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using checklists Registering complaints from,reading any reports information etc about. your workplace For example you may look at workers. any of the following, o Manufacturer Industry specific When it comes to his or her own safety and health a. instructions specifications worker may complain because he or she is worried If. These are terms and conditions workers start complaining about feeling sick. under which the equipment getting headaches or my back hurts all the time. substance or activity needs to be there is usually a reason No one likes to feel ill The. carried out to avoid injury or,o Standards,Are there any conditions which. have been established by research,institutions which indicate the safe. working or operating levels of a,particular process or substance.
Bodies such as the International,Organization for Standardization. ISO Occupational Health and,Safety Advisory Services OHSAS. American Conference of,Governmental Industrial Hygienists. ACGIH National Institute of Listening to complaints. Occupational Safety and Health, NIOSH Health and Safety complaints should not be trivialized since these. Executive HSE and the complaints might be warning signs of a bigger. International Labour Organization problem in the making The fact that each individual s. are standard setting organizations metabolism is different would suggest the reaction. o Changes in legislation time of each individual to a particular stimulus will be. equally staggered as the substance or process takes. effect on the immune or musculo skeletal system, Let us look at these in more detail because they are.
the basic tools with which a safety representative or A safety representative or member of a safety. member of a safety committee can start to identify committee may have to decide on the merit of the. safety and health problems at work These techniques complaint but the representative must be careful not. require no specialized knowledge just enthusiasm to take on the role of a doctor and decide that the. and an inquiring mind complaint is not valid or trivial Many occupational. diseases start off with such minor signs and,Observing your workplace symptoms. You may have already used your powers of, observation to spot some of the typical hazards faced Examining accident and near miss. by workers but observation is not the only tool that. can be used Use your nose and your ears as well records. Believe it or not your body s senses are far more, sensitive to hazards than the most sophisticated You may feel that you are entering the province of the. monitoring equipment If a new chemical makes your doctor or nurse and that this is best left to the. eyes water or you start to cough your body is telling specialists Your workplace may not keep such records. you to beware But be careful after a few weeks your and if they do they are generally confidential. eyes may no longer water or you may stop coughing However most companies do keep some form of an. Does it mean that the chemical is now safe Of course accident book not only for their own records but so. not it means that your body s sensitivity to the hazard that the figures can be presented to the Ministry of. is being destroyed Always note the reactions of new Labour as is required under most of the existing. workers or visitors to the plant it can be most legislation in the region. informative see how they react to the working,environment. simple saying Near misses are warnings Next time,it may not be a near miss you may be injured.
If your company does not keep any sort of accident. register or near miss book why not It may not be, required under the law but it is necessary to keep. track of potential areas of concern If the company is. not keeping a near miss log it may be necessary for a. safety representative or the safety committee to start. their own basic near miss register It should not be. too complicated but contain basic information for use. in later consultation with management over safety,and health issues. Examine Records,Though the collection and collation of such. information is part of management s responsibilities. Accidents are a clear indication that there has been a it would be true to say that many employers in the. failure in the system By examining these accident region do not keep such records and if they do the. reports you are able to determine the type of failure information may not be readily available. and the nature and severity of the resulting injury. The figures tell you far more than simply how many. workers were injured and how many days off work, they had They tell you where the problems may lie in. which part of the workplace with which machines or. what process They identify trends and patterns which. allow the appropriate control measures to be, designed and implemented All too often it is the new.
inexperienced worker who gets injured because he,does not have the knowledge or training to avoid. getting injured, Some possible headings for an accident register or near miss book. Personnel Type of, Name Type of Accident Near miss Place Time and Date Time off Action taken. Oil spillage,Special Machine 9 45 a m,J Bond 007 Fall slippery floor 1 week cleaned on. agent shop 4 4 2011, The safety and health committee should view such Examining sickness figures.
statistics in terms of possible priorities The improved. legislation in the region gives the worker, Again this may prove extremely difficult because of. representatives and members of the safety, confidentiality availability of figures etc but sickness. committee access to this information, can provide valuable information In your workplace. you may perhaps find that two or three workers were. It is not only accidents that need to be investigated. absent more often than the rest of the workforce,so called near misses need to be investigated as. Management might suggest that they are lazy or, well Research has suggested that for approximately.
weak and not suited to the job in question, every ten near miss events at a particular location in. However it could mean that they are all working in. the workplace a minor accident will occur A near, adverse conditions that are making them ill Again it. miss refers to any incident that could have resulted in. may be necessary to start keeping and reviewing such. an accident Everyone has had a near miss whether it. is on the road or in the workplace There is a very. Using simple surveys of minor symptoms might add up to something more. suspicious This can be done by carrying out simple. short surveys of the workforce The kind of survey, One of the best ways to identify occupational safety. questions used will depend on the hazard You should. and health problems is to ask the workers themselves. keep questions short and simple, what they think After all workers have the best idea. of how the work is done what changes have been, The most that such a safety and health survey would.
