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Ask Your Local Retailer for,Other Quality Products from Hunter. Air Purifiers,Humidifiers, To locate your nearest Hunter Dealer call 1 800 4HUNTER. or visit The Hunter Fan Company website www hunterfan com. Introduction, CONGRATULATIONS Please read this manual for complete instructions on installing. Your new Hunter electronic thermostat will provide years of and operating your thermostat. reliable service By saving energy your thermostat will pay for If you require further assistance call Hunter Technical Support. itself during its first season of use Thank you for buying a at 901 745 9222 from 8 a m to 5 p m Central Time. Hunter product,Model Information,Model Number,Serial Number. Date Purchased,Where Purchased,Table of Contents 4 5.
INTRODUCTION Read This Before Installing Thermostat 6. Features 8,INSTALLATION What You Need 10,Remove Old Thermostat 10. Wire Labeling 11,Mount Wallplate and Thermostat 12. Selector Switches 14,PROGRAMMING Setting Time and Day 16. Auto Programming 17,Personal Program Schedule 18,Manual Programming 19. Weekday Weekend Programming 19,7 Day Programming 21.
Reviewing Programs 22,Reviewing the Current Temperature Setting 23. OPERATIONS System Selector Switch 24,Fan Switch 24. Table of Contents continued,OPERATIONS continued Temporary Manual Override 24. Permanent Manual Vacation Override 25,Auto Season Changeover 26. Home Today 26,Energy Monitor 28,Filter Monitor 29,Auto Recovery 30.
Keyboard Lock 31,Backlighting 31,SAFETY FEATURES Low Battery Warning 32. Error Mode 33,Auto Cut Off 33,TROUBLESHOOTING Problems Solutions 34. Technical Support 35,WIRING DIAGRAMS Heat Cool Systems 36. Single Stage Heat Pump Systems 37,Heat Only Cool Only Systems 38. Read This Before Installing Thermostat 6 7, IMPORTANT represent most central heating air conditioning or space.
Read the entire installation section of this Owner s heating units in use in the United States. 1 Manual thoroughly before you begin to install or. operate your Hunter Thermostat, This Hunter Thermostat will NOT control multi stage heat. pumps or 110 220 Volt systems, REMOVE THE MYLAR LABEL FROM THE LCD DISPLAY WINDOW. COMPRESSOR PROTECTION, INSTALLATION The thermostat provides a 3 5 minute delay after. 2 All installation is normally performed at your,thermostat. 5 shutting off the heating or cooling system before it can. be restarted This feature will prevent damage to your. compressor caused by rapid cycling Note that this delay. ARMCHAIR PROGRAMMING also applies to the heating system control It does not. You can program your thermostat before installation by. 3 inserting the batteries and following the instructions. starting on page 16 This can be done while you relax in. provide a delay when there are power outages, your favorite chair and is a very good way to familiarize TEMPERATURE RANGE.
Your thermostat can be programmed between 40 F, yourself with all the functions of your Hunter Thermostat. Note At initial power up this thermostat is programmed at 68 F. 6 and 95 F 4 C and 35 C However it will display room. temperatures from 32 F to 99 F 0 C and 37 C HI will. 20 C for Heat and 78 F 26 C for Cool Any change to the set. temperature will be treated as a Permanent Manual Override See be displayed if the temperature is higher than 99 F 37 C. page 25 for more information Press Auto Program to load the and LO will be displayed if the temperature is lower than. built in energy saving programs 32 F 0 C, NOTE The thermostat will automatically change to the Cool. OPERATION mode if the thermostat measures a temperature over 99 F. Your Thermostat is designed to operate with most gas. 4 oil electric or 2 wire hot water heating and air. conditioning systems It will also operate single stage heat. 37 C Hi will be displayed on the LCD and the Cooling. system will turn On Similarly the thermostat will, automatically change to the Heat mode if the temperature is. pumps that do not have auxiliary or emergency heat below 32 F 0 C LO will be displayed on the LCD and the. These have 24 volt or millivolt control systems and Heating system will turn On. Read This Before Installing Thermostat continued, POWER FAILURE have approximately 1 minute to change the batteries and. Whenever the main power is interrupted or fails the keep thermostat s clock and program settings Once the. 7 battery power retains the programs and current time batteries have become too low to ensure proper operation. your system will be turned Off and the display will be. cleared except for BATT flashing on the LCD display. AUTO RECOVERY, Your thermostat is set from the factory to gradually recover.
