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DMRHWT250GL eng book 2,Safety precautions,WARNING CAUTION. To reduce the risk of fire electric shock or Do not place sources of naked flames such as. product damage lighted candles on this unit, Do not expose this unit to rain moisture This unit may receive radio interference caused. dripping or splashing by mobile telephones during use If such. Do not place objects filled with liquids such as interference occurs please increase separation. vases on this unit between this unit and the mobile telephone. Use only the recommended accessories This unit is intended for use in moderate. Do not remove covers climates, Do not repair this unit by yourself Refer Placement. servicing to qualified service personnel Place this unit on an even surface. Do not let metal objects fall inside this unit To reduce the risk of fire electric shock or. Do not place heavy items on this unit product damage. AC mains lead Do not install or place this unit in a bookcase. To reduce the risk of fire electric shock or built in cabinet or in another confined space. product damage Ensure this unit is well ventilated. Ensure that the power supply voltage Do not obstruct this unit s ventilation openings. corresponds to the voltage printed on this unit with newspapers tablecloths curtains and. Insert the mains plug fully into the socket similar items. outlet Do not expose this unit to direct sunlight high. Do not pull bend or place heavy items on the temperatures high humidity and excessive. lead vibration,Do not handle the plug with wet hands. Hold onto the mains plug body when,disconnecting the plug.
Do not use a damaged mains plug or socket,The mains plug is the disconnecting device. Install this unit so that the mains plug can be,unplugged from the socket outlet immediately. DMRHWT250GL eng book 3, Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly Supplied accessories. replaced Replace only with the type,Please check and identify the supplied. recommended by the manufacturer,accessories,Mishandling of batteries can cause electrolyte.
Product numbers are correct as of February,leakage and may cause a fire. 2015 These may be subject to change,Do not mix old and new batteries or different. types at the same time Remote control N2QAYB001042 1 pc. Do not heat or expose to flame Batteries for remote control 2 pcs. Do not leave the battery ies in a car exposed AC mains lead 1 pc. to direct sunlight for a long period of time with RF coaxial cable 1 pc. doors and windows closed HDMI cable 1 pc, Do not take apart or short circuit Do not use AC mains lead with other equipment. Do not recharge alkaline or manganese,Insert batteries. Do not use batteries if the covering has been,Insert so the poles i and j match those in the.
peeled off,remote control,Remove batteries if you do not intend to use. the remote control for a long period of time,Store in a cool dark place. When disposing of the batteries please contact,your local authorities or dealer and ask for the. correct method of disposal,Alkaline or manganese batteries. Indemnity concerning recorded content,Panasonic does not accept any responsibility for.
damages directly or indirectly due to any type of, problems that result in loss of recording or edited. content data and does not guarantee any,content if recording or editing does not work. properly Likewise the above also applies in a,case where any type of repair is made to the unit. including any other non HDD related,DMRHWT250GL eng book 4. Table of contents,Safety precautions 2 Copying video.
Supplied accessories 3 Copying titles 44,Copying video files 45. Getting started,HDD and media information 6 Photo and Music. Recordable playable contents 6 Playing photos 46,Recording mode 8 Photo Menu screen 46. Notes 9 Photo play option 47,Unit care 10 Slideshow settings 47. Control reference guide 11 Editing photos 48,Connection 13 Copying photos 49.
Basic connections 13 Selecting and copying the photos 49. Amplifier receiver connections 14 Copying automatically 49. Network connection 15 Playing music 50,Settings 16 Playing music file on the media 50. TV operation buttons 16 Playing music file on the HDD 50. Easy Setting 17 Operations during music play 50,Easy Network Setting 18 Copying Deleting music 51. FUNCTION MENU screen 20 Copying 51,Deleting 51,Watching broadcasts. Watching broadcasts 21 Network, Using Channel List 21 Smart Home Networking DLNA 52. Using TV Guide system 22 Using this unit as Server 52. Using channel information 22 Using this unit as Client 53. Operations while watching broadcast 23 Using this unit as Media Renderer 54. REWIND LIVE TV PAUSE LIVE TV 23 Using MiracastTM 54. Using Smart Home Networking DLNA,Recording with Wi Fi Direct.
