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PANTONE Fashion Home Swatches,Cotton Swatches,Double folded fabric. measues 4 x 4,2 Unfolded swatch,measures 4 x 8,All 1 925 Colors. Each swatch is individually,sealed in a UV protective plastic. to resist fading due to light,Hyatt s Price,8 75 List 9 35. Volume Discounts,Each card is identified with,four PANTONE Color name and.
number strips so that a swatch,can be cut when being used. FREE 2 Day,Delivery on All Close Out,Page and Swatch 4 x 4 cotton. Textile swatches, Orders Over 200 n These textile swatch cards were the. standard in industry for years,n Recently replaced by new 4 x 8 size. continental U S,Individual unbacked,loose fabric swatches Hyatt s Price.
available for all,1 925 colors,4 95 List 6 25,Available while supplies last. World s Largest PANTONE Inventory, 2010 Hyatt s All Things Creative All product names throughout this catalog are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders Hyatt s is not responsible for typographical errors. Prices subject to change without notice Colors displayed are process color simulations Due to printing limitations actual colors may vary. PANTONE Fashion Home Books and Guides,A compact portable book. displaying all 1 925 colors,Cotton chip format in a. user friendly accordion,style book,Chromatically arranged and.
permanently affixed,Ideal for making quick,color choices in the office 3. or while traveling,PANTONE Hyatt s,FFC104 A26941,List Hyatt s PRICE. 495 00 460 00,Pantone On Sale,Make sure to check out. the SALE section on our website,featuring special savings on. selected sale products cotton swatch files, and overstock offers A premier 4 volume set providing a complete design tool.
Contains all 1 925 colors as removable 2 x 2 loose format. www hyatts com pantone 2 03 cotton swatches and chromatically arranged by color family. Allows designers to create solid color palettes then mix and. match for yarn dye or print combinations,PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE. FFC103 A26939 4 200 00 3 360 00,color swatch set, 1 x 4 1 925 chromatically arranged color cotton swatches. contained in a durable case for easy access, Arranged on rings in groups of 35 and displayed in two. removable trays, Included are 5 additional rings that designers can use to compare. and combine swatches and develop individual color palettes. PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE,FFC106 A26944 3 400 00 2 895 00.
cotton Color selector cotton,Set contains all 1 925 colors arranged planner. chromatically by color family Complete desktop reference. Divided into groups of seven colors mounted containing all 1 925 dyed colors. waterfall style on individual removable strips 100 percent cotton chips in one. Each two ply cotton swatch featured on the convenient binder. strip measures 75 x 875, PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE. FFC102 A26936 1 500 00 1 350 00 FFC105 A26938 795 00 675 00. CALL 1 800 234 9288 ext 302 FAX 716 884 3943 EMAIL pantone hyatts com WEB www hyatts com. PANTONE Fashion Home Paper Products,Color Call by,4 The color specifier book. features six tear out chips,for each of the 1 925 colors. Ideal for attaching to design,Hyatt s Price,CALL 1 800 234 9288.
337 99 List 375 00,or Order Online at,PANTONE FBP100. www hyatts com,HYATT S A26942,Color guide,Contains samples of all 1 925 colors. Fan deck is portable and ideal for sample shopping client and or vendor meetings. and on site reviews, Every color is numerically referenced and named in six languages. PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICe,FGP100 A26946 165 00 150 00. Color specifier and guide,PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE.
FPP100 A26943 495 00 457 97,Buy Together,and Save Textile replacement pages. Over 30 Replaces pages from the Color Specifier above. Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE,DX0001 DX0275 6 50 6 00. World s Largest PANTONE Inventory,PANTONE Fashion Home Books and Guides. Color Forecasting Books,Color CUE 2 1, Scan the Color Cue 2 1 over any color on any surface. anywhere you may be and the Color Cue 2 1 instantly. VIEW colour planner 5,translates it to the nearest Pantone color.