normally show is that a case exists for more detailed. inquiries into the suspected substances If possible it. is always worthwhile comparing and contrasting the. results of such a survey for different groups of,workers e g office workers production workers and. Conducting inspections general or,specialized, There are basically three different types of inspection. you can undertake in your workplace namely,Ask workers what they think. General inspections Using a checklist such as, made over recent years and how conditions in the the COSHE checklist on the webpage allows. workplace affect them Workers are familiar with the for a thorough look at all aspects of the. daily process of production and any problems workplace and the working environment. involved This approach is important because it,stimulates staff members awareness and.
involvement and company loyalty Of course the kind. of approach used for workers is all important they. are not on trial and should not be made to feel,threatened or intimidated in any way All you are. trying to find out are their thoughts and any, suggestions they may have However tactful a safety. representative or member of a safety committee may. be there will always be some workers who do not, want to co operate The safety representative should. not become despondent and feel isolated but,understand that because of the culture of the. organization many workers may be afraid of any Inspect. consequences that may result from participating in. any such survey,Special inspections These concentrate on a.
Let us look for example at conducting a simple particular hazard work area or system of. survey for a chemical hazard The effects of chemicals work You might feel that it is necessary to. at work may be hard to trace in this way it may not examine noise problems in detail for. occur to workers that headaches dizziness or skin example or the use of a particular new. rashes are linked to substances they work with Many chemical about which you are concerned. long term chronic effects loss of breath and Accident inspections These are inspections of. tiredness may simply be attributed to growing particular accidents or dangerous incidents. older Alternatively symptoms may not appear and usually part of the accident investigation. clearly until permanent damage has been done Some unions may already be involved in this. type of inspection because of their work in, It can be very difficult to get any firm conclusions from compensation cases These inspections are. one or two individual cases Often you will need to aimed at finding the real causes of an accident. look at the entire workforce or a sample of the so that further accidents can be prevented. workforce depending on its size to see if a collection. Using checklists the question of health and safety in your factory By. undertaking this ad hoc haphazard approach you, may miss things that could be vital You need to look. There are a number of ways to help you to assess any. carefully in a planned logical way at each part of the. safety and health hazards in your workplace including. production process and at each worker s job This may. the use of checklists Basically you want to know the. be time consuming at the beginning but will pay, dividends in the end The task becomes a great deal. easier if you have the full co operation of the,How safe is your workplace. workforce and there is a viable joint,What are the major safety and health.
worker management safety and health committee at, the factory The task is also made easier by the use of. What are the priorities,checklists that help you to not miss anything. How can the hazards be controlled,What are the cost implications. What does the law require Reading any reports and getting. How can the workers be involved information about your workplace. How can a safety and health policy be, developed and implemented for the benefit Sometimes it is very difficult to get any information on. of management and workers the hazards you face in your workplace Often the. As a start you have to look closely at your own, workplace and construct a picture of any potential.
hazards and risks You can develop risk maps or plans. for each section floor of your workplace that are put. on file for future reference Any changes such as new. machine guards on the machines or the use of safer. chemicals must be recorded In other words you are, building up a diagrammatic overview of the state of. OSH in your factory, The information shown on a risk map should include. the type of process Read,the location of machinery equipment storage. areas exits firefighting equipment first aid information is not readily available and although it is. kits infirmary rest rooms etc and primarily management s responsibility to obtain such. potential hazards chemical physical etc information it may fall on your shoulders to try and. find out as much as you can Access to reliable sources. The process is quite simple All you have to do is draw is vital for the success of a safety representative or. a floor plan of the workplace or the component member of a safety committee. sections floors marking as accurately as possible the. main features of the workplace doors windows It is encouraging to note that access to information is. stairs gangways etc Once you have your floor plan usually covered under some of the recent legislation. mark all potential hazards risks construct a picture in the region For example some legislation may. of the state of safety and health in your factory You indicate that the workers representative shall be. can also put down the normal location of key granted access to information relating to all workplace. personnel such as first aiders members of any hazards and to all reports relating to the workplace. firefighting team or safety and health environment. representatives if you have a joint OSH committee, You are not expected to become a safety and health. expert overnight you may be the general manager, or a workers representative and have limited time to.
think about safety and health in your factory The,usual approach is for someone to do a quick. occasional walk through inspection and then report. back This is not however the best way to approach,The risk assessment process o An analysis . OSH Brief No 2 Introduction the greatest barometer for detecting and recognizing Listening to complaints Accidents are a clear indication that there has been a failure in the system By examining these accident reports you are able to determine the type of failure and the nature and severity of the resulting injury The figures tell you far more than simply how many workers were

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