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OPCEIP EtherNet IP,1 Safety 3,Safety Note 3,Safety Regulations 3. Warning against Unintended Start 4,2 Introduction 5. About this Manual 5,Technical Overview 5,Assumptions 5. Hardware 5,Background Knowledge 5,ODVA Conformance 6. Abbreviations 6,3 How to Install 7,Installation 7,The EtherNet IP Option 7.
How to Install Option in Frequency Converter 8,LED Behaviour 9. Topology 10,Network 11,Recommended Design Rules 12. EMC Precautions 13,4 How to Configure 15,IP Settings 15. Ethernet Link Parameters 16,Configuring the Scanner 17. IP traffic 19,5 How to Control 21,I O Assembly Instances 21.
EtherNet IP Connections 22,Class 1 connection 22,Class 3 connection 23. Unconnected Messages UCMM 23,Control Word Profile 23. Change of State COS 24,GE Drive Control Profile 25. GE Drive Control Profile 25,Status Word according to STW 27. OPCEIP EtherNet IP,ODVA Control Profile 27,Control Word under Instances 20 70 and 21 71 28.
Status Word under Instances 20 70 and 21 71 29,Reference Handling 29. Bus Speed Reference Value under Instances 100 101 103 150 151 153 29. Bus Speed Reference Value under Instances 20 70 and 21 71 31. 6 Parameters 33,Parameter Group O 33,Parameter Group EN 37. O Options Comms 45,EN EtherNet 46,Data Types 47,Data Types Supported by AF 650 GP AF 600 FP 47. 7 Troubleshooting 49,Step by step Troubleshooting 49. Alarm Word and Warning Word 49,8 Appendix 55,Supported CIP Objects 55.
OPCEIP EtherNet IP, 1 1 1 Copyright Limitation of Liability and Revision Rights. This publication contains information proprietary to GE By accepting and using this manual the user agrees that the information contained herein will be used. solely for operating equipment from GE or equipment from other vendors provided that such equipment is intended for communication with GE equipment over. an Ethernet serial communication link This publication is protected under the Copyright laws of Denmark and most other countries. GE does not guarantee that a software program produced according to the guidelines provided in this manual will function properly in every physical hard. ware or software environment, Although GE has tested and reviewed the documentation within this manual GE makes no warranty or representation either express or implied with respect to. this documentation including its quality performance or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall GE be liable for direct indirect special incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or the inability to use information contained. in this manual even if advised of the possibility of such damages In particular GE is not responsible for any costs including but not limited to those incurred as. a result of lost profits or revenue loss or damage of equipment loss of computer programs loss of data the costs to substitute these or any claims by third. GE reserves the right to revise this publication at any time and to make changes in its contents without prior notice or any obligation to notify previous users of. such revisions or changes,1 1 2 Safety Note, The voltage of the frequency converter is dangerous whenever connected to mains Incorrect installation of the motor frequency converter. or network may cause damage to the equipment serious personal injury or death Consequently the instructions in this manual as well as. national and local rules and safety regulations must be complied with. 1 1 3 Safety Regulations, 1 The frequency converter must be disconnected from mains if repair work is to be carried out Check that the mains supply has been disconnected and. that the necessary time has passed before removing motor and mains plugs. 2 The OFF key on the Keypad of the frequency converter does not disconnect the equipment from mains and is thus not to be used as a safety switch. 3 Correct protective earthing or grounding of the equipment must be established the user must be protected against supply voltage and the motor must. be protected against overload in accordance with applicable national and local regulations. 4 The earth leakage currents are higher than 3 5 mA. 5 Protection against motor overload is not included in the factory setting If this function is desired set par to data value Electronic Thermal Overload. trip or data value Electronic Thermal Overload warning. The function is initialised at 1 16 x rated motor current and rated motor frequency For the North American market the Electronic Thermal Overload functions. provide class 20 motor overload protection in accordance with NEC. 6 Do not remove the plugs for the motor and mains supply while the frequency converter is connected to mains Check that the mains supply has been. disconnected and that the necessary time has passed before removing motor and mains plugs. 7 Please note that the frequency converter has more voltage inputs than L1 L2 and L3 when load sharing linking of DC intermediate circuit and external. 24 V DC have been installed Check that all voltage inputs have been disconnected and that the necessary time has passed before commencing repair. OPCEIP EtherNet IP,1 1 4 Warning against Unintended Start.
