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OPERATING PLAN,FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF,AGRICULTURE AND CONSUMER SERVICES. FLORIDA FOREST SERVICE,SUMTER COUNTY FIRE RESCUE, The purpose of this plan is to outline operating procedures between the Florida Department of Agriculture and. Consumer Services Florida Forest Service FFS and the Sumter County Fire EMS within the framework of. the Sumter County Cooperative Agreement The respective agencies have always responded to mutual aid calls. therefore this operating plan is not a new concept It is a document with written guidelines that more. specifically outline each agencies extent of cooperation creating a more effective relationship for the citizens of. Sumter County, The authority power and duties are derived from 125 27 Florida Statutes Countywide forest fire protection. authority of the Florida Forest Service state funding county fire control assessments disposition equipment. donations 589 04 Florida Statutes Duties of Florida Forest Service and 590 02 Florida Statutes Florida. Forest Service powers authority and duties,EXISTING AGREEMENT. The State of Florida Cooperative Agreement existing between the Department of Agriculture and Consumer. Services FFS and Sumter County establishes approximately 220 248 acres of protected forest and wildland. within the county,COMMUNICATIONS, FFS will operate on VHF frequencies 159 225 and 151 385 SCFEMS has written permission from FFS to.
utilize the Red 154 265 White 154 280 and Blue 154 295 radio channels SCFEMS operates on an 800 MHz. system The SCFEMS radio system is integrated with the following locally hosted State of Florida Mutual aid. TAC channels 8 TAC 92 8 TAC 93 8 TAC 94 and MA FLA The communications center also monitors the. State of Florida mutual aid calling channel 8 CALL 90 and every portable and mobile radio is programmed for. 8 CALL 90 8TAC91 8TAC92 8TAC93 and 8TAC94 The SCFEMS radio system has access to the Florida. Interoperability Network and can facilitate patching directly to other agencies via a FIN work station In addition. SCFEMS has loaned their portable 800MHz radios to FFS The FFS Sumter County Forest Area Supervisor. and fire control senior rangers are assigned the 800MHz radios The 800MHz radios are used when operating on. mutual aid fire or all hazard incidents within the Sumter County area FFS personnel carry extra VHF portables. that can be handed to SCFEMS personnel Attached is the Withlacoochee Forestry Center frequency plan. Appendix A,MUTUAL AID ZONES, FFS and SCFEMS will respond to any mutual aid request in any part of Sumter County. Due to the Sumter 911 Dispatch System SCFEMS may be the first to respond to many if not all wildland fires. SCFEMS will call for assistance when the forest fuels are such that the application of water alone is not an. effective means of controlling the fire, When FFS is at a Fire Readiness Level of 3 or above SCFEMS dispatch center will be advised Included is. FFS Fire Readiness Level Plan as it relates to fire danger Appendix B The Florida FFS will notify SCFEMS. when the fire danger is critical extreme fire behavior is expected 100 mop up is needed or when a plowed. security line is required on any wildland fire that the fire department suppresses. Along local county or other major roadways FFS and SCFEMS will provide all mutual aid assistance. necessary to conduct 100 mop up where the highway is prone to fog smoke related accidents or fires that. require large volumes of water, When the SCFEMS dispatch receives a burning or smoke complaint they may contact FFS and provide the. name and phone number of the complainant The FFS Duty Officer Dispatcher will document the complaint. on an Incident Card If necessary FFS personnel will respond to the incident scene. INCIDENT OPERATIONS, Sumter County is the first call to many wildland fires by virtue of the 911 system FFS will respond upon. request to any wildland fire or other emergency where assistance is needed Additionally SCFEMS will. respond initially on all fires that are reported in the state forest through the 911 system The FFS will provide. initial response to those unidentified fires that are discovered by FFS fire towers or FFS aircraft located within. the County and fires that are reported directly to the FFS If necessary SCFEMS Dispatch will be notified. immediately of the situation FFS will not respond to hazardous materials incidents or to dump fires since they. are not safely equipped to do so, The utilization of the National Incident Management system and the Unified Command concept will be.
