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BRODERSON MANUFACTURING CORP,STATEMENT OF WARRANTY FOR MOBILE CRANES. Broderson Manufacturing Corp BMC warrants its products to be free from defects in material or workmanship at the date of. shipment from BMC This warranty shall be effective only when validated by the return to BMC of it s standard form of Warranty. Validation Certificate duly completed and signed by the original purchaser from BMC and any subsequent purchaser who buys a. BMC product as a new product and then only as to defects reported to BMC in writing within 1 year or 2000 hours whichever. occurs first from the date a product is placed in service as evidenced by such warranty validation certificate THIS WARRANTY. APPLIES TO ALL PARTS OF BMC S PRODUCTS EXCEPT ENGINES DRIVE TRAINS HYDRAULIC SYSTEM. COMPONENTS OR ACCESSORY EQUIPMENT WITH RESPECT TO WHICH BMC MAKES NO WARRANTY OF. MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NO OTHER WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. EXPRESS OR IMPLIED the sole warranties if any with respect thereto being those made by the respective manufacturers. THE SOLE REMEDY FOR BREACH BY BMC OF THIS WARRANTY SHALL BE THE REPLACEMENT OF ANY PARTS OF. ITS PRODUCTS WHICH WERE DEFECTIVE AT THE DATE OF SHIPMENT OR IF AND ONLY IF REPLACEMENT OF. DEFECTIVE PARTS IS IMPOSSIBLE OR IS DEEMED BY BMC TO BE IMPRACTICAL REPLACEMENT OF THE ENTIRE. PRODUCT OR AT BMC S OPTION REFUND OF THE PURCHASE PRICE The replacement remedies include labor in. connection with the removal of defective parts and the installation of their replacements as well as the cost of delivery and. transportation of defective products or parts and the replacements thereof The sole purpose of these remedies is to provide the. purchaser with free replacement of defective parts or in the limited circumstances specified replacement of the entire product or. a refund of the purchase price These exclusive remedies shall not be deemed to have failed of their essential purpose so long. as BMC is willing and able to replace defective parts or the entire product or to refund the purchase price The remedies herein. provided shall be available only if BMC is given reasonable access to the product including all allegedly defective parts. promptly after the defect is discovered BMC shall have the right to return any allegedly defective parts to its plant or any other. location selected by it for inspection and testing to determine whether they were defective at the date of shipment prior to. replacement thereof, The warranty herein made is extended only to the original purchaser from BMC and any subsequent purchaser who buys a BMC. product as a new product WITHOUT LIMITING THE GENERALITY OF THE FOREGOING BMC EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS. THAT THE WARRANTY MADE HEREIN EXTENDS TO A PERSON WHO RENTS OR LEASES ANY BMC PRODUCT OR. WHO PURCHASES ANY BMC PRODUCT AS A USED PRODUCT For purposes hereof a BMC product shall conclusively be. deemed used after the expiration of twelve 12 months from its placement in service as evidenced by a duly completed and. signed warranty validation certificate actually received by Broderson or after such earlier time as it has been operated for more. than one hundred 100 hours BMC shall have no liability hereunder with respect to products which have been subjected to. misuse negligence accident or other external forces which may have caused or accentuated any apparent failure of such. products to conform to the warranty herein made, BMC does not warrant any of its products to meet any state local or municipal law ordinance code rule or regulation The. purchaser must assume the responsibility for maintaining and operating the products which are the subject of this warranty in. compliance with such of the foregoing as may be applicable and BMC shall not be liable for the purchaser s failure to meet such. responsibility, THE WARRANTY HEREIN MADE IS IN LIEU OF ANY OTHER WARRANTY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED BMC MAKES NO. WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR ANY OTHER EXPRESS OR. IMPLIED WARRANTY OF ANY KIND TO ANY PURCHASER LESSEE OR RENTER OF NEW OR USED BMC PRODUCTS. OR ANY OTHER PERSON WHATSOEVER NO PERSON IS AUTHORIZED TO ACT ON BEHALF OF BMC IN MODIFYING. THE WARRANTY HEREIN MADE OR IN MAKING ANY ADDITIONAL OR OTHER WARRANTY. IN NO EVENT SHALL BMC BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND. WHATSOEVER THIS EXCLUSION OF INCIDENTAL AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES IS INTENDED TO BE. INDEPENDENT OF ALL OTHER PROVISIONS OF THIS STATEMENT OF WARRANTY AND SHALL BE GIVEN FULL. EFFECT NOTWITHSTANDING THE UNENFORCEABILITY OR FAILURE OF THE ESSENTIAL PURPOSE OF ANY OTHER. PROVISION OF THIS STATEMENT OF WARRANTY, THE FOREGOING DISCLAIMERS OF WARRANTIES AND DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY FOR INCIDENTAL OR.
CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES SHALL BE EFFECTIVE REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THE EXPRESS WARRANTY. CONTAINED HEREIN BECOMES EFFECTIVE AS PROVIDED IN THE FIRST PARAGRAPH HEREOF. Document Number WI SM 002 Rev A Effective August 1 2009. TABLE OF CONTENTS,SECTION 1 DESCRIPTION and SPECIFICATIONS. Introduction 1 1,IC 80 1J Dimensions 1 2,IC 80 2J Dimensions 1 3. IC 80 3J Dimensions 1 4,Turning Dimensions 1 5,Description and Specifications 1 6. SECTION 2 OPERATION,Safety Rules 2 1,Instruments and Controls 2 8. Control Functions 2 10,Four Wheel Steer Operation 2 10.
Sequence of Operation 2 10,Driving the Vehicle 2 10. Operating the Crane 2 11,Normal Gauge Readings 2 11. Rated Capacity Limiter 2 12,Crane Capacity 2 13,Crane Capacity Chart IC 80 1J 2 15. Crane Capacity Chart IC 80 2J 2 16,Crane Capacity Chart IC 80 3J 2 17. Capacity Example 2 18,Sheave Block and Downhaul Weight 2 19.
Two Part Line Reeving 2 20,Safety Devices 2 21,Outrigger Check Valve 2 21. Boom Elevation Cylinder Holding Valve 2 21,Telescope Cylinder Holding Valve 2 21. Anti Two Block System 2 21,Optional Equipment Operation 2 22. Installing and Stowing Boom Extension 2 23,Capacity Examples for Boom Extension 2 24. Front Auxiliary Winch 2 25,Pintle Hooks 2 26,Switch and Indicator Symbols 2 27.
SECTION 3 MAINTENANCE,Safety Rules 3 1,New Unit Inspection and Testing Checklist 3 3. Operator Inspection and Testing Checklist 3 4,Maintenance Checklist 3 5. Lubrication 3 7,Swing Bearing 3 7,Transmission Fluids 3 7. Axle Lubrication 3 7,MAINTENANCE cont d,Fluid Volume Chart 3 7. Lubrication Chart 3 8,Lubrication Schedule 3 9,Hoist Cable 3 10.
Hoist Cable Installation and Inspection 3 10,Hydraulic System Description 3 12. Steering System 3 12,JIC Schematic 3 13,JIC Schematic Metric 3 14. Hydraulic System Maintenance 3 15,Care of Hydraulic Oil 3 15. Hydraulic Oil Specifications 3 16,Hydraulic Seals 3 17. Hydraulic System Adjustments 3 18,Control Valves 3 18.
Boom Elevation Cylinder Holding Valve 3 19,Telescope Cylinder Holding Valve 3 20. Engine Maintenance 3 20,Air Cleaner Service 3 20,Cooling System 3 21. Spare Parts List 3 21,Major Engine Servicing 3 21,Mechanical Adjustments 3 21. Fasteners 3 21,Swing Gearbox 3 21,Rear Wheel Bearings 3 21. Wheel Toe In Setting 3 21,Transmission Troubleshooting Overhaul 3 21.
Park Brake Test and Adjustment 3 22,Torque Data 3 23. Wiring Diagram,BRODERSON MANUFACTURING CORPORATION. IC 80 INDUSTRIAL CRANE,INTRODUCTION, The Broderson IC 80 was designed and built to provide safe dependable and efficient crane. service This we warrant by our testing and quality control procedures To properly utilize. the full potential of the equipment the following customer controlled conditions must exist. 1 The operator must understand the equipment, 2 The operator must know the operating characteristics. 3 The operator must observe the safety rules,4 The equipment must be given proper maintenance.
This manual was written to provide information required for these conditions The. recommendations for periodic inspection test and maintenance are minimum standards for. safe and economical performance, When ordering parts the unit serial number unit model number part number part. description and quantity must be provided, This unit must not be altered or modified without written factory approval. To reorder this manual ask for IC 80 J Operation and Maintenance Manual Part Number. 990 30179 Contact your Broderson Service Representative at. Broderson Manufacturing Corp,P O Box 14770,Lenexa Kansas 66285 USA. 913 888 0606, If this crane becomes involved in an accident please call Broderson Manufacturing Corp at. 913 888 0606 and ask for the Legal Department or the Service Manager Also please notify. your Broderson dealer,IC 80 1J DIMENSIONS,IC 80 2J DIMENSIONS.
IC 80 3J DIMENSIONS,IC 80 J TURNING DIMENSIONS,DESCRIPTION AND SPECIFICATIONS. The IC 80 J is a self propelled Industrial Crane designed for in plant lifting and material. handling applications with special features of low height narrow width short length cargo. deck and standard four wheel steer and front wheel drive The chassis includes a frame. four independently controlled hydraulic outriggers engine torque converter 4 speed. powershift transmission front planetary drive steer and rear steer axles fuel tank hydraulic. tank control station and full power steering The boom assembly includes a hydraulic. powered continuous rotation turret 3 section boom hydraulic boom elevating cylinder. hydraulic boom telescoping cylinders and hydraulic powered hoist Rated Capacity Limiter is. 3 section hydraulically extended boom with capacity of 18 000 pounds 8160 kg at. a 5 foot 1 5 m load radius, 3 section hydraulically extended boom with capacity of 18 000 pounds 8160 kg at. a 5 foot load 1 5 m radius, 3 section hydraulically extended boom with capacity of 18 000 pounds 8160 kg at. a 5 foot load 1 5 m radius,IC 80 1J 14 5 feet 4 45 m. IC 80 2J 15 8 feet 4 82 m,IC 80 3J 17 8 feet 5 44 m.
