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Required Text, Libby R Libby P Short D G 2014 Financial accounting with annual report 8th. ed New York NY McGraw Hill,ISBN 9780078025556,Course Assignment Descriptions. You will have several opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of. the principles taught in this course The primary means of evaluating your work will be. through practical application of the material In the event that you have difficulty. completing any of the assignments for this course please contact your instructor. immediately Please refer to the Course Materials section of the cyberclassroom for. complete details regarding the activities and assignments for this course The following. is merely a summary,Discussion contributions 160 points. Initial Substantive Posts Submit an initial response to each of the prompts. provided each week by your instructor Your initial post should be substantive. approximately of a page in length and must be posted by midnight Central Time. by Wednesday of each week In your substantive post you are encouraged to use. references you may use your textbook show evidence of critical thinking as it. applies to the concepts or prompt and or use examples of the application of the. concepts to work and life Proper punctuation grammar and correct spelling are. expected Please use the spell check function, Required Replies You must reply to at least two different peers per prompt Your. replies should build on the concept discussed offer a question to consider or add a. differing perspective etc Rather than responding with Good post explain why the. post is good why it is important useful insightful etc Or if you disagree. respectfully share your alternative perspective Just saying I agree or Good idea. is not sufficient for the posts you would like graded. Posting Guidelines Overall postings must be submitted on at least two separate. days of the week It is strongly recommended you visit the discussion forum. throughout the week to read and respond to your peers postings You are. encouraged to post more than the required number of replies. Please review the Policies section of Blackboard for further details. Weekly Assignments 7 50 points each 350 points total. Each week you will be assigned a set of questions and quantitative exercises to complete. that relate to the readings for the week Complete the problems assigned for each week. showing all work as necessary These problems may be provided by your instructor or. assigned from the textbook Your instructor will provide the weekly assignments. problems in the Announcements area of the Blackboard classroom. Last revised 9 3 2013 dk 2 of 6,Final Exam 80 points.
You will complete a cumulative final exam consisting of 40 multiple choice questions. worth 2 points each This exam will become available for you on Wednesday of Week. 8 and must be completed by midnight CT on Saturday of Week 8 You will have up to. 3 hours to complete the exam and it must be completed once you begin. Course Schedule At A Glance, Please refer to the Term Calendar in our cyberclassroom for specifics regarding dates. Assignments Date Time,Week Readings Activities, Week 1 Chapter 1 Financial Course Discussion Midnight CT on. Statements and Business Weds Sun,Decisions Week 1 Assignment Sunday at midnight. Chapter 2 Investing and,Financing Decisions and,the Accounting System. Week 2 Chapter 5 Communicating Course Discussion Midnight CT on. and Interpreting Accounting Weds Sun,Information Week 2 Assignment Sunday at midnight.
Chapter 6 Reporting and,Interpreting Sales Revenue. Receivables and Cash, Week 3 Chapter 7 Reporting and Course Discussion Midnight CT on. Interpreting Cost of Goods Weds Sun, Sold and Inventory Week 3 Assignment Sunday at midnight. Chapter 8 Reporting and,Interpreting Property Plant. and Equipment Intangibles,and Natural Resources, Week 4 Chapter 9 Reporting and Course Discussion Midnight CT on.
Interpreting Liabilities Weds Sun, Chapter 10 Reporting and Week 4 Assignment Sunday at midnight. Interpreting Bonds, Week 5 Chapter 11 Reporting and Course Discussion Midnight CT on. Interpreting Owners Equity Weds Sun,Week 5 Assignment Sunday at midnight. Week 6 Chapter 12 Statement Course Discussion Midnight CT on. Cash Flows Weds Sun,Week 6 Assignment Sunday at midnight. Week 7 Chapter 13 Analyzing Course Discussion Midnight CT on. Financial Statements Weds Sun,Week 7 Assignment Sunday at midnight.
Week 8 Review all Chapters for,your exam this week Final Exam Saturday at. All online weeks run from Monday to Sunday except the last week which ends on Saturday. All assignments are due at midnight Central Time All submissions to the Blackboard system are. date time stamped in Central Time,Last revised 9 3 2013 dk 3 of 6. Assignments At A Glance,Assignment Activity Qty Points Total Points. Weeks 1 8 Discussion 20 160,Weeks 1 7 Weekly Assignments 7 50 350. Week 8 Final Exam 1 80 80,TOTAL POINTS 590, Please refer to the Policies menu for more information about our Course Discussions.