Recording TV programmes 25 TV Anytime 56, Operation during Recording 26 Enjoying Network Service 56. Timer recording 28, Manually programming timer recording 30 With Other Equipment. Timer recording options 30 Copying the HD Video AVCHD 57. Timer recording from channel information 31 Registering the external HDD USB HDD 58. Notes on timer recording 31 Connecting the USB HDD 58. To confirm and edit a timer programme 32 Disconnecting the USB HDD 58. Registering the USB HDD 59,Playing back video,Playing titles on the HDD 33 Convenient functions. Video Menu screen 33 Playback menu 60,Video list screen 35 Basic Settings 62. Playing titles on the media 36 Common procedures 62. Operation during play 37 Digital TV Tuning 64,General operations 37 HDD USB HDD 65.
3D video playback 39 Picture 67,Editing video Display 68. Deleting Editing titles 40 Connection 68,Deleting recorded titles 40 Network 69. Editing recorded titles 40 Others 72, Deleting video files on the HDD 43 VIERA Link functions 74. DMRHWT250GL eng book 5,Software Firmware Update 75. Other operations 76 About descriptions in these operating. Entering text 76 instructions, Switching the aspect ratio of the screen 76 Pages to be referred to are indicated as.
HOLD function 76,Troubleshooting,Troubleshooting guide 77. General operation 77,Displays 78,TV screen and video 78. Recording timer recording and copying 80,TV Guide 81. Broadcast 82 Getting started,VIERA Link 82,Network 82. Reset 82 Watching broadcasts,Messages on the front panel display 83.
When you experience problems with Easy Network,Setting 84 Recording. Specifications 85 Playing back video,Language code list 86. Licenses 87,Editing video,Limited Warranty 89,Copying video. Photo and Music,With Other Equipment,Convenient functions. Troubleshooting,DMRHWT250GL eng book 6,Getting started.
Getting started,HDD and media information, For more details refer also to the specifications 85. Recordable playable contents,Impossible, Media type Standard symbol Playable contents Recordable contents. AVCHD AVCHD 3D FLAC,Built in hard disk drive,HDD MPEG2 MP3. HDD Xvid WMA,MPO 3D photo,AVCHD AVCHD 3D 2 3,External hard disk drive MP4 WAV. USB HDD USB HDD MPEG2 FLAC,MPO 3D photo,AVCHD AVCHD 3D 2 3.
MPEG2 FLAC,USB memory USB Xvid AAC,MPO 3D photo,Playable contents as DLNA client. Refer to Playable contents 53, It cannot be recorded directly Only compatible with copying from the built in HDD. 2 Recorded with AVCHD format compatible devices Panasonic video camera etc It may not be. able to play back depending on the device, It cannot be played back directly from the USB HDD or USB memory Playback is possible by. copying to the built in HDD 57, With certain recording states and folder structures the play order may differ or playback may not be possible. It may not be possible to play the above media in some cases due to the type of media the condition of the recording the. recording method and how the files were created,DMRHWT250GL eng book 7.
Getting started,Information about contents,Broadcast Recordings Photo files. Numbers of titles that can be recorded Compatible pixels. Between 34k34 and 8192k8192 pixels,Media Sub sampling 4 2 2 4 2 0. titles Motion JPEG is not supported,HDD 3000 Maximum numbers of contents. Maximum numbers of titles are including recordings of Media Folders Files. HD CAMCODER,HD CAMCODER Recordings USB device 500 10000. MPEG 4 AVC H 264 based on AVCHD, Numbers of titles that can be recorded Video files Audio files.
Maximum Numbers of contents that can be copied to,Media internal HDD. HDD 3000 Maximum numbers of, Maximum numbers of titles are including recordings of. folders and files,Broadcast Video 20000,Audio 20000. USB device,Each folder can store up to 1000 files,We recommend that you limit the depth of. folder trees to about five levels,About extension of files.