8 the room temperature from an energy saving program to. your comfort program Therefore the thermostat may turn. your system on several minutes prior to your programmed CAUTION Once the BATT only display occurs the. time This operation is normal but can be turned off Refer to thermostat is shut down and your system will no longer. the Selector Switches information on pages 14 15 operate In this condition there is no temperature control of. your dwelling, NOTE The INDIGLO night light will not function when the. BATTERY WARNING,thermostat is in low battery condition. Fresh alkaline batteries should provide over one year of. 9 service However when the batteries become drained. BATT will alternate on the display with the current time. NOTE If you plan to be away from the premises over 30. days we recommend that you replace the old batteries with. When this message occurs install 2 new AA batteries You new alkaline batteries prior to leaving. Features 8 9, Light Bar Activates INDIGLO HOME TODAY Overrides energy Alpha numeric display shows time day. night light to allow display saving program temperatures while temperature program number and other. viewing in the dark you are at home for the day feature information as required. Temperature Keys Keys,for raising or lowering,ENERGY Measures and temperature settings. displays heating and M T W Th F Sa Su SET TEMP,cooling system operating TODAY AM C.
time for Today Yesterday PM H, This Week Last Week or ENERGY AUTO COOL HEAT TEMP M Battery Door Front. Total By monitoring your Usage Today Yesterday This Week Last WeekTotal. access battery door,energy usage you can allows easy battery. program the thermostat to COOL OFF HEAT AUTO changes. optimize energy savings,FAN ON AUTO,System Switch System Soft touch. selector switch for Cool programming keypad,Off Heat or Auto see details below. Fan Switch Fan switch for,Automatic or Continuous,On fan operation.
For entering minute of day,For entering day of week. For entering hour of day,Reviews filter usage in,HOUR MIN DAY hours and minutes Also. Enters Program Mode for resets filter counter to zero. reviewing and changing,weekday weekend or PROG FILTER. daily programs,Returns display to,PROG HOLD current time and. DAY CLEAR temperature,Selects the day,or days to review.
or change in,Program Mode,Automatically Provides permanent. programs the temperature setting by,thermostat to its overriding stored. built in ENERGY programs It also returns,STAR the thermostat to current As an ENERGY STAR. compliant program control from Partner Hunter Fan, program manual override or Home Company has determined. settings See Today mode that this programmable,page 17 thermostat meets the.
ENERGY STAR guidelines for,energy efficiency,INSTALLATION 10 11. What You Need, This thermostat includes two 8 slotted screws and two wall Slotted Screwdriver s. anchors for mounting To install your thermostat you should have Phillips Screwdriver. the following tools and materials Hammer,Electric drill and 3 16 bit. Two 1 5 V AA size alkaline batteries,Remove Old Thermostat. CAUTION Do not remove any wiring from existing TYPICAL HOME THERMOSTATS. thermostat before reading the instructions carefully Figure 1. WIRES MUST BE LABELED PRIOR TO REMOVAL, IMPORTANT Turn off the power to the furnace at the main.
power panel or at the furnace, Remove existing thermostat cover See Figure 1 Some. thermostats will have screws or other locking devices that must. first be removed Once wall mounting plate is exposed Wall Mounting Plate Thermostat Cover. look for wires, If wires are not visible they may be connected to the back of. the wallplate Again look for screws tabs etc Some models. have doors that open to expose wires and mounting screws. See Figure 1,Wall Mounting Plate Thermostat Cover,Wire Labeling. Each wire coming from the wall to the existing thermostat is If the code letter on your then mark the wire and connect to thermostat. connected to a terminal point on that thermostat Each of these existing thermostat is with label shown terminal shown. terminal points is usually marked with a code letter as shown in. Table A on this page RH R RH, The number of wires in your system can be as few as two for 24 Volt RH. heat only systems as many as eight or any number in between RH. If you follow the labeling procedures correctly you do not have to. be concerned about how many wires there are RC VC RC. 24 Volt Cool, There is often no terminal marking on the existing thermostat of two RC.