Grading Scale,Grade Percentage Points,A 90 to 100 531 590. B 80 to 89 471 530,C 70 to 79 412 470,D 60 to 69 352 411. Important Policies, All course specific policies for this course are spelled out here in this syllabus. However additional university policies are located in the Policies section of Blackboard. You are responsible for reading and understanding all of these policies All of them are. important Failure to understand or abide by them could have negative consequences. for your experience in this course,Editorial Format for Written Papers. All written assignments are to follow the APA writing style guidelines for grammar. spelling and punctuation This online course includes information regarding the APA. style under Writing and Research Resources in the Resource Room on the course. menu in Blackboard,Ottawa Online Late Policy, With instructor approval assignments may be accepted for up to one week after the due.
date but a minimum automatic deduction of 10 of the points will be assessed The. instructor also has the option of increasing this deduction percentage up to a maximum. of 20 Extenuating circumstances may be determined on rare occasions and an. extension allowed without a deduction but only at the sole discretion of the instructor. Discussion board postings will not be accepted for credit when posted after the close of. the discussion week There are no exceptions to this rule however solely at the. discretion of the instructor the student may be allowed to submit an alternative. assignment to make up for the points under extenuating circumstances If granted this. should be an exception to the rule, No assignments will be accepted after the last day of the course end of term unless. arrangements have been made and approved by the instructor at least one week in. Last revised 9 3 2013 dk 4 of 6,Saving Work, It is recommended that you save all of your work from this course on your own. computer or flash drive The capstone course you take at the end of your program may. require you to have access to this work for culminating assignments and or reflections. Academic Honesty, Academic Honesty means at the minimum that work submitted by a student or the. taking of examinations by the student is the original work of that student Ottawa. University does not condone any form of dishonesty Academic dishonesty includes. cheating on examinations or assignments including any attempt to give or obtain. assistance in a formal academic exercise without prior authorization and due. acknowledgment using student s original work for more than one course without prior. approval from the instructor representing the work of another as one s own plagiarism. the falsification of data information or citations in any formal academic exercise. providing false information to an instructor concerning a formal academic exercise. and or supplying false information pertaining to the student s academic program. Penalties for cheating on examinations and plagiarism can be failure in the course in. which the dishonesty has occurred and or dismissal from the University. If academic dishonesty is suspected the instructor of the course will make. recommendation to the local Dean of Instruction for action The local Dean of Instruction. will work with the instructor to seek resolution of the incident including conference with. the student to review evidence and related materials The local Dean of Instruction will. make the decision concerning penalties for the student accused of academic dishonest. which may include failure in the course withdrawal of semester credits and or dismissal. from the University, Please refer to Academic Honesty in the Policies section of the online course menu. for important information about Ottawa University s policies regarding plagiarism and. cheating including examples and explanations of these issues. Student Handbook, Please refer to your student handbook for all university regulations The Resource.
Room on the course menu in Blackboard contains information about where to find the. student handbook online for your campus, Please see Policies in Blackboard for additional university policies. Blackboard Technical Support, The Resource Room in Blackboard contains links to student tutorials for learning to use. Blackboard as well as information about whom to contact for technical support Ottawa. University offers technical support from 8 a m to midnight Central Time for all students. staff and faculty at no cost See www ottawa edu ouhelp for contact information. Ottawa University Mission Statement, The mission of Ottawa University is to provide the highest quality liberal arts and professional. education in a caring Christ centered community of grace which integrates faith learning and. Last revised 9 3 2013 dk 5 of 6, life The University serves students of traditional age adult learners and organizations. through undergraduate and graduate programs,Last revised 9 3 2013 dk 6 of 6.
ACC 20464 Accounting for Financing and Investing Activities Course Description Extension of ACC 20364 Accounting for Business Operations Planning and evaluation of business operations and acquiring disposing and financing assets of entity Time value of money introduced Emphasis on interpretation and use of the balance sheet and statement of cash flows This is a fully online eight week

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