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OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL PARISH SEEKONK MASS,Report for September 21 22 2019. Weekly Offering 9 973,Building Fund 898, The second collection for the monthly Diocesan Assessment. takes place at all Masses next weekend Oct 5 6 All parishes. are assessed a fee to help pay for operations of the central dioc. esan administration Thank you for your generosity,Saturday 9 28 9 00 a m Deceased members. of the Penacho family,4 30 p m For our parish family. Sunday 9 29 7 30 a m Lenore Paquin Did you know that you. 9 00 a m Eileen Schultz can give to Mount Carmel,4th anniversary online It s easy.
10 45 a m Deceased members Please visit our website. of the Cruz family www olmcseekonk org,and select Online Giving. Monday 9 30 9 00 a m Deceased members of the,Aubin and Burns families. Tuesday 10 1 9 00 a m Joseph Sinwell, Wednesday 10 2 9 00 a m For our country Registration deadline is Oct 13 for March For Life. Thursday 10 3 6 30 p m Olga Melo The deadline for signups to reserve a place on the parish bus. Friday 10 4 9 00 a m Sandy and Claudia Amato for the March for Life is Sunday Oct 13 All that is needed at. this time is a completed registration form and a 50 deposit for. Saturday 10 5 9 00 a m Month s Mind Mass each person attending The forms are available at both entrances. 4 30 p m Jeanne Joyce of the church and can be dropped off at the parish office We ll. Sunday 10 6 7 30 a m For our parish family be leaving Thursday Jan 23 from Holy Family Parish in East. 9 00 a m Maureen Fitzpatrick Rose Taunton at 9 a m and returning Saturday evening Jan 25 For. 20th anniversary more information contact Ron Larose 508 736 9813 ron. 10 45 a m Lois and Stella Procaccini larose comcast net. Every human life has its origin in the heart of God. The sanctuary lamp is burning this week for the Silva and. Fragoso families Low gluten hosts are available, If you have a gluten allergy we have low gluten hosts in the. To find a Mass when you re away from home, sacristy If you would like a low gluten host consecrated for you.
visit masstimes org at Mass please stop in the sacristy a few minutes before Mass. so we can prepare accordingly If you are receiving a gluten free. Blood pressure clinics on Wednesdays host come up after the Lamb of God prayer and stand next to. The Parish Nurse Ministry is resuming weekly blood pres the altar servers to receive communion For those who have a. sure clinics held in the lower church on Wednesday morn gluten allergy that cannot handle even a low gluten host you. ings immediately after the 9 a m Mass until 10 a m may receive from the Precious Blood since both the Eucharist. We are also looking for qualified nurses who would be inter and the Precious Blood are fully Jesus Christ. ested in helping promote this ministry either helping with. blood pressure clinics or with a grief support group Please Bulletin deadline is Friday Oct 4 for the Oct 12 13 bul. call Betsy Charnecki 508 252 5718 for more information letin Please email notices to vickianndowning yahoo com. or deliver them to the parish office You can receive the bul. Join us for Coffee Sunday letin by email by visiting parishesonline com find our lady of. Join us in the lower church on Sunday Sept 29 after the 7 30 mount carmel church 02771 and scrolling down to the sub. and 9 a m Masses for coffee pastry and fellowship scribe button to enter your email address. 26TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME,Pastor s Page, Adult Education Using Formed other s company and friendship. On Tuesday Oct 8 there will be a,Welcome to Laure Lynch. chance to grow in the knowledge of,Our new secretary is Laure Lynch Lau. how we should deal with the question,re grew up in Seekonk and graduated. of what is right and wrong Is,from Seekonk High School in 1986 her.
what s right for you right for me Is,maiden name was Thibert She gradu. there a right and wrong for everyone Father Kevin Cook. ated from Notre Dame in 1990 and then, all the time We will meet for eight List of Married Couples for Prayers. got her master s degree in psychology, weeks each Tuesday evening at 7 in the Each month under Building a Culture. from the University of Maryland Her, basement of the church We will watch of Vocations I include a married couple. home parish was St Mary s now Our, the eight session Formed videos by Dr to pray for since marriage is also a voca.
