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AAOC Analysis and Application Oriented Courses,Bio Biological Sciences. BIOT Biotechnology,CDC Compulsory Discipline Courses. CDP Courses on Development Process,CE Civil Engineering. Che Chemical,Chem Chemistry,CHI Chinese,CS Comp Comp Sc Computer Science. DCOC Discipline Courses other than Compulsory,EA Emerging Area.
Econ Economics,ECE Electronics and Communication Engineering. EEE Electrical Electronics Engineering,EI Electronics Instrumentation. ES Engineering Science,ET Engineering Technology, Engg Engineering Chemical Civil Computer Science Electrical. Electronics Electronics Instrumentation Electronics and Communication Manufacturing. Mechanical,ENGL English, Exptl Sc Experimental Science Biological Sciences Chemistry Physics. Fin Finance,FRE French,GER German,HSS Humanities and Social Sciences.
IS Information Systems,ITEB Internet Technology and e Bussiness. JAP Japanese,L Lecture hours per week,Math Mathematics. MBA Master of Business Administration,Mech Mechanical. MF Manufacturing Engineering, Min Max Indicates minimum maximum number of units specified in a course or semester programme. Mgts Management,MGSYS Management Systems,MM Manufacturing Management.
MPH Master in Public Health,MST Material Science and Technology. P Practical Seminar Project etc hours per week,PHIL Philosophy. Pharm Pharmacy,Phy Physics,RUS Russian,SS Software Systems. Sc Biological Sciences Chemistry Economics Mathematics Physics. T Suffixed to a course number indicates that a non letter grade will be awarded in such a course. TA Technical Arts,TOC Technique Oriented Courses,U Number of units associated to a course. Course descriptions are available at www bits pilani ac in courses fs coursedescriptions html. As part of BITS Vision 2020 Mission 2012 where apart from the courses listed below. project the curriculum of BITS Pilani was certain remedial courses may be required in. benchmarked against top Universities in the which case the Dean Instruction will design these. world Consequently the curriculum has courses from time to time and report the same to. undergone a strategic redesign that will be the Senate The list of courses in the various. applicable for students admitted from August categories and other courses which are used for. 2011 onwards This part Part IV of the bulletin making these programmes are given below. describes two different curriculum schemes one, for continuing students pages IV 1 to IV 26 and i Language and Literature.
one for new students i e those who are admitted,ENGL C261 Creative Writing 3. August 2011 onwards pages IV 27 onwards,ENGL C262 Effective Speaking 3. I STRUCTURE OF THE INTEGRATED,ENGL C353 Effective Public Speaking 3. FIRST DEGREE PROGRAMMES OF, STUDENTS ADMITTED 2010 OR EARLIER HINDI C201 Elementary Hindi 303. HINDI C211 Novel Short Stories 303,GROUP A B AND C PROGRAMMES More.
specifically B E Hons Biotechnology HINDI C212 One Act Play Drama 303. Chemical Civil Computer Science SANS C111 Sanskrit 303. Electronics Communication Electrical, Electronics Electronics Instrumentation In addition to the above the following courses are. Manufacturing Mechanical B Pharm Hons specially designed for Group C only which cannot. in Group A M Sc Hons Biological be taken by Group A B students under any. Sciences Chemistry Economics circumstances,Mathematics Physics in Group B and M Sc. ENGL C121 English Language Skills I 3,Tech General Studies Engineering. Technology Information Systems Finance in ENGL C122 English Language Skills II 3. Group C ENGL C123 English Language Skills 303, The structure of these programmes has ENGL C221 Readings from Popular 303. sought to identify commonality amongst the Science Writings. various programmes as well as their ENGL C222 Readings from Drama 303. divergence Broadly the structural requirements ENGL C231 Readings from Prose and 303. are classified under various categories of courses Poetry. as given below,ENGL C251 Linguistics 303, The actual requirements for these degree ENGL C252 Phonetics and Spoken 303.
programmes are spelt out in terms of courses English. belonging to different categories The table on, page IV 8 gives these requirements in terms of ii Core Science. minimum and maximum number of units as well,BIO C111 General Biology 303. as minimum and maximum number of courses of, each category for Group A B and C programmes BIO C211 Biological Chemistry 303. BIO T216 Introductory Molecular 303,The semester wise pattern for completing the. programme is planned by a Senate appointed, Committee called Academic Regulations Clause BIO C241 Microbiology 233.
