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Presentation Overview,Chapter 1 Overview,Hard Rock Caf Case Study Video. Chapter 1 Compared to Hard Rock Caf,What Should Hard Rock Caf Do. Group Activity,What is Operations Management, Operations Management Essential Functions to Produce. Activities that relate to the creation of goods Goods Services. and services through the transformation of Marketing. inputs to outputs Production Operations,What do Operations Managers do. Operations managers,10 Major Decisions of OM,1 Design of Goods and Services.
2 Managing Quality,3 Process and Capacity Design,4 Location Strategy. 5 Layout Strategy,6 Human Resources and Job Design. 7 Supply Chain Management,8 Inventory Management,9 Scheduling. 10 Maintenance,Challenges Operations Managers Face. Past Present,Local National Focus Global Focus, Lengthy Product Development Rapid Product Development.
Little Concern for Environment Environmentally Sensitive Production. Low Cost Standard Products Mass Customization, Low Bid Purchasing Supply Chain Partnering Joint Ventures. Large Lot Production Just in Time Performance,Productivity. Productivity is the ratio of outputs When calculating productivity quality. goods and services divided by inputs may change due to external elements. resources such as labor and capital or a lack of exact measurement units. Units produced, Productivity Service productivity is also difficult to. Input used measure each experience is unique,and provides no tangible data. Products vs Services, A product is a tangible object A service is an intangible product.
Examples Clothing Equipment Food Examples Restaurant Education. Shoes Vehicles Electronics Entertainment Lodging Health Services. Hard Rock Caf History,Opened in 1971 by Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton. American style diner in London,Live Music,Clothing Merchandise. 60 000 Memorabilia Pieces Circulate Restaurants, 1982 first US caf today over 175 locations in 55 countries. 1995 First Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas NV. 2010 First All Inclusive Resort,Hard Rock Strategy. Caf Restaurant Food w Entertainment Food w Experience. Operations Managers work to Provide Unique Experience. 10 Management Decision Strategies,Watch Which Markets to Expand into.
Layout of Restaurant Maximizes Revenue,Chapter 1 Hard Rock Caf. Products Service,Food Enthusiastic Wait Staff,Clothing Chefs. Jewelry Entertainment,Watches Overall Experience,Chapter 1 Hard Rock Caf. Hard Rock Managers,Plan Strategic Pathways to Exploit. Merchandise,Organize Experience Strategy,Staff and Schedule based on sales.
forecasting and trends,Lead Staff,Control Day to Day Operations. Hard Rock Productivity,Order Placement to Table Time Creates Efficiency. of Specific App Entr e Dessert Sold Creates Motivation. Table Turnover Rate Creates Focus, Customer Satisfaction Creates Excellent Reputation ROG. Yearly Weekly Trends Monitored Creates Hard Data,Hard Rock Today. Over 175 Restaurants 55 Countries,2 Concert Venues.
19 Hotels 6 Coming Soon,4 All Inclusive Resorts,Business Meeting Space. http memorabilia hardrock com, http www hardrock com locations aspx view 2 viewall 1. Hard Rock Today,New Menu Released March 2014,Still Offer Survey on Bottom of Receipt. https www hardrocksurvey com,Love All Serve All Mission. Take Time to Be Kind Humanitarian,Save the Planet Environmental.
Low Cost Standard Products Low Bid Purchasing Large Lot Production Present Global Focus Rapid Product Development Environmentally Sensitive Production Mass Customization Supply Chain Partnering Joint Ventures Just in Time Performance Productivity Productivity is the ratio of outputs goods and services divided by inputs resources such as labor and

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