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Packet Tracer Network,Simulate an unlimited number of devices. on a network using Packet Tracer,professional expertise distilled. P U B L I S H I N G,BIRMINGHAM MUMBAI,Packet Tracer Network Simulator. Copyright 2014 Packt Publishing, All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced stored in a retrieval. system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written. permission of the publisher except in the case of brief quotations embedded in. critical articles or reviews, Every effort has been made in the preparation of this book to ensure the accuracy.
of the information presented However the information contained in this book is. sold without warranty either express or implied Neither the author nor Packt. Publishing and its dealers and distributors will be held liable for any damages. caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by this book. Packt Publishing has endeavored to provide trademark information about all of the. companies and products mentioned in this book by the appropriate use of capitals. However Packt Publishing cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. First published January 2014,Production Reference 1100114. Published by Packt Publishing Ltd,Livery Place,35 Livery Street. Birmingham B3 2PB UK,ISBN 978 1 78217 042 6,www packtpub com. Cover Image by Artie Ng artherng yahoo com au,Author Copy Editors. Jesin A Insiya Morbiwala,Stuti Srivastava,Saumya Dwivedi Project Coordinator.
John Herbert Aboli Ambardekar,Samad Najjargabel,Bhargesh Bharatbhai Patel Proofreader. Dirk Manuel,Samia Yousif,Acquisition Editors,Priya Subramani. Anthony Albuquerque,Richard Harvey,Production Coordinator. Mary Nadar,Saiprasad Kadam,Content Development Editor Cover Work. Mohammed Fahad Saiprasad Kadam,Technical Editors,Mrunal Chavan.
Zainab Fatakdafala,Tanuj Gulati,About the Author, Jesin A is a network security specialist with an immense interest in Linux. and networking He holds certificates in CCNP RHCE and CEH and also. likes programming with PHP He currently lives in Chennai and when he isn t. securing networks he enjoys computer gaming of the FPS genre He holds a. bachelor s degree in computer applications from Loyola College Chennai. I would like to thank Mohammad Rizvi Author Relationship. Executive at Packt Publishing for providing me with this. opportunity I would also like to thank Meeta Rajani Aboli. Ambardekar Mohammed Fahad and the entire Packt editorial. team for guiding me through this project,About the Reviewers. Saumya Dwivedi is a B Tech Computer Science final year student at IIT Hyderabad. While a student of Advanced Computer Networking Saumya has undertaken and. worked on Packet Simulator related academic projects She has also worked on ICMP. security and packet capture Responsive Web Design and Ruby on Rails. Web Applications, John Herbert CCIE 6727 Routing Switching has been moving packets. around networks for over 15 years and has been doing so as a consultant since. 1999 In his spare time he blogs at http lamejournal com and can be found. on Twitter as mrtugs John lives in Atlanta Georgia with his wife and three. children and has a home network that is arguably the very definition of overkill. Samad Najjargabel is an M Sc student in Computer Engineering Software at. the University of Tabriz He received his B Sc in Computer Engineering Software. from the University of Mohaghegh Ardabili in 2013 His main interests are Computer. Networks Network Security Service Oriented Architecture SOA and developing. and modeling software His personal webpage is www samadnajjar ir and he can. be contacted by e mail at samad najjar gmail com, Bhargesh Bharatbhai Patel completed his M Tech in Computer Engineering at. the Dharmsinh Desai University Nadiad He has more than two years of teaching. experience in Cloud Computing and Networking Currently he is working with. G H Patel College of Engineering Technology Vallabh Vidyanagar His areas of. interest are Cloud Computing Grid Computing Data mining Operating systems. and Computer Networks, Samia Yousif holds M Sc and B Sc degrees from the University of Bahrain as.