1 08 Committee and the current operative CHEM C141 Chemistry I 303. semester wise patterns are given in later sections CHEM C142 Chemistry II 303. While this has been planned in such a way that a, normal student will finish the programme in 8 CHEM C211 Atomic and Molecular 303. semesters the completion of the programme by a Structure. student can be shorter or longer than this duration CHEM C222 Modern Analytical 303. because of the flexibilities There may be cases Chemistry. CHEM C232 Chemistry of Organic 303 TA C312 Technical Report Writing 3. v Engineering Science,PHA C211 Biological Chemistry 303. PHA C212 Pharmaceutical Analysis 233 CE C212 Transport Phenomena I 303. PHA C241 Microbiology 233 CE C241 Analysis of Structures 303. PHY C131 Physics I Mechanics 303 CHE C213 Fluid Flow Operations 303. Waves Optics CHE C221 Chemical Process 303,PHY C132 Physics II Electricity 303 Calculations. Magnetism Modern ECE C272 Circuits Signals 303,Physics EEE C272 Circuits Signals 303. PHY C212 Classical Mechanics 303 ES C112 Thermodynamics 303. PHY C221 Modern Physics 303 ES C221 Mechanics of Solids 303. In addition to the above the following courses are ES C232 Transport Phenomena I 303. specially designed for M Sc Tech General ES C241 Electrical Sciences I 303. Studies programme which can be taken by ES C242 Structure and Properties of 303. students of other programmes with prior Materials,permission from appropriate authority.
ES C263 Microprocessors 324, BIO C111 General Biology 303 Programming Interfacing. CHEM C221 General Chemistry 303 ES C272 Electrical Sciences II 303. PHY C122 General Physics 303 INSTR C272 Circuits Signals 303. SCI C121 Social Hygiene 303 ME C211 Applied Thermodynamics 303. SCI C212 Applied Nutrition 303 ME C212 Transport Phenomena I 303. SCI C311 Agricultural Science 303 MF C211 Applied Thermodynamics 303. iii Core Mathematics MF C212 Transport Phenomena I 303. NA C211 Ocean Engineering 303,MATH C191 Mathematics I Advanced 303. NA C212 Transport Phenomena I 303, MATH C192 Mathematics II Complex 303 In addition to the above the following courses are. Variables and Linear specially designed for Group C only which cannot. Algebra be taken by Group A B students under any, MATH C222 Discrete Structures for 303 circumstances. Computer Science ENGG C111 Electrical and Electronics 303. MATH C241 Mathematics III Differential 303 Technology. ENGG C212 Introduction to Systems 303, iv Technical Arts ENGG C232 Engineering Materials 303.
TA C111 Engineering Graphics 244 ENGG C241 Mechanical Technology 303. TA C112 Workshop Practice 244 ENGG C242 Maintenance Safety 303. TA C162 Computer Programming I 303 ENGG C264 Fluid and Solid Mechanics 303. TA C211 Measurement 042 ENGG C272 Process Technology 303. Techniques I ENGG C282 Industrial Engineering 303,TA C222 Measurement 164 Techniques. Techniques II ENGG C291 Electronics and 303, TA C231 Business Communication 303 Instrumentation. Technology,TA C252 Computer Programming II 3, ES C233 Logic in Computer Science 303 TOC C254 Computer Oriented 3. ES C261 Digital Electronics and 303 Problem Solving II. Microprocessors,vii Humanities Social Sciences HSS. vi Analysis and Application Oriented and Other Courses. Courses A HSS Courses, AAOC C111 Probability and Statistics 303 ECON C211 Fundamentals of Finance 303.
AAOC C221 Graphs Networks 303 and Accounting, AAOC C222 Optimisation 303 ECON C212 Principles of Economics 303. AAOC C311 Data Processing 303 HIST C112 Main Trends in Indian 303. AAOC C312 Operations Research 303 History, AAOC C321 Control Systems 303 HIST C211 Main Currents of Modern 303. AAOC C322 Systems 303,HIST C212 Middle East History 303. AAOC C341 Numerical Analysis 303,HIST C213 Gulf History Culture 303. BIO C391 Instrumental Methods of 4,Analysis HSS C231 Economic Legislation 303.
CHEM C391 Instrumental Methods of 4 HSS C232 Indian Financial Systems 303. Analysis HSS C241 Legal Environment of 303,PHA C391 Instrumental Methods of 4 Business. Analysis HSS C311 Taxation 303, PHY C391 Instrumental Methods of 4 HSS C312 Bureaucracy 303. Analysis HSS C313 Critical Analysis of 303,Literature and Cinema. In addition to the above the following courses are. specially designed for Group C only which cannot HSS C314 Print and Audio Visual 303. be taken by Groups A B students under any Advertising. circumstances HSS C321 Commercial Law 303, TOC C112 Book Keeping 303 HUM C232 Indian Financial System 303. TOC C211 Book Keeping 303 HUM C311 Journalism 3,Accountancy HUM C312 Contemporary India 303.