Small pocket sized device gives you the closest cor FALL WINTER 2011 12. responding Pantone Color selected from the full PMS Multi form forecast offers seasonal color inspiration for. PANTONE Goe System PANTONE FASHION HOME men s women s activewear cosmetics interiors and. color system and PANTONE PAINTS INTERIORS color industrial design. system Also translates the PANTONE Color in RGB Contains color direction visual inspiration and key color. HTML and L a b values combinations for each of the forecasted palettes. PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE Includes 1 x 4 swatches of each forecasted colors. GEB104 A26334 349 00 338 00 PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE. 2019 F11 A26801 750 00 675 00,View home interiors, Comprehensive forecast offers inspiration for those involved. in home products and interior design, Contains 1 x 4 swatch cards of each of the 69 forecasted. colors along with visual inspiration and suggested color. CMYK printing equivalents are supplied for each of the. forecasted colors,PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE. DIGITAL COLOR 2010 997 A26812 395 00 375 00,LIBRARY Kit. Containes all 1 925 PANTONE Colors on two CD ROMs view home interiors VIEW home interiors. The CDs integrate the colors into design software ID forecast 2011 Color kit. including Includes Includes, Adobe Photoshop Illustrator and InDesign n View Home Interiors n View Home Interiors.
CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER n Fashion Home Digital Color Library n Fashion Home Digital Color Library. QuarkXPress and Macromedia Freehand n Plastic Chip equivalents for each n Fashion Home Color Guide. Provides optimized sRGB values for the best possible of the forecasted colors PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE. representation of Pantone colors on monitors and PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE 2010 995 A26813 495 00 469 00. eliminates the need to adjust those colors 2010 996 A26811 495 00 469 00. PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE,FPX101 A26935 195 00 185 99. MAGIC Color Card,Created by Fashion Snoops and displayed in. PANTONE colors Featuring 28 colors and broken,out into four key themes the MAGIC Color Cards. provides you with the color palette direction you need. to address the major trends for the season ahead,PANTONE Hyatt s Hyatt s PRICE. 2010 993 A26947 Ladies 70 00,2010 992 A26948 Mens 70 00.
color library CD,PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE. FSX101 A26934 50 00 48 00, CALL 1 800 234 9288 ext 302 FAX 716 884 3943 EMAIL pantone hyatts com WEB www hyatts com. PANTONE Plus Series,Pantone Plus Series,The Next Generation PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM. Pantone Plus Series is an enhancement and replacement of the PANTONE. 6 MATCHING SYSTEM The new Plus Series retains all of the classic colors of the PANTONE. MATCHING SYSTEM while building on its legendary success with exciting new colors. PANTONE PLUS,solid chips,two book set,Coated uncoated. n 224 new spot colors that fill out and,extend the line with colors that have.
contemporary relevancy and impact,n All 1 341 solid colors are arranged. chromatically,n New Pantone solid colors are printed. using a uniform ink film thickness,n Each book contains 194 individual loose. making them easily matched on press, leaf pages n All of the new Plus Series Solid Colors. Hyatt s Price n Each 5 5 x 9 25 sheet has seven are printed using the existing 14 Pan. List 259 two book set,PANTONE Colors with six perforated chips.
tone Matching System basic color inks, PANTONE GP1303 Hyatt s A26203 n Descriptive type is larger and easy to read. n All pages are available for replacement,PANTONE PLUS. Coated uncoated, n Each PANTONE Color has a corresponding ink mixing for. mula represented in parts and percentages, n Allows printers to accurately mix match and control PAN. TONE MATCHING SYSTEM Colors using lithographic ink Hyatt s Price. n Identifying icon for RGB indicates achievable color transla. tion Great for designers that span cross media,List 109 two guide set.
n Inks are available from a worldwide network of PANTONE PANTONE GP1301 Hyatt s A26703. Inc licensed ink manufacturers, CALL 1 800 234 9288 ext 302 FAX 716 884 3943 EMAIL pantone hyatts com WEB www hyatts com. PANTONE Plus Series,PANTONE PLUS,PANTONE PLUS,color bridge. Coated uncoated premium metallics,Coated uncoated,A great tool with all the necessary. translations needed for communicating color FEATURES. to a client printer and or webmaster n 300 new premium metallic colors. n Plus Series Metallic Colors have greater brilliance. FEATURES and can be easily coated without any loss in luster. n Process color simulations of all 1 341 solid,Pantone colors including the 224 new PANTONE PLUS. premium metallic,n Printed to IS0 specifications and G7 7.
processes so one version can be used chip book,internationally Coated. PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE, n sRGB and HTML values listed for every GB1305 A26921 175 00 168 00. solid color,PANTONE PLUS color bridge set premium,PANTONE PLUS. Coated Uncoated metallic formula guide,PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE. GP4002 A26613 209 00 200 00 PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE. GG1305 A26920 79 00 75 00,PANTONE PLUS color bridge.
PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE,pms METALLIC,GG4003 A26611 129 00 122 00. CHIPS BOOK,PANTONE PLUS color bridge Coated,Uncoated Includes six coated specification chips. PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE,for each of the 301 PANTONE Metallic Colors. GG4004 A26612 129 00 122 00,PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE. GB1204 A26919 169 00 158 88,PMS METALLIC,formula GUIDE.
The PANTONE Metallic Guide Coated contains 301,dazzling PANTONE Metallic Colors on coated stock. Each color is displayed along with its unique PANTONE. number and ink mixing formulation,PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE. GG1207 A26918 69 00 64 00,PANTONE PLUS,pastels neons. PANTONE PLUS Coated uncoated,cmyk guide FEATURES,Coated uncoated n 154 soothing pastels. n 56 neon colors,n 2 886 colors on both coated and uncoated.
n CMYK Tint percentages are provided to enable,accurate color reproduction PANTONE PLUS. n Printed to ISO specifications and G7 processes PANTONE PLUS pastel neon guide. so one version can be used internationally pastels neons chip book Coated Uncoated. Coated UNCOATED PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE. PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE. GG1304 A26605 79 00 75 00, GP4001 A26872 125 00 118 00 GB1304 A26606 175 00 168 00. PANTONE Graphics Replacement Pages,Your Choice,Single Pages or 4 Packs. World s Largest,Inventory of,Replacement,Hyatt s Price. List 7 50 per page Hyatt s Price,PANTONE PLUS,Plus Solid.
Coated Uncoated,26 00 PANTONE PLUS,Premium Metallic. 7 50 PANTONE PLUS,Pastel Neon,Coated Uncoated,List 30 00 per page per page. DR002C DR217U DM0201 DM0250 DJ101C DJ130U,FREE 2 Day. Delivery on All,Page and Swatch,Orders Over 200,continental U S. Thousands of,solid chip pastel and,Metallic GOE Fashion Home.
Coated Adhesive backed TPX metallic pages,6 50 Coated. 6 00 as well as out of print,per page 7 50 per page. solid to process,DM0101 DM0161 per page DX0001 DX0275. DG001C DG249C and process pages in stock,While Supplies Last. Original Size Original Size,Solid PMS Solid Metallic Solid to Process Process.
Coated Uncoated Matte Coated Uncoated Matte Coated Coated Coated. DP002C DP725U DQ002C DQ725U DM0001 DM0050 DL0002 DLD725 DK0003 DK0334. page 6 40 per,page 3 75 per,7 50 page per,PANTONE Plus Value Bundles. PANTONE PLUS,REFERENCE LIBRARY,PANTONE PLUS,solid chip set. Solid chip books of all the new Pantone Plus books. set includes,n Plus Solid Chips coated uncoated,n Premium Metallics Chip Book coated. n Plus Pastels Neons Chip Book coated uncoated,PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE. GP1304 A26113 359 00 336 99,PANTONE PLUS,reference library.
Pantone Plus Reference Library is the perfect Hyatt s Price. tool for design firms print shops corporate,PANTONE PLUS. communications educational facilities and,individuals who need a complete graphics. List 749 5 books 9 guides, solid guide set color reference PANTONE GPC001 Hyatt s A26111. Formula guides of all the new Pantone Plus Guides set includes. set includes n Plus Formula Guides coated uncoated. n Plus Formula Guide coated uncoated n Plus Color Bridge coated uncoated. n Premium Metallics Guide coated n PMS Metallic Guide coated. n Premium Metallic Guide coated, n Pastels Neons Guide coated uncoated n CMYK Guide coated uncoated. n Plus Pastels Neons Guide coated uncoated n Plus Solid Chips Two Book Set coated uncoated. PANTONE Hyatt s List Hyatt s PRICE n Premium Metallic Chip Books coated n PMS Metallic Chip Book coated. GP1302 A26112 219 00 209 00 n Pastels Neons Chip Book coated uncoated. PANTONE PLUS,PANTONE PLUS essentials PANTONE PLUS,essentials with effects essentials.
Six indispensable Pantone Plus guides set includes advanced. The PANTONE Metallic Guide Coated contains 301 dazzling PANtONE Metallic Colors on coated stock Each color is displayed along with its unique PANTONE number and ink mixing formulation PANtONE HyAtt S LiSt HyAtt S PRiCE GG1207 A26918 69 00 64 00 PANTONE PLUS Plus Solid Coated uncoated DR002C DR217u PANTONE PLUS Premium Metallic Coated DM0201 DM0250 Original Size Solid

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