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KEY TO SYMBOLS,Symbols on the machine Symbols in the operator s. WARNING Chain saws can be manual,dangerous Careless or improper use. Switch off the engine by moving the,can result in serious or fatal injury to the. stop switch to the STOP position,operator or others. before carrying out any checks or,Please read the operator s manual maintenance.
carefully and make sure you,understand the instructions before. using the machine,Always wear approved protective,Always wear gloves. Approved protective helmet,Approved hearing protection. Protective goggles or a visor,Regular cleaning is required. Both of the operator s hands must be,used to operate the chain saw.
Never operate a chain saw holding it with Visual check. one hand only,Never let the guide bar tip come in,Protective goggles or a visor must be. contact with any object,WARNING Kickback may occur when. the nose or tip of the guide bar touches an,object and cause a lightning fast reverse. Refuelling,reaction kicking the guide bar up and,towards the operator May cause serious. personal injury,Decompression valve The valve is to.
reduce the pressure in the cylinder and Filling with oil and adjusting oil ow. make starting easier You should always,use the decompression valve when. starting the machine,Ignition choke Set the choke control. in the choke position This should The chain brake must be engaged. automatically set the stop switch to the when the chain saw is started. start position,WARNING Kickback may occur when,the nose or tip of the guide bar touches. Air purge an object and cause a lightning fast,reverse reaction kicking the guide bar. up and towards the operator May,cause serious personal injury.
Adjustment of the oil pump,Chain brake activated right. Chain brake not activated left, Other symbols decals on the machine refer to special. certi cation requirements for certain markets,KEY TO SYMBOLS. You will nd the following labels on your chain saw. The Emissions Compliance Period referred to on the. Emission Compliance label indicates the number of, operating hours for which the engine has been shown to. meet Federal emissions requirements Category C 50,hours B 125 hours and A 300 hours.
Maintenance replacement or repair of the emission, control devices and system may be performed by any. nonroad engine repair establishment or individual,Contents FEDERAL EMISSION CONTROL WARRANTY. KEY TO SYMBOLS,YOUR WARRANTY RIGHTS AND,Symbols on the machine 2. OBLIGATIONS 41,Symbols in the operator s manual 2,AMERICAN STANDARD SAFETY. CONTENTS PRECAUTIONS, Contents 4 Safety precautions for chain saw users 43.
INTRODUCTION,Dear customer 5,WHAT IS WHAT,What is what on the chain saw 6. GENERAL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS,Before using a new chain saw 7. Important 7,Always use common sense 8,Personal protective equipment 8. Machine s safety equipment 8,Cutting equipment 11,Fitting the bar and chain 17. FUEL HANDLING,Fueling 19,Fuel safety 19,STARTING AND STOPPING.
Star ting and stopping 20,WORKING TECHNIQUES,Before use 22. General working instructions 22,How to avoid kickback 28. MAINTENANCE,Carburetor adjustment 30,Checking maintaining and servicing chain saw. safety equipment 31,Starter 34,Air lter 35,Spark plug 35. Lubricating the bar tip sprocket 35,Needle bearing lubrication 36.
Adjustment of the oil pump 36,Cooling system 36,Air Injection centrifugal cleaning 36. Winter use 37,Heated handles 37,Maintenance schedule 38. TECHNICAL DATA,Technical data 39,Saw chain ling and le gauges 40. INTRODUCTION,Dear customer, Congratulations on your choice to buy a Husqvarna product Husqvarna is based on a tradition that dates back to 1689. when the Swedish King Karl XI ordered the construction of a factory on the banks of the Huskvarna River for production. of muskets The location was logical since water power was harnessed from the Huskvarna River to create the water. powered plant During over 300 years of continuous operation the Husqvarna factory has produced a lot of different. products from wood stoves to modern kitchen appliances sewing machines bicycles motorcycles etc In 1956 the rst. motor driven lawn mowers appeared followed by chain saws in 1959 and it is within this area Husqvarna is working. Today Husqvarna is one of the leading manufacturers in the world of forest and garden products with quality as our. highest priority We develop manufacture and market high quality motor driven products for forestry and gardening as. well as for building and construction industry, Your purchase gives you access to professional help with repairs and service whenever this may be necessary If the.
retailer who sells your machine is not one of our authorized dealers ask for the address of your nearest servicing dealer. It is our wish that you will be satis ed with your product and that it will be your companion for a long time Think of this. operator s manual as a valuable document By following its content using service maintenance etc the life span and. the second hand value of the machine can be extended If you ever lend or sell this machine make sure that the. borrower or buyer gets the operator s manual so they will also know how to properly maintain and use it. Thank you for using a Husqvarna product, Husqvarna AB has a policy of continuous product development and therefore reserves the right to modify the design and. appearance of products without prior notice, For customer assistance contact us at our website www usa husqvarna com. WHAT IS WHAT,Husqvarna XXXX,24 XXXXXXX,Husqvarna AB. Huskvarna SWEDEN 9,20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13,What is what on the chain saw. 1 Cylinder cover 16 Bumper spike, 2 Front handle 17 Chain catcher Catches chain if it jumps or breaks.
3 Front hand guard 18 Clutch cover, 4 Starter 19 Right hand guard Protects right hand if chain breaks. 5 Chain oil tank or jumps,6 Starter handle 20 Throttle control. 7 Adjuster screws carburetor 21 Throttle lockout Prevents accidental operation of. throttle control,8 Choke control Start throttle lock. 22 Decompression valve,9 Rear handle,23 Combination spanner. 10 Stop switch Ignition on off switch,24 Chain tensioning screw.