Lady Queen of Martyrs in Seekonk, Edward Sri and we will then study and tion and needs promoting and support. Laure and her husband Pat have three, discuss the questions that are so import ing I have put a sheet in the narthex. sons and a daughter two graduated, ant to reflect on Please come join us entrance area of the church for any. from college and the two are in college,married couple who would like to have. New Mass Intentions and live in Taunton I hope all of you. their names added to the list of cou, Beginning Tuesday Oct 1 people can will get the opportunity to know Laure.
ples in the future Put your name and, request Mass intentions for Masses and I believe she will be a great addition. your spouse s name if you are interested, offered from Jan 1 to June 30 2020 to the parish With Laure being new it. please do not put any particular inten, People can request two weekend Mass will probably take a little while for her. tion for the couple Like all vocations, intentions and two weekday Mass inten to know the flow of our parish life so. we are seeing many people not respond, tions Once the weekend Masses are all please be patient with us in this time.
ing to the Lord s call For example our, requested then people can request four of transition Also we are still working. parish could certainly use prayers for, weekday Mass intentions One can re out her office hours they will be a little. couples who are in serious relationships, quest one intention for each Mass Any less than the hours Jan Smart had since. to be discerning about marriage and, request that a Mass be offered for any Kelley Nieviera is also in the office and. having the courage to take that next, intention that is not a deceased loved we are also looking into being open one.
step As of right now we have no wed, one or a deceased family will be listed weekday evening until 7 so those who. dings scheduled for next year And there, as special intention The stipend for work can have the chance to drop things. are many parishes finding fewer couples, each Mass is 10 Also each week the off or pick things up Once we get a. wanting God to unite them in Him, sanctuary lamp by the tabernacle is lit sense what will work best for the parish. for deceased loved ones when requested we will let you know One practical Talk on Letter to a Suffering Church. The asking donation for the sanctuary challenge is now we have two women in On Wednesday Oct 2 at 7 p m in the. lamp for a loved one is 10 the office with the same name though basement of the church we will hold a. spelled differently Laure Lynch sec discussion about the key points Bishop. Mass With Anointing of the Sick, retary and Lori Lavigne Family and Robert Barron brings to light regarding.
On Saturday Oct 5 we will have a Mass, Youth Evangelization We will have to the abuse crisis in his Letter to a Suf. with the Anointing of the Sick offered at, find some way to may it easy for people fering Church It will be an opportunity. 9 a m Also that Mass is being offered, calling to make distinctions between for us to talk about how to face these. for all the parishioners who died in the, them but it should work out fine realities how to speak about them with. last month All are welcome,others and how to let Christ lead us and.
Building a Culture of Vocations, Day of Recollection for Women heal us Our focus in the discussion is. Every month we pray for different voca, On Saturday Oct 12 there will be a not going to be about policies the dio. tions to support those who are respond, Day of Recollection for Women in the cese or bishops have developed in deal. ing to the Lord s call In the month of, church beginning at 9 a m with Expo ing with the crisis but the struggles we. October let us pray for Fr Fred Bab, sition of the Blessed Sacrament There face spiritually emotionally relationally.
iczuk who is co pastoring St Jude s, will be two preached meditations a with all of this If we find that evening. Church St Anthony s Church and St, chance for Confessions a talk by a lay that there are more things people need. Mary s Church in Taunton Deacon, woman and Benediction Also Mass to continue to discuss we will carry. Paul Spearin at St Ann s Church in, that day will be at 8 a m and is open over to the following week Let us ask. Raynham Deacon Steve Booth and, for anyone Between the Mass and Ex Our Lady of Sorrows to intercede for.
our parishioners Mike and Diane Kelly, position there will be a light reception us so healing and conversion may come. for the gift of the bond of marriage, downstairs for the women to enjoy each forth for the Church Fr Kevin. OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL PARISH SEEKONK MASS,Society of St Vincent de Paul. Blessed are the poor in spirit,for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5 3,In today s Gospel the rich man treated.