wire heat only systems Just connect either of the wires to the RH RC. terminal then connect the other wire to the W terminal to complete. the circuit,IMPORTANT BEFORE DISCONNECTING ANY WIRES APPLY G. THE SELF ADHESIVE LABELS PROVIDED TO THE WIRE AS, SHOWN IN TABLE A ON THIS PAGE For example attach the Y Y1 C or M See Note Y Y1. label marked W to the wire which goes to the W or H terminal on Air Conditioning. your existing thermostat IGNORE THE Compressor Y Y1. COLOR OF THE WIRES since these do G Y Y Y,not always comply with the standard W RH. RC W or H W,After labeling wires disconnect them from. the existing thermostat terminals,Not for heat pumps W.
Remove existing wallplate To make sure, wires do not fall back into wall opening O B or R O B. you may want to tape them to the wall Reversing Valve. If hole in wall is larger than necessary for wires seal this hole so Single stage O B. that no hot or cold air can enter the back of the thermostat from O B. Heat Pumps only, the wall This air could cause a false thermostat reading. NOTE Do not connect a Common wire sometimes labeled C to any terminal on this thermostat Tape up the wire and. do not use This wire provides electricity to non battery powered thermostats. INSTALLATION 12 13,Mount Wallplate and Thermostat, Remove the wallplate from your thermostat by pressing the Drill holes with 3 16 bit and gently tap anchors into the holes. release tab on the bottom of the thermostat See Figure 2 until flush with wall. Position wallplate on wall and pull existing wires through large Reposition wallplate to wall pulling wires through large. opening Then level for appearance Mark holes for plastic opening Insert mounting screws provided into wall anchor. anchors provided if your existing holes do not line up with and tighten See Figure 3. those on the Hunter wallplate,Figure 2 Figure 3,NOTE 5 wire Systems. If your thermostat has one wire marked R or RH 4 wire system then leave the jumper wire between the RH and RC terminals on. the wallplate, Otherwise if you have separate RH and RC wires 5 wire system then remove the jumper wire between the RH and RC terminals.
Connect Wires and Mount Thermostat Cover to Wall Plate. Match and connect the labeled wires to the appropriate Insert the bottom tab on the thermostat body into the. coded terminal screws on the mounting plate See slot at the bottom of the wallplate Press top of the. Figure 4 5 Ignore any wires which may be present thermostat body to snap it into the wallplate NOTE. but which were not connected to the old thermostat Do not force the thermostat onto the wallplate as. Be sure to tighten the terminal screws securely otherwise the terminal pins may be damaged If it does not. a loose wire could cause operational problems with your snap properly the thermostat may not work. system or thermostat Insert the two AA size alkaline batteries observing the. Push excess wire back into hole to prevent interference polarity marked on the unit. with mounting of the thermostat cover Switch on the main power at the panel or furnace. Make sure the System Switch is set to OFF and the,FAN AUTO Switch is in AUTO. If your system has an O or B wire you must move the. Heat Pump selector switch to the appropriate position. Refer to the next page for more information,W RH RC G Y Y1 O B. INSTALLATION 14 15,Selector Switches, In order for this Hunter thermostat to control your system the If you have a single stage Heat Pump no auxiliary or. system type must be specified by selector switches on the printed emergency heat source then slide the switch to the position. circuit board inside the thermostat There are also other selector that matches your Reversing Valve type If your heat pump. switches that allow you to customize the features to suit your needs system has a B wire slide the switch to B for your. NOTE When changing these features after installation move reversing valve that activates in HEAT mode If your heat pump. the HEAT COOL selector switch to OFF before removing system has an O wire slide the switch to O for your. AUTO SAVER 550 5 7 2 2 3 Ask Your Local Retailer for Other Quality Products from Hunter To locate your nearest Hunter Dealer call 1 800 4HUNTER or visit The Hunter Fan Company website www hunterfan com Fans Air Purifiers Humidifiers Introduction Model Information Model Number Serial Number Date Purchased Where Purchased CONGRATULATIONS Your new Hunter electronic

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