary s enough to piece the family together When I researched my. grandfather Mariano Salvatore paternal grandfather s family knowing only the American. Palazzo 1897 From Registri dello stato civile di forms of their names I discovered it was fairly easy to. Partanna Trapani Family History Library translate the names in the civil records for Partanna Sicily. Past Pursuits,Summer 2016 2, My grandfather Samuel Marion Plazo translated to Mariano Salvatore Palazzo and his brother Harry translated.
to Rosario A perfect example was a funeral home record for my great grandmother that listed her mother s. name as Mary Ross which turned out to be Maria Russo This funeral home record was the only clue I had to. lead me back one more generation, Many Italian immigrants settled in specific neighborhoods in cities and attended certain churches in those. neighborhoods You may want to seek out Italian American clubs still existing in those neighborhoods along. with any records held by neighborhood churches Social media is another way to quickly make connections to. Italian American groups regional genealogy groups in Italy and even family members that may have more. information, Along with the genealogy databases available through the Library to help you get started on your research. there are many Italian heritage websites Try the Italian Genealogy Group Italian Genealogy Italian Ancestry. and the long list of websites provided on Cyndi s List Websites based in Italy can lead you to more. information about towns Communi Italiani it and local archives Direzione Generale Archivi If you d like. to ask someone to help you with your Italian ancestry research you can try My Italian Family. Congratulazioni on discovering your Italian heritage and in bocca al lupo good luck. John Philip Colletta Presents Our,Ancestors From Europe. by Judy James Division Manager, Author lecturer and genealogist John Philip Colletta will present. Our Ancestors from Europe on Saturday August 27 9 30 am. 4 00 pm in the Main Library Auditorium Co sponsored by the. Library and the Summit County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical. Society the program will focus on strategies and resources for. finding your European ancestors including a session on Italian. records research, John Philip Colletta is one of America s most popular genealogical.
lecturers Knowledgeable experienced and entertaining he resides. in Washington DC For twenty years while laying the foundation. for his career in genealogy he worked half time at the Library of. Congress and taught workshops at the National Archives. Today Dr Colletta lectures nationally teaches at local schools. and conducts programs for the Smithsonian Institution s Resident. Associate Program He is a faculty member of the Institute of. Genealogy and Historical Research at Samford University. Birmingham Alabama the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy and. Boston University s Certificate in Family History program He has also been an instructor and course. coordinator for the Genealogical Institute of Texas Dallas the Genealogical Institute of Mid America. Springfield Illinois and the former National Institute on Genealogical Research now Genealogical Institute. on Federal Records Washington DC His publications include numerous articles both scholarly and popular. two manuals They Came in Ships A Guide to Finding Your Immigrant Ancestor s Arrival Record and. Finding Italian Roots The Complete Guide for Americans and one murder mystery family history Only. a Few Bones A True Account of the Rolling Fork Tragedy and Its Aftermath. Past Pursuits,Summer 2016 3,Program Schedule,9 30 9 45 am Introductions. 9 45 10 45 am Passenger Arrival Records Colonial Times to Mid 20th Century. 10 45 11 15 am Break, 11 15 am 12 15 pm Naturalizations Records Colonial Times to Mid 20th Century. 12 15 1 30 pm Lunch on your own, 1 30 2 30 pm Re discovering La Famiglia Accessing and Using the Records of Italy. 2 30 3 00 pm Break, 3 00 4 00 pm Discovering the REAL Stories of Your Immigrant Ancestors. The program is free and open to the public and free parking is available in the High Market parking deck To. register contact Special Collections at 330 643 9030 or speccollections akronlibrary org. Summit County s Drive In Theaters,by Rebecca Larson Troyer Librarian.