Width 78 inches 1 98 m,Overall 7 3 feet 2 21 m,Deck 41 inches 1 04 m. Wheelbase 86 inches 2 18 m,Ground Clearance,Chassis 11 5 inches 292 mm. Minimum muffler 5 75 inches 146 mm,Angle of Approach 22 degrees. Angle of Departure 21 degrees,Outriggers,Spread 9 6 feet 2 92 m. Penetration 3 2 inches 82 mm,General Continued,IC 80 1J IC 80 2J IC 80 3J.
Boom Movement,Rotation Continuous Continuous Continuous. Elevation 0 to 70 0 to 70 0 to 70,Telescope 12 feet Hyd 14 5 feet Hyd 18 5 feet Hyd. 3 66 m 4 42 m 5 64 m,Boom Speeds,Rotation 2 RPM 2 RPM 2 RPM. Elevation 12 seconds 12 seconds 12 seconds,Telescope 17 seconds 21 seconds 27 seconds. Sheave Height Nominal,W O Boom Extension 28 2 feet 31 7 feet 37 4 feet.
8 6 m 9 7 m 11 4 m,With Boom Extension 37 4 feet 41 0 feet 46 6 feet. 11 4 m 12 5 m 14 2 m,Horizontal Reach,W O Boom Extension 20 2 feet 24 0 feet 30 0 feet. 6 1 m 7 3 m 9 1 m,With Boom Extension 30 1 feet 34 0 feet 40 0 feet. 9 2 m 10 3 m 12 1 m,Weight Nominal, 2 Wheel Drive 16 200 pounds 16 400 pounds 16 750 pounds. 7350 kg 7440 kg 7600 kg,Front Axle 7325 pounds 7650 pounds 8325 pounds.
3325 kg 3470 kg 3775 kg,Rear Axle 8875 pounds 8750 pounds 8425 pounds. 4025 kg 3970 kg 3825 kg,With GM 3 0L gasoline engine. Turning Radius 12 75 feet 3 89 m 4 Wheel Steer,Aisle Width for 90 Turn 9 6 feet 2 92 m. Steering Modes Rear Steer Round Steer Crab Steer,Road Speed 22 MPH 35 4 km h. Drawbar Pull 15 500 pounds 703 kg 1,Gradeability 63 percent 1 32 degrees.
1 Calculated values based on GM 3 0L Gasoline Engine. Wheels may spin before these values are reached,Grade Limit 15 8 5 degrees. Standard Gasoline,GM 3 0L EPA Tier II w Dual Fuel, GM Model 3 0L industrial gasoline engine with multi port electronic fuel. injection dual fuel catalytic converter and engine management system. Water cooled 4 cylinder 181 CID 3 0 L bore 4 00 inches 102 mm stroke. 3 60 inches 91 mm 59 HP 44 kW at governed speed of 2 500 RPM. Maximum torque 138 pounds foot 187 Nm at 1 600 RPM Also includes. special exhaust valves seats and valve rotators for use with LPG 70 amp. alternator 17 6 gallon 66 6 L fuel tank and 33 pounds 15 kg LPG tank. High temperature and low oil pressure shutdown is included in engine. management system Throttle control switch for setting engine speed at 1200. or 1800 RPM,Optional Engines and Engine Accessories. Diesel Engine,Cummins B 3 3L Turbo EPA Tier IV Interim. Cummins B 3 3 turbo charged diesel industrial engine Water cooled 4. cylinder 199 CID 3 3 L bore 3 74 inches 95 mm stroke 4 53 inches. 115mm 74 HP 55kW at governed speed of 2 600 RPM Maximum. torque 274 pounds foot 371 Nm at 1600 RPM 90 amp alternator. included 17 6 gallon 66 6 L fuel tank Net Weight 180 pounds 82 kg. Spark Arrester Muffler, Spark arrester muffler used in addition to standard muffler.
Net Weight 10 pounds 5 kg,Catalytic Converter, Catalytic converter for diesel engine Reduces emissions. Net weight 10 pounds 5 kg,Engine Heater, Engine coolant heater installed with hoses in coolant system to circulate. warm water through engine Plugs into 120 volt AC extension cord 1 500. Transmission, Powershift transmission with four speeds in forward and reverse Provides. powershifts at any engine speed in any gear All shifting is done with a single. lever electrical control mounted on the steering column Multiple disc clutch. packs operated by solenoid valves provide forward neutral reverse and. Document Number WI SM 002 Rev A Effective August 1 2009

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