TOC C212 Library Science 303 HUM C321 Appreciation of Indian 303. TOC C213 Civil Engineering Practice 3 Music, TOC C215 Language Lab Practice 063 HUM C322 Commercial Art 3. TOC C223 Comfort Conditioning and 3 HUM C331 Appreciation of Art 303. Refrigeration HUM C332 Cinematic Art 3, TOC C224 Corporate Taxation 303 HUM C341 Comparative Indian 303. TOC C235 Electrical and Electronics 063 Literature. Engineering Practice HUM C342 Graphic Art 3, TOC C236 Electronics and 063 HUM C351 Public Administration 303. Instrumentation HUM C352 Painting 3,Engineering Practice. HUM C361 Accounting in Management 303,TOC C244 Production and Processing 063.
HUM C362 History of Mathematics 303,TOC C253 Computer Oriented 3. HUM C371 Linguistics 303,Problem Solving I, HUM C372 Phonetics and Spoken 303 BITS C324 Study Oriented Project 3. English BITS C331 Computer Projects 3, HUM C381 Musicology An 303 BITS C332 Culture and Significance of 303. Introduction Modern Mathematics, HUM C382 Sankara s Thoughts 303 BITS C333 Project on Organisational 3. HUM C383 Srimad Bhagavad Gita 303 Aspects, HUM C411 Professional Ethics 303 BITS C334 Project on Organisational 3.
HUM C412 Heritage of India 303 Aspects, HUM C413 Indian Traditions of Science 303 BITS C335 Computer Projects 3. and Technology, HUM C421 Comparative Religion 303 BITS C341 Selected Computer 3. HUM C422 Aesthetics 303,BITS C364 Human Computer 303. HUM C431 Theatre Art Acting and 303,Production Interaction. MGTS C211 Principles of Management 303 BITS C372 Data Communications and 303. MGTS C233 Principles of Marketing for 303,Engineers BITS C381 TIC Projects 3.
PHIL C211 Introductory Philosophy 303 BITS C382 Reading Course 3. PHIL C221 Symbolic Logic 303 BITS C383 TIC Projects 3. POL C211 Indian National Movement 303 BITS C385 Introduction to Gender 303. POL C212 Modern Political Concepts 303,BITS C386 Quantum Information and 303. POL C311 Gandhian Thoughts 303,Computation,POL C312 Marxian Thoughts 303. BITS C393 Current Affairs 303,POL C321 International Relations 303. BITS C394 Mass Media Content and 303,PSY C211 Introduction Psychology 303 Design. PSY C311 Psychology of Human 303 BITS C395 Short Film and Video 303. Adjustment Production, SOC C211 Dynamics of Social Change 303 BITS C396 Reporting and Writing for 303.
B Other Courses,BITS C397 Techniques in Social 303. BIO C231 Biology Project Laboratory 3 Research, BITS C214 Introduction to Mass 303 BITS C398 Creative Multimedia 223. Communication BITS C432 Entrepreneurship 303, BITS C217 Environment Development 303 BITS C461 Software Engineering 3. and Climate Change,BITS C462 Renewable Energy 303,BITS C218 Public Policy 303. BITS C463 Cryptography 303,BITS C224 Corporate Taxation 303.
BITS C464 Machine Learning 303,BITS C313 Lab Oriented Project 3. BITS C467 Bioethics and Biosafety 303,BITS C314 Lab Oriented Project 3. BITS C468 New Venture Creation 303,BITS C320 Managerial Skills 2. BITS C469 Financing Infrastructure 303,BITS C321 Legal and Economic 4 Projects. Environment of Business,BITS C471 Management Information 303.
BITS C323 Study Oriented Project 3 Systems, BITS C472 e Business 303 CDP C221 Growth of Social Health in 303. BITS C473 Nonlinear Dynamics and 303 India,Chaos CDP C231 Transport Communication 303. BITS C474 Rural Infrastructure 303 CDP C313 Security Analysis 303. Planning Portfolio Management, BITS C481 Computer Networks 303 CDP C323 Functions Working of 303. Stock Exchanges,BITS C482 Creating and Leading 303. Entrepreneurial CDP C332 Contemporary India 303,Organizations CDP C364 Industrial Relations 303.
BITS C483 Indian Wisdom for Modern 303 CDP C371 Development Economics 303. Management,BITS C484 Introduction to Conflict 303,viii Electives. Management While Table on page IV 8 gives range of electives. BITS C485 Marketing Audit 303 for the construction of the semester wise pattern. BITS C486 Product Brand 303 of the programme by the Clause 1 08 Committee. CE Civil Engineering Che Chemical Chem Chemistry CHI Chinese CS Comp Comp Sc Computer Science DCOC Discipline Courses other than Compulsory EA Emerging Area Econ Economics ECE Electronics and Communication Engineering EEE Electrical amp Electronics Engineering EI Electronics amp Instrumentation ES Engineering Science ET Engineering Technology Engg Engineering Chemical Civil Computer Science

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