11 Fuel tank,25 Operator s manual,26 Bar guard,13 Bar tip sprocket. 27 Switch for heated handle 395XPG,28 Warning decal. GENERAL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS, Before using a new chain saw WARNING Never allow children to use or. Please read this manual carefully be in the vicinity of the machine As the. machine is equipped with a spring, Check that the cutting equipment is correctly tted loaded stop switch and can be started by. and adjusted See instructions under the heading low speed and force on the starter. Assembly handle even small children under some, Refuel and start the chain saw See the instructions circumstances can produce the force.
under the headings Fuel Handling and Starting and necessary to start the machine This can. Stopping mean a risk of serious personal injury,Therefore remove the spark plug cap. Do not use the chain saw until suf cient chain oil has when the machine is not under close. reached the chain See instructions under the supervision. heading Lubricating cutting equipment, Long term exposure to noise can result in permanent Important. hearing impairment So always use approved hearing,protection IMPORTANT. This chain saw for forest service is designed for forest. WARNING Under no circumstances may work such as felling delimbing and cutting. the design of the machine be modi ed, without the permission of the You should only use the saw with the bar and chain. manufacturer Always use genuine combinations we recommend in the chapter Technical. accessories Non authorized data, modi cations and or accessories can Never use the machine if you are fatigued while under.
result in serious personal injury or the the in uence of alcohol or drugs medication or anything. death of the operator or others Your that could affect your vision alertness coordination or. warranty may not cover damage or judgement,liability caused by the use of non. authorized accessories or replacement Wear personal protective equipment See instructions. parts under the heading Personal protective equipment. Do not modify this product or use it if it appears to have. been modi ed by others,WARNING A chain saw is a dangerous. tool if used carelessly or incorrectly and,can cause serious even fatal injuries It. Never use a machine that is faulty Carry out the checks. maintenance and service instructions described in this. is very important that you read and manual Some maintenance and service measures must. understand the contents of this be carried out by trained and quali ed specialists See. operator s manual instructions under the heading Maintenance. Never use any accessories other than those, recommended in this manual See instructions under the. WARNING The inside of the muf er,contain chemicals that may be.
carcinogenic Avoid contact with these,headings Cutting equipment and Technical data. CAUTION Always wear protective glasses or a face visor. elements in the event of a damaged to reduce the risk of injury from thrown objects A chain. muf er saw is capable of throwing objects such as wood chips. small pieces of wood etc at great force This can result. in serious injury especially to the eyes,WARNING Long term inhalation of the. engine s exhaust fumes chain oil mist, and dust from sawdust can represent a WARNING Running an engine in a. health risk con ned or badly ventilated area can,result in death due to asphyxiation or. carbon monoxide poisoning,WARNING This machine produces an.
electromagnetic eld during operation, This eld may under some WARNING Faulty cutting equipment or. circumstances interfere with active or,passive medical implants To reduce the. the wrong combination of bar and saw,chain increases the risk of kickback Only. risk of serious or fatal injury we use the bar saw chain combinations we. recommend persons with medical recommend and follow the ling. implants to consult their physician and instructions See instructions under the. the medical implant manufacturer before heading Technical data. operating this machine,GENERAL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS,Always use common sense Hearing protection. Protective goggles or a visor, It is not possible to cover every conceivable situation you.
can face when using a chain saw Always exercise care Gloves with saw protection. and use your common sense Avoid all situations which Trousers with saw protection. you consider to be beyond your capability If you still feel. Boots with saw protection steel toe cap and non slip. uncertain about operating procedures after reading these. instructions you should consult an expert before, continuing Do not hesitate to contact your dealer or us if Always have a rst aid kit nearby. you have any questions about the use of the chain saw Fire Extinguisher and Shovel. We will willingly be of service and provide you with advice. as well as help you to use your chain saw both ef ciently. and safely Attend a training course in chain saw usage if. possible Your dealer forestry school or your library can. provide information about which training materials and. courses are available,Generally clothes should be close tting without. restricting your freedom of movement,IMPORTANT Sparks can come from the muf er the bar. and chain or other sources Always have re, extinguishing tools available if you should need them. Help prevent forest res,Machine s safety equipment.
In this section the machine s safety features and their. function are explained For inspection and maintenance. see instructions under the heading Checking maintaining. Work is constantly in progress to improve the design and and servicing chain saw safety equipment See. technology improvements that increase your safety and instructions under the heading What is what to nd. ef ciency Visit your dealer regularly to see whether you where these parts are located on your machine. can bene t from new features that have been introduced. The life span of the machine can be reduced and the risk. Personal protective equipment of accidents can increase if machine maintenance is not. carried out correctly and if service and or repairs are not. carried out professionally If you need further information. WARNING Most chain saw accidents please contact your nearest servicing dealer. happen when the chain touches the,operator You must use approved. personal protective equipment whenever WARNING Never use a machine with. you use the machine Personal protective,equipment cannot eliminate the risk of. defective safety components Safety,equipment must be inspected and. injury but it will reduce the degree of maintained See instructions under the. injury if an accident does happen Ask heading Checking maintaining and. your dealer for help in choosing the right servicing chain saw safety equipment If. equipment your machine does not pass all the,checks take the saw to a servicing. dealer for repair,Chain brake and front hand guard.
Your chain saw is equipped with a chain brake that is. designed to stop the chain if you get a kickback The chain. Oper ator s manual Please r ead the operator s manual carefully and make sure you understand the instructions before using the machine KEY T O SYMBOLS 2 English Symbols on the mac hine W ARNING Chain saws can be dangerous Careless or improper use can result in serious or fatal injury to the operator or others Please read the operator s manual carefully and make sure you

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