followed on all incidents Reinforcements shall make contact with the incident commander upon arrival at the. Where forestlands and wildland are concerned FFS will assume the lead in command of suppression efforts. with SCFEMS providing support In incidents where the wildland fire becomes more structural in nature the. FFS will assume the support role In most cases the Unified Command concept will be followed In no case. should an agency be expected to commit to a tactic that is unsafe or contrary to agency policy. AIR OPERATIONS, FFS maintains a statewide fleet of fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft to assist in suppression and management. of wildfires These aircraft are operated under the guidelines of the FFS s Fire Manual Chapter 10 and the. Florida Wildfire Air Operations Plan Appendix C Due to the complexity of aerial suppression efforts all. aircraft involved in the fire traffic area will be managed by FFS as outlined in the Florida Wildfire Air. Operations plan, FFS s fixed wing aircraft assigned to the Withlacoochee Forestry Center is based at the Brooksville Airport. with a radio call sign of Forestry 58 The primary responsibility of this aircraft is smoke sorting and. suppression assistance in the form of aerial observation throughout the five county district The five counties. within the Withlacoochee Forestry Center are Citrus Hernando Pasco Sumter and Lake. There are six Type II and two Type III FFS helicopters based throughout the State All eight are for wildfire. suppression and support FFS may also contract with fixed wing and rotor wing suppression aircraft to enhance. suppression capabilities during times of high fire danger. The nearest FFS helicopter is based in Marion County and has a radio call sign of Forestry 22 FFS s. helicopters may be moved around the State as necessary for wildfire suppression and support Dispatching this. helicopter is handled through the FFS dispatch center. Radio frequencies for air operations are found in the Florida Wildfire Air Operations Plan and the FFS s Radio. Frequency Plan, All non FFS aircraft dispatched to a wildfire must notify FFS immediately upon dispatch and must follow the. procedures found in the Florida Wildfire Air Operations Plan. Positive radio communications must be maintained with FFS by all suppression and support aircraft on the. scene utilizing the air to air frequency of 122 925. BURNING AUTHORIZATIONS, FFS is responsible for the administration and enforcement of Chapter 590 Florida Statutes An. Intergovernmental agreement between the FFS and Department of Environmental Protection has delegated a. portion of Department of Environmental Protection rules Chapter 62 256 Open Burning and Frost Protection. fires to FFS FFS has also adopted Chapter 5I 2 Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Open Burning as a means to manage and enforce outdoor burning. FFS will issue burning authorizations for all agricultural silvicultural land clearing operations in Sumter. County FFS will handle complaints and enforce the open burning laws and rules related to this type of burning. If SCFEMS units discover an illegal yard debris burn they will notify the burner of the rules and regulations It. will not be necessary to notify the FFS unless a follow up investigation is needed The fire may be extinguished. by the burner or SCFEMS if conditions warrant or a threat exists to surrounding properties. In the event that increasing fire danger necessitates a county wide yard debris burn ban the county ordinance. will contain language exempting burning authorizations issued by FFS SCFEMS and The Sumter Sheriff s. Office will enforce the county ban on yard debris burning. PRESCRIBED BURNING, FFS will provide prescribed burning assistance to landowners as manpower and equipment are available and.