well as CCNA CCNP and CCDA certificates from the Bahrain Training Institute. She has extensive knowledge of and has developed her skills in various technical. fields of Computer Science and IT She has prepared conference publications and. books and received an e Government Excellence Award e Education Award She. has been selected for reviewing books published by Packt Publishing Pvt Ltd She. has delivered several IT workshops and attended many seminars Samia has eight. years of teaching experience at the undergraduate level in CS and IT Furthermore. she has worked on the development of numerous systems and professional website. applications using the most up to date web technologies She is now a Lecturer of. Multimedia Science at the Ahlia University Kingdom of Bahrain and is planning to. undertake a Ph D program, For more details about Samia please visit her website http samiayousif. hostoi com,Other books she has worked on are, Object Oriented Techniques for an Intelligent Multi Lingual Dictionary System. Samia Yousif and Mansoor Al Aali IGI Global member of www Amazon com. U S A December 2013, Computer Jobs Certifications Choose improve your IT career Mansoor Al Aali. and Samia Yousif Lulu member of www Amazon com U S A August 2012. HTML Fundamental Samia Yousif Royal University for Women October 2006. HTML Fundamental Samia Yousif AMA International University Bahrain. www PacktPub com,Support files eBooks discount offers and more. You might want to visit www PacktPub com for support files and downloads related. to your book, Did you know that Packt offers eBook versions of every book published with PDF and ePub.
files available You can upgrade to the eBook version at www PacktPub com and as a print. book customer you are entitled to a discount on the eBook copy Get in touch with us at. service packtpub com for more details, At www PacktPub com you can also read a collection of free technical articles sign up for a. range of free newsletters and receive exclusive discounts and offers on Packt books and eBooks. http PacktLib PacktPub com, Do you need instant solutions to your IT questions PacktLib is Packt s online digital book. library Here you can access read and search across Packt s entire library of books. Why subscribe, Fully searchable across every book published by Packt. Copy and paste print and bookmark content,On demand and accessible via web browser. Free access for Packt account holders, If you have an account with Packt at www PacktPub com you can use this to access PacktLib.
today and view nine entirely free books Simply use your login credentials for immediate access. Instant updates on new Packt books, Get notified Find out when new books are published by following PacktEnterprise. on Twitter or the Packt Enterprise Facebook page,Table of Contents. Chapter 1 Getting Started with Packet Tracer 7,Protocols supported by Packet Tracer 8. Installing Packet Tracer 8,Interface overview 9,Creating a simple topology 11. Summary 13,Chapter 2 Network Devices 15,Cisco devices and Packet Tracer devices 15.
Routers 15,Switches 16,Other devices 17,Customizing devices with modules 17. Naming convention 19,Creating a custom device 21,Emulating WAN 21. Accessing the CLI 22,The CLI tab 22,The Console port 23. Configuring network devices 24,Global settings 25,Routing 25. The VLAN Database 26,Interface settings 26,Summary 26.
Table of Contents,Chapter 3 Generic IP End Devices 27. Desktops and laptops 27,Servers 28,Firewall IPv6 Firewall 30. Other end devices 30,Configuring end devices 31,IP Configuration 31. Dial up 32,Terminal 32,Command Prompt 32,Web Browser 33. PC Wireless 33,Traffic Generator 34,MIB Browser 34.
Cisco IP Communicator 34,PPPoE Dialer 35,Text Editor 36. Summary 36,Chapter 4 Creating a Network Topology 37. Connecting devices 37,Link status 38,Testing connectivity with PDUs 39. Simple PDU 40,Complex PDU 40,Using the simulation mode 42. Clustering a topology 43,Summary 44,Table of Contents.
Chapter 5 Navigating and Modifying the Physical Workspace 45. Creating cities offices and wiring closets 45,Moving devices physically 46. Managing cables and distances 47,Cable distances 48. Cable manipulation 49,Customizing icons and backgrounds 51. Summary 51,Chapter 6 Configuring Routing with the CLI 53. Static routing 53,Static routing with GUI 54,Static routing with the CLI 56.
Dynamic routing protocols 57,Configuring RIP with the GUI 57. Configuring RIP with the CLI 59,The Routing table 60. Load sharing 60,Load balancing with RIP 61,Load balancing with static routing 62. Summary 63,Chapter 7 Border Gateway Protocol BGP 65. What is BGP 65,External BGP 68,Internal BGP 68,BGP versus dynamic routing protocols 69.