the beggar with contempt and indif,ference until he found his fortunes re. St Joseph Adoration Chapel versed at the end of his life. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish offers perpetual adoration In God s economy those who hold on possessively to what they. of the Eucharist 24 hours a day seven days a week in St have lose it all in the end while those who share generously. Joseph Adoration Chapel receive many times more than they gave away. Saint Francis of Assisi sums it up with these words Remember. St Philip Neri while in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament that when you leave this earth you can take with you nothing. exclaimed Behold my Love behold all of my Love that you have received only what you have given. If Jesus meant to us what he meant to the saints then days and If you know anybody who needs help contact the Society of St. nights in His presence would appear to us as moments Please Vincent de Paul 401 603 8888. pray about becoming an adorer or a substitute Please contact. Linda Nason Adoration Coordinator 508 463 6723 The next meeting will be Tuesday Oct 8 at 7 p m in the lower. church All are welcome to attend,Adorers are needed. Saturday 4 p m 5 p m 6 p m 8 p m,Sunday 1 p m 2 p m 4 p m 5 p m. Monday 2 a m 9 a m Noon,Wednesday 3 a m 10 a m,Thursday 11 a m 4 p m. Friday 3 a m, Substitutes are needed Faith Formation classes are underway.
Saturday 4 p m 5 p m 6 p m 8 p m 10 p m If you have not registered your children for Faith Formation. Monday 10 a m midnight please register them this week After this week we will not take. Tuesday 10 p m 11 p m any more registrations unless there are extenuating circum. Thursday 4 p m stances, Registration forms can be found on the parish website olmc. Contact information for adorers seekonk org by clicking the Faith Formation box If you have. Midnight 5 a m Donna Castle 401 524 5219 a son or daughter entering for the first time contact Maureen. 6 a m 11 a m The Andrades 508 252 5254 Brawley Grades 1 6 or Christine Gregorek Grades 7 9. 6 a m 11 a m Loretta MacDonald 508 252 4475 about what steps need to be taken. Grades 1 3 meet in the Parish Center on Sundays from 10 30. Noon 5 p m Linda Nason 508 463 6723, 11 30 a m Grades 4 6 meet in the Parish Center on Mondays. 6 p m 11 p m Maureen Sanders 508 243 4104, from 5 30 6 30 p m Grade 7 meets in the Parish Center on. Mondays from 7 8 p m and Grades 8 and 9 meet on Sundays. The Chaplet of Divine Mercy is prayed in the adoration chap. on alternate weeks in the lower church immediately after the. el Monday through Saturday at 3 p m,10 45 a m Mass ending at 1 15 p m. A rosary for priests and all vocations is prayed in the adora. tion chapel every Thursday at 2 30 p m High school students invited to Youth Night. All high school students in the parish are invited to join us for. A novena to St Anne for the protection of children is prayed. Youth Night in the church on Thursday Oct 10 from 7 15. every Friday at noon in the adoration chapel, 8 30 p m continuing every other week Please spread the word.
A statue of the Blessed Mother located in the first confes and invite a friend For information call text or email Lori. sional in the adoration chapel can be borrowed for one week Lavigne Family and Youth Evangelization Coordinator 508. Please use the sign out sheet 233 3312 L Lavigne olmc gmail com. 26TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME, Return bags for Food Drive this weekend Cancer Support meets Oct 5. The St Vincent de Paul Society s semiannual Food Drive con Seekonk Catholic Cancer Support will meet at Our Lady of. cludes this weekend Sept 28 29 Mount Carmel Church on Saturday Oct 5 gathering at 9 a m. Shopping bags were distributed to parishioners after each Mass Mass that includes the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick and. last weekend Each bag contained a list of food items We ask the presentation of our prayer petition book. that you purchase as many of the items as possible and return We will meet downstairs immediately after Mass for fellow. the bag with your donations Sept ship refreshments and sharing This month we welcome Mi. 28 29 chelle Moreau RN a triage nurse at Lifespan Cancer Institute. September 29 2019 Saturday 9 28 9 00 a m Deceased members of the Penacho family 4 30 p m For our parish family Sunday 9 29 7 30 a m Lenore Paquin 9 00 a m Eileen Schultz 4th anniversary 10 45 a m Deceased members of the Cruz family Monday 9 30 9 00 a m Deceased members of the Aubin and Burns families Tuesday 10 1 9 00 a m Joseph Sinwell Wednesday 10 2 9 00 a m For our country

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