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Operation Guide 5174,Charging the Watch Warning, Leaving the watch in bright light for charging can cause it to become quite hot. The face of the watch is a solar cell that generates power from light The generated Take care when handling the watch to avoid burn injury The watch can become. power charges a built in rechargeable battery which powers watch operations The particularly hot when exposed to the following conditions for long periods. watch charges whenever it is exposed to light x On the dashboard of a car parked in direct sunlight. x Too close to an incandescent lamp,Charging Guide x Under direct sunlight. Whenever you are not When wearing the watch, wearing the watch be sure makes sure that its face is. to leave it in a location not blocked from light by the x Keep the watch in an area normally exposed to bright light when storing it for long. where it is exposed to light sleeve of your clothing periods This helps to ensure that power does not run down. x Best charging x The watch may enter a x Storing the watch for long periods in an area where there is no light or wearing it in. performance is achieved sleep state page E 16 if such a way that it is blocked from exposure to light can cause power to run down. by exposing the watch to its face is blocked by your Make sure that the watch is exposed to bright light whenever possible. light that is as strong as sleeve even only partially. Power Levels Level Hand Movement Function Status, B You can get an idea of the watch s power level by 1 Normal All functions enabled. observing the movement of the x Second Hand in the x Second Hand moving at two second Beeper time calibration signal. Timekeeping Mode 2 intervals reception and countdown timer. x If the x Second Hand is moving normally in one second m Day changes to 1 home position operation disabled. intervals power is at Level 1 x Second Hand stopped. x If the x Second Hand is moving at two second intervals 3 z Hour Hand and c Minute Hand stopped All functions disabled. power is at Level 2 which is quite low Expose the watch at 12 o clock. to light as soon as possible so it can charge, x When power drops to Level 3 all functions will be disabled but the watch will.
continue to keep time internally for about one week If you recharge the battery. 5 suf ciently during this period the analog hands will move automatically to the. correct setting and regular timekeeping will resume After one week all settings. Moves at two second including timekeeping will be cleared Recharging the battery will reset all settings. intervals to their initial factory defaults,Power Recovery Mode Charging Times. The watch is designed to go into a power recovery mode that stops hand operation. Level Change 2, temporarily whenever power suddenly drops below a certain level due to overuse Daily. of the alarm tone over a short period Note that all operations are disabled while the Exposure Level Brightness Operation Level 3 Level 2 Level 1. watch is in the power recovery mode 1, The hands will move to the correct positions and the watch will resume normal. Outdoor sunlight 50 000 lux 8 minutes 2 hours 23 hours. operation after power recovers in about 15 minutes Putting the watch in a location. where it is exposed to light will help power to recover sooner Window sunlight 10 000 lux 30 minutes 6 hours 85 hours. Window sunlight on cloudy day 48 minutes 8 hours 138 hours. Indoor uorescent lighting 500 lux 8 hours 92 hours. 1 Approximate exposure each day to generate power for normal daily operation. 2 Approximate amount exposure time required to take power up one level. x The above exposure times all are for reference only Actual exposure times depend. on lighting conditions, x For details about the operating time and daily operating conditions see the Power. Supply section of the Speci cations page E 73,Power Saving To recover from the sleep state.
Power Saving enters a sleep state automatically whenever the watch is left for a Move the watch to a well lit area or press any button. certain period in an area where it is dark The table below shows how watch functions. are affected by Power Saving, x There actually are two sleep state levels second hand sleep and function sleep. Elapsed Time in Dark Operation, 60 to 70 minutes second hand x Second Hand only stopped at 12 o clock all other. sleep functions enabled, x All functions including analog timekeeping disabled. 6 or 7 days function sleep,x Internal timekeeping maintained. x The watch will not enter a sleep state between 6 00 a m and 9 59 p m If the watch. is already in a sleep state when 6 00 a m arrives however it will remain in the. sleep state, x The watch will not enter a sleep state while it is in the Stopwatch Mode or.
Countdown Timer Mode,Radio Controlled Atomic Timekeeping Important. x The areas covered by HNL and ANC are quite far from the calibration signal. This watch receives a time calibration signal and updates its time setting accordingly transmitters so certain conditions may cause reception problems. However when using the watch outside of areas covered by time calibration signals x When HNL or HKG is selected as the Home City only the time and date are. you will have to adjust the settings manually as required See Configuring Current adjusted according to the time calibration signal You need to switch manually. Time and Date Settings Manually page E 38 for more information between standard time and daylight saving time DST if required See To toggle. This section explains how the watch updates its time settings when the city code the Home City time between standard time and daylight saving time page E 36. selected as the Home City is in Japan North America Europe or China and is one for information about how to do this. that supports time calibration signal reception, If your Home City Code setting The watch can receive the signal from the. is this transmitter located here,LON PAR ATH Anthorn England Main ingen Germany. HKG Shangqiu City China,TYO Fukushima Japan Fukuoka Saga Japan. HNL ANC LAX DEN CHI NYC Fort Collins Colorado United States. Operation Guide 5174,Approximate Reception Ranges, UK and German Signals North American Signal Japanese Signals Chinese Signal.