MP4 MP4 mp4 MOV mov,MPEG2 MPG mpg MPEG mpeg M2TS m2ts. MTS mts TS ts,Xvid AVI avi,Subtitle text files SRT srt SUB sub TXT txt. MKV MKV mkv,Subtitle text files SRT srt SUB sub TXT txt. JPEG JPG jpg,MPO MPO mpo,WAV WAV wav,FLAC FLAC flac. AAC M4A m4a,MP3 MP3 mp3,WMA WMA wma, The video file and subtitle text files are inside the same folder and the file names are the same except for the file extensions.
Some files may not be played back even if they have these extensions. DMRHWT250GL eng book 8,Getting started,HDD and media information. Recording mode,Recording Mode DR HG HX HE HL HM XP SP LP EP. Feature Programmes can be Recording can be done Recording can be done. recorded in a nearly with reduced recording with reduced recording. perfect broadcasted state volume in HD quality volume in SD quality. Quality Quality as the broadcast High definition 1 Standard definition. Multiple audio Record all multiple audio Record only one audio. Subtitles Can be recorded Can be recorded only one subtitle 2. Surround audio Surround audio as the Stereo audio Stereo audio. 1 The SD quality programme cannot be converted to HD quality. You cannot select during play whether it appears or disappears. Approximate recording times, Refer to Recording modes and approximate recording times 85. DMRHWT250GL eng book 9,Getting started,Notes Notes for the USB memories. Notes for an External HDD USB HDD This unit supports USB 2 0 High Speed. This unit supports USB mass storage device, You can use an external HDD in the following two class.
ways A single HDD cannot handle those two Format FAT12 FAT16 FAT32 and NTFS. ways simultaneously,For recorded titles, Moving titles in the built in HDD to a USB HDD The USB memory over 2 TB is not usable. This unit does not guarantee connection with all USB. to save the capacity of the built in HDD,The USB HDD must first be registered on this. The USB HDD over 3 TB is not usable,For data files. Playing back MP4 JPEG MP3 etc data files,in a USB HDD with this unit. The USB HDD must be formatted in FAT12,FAT16 FAT32 and NTFS file system.
The USB HDD over 2 TB is not usable,This unit supports USB 2 0 High Speed. Although this unit can use USB 3 0 devices as USB 2 0. devices in certain cases USB 3 0 devices cannot be used. due to differing connector shape larger current ratings etc. Use of USB 2 0 devices is recommended, This unit does not recognize USB HDDs other than those in. which the size of one sector is 512 bytes or 4096 bytes. For details consult the dealer of your USB HDD,This unit supports USB mass storage device class. This unit does not guarantee connection with all USB. DMRHWT250GL eng book 10,Getting started,HDD USB HDD handling care When moving the unit. The HDD is a high precision device 1 Switch the unit to standby mode Wait until. The HDD is a high precision recording BYE disappears from the display. instrument and is easily susceptible to damage 2 Remove the AC mains lead from the. Therefore be careful of the following points household mains socket. while the unit is turned on especially during 3 Move only after the unit has come to a. operation otherwise the HDD and the recorded complete stop approx 3 minutes in order to. content may be damaged avoid subjecting to vibration and shock Even. Do not subject the unit to any vibration and after the unit is switched to standby mode the. shock HDD continues operating for a short time,Do not remove the AC mains lead from the.
household mains socket Cleaning,The HDD is a temporary storage device. This unit cannot save backup the HDD titles to Wipe with a soft dry cloth. media You have to be very careful when Never use alcohol paint thinner or benzine to. handling the unit and editing the title clean this unit. If the HDD or USB HDD is damaged the Before using chemically treated cloth carefully. recorded content cannot be recovered read the instructions that came with the cloth. Setup precautions When requesting this unit for repair. The registration of the USB HDD may be,Place the unit on a surface that is flat and. cancelled in the process of repairing this unit,not subject to vibration or impact. You can use the USB HDD again by,Do not place on anything that generates heat. re registering but all recorded content already on. like a Set Top Box etc,the USB HDD will be lost In such cases the.
Place in an area where condensation does,recorded content data cannot be recovered. Operating Instructions Thank you for purchasing this product Please read these instructions carefully before using this product and save this manual for future use This HDD Recorder is for viewing and recording free to view channels only It does not receive pay TV or encrypted channels HDD Recorder Model No DMR HWT250 Software Firmware Update Broadcast services continue to add new

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