In the 1930s America s love affair with the automobile and. fondness for Hollywood gave rise to a new novelty the. drive in theater The nation s first opened in 1933 near. Camden New Jersey the brainchild of Richard,Hollingshead who sought to patent and license the. automobile movie theater Far from the surefire money. making venture Hollingshead had originally envisioned the. idea gained footing in the prosperous post World War II. years Its creator saw very little for his efforts and. ingenuity but the drive in found its place in America s. pursuit of entertainment convenience and eventually. Summit County s first drive in the Starlight Auto Theater. in Ellet near Akron Municipal Airport Akron Fulton. International Airport today was constructed between 1937. and 1939 The business was owned in part by George, The Starlight Auto Theater promised an Blake director of the motion picture department at. atmosphere suitable for children Akron Goodyear who himself was a filmmaker documenting the. Beacon Journal A pril 20 1947 stories of Akron s blimps in films screened across the. country Local independent theater operators objected to the. Akron airport open air theater proposal fearing loss of. business but their protests failed and the theater opened in 1940 Several sources put the opening in 1937. however a July 1940 A kron Beacon Journal article describes the opening of the Starlight that summer The. Starlight accommodated 400 500 cars parked on ramps facing a large screen a design modeled after the. original auto theater in New Jersey and copied by drive ins across the nation. Nearly a decade passed before the area saw two more drive ins Ascot in Cuyahoga Falls 1947 and. Montrose in Copley Township 1948 Postwar prosperity and the baby boom would fuel the popularity of. auto theaters which marketed themselves as accessible and family friendly While going to a movie theater. might have entailed dressing up hiring a sitter returning to the city and paying for parking drive ins offered a. convenient alternative Advertisements for the Summit Drive In which opened in the Portage Lakes area in. 1956 stated come as you are relax in your car,Past Pursuits. Summer 2016 4, Pajama clad children and their casually dressed parents were drawn to concession stands playgrounds and. even bottle warming trays and self serve laundry facilities in some cases even more so than the films The. shows playing on the big screens often weren t the draw for teenagers either earning drive ins the nickname. passion pits, Since their inception drive ins faced opponents primarily for noise which was remedied with the advent of.
in car speakers and sex both on the screen and on the lots From those in the movie theater business drive ins. were feared and even reviled by some who perceived them to be an audience stealing nuisance While the. competition for patrons between the two theater factions was. real drive ins were almost always at a disadvantage Theirs. was a seasonal business heavily dependent on weather and. requiring people to attend late showings at dusk Conversely. movie theaters were open year round generally air, conditioned with multiple showings throughout the day and. evening hours While traditional movie houses screened. blockbusters drive ins often struggled to negotiate first run. major studio films forcing them to run less popular. independent films or second runs, Despite these challenges drive ins surged in popularity for a. time In 1958 they hit their peak with more than 4 000. nationwide Only one opened in the Akron area after this time. the Skyline in Richfield Township 1965 Competition. continued between movie houses and their open air, counterparts and the growing popularity of drive ins meant. more owners were finally able to secure first run films But. both groups were fighting against the expansion of television. and changes in audiences and their interests Within three. decades of their peak the number of drive ins dotting the. country was cut nearly in half Waning audience interest. economics and family makeup affected the success of the. drive in as did rising fuel costs home theaters and even. daylight savings time which pushed show times later Many. drive ins generated income during off hours with flea markets. and events and others abandoned their family friendly roots. opting for R and even X rated films in the 1970s and 80s. including the East in Tallmadge opened in 1950 and the Gala. near Springfield Lake opened in 1948, Surviving drive ins are often in rural areas with many of their. peers long since becoming the grounds for grocery stores. shopping centers and office buildings Large lots with ready The Skyline offered a. access to utilities coupled with rising property values made the comfortable open space Akron Beacon. land more profitable than the business enticing many owners Journal July 15 1966. to sell to developers Most of the area s drive ins including. Ascot East Montrose Northfield Skyline Starlight and Summit closed in the 1980s The Gala held out until. the 1990s The lone remaining drive in in Summit County is Magic City opened in 1950 on Cleveland. Massillon Road south of Barberton in Franklin Township Nearby in Wadsworth is Blue Sky built in 1945. and in Portage County Midway Twin built in 1955 in Ravenna Township Today much of the appeal of. drive ins is the healthy dose of nostalgia though many of the same conveniences that first drew audiences. keep them coming back,Past Pursuits,Summer 2016 5,Researching Connecticut.
Attraversiamo or Let s cross over Discovering the time period your ancestors crossed over might help you find the region of origin Small groups of upper middle class northern Italians mainly artisans merchants aristocrats and political exiles arrived in America from around 1820 to the mid 1800s and settled around New York Boston and Philadelphia The next wave

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