Fukushima 500 kilometers Changchun,2 000 miles,3 000 kilometers 500 kilometers Beijing. 600 miles Fukuoka Saga Shanghai,500 kilometers 1 000 kilometers Chengdu. Fort Collins Hong Kong,1 500 kilometers,Main ingen 1 500 kilometers. The Anthorn signal is receivable,1 000 kilometers,within this area. x Even when the watch is within range of a transmitter signal reception may be x Using this watch in a country covered by a time calibration that is different from the. impossible due to the effects of geographic contours structures weather the time countries it supports may result in incorrect time indication due to local application. of year the time of day radio interference etc The signal becomes weaker at of summer time etc. distances of approximately 500 kilometers which means that the in uence of the. conditions listed above becomes even greater To get ready for a receive operation. x Signal reception may not be possible at the distances noted below during certain 1 Confirm that the watch is in the Timekeeping Mode If it isn t hold down C for. times of the year or day Radio interference may also cause problems with about two seconds to enter the Timekeeping Mode. reception 2 Place the watch in a location where signal reception is good. Main ingen Germany or Anthorn England transmitters 500 kilometers 310. x Position the watch as shown in the,nearby illustration with 12 o clock.
Fort Collins United States transmitter 600 miles 1 000 kilometers. pointed towards a window Make, Fukushima or Fukuoka Saga Japan transmitters 500 kilometers 310 miles 12 o clock sure there are no metal objects. Shangqiu China transmitter 500 kilometers 310 miles. x As of October 2010 China does not use Daylight Saving Time DST If China does. or x Signal reception normally is better, go to the Daylight Saving Time system in the future some functions of this watch. may no longer operate correctly, x The receive operation takes from two to seven minutes but in some cases it 3 What you should do next depends on whether you are using Auto Receive or. can take as long as 14 minutes Take care that you do not perform any button Manual Receive. operation or move the watch during this time x Auto Receive Leave the watch over night in the location you selected in step 2. x Signal reception may be dif cult or even impossible under the conditions See Auto Receive on page E 25 for details. described below x Manual Receive Perform the operation under To perform manual receive on. Auto Receive, x With Auto Receive the watch performs the receive operation each day. automatically up to six times up to ve times for the Chinese calibration signal. between the hours of midnight and 5 a m according to the Timekeeping Mode. Inside or Inside a Near Near a Near Among time When any receive operation is successful none of the other receive. among vehicle household construction high tension or behind operations for that day are performed. buildings appliances site airport power lines mountains x When a calibration time is reached the watch will perform the receive operation. of ce or other only if it is in the Timekeeping Mode or World Time Mode The receive operation is. equipment sources of not performed if a calibration time is reached while you are con guring settings. or a mobile electrical,phone noise, To perform manual receive 3 The receive operation is complete when the x Second.
1 In the Timekeeping Mode keep A depressed for about two seconds as the Hand moves to YES Y or NO N for about five. x Second Hand goes through the following sequence seconds and then resumes regular timekeeping. x Moves to YES or Y for some models or NO N to indicate the last signal x You can return to the Timekeeping Mode manually by. reception result then to READY R pressing A while the x Second Hand is pointing to. 2 The x Second Hand indicates the operations the watch is currently performing YES Y or NO N. x When the receive operation is successful the watch. When the x Second adjusts the time setting accordingly It does not adjust. It means this, Hand is pointed here the setting if the operation failed. READY R Watch is setting up for reception,WORK W Reception is in progress. x To interrupt a receive operation and return to the. Reception was completed Timekeeping Mode press any button. successfully,NO N Reception failed for some reason. x If signal reception is unstable the x Second Hand. may move between WORK W and READY R, To check the result of the latest receive operation Radio controlled Atomic Timekeeping Precautions. In the Timekeeping Mode press A x Strong electrostatic charge can result in the wrong time setting. x The x Second Hand will move to YES Y for ve x Even if a receive operation is successful certain conditions can cause the time. seconds if the latest receive operation was successful setting to be off by up to one second. or NO N if it was not After that regular timekeeping x The watch is designed to update the date and day of the week automatically for. will resume the period January 1 2000 to December 31 2099 Updating of the date by signal. x You can return to the Timekeeping Mode manually by reception will no longer be performed starting from January 1 2100. pressing A while the x Second Hand is pointing to YES x If you are in an area where signal reception is not possible the watch keeps time. Y or NO N with the precision noted in Speci cations page E 72. x The receive operation is disabled under any of the following conditions. While power is at Level 2 or lower page E 12, x The x Second Hand will indicate NO N if you have While the watch is in the power recovery mode page E 14.
adjusted the time or date setting manually since the When the watch is in the function sleep state power saving page E 16. latest receive operation While a countdown time operation is in progress page E 47. x A receive operation is cancelled if an alarm sounds while it is being performed. Operation Guide 5174,Mode Reference Guide Selecting a Mode. With this watch everything starts from the Timekeeping Mode. Your watch has five modes The mode you should select depends on what you want. to do To determine the watch s current mode, To do this Enter this mode See Check the position of the v Left Dial Hand as shown. x View the current time in your Home City and in one under To select a mode page E 32. of 29 other cities around the globe, x View the current date in the Home City To return to the Timekeeping Mode from any other. x Con gure Home City and daylight saving time Timekeeping Mode E 33 mode. Hold down C for about two seconds until the watch beeps. DST settings, x Perform a time calibration receive operation twice. x Con gure time and date settings manually, Use the stopwatch to measure elapsed time Stopwatch Mode E 44.
Use the countdown timer Countdown Timer Mode E 47, View the current time in one of 29 cities time zones World Time Mode E 51. around the globe,Set an alarm time Alarm Mode E 57. To select a mode Timekeeping, Press C to cycle between the modes as shown below The v Left Dial Hand. indicates the currently selected mode Use the Timekeeping Mode to view the current time and date To enter the. Timekeeping Mode from any other mode hold down C for about two seconds. Operation Guide 5174 MA1012 EA E 1 ENGLISH Congratulations upon your selection of this CASIO watch This watch does not have a city code that corresponds to the UTC offset of 3 5 hours Because of this the radio controlled atomic timekeeping function will not display the correct time for Newfoundland Canada Note that CASIO COMPUTER CO LTD assumes no responsibility for any damage or

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