Configuring BGP in Packet Tracer 69,Summary 74,Chapter 8 IPv6 on Packet Tracer 75. Assigning IPv6 addresses 75,Autoconfiguration 76,Static IPv6 77. IPv6 static and dynamic routing 78,Static routing 78. Dynamic routing 80,Using both IPv4 and IPv6 82,Summary 84. Table of Contents,Chapter 9 Setting Up a Wireless Network 85.
Wireless devices and modules 85,Wireless networks and physical workspaces 88. Configuring a Linksys access point 90,Summary 92,Chapter 10 Configuring VLANs and Trunks 93. Creating VLANs and VTP domains 93, InterVLAN routing with routers and layer 3 switches 96. InterVLAN on a router 96,InterVLAN on a layer 3 switch 98. Switch to switch trunk links 100,Analyzing broadcasts in the simulation mode 101.
Summary 102,Chapter 11 Creating Packet Tracer Assessments 103. The welcome screen and instructions 104,The initial network 104. The answer network 108,Testing the activity 112,Summary 112. Cisco Packet Tracer is a network simulator that can be used not just by students. but also by instructors and network administrators This software provides a wide. range of Cisco switches and routers running on IOS 12 and IOS 15 wireless devices. from Linksys and several end devices such as PCs and servers with a command. line It is more than just a simulator and provides physical simulation as well as. an assessment tool The assessment tool can be used to create practical networking. questions with a complex scoring model The physical workspace provided can. be used to determine the range of wireless devices. This book serves as a guide to those using Packet Tracer be it students instructors. or administrators This book differs from others by providing more information on. the how tos of Packet Tracer rather than computer networking You ll learn how to. efficiently use Packet Tracer to learn and understand packet flows in a topology. What this book covers, Chapter 1 Getting Started with Packet Tracer starts with a short introduction of. Packet Tracer protocols supported by it and explains its installation on Windows. and Linux After reading this chapter users should understand the use cases. and limitations of Packet Tracer and be familiar with the Packet Tracer interface. Chapter 2 Network Devices covers Cisco network devices such as routers switches. and other generic devices such as bridges hubs repeaters and WAN emulators. Network devices enable the end devices to communicate with each other. Configuring these devices from the config tab will also be explained By the end of. this chapter readers will be able to understand and customize network devices with. modules and save these under Custom Made Devices Readers will also be able to. configure routers and switches using the config tab without using Cisco commands. Chapter 3 Generic IP End Devices explains PCs laptops and servers at large with a. brief description on other end devices such as tablets and televisions End devices are. the ones used by end users with desktops and laptops being the most common ones. Chapter 4 Creating a Network Topology explains different connectors creating. network topologies and configuring them with Cisco commands After testing. the connectivity with complex PDUs users will also use the simulation mode. to analyze the packet flow, Chapter 5 Navigating and Modifying the Physical Workspace introduces the physical.
workspace in Packet Tracer After reading this chapter users will understand. the physical limitations of wired and wireless devices Physical workspaces. are a great way to make topologies more realistic, Chapter 6 Configuring Routing with the CLI guides the users to configure static. and dynamic routing A router s job is to route traffic between different networks. Chapter 7 Border Gateway Protocol BGP begins with a short introduction of BGP. explains the differences between BGP and other Dynamic Routing protocols. and ends with configuring BGP in Packet Tracer BGP is a routing protocol. synonymous with ISPs, Chapter 8 IPv6 on Packet Tracer explains using IPv6 with Packet Tracer IPv4 has. exhausted itself and the whole world is now migrating to IPv6 By the end of this. chapter the user will be able to assign IPv6 addresses to network and end devices. This book serves as a guide to those using Packet Tracer be it students instructors or administrators This book differs from others by providing more information on the how tos of Packet Tracer rather than computer networking You ll learn how to efficiently use Packet Tracer to learn and understand packet flows in a topology

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