will also conduct prescribed burns on state land under its control SCFEMS will be notified of any large burns. in order to minimize false alarms and unnecessary response. FIRE CAUSE INVESTIGATION, On each wildland fire that FFS and SCFEMS responds to the initial operations attack crew will do a. preliminary fire cause investigation In those cases where enough information is obtained by that crew for. possible criminal prosecution the responding agency will notify the Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement. Investigator OALE through the FFS s Dispatch Center OALE will work with SCFEMS to determine whether. the evidence is sufficient to proceed with investigation or arrest. On any wildland fire where damages occur causes injury or fatality or other significant event the Department. of Agriculture and Consumer Services OALE will be called to assist with the investigation The Sumter. County Sheriff s Office an OALE investigator or FFS Area Supervisor will investigate and document the cause. and origin of the fire The OALE investigator will provide SCFEMS with the necessary information and. documentation for recording fire cause and origin The OALE officer will provide the necessary information. and forms for recording fire cause and reporting Upon request each agency will provided an incident report to. the requesting agency,FIRE PREVENTION, Both agencies are represented on the Withlacoochee Forestry Center Wildland Fire Council The council. includes representation from fire service agencies in each of the five counties within the district various state. agencies and several private rural landowners The purpose of the council is to provide a forum to share lessons. learned and hear what other cooperating agencies in the district are doing in their own wildland fire programs. The annual meeting which is held the first part of each calendar year also provides an opportunity to meet. individual cooperators in preparation for the upcoming fire season. The County Board of Commissioners approved the formal adoption of the County s Community Wildfire. Protection Plan in March of 2008 This important public safety plan supports the wildfire hazard mitigation. needs of the County s Local Mitigation Strategy Plan in a cooperative approach among County and. jurisdictional government agencies SCFEMS and FFS Through a cooperative approach these key agencies. and other supporting parties developed a plan with agreed upon goals targeting the reduction of hazardous. wildland fuels within the County coordinated public education and outreach programs to increase knowledge of. home firewise safety practices reduce human caused wildfires within the County explore future changes to. County community development codes to reduce exposures to wildfire threats and foster improvements to the. wildfire suppression success among the County jurisdictional and FFS fire suppression agencies. Periodically the agencies will compare records of wildland fires that have been suppressed and look for. commonality to include but not limited to date day of week time of day reported time location by STR. cause of fire and responding unit This information will allow the agencies to determine the type cause and. extent of wildland fire that occur in Sumter County From this a more specific and detailed fire prevention. action plan can be developed and jointly implemented. Both FFS and the SCFEMS will conduct wildland urban interface tactical training as well as incident Command. System ICS training as deemed necessary by both agencies Additionally numerous training opportunities are. available through the FFS Center for Wildfire and Forest Resources Management Training which is located at. 24059 Childs Road in Brooksville A complete list of course offered through this facility can be accessed on the. FFS web page at,APPENDIX A,WITHLACOOCHEE FORESTRY CENTER. FREQUENCY PLAN,Function Receive Tone Transmit Tone. Hernando Repeater 159 2250 88 5 151 3850 88 5, Lake Central Repeater 159 2250 88 5 151 3850 107 2.
Pasco Repeater 159 2250 88 5 151 3850 123 0,Citrus Repeater 159 2250 88 5 151 3850 141 3. Lake North Repeater 159 2250 88 5 151 3850 151 4,Lake South Repeater 159 2250 88 5 151 3850 173 8. Tactical 3 151 2350 csq 151 2350 156 7,Tactical 4 151 2950 csq 151 2950 156 7. Tactical Channel 190 151 2725 csq 151 2725 csq,Tactical Channel 191 151 2875 csq 151 2875 csq. Tactical Channel 192 159 2475 csq 159 2475 csq,Tactical Channel 193 159 2925 csq 159 2925 csq.
Tactical Channel 194 159 3075 csq 159 3075 csq,Tactical Channel 195 159 3675 csq 159 3675 csq. Tactical Channel 196 159 3375 csq 159 3375 csq,Tactical Channel 197 159 3825 csq 159 3825 csq. Tactical Channel 198 159 3975 csq 159 3975 csq,Tactical Channel 199 159 4425 csq 159 4425 csq. Tactical Channel 200 159 4125 csq 159 4125 csq,Fire Mutual Aid Red 154 2650 n a 154 2650 n a. Fire Mutual Aid White 154 2800 n a 154 2800 n a,Fire Mutual Aid Blue 154 2950 n a 154 2950 n a.

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