1 1 The motor can be brought to a stop by means of digital commands bus commands references or a local stop while the frequency converter is connected. to mains If personal safety considerations make it necessary to ensure that no unintended start occurs these stop functions are not sufficient. 2 While parameters are being changed the motor may start Consequently the OFF key must always be activated. 3 A motor that has been stopped may start if faults occur in the electronics of the frequency converter or if a temporary overload or a fault in the supply. mains or the motor connection ceases, Touching the electrical parts may be fatal even after the equipment has been disconnected from mains. Also make sure that other voltage inputs have been disconnected such as external 24 V DC load sharing linkage of DC intermediate circuit as well as the motor. connection for kinetic back up, Please take note of discharge times and further safety guidelines from the section Safety and conformity in the respective Design Guide MG 33 Ax yy. OPCEIP EtherNet IP,2 Introduction,2 1 1 About this Manual. First time users can obtain the most essential information for quick installation and set up in these chapters 2. Introduction,How to Install,How to Configure the System. For more detailed information including the full range of set up options and diagnosis tools please refer to the chapters. How to Configure the System,How to Control the AF 650 GP AF 600 FP.
How to Access AF 650 GP AF 600 FP Parameters,Parameters. Troubleshooting,Terminology,In this manual several terms for Ethernet is used. EtherNet IP is the term used to describe the CIP ODVA application protocol. Ethernet is a common term used to describe the physical layer of the network and does not relate to the application protocol. 2 1 2 Technical Overview, EtherNet IP was introduced in 2001 and today is the most developed proven and complete industrial Ethernet network solution available for manufacturing. automation EtherNet IP is a member of a family of networks that implements the Common Industrial Protocol CIP at its upper layers CIP encompasses a. comprehensive suite of messages and services for a variety of manufacturing automation applications including control safety synchronization motion. configuration and information As a truly media independent protocol that is supported by hundreds of vendors from around the world CIP provides users with. unified communication architecture throughout the manufacturing enterprise. EtherNet IP provides users with the network tools to deploy standard Ethernet technology for manufacturing applications while enabling Internet and enterprise. connectivity,2 1 3 Assumptions, These operating instructions are under the conditions that the GE EtherNet IP option is used in conjunction with a GE AF 650 GPor AF 600 FP frequency converter. inclusive that the installed controller supports the interfaces described in this document and that all the requirements stipulated in the controller as well as the. frequency converter are strictly observed along with all limitations herein. 2 1 4 Hardware, This manual relates to the EtherNet IP option OPCEIP type no 130B1119 un coated and 130B1219 coated.
2 1 5 Background Knowledge, The GE EtherNet IP Option Card is designed to communicate with any system complying with the CIP EtherNet IP standard Familiarity with this technology is. assumed Issues regarding hardware or software produced by other manufacturers including commissioning tools are beyond the scope of this manual and. are not the responsibility of GE, For information regarding commissioning tools or communication to a non GE node please consult the appropriate manuals. OPCEIP EtherNet IP,2 1 6 ODVA Conformance, The EtherNet IP option is tested to conform to the ODVA standards and is certified towards conformance test level version 3. 2 1 7 Abbreviations,Abbreviation Definition,API Actual Packet Interval. CC Control Card,CIP Common Industrial Protocol,CTW Control Word.
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol,EIP EtherNet IP. EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility,I O Input Output. IP Internet Protocol,LED Light Emitting Diode,LSB Least Significant Bit. MAR Major Recoverable fail,MAU Major Unrecoverable fail. MAV Main Actual Value actual output,MSB Most Significant Bit.
MRV Main Reference Value,N A Not applicable,ODVA Open DeviceNet Vendor Association. PC Personal Computer,PLC Programmable Logic Controller. PNU Parameter Number,REF Reference MRV,RTC Real Time Clock. STP Spanning tree Protocol,STW Status Word,OPCEIP EtherNet IP. 3 How to Install,3 1 Installation,3 1 1 The EtherNet IP Option.
Illustration 3 1 Overview of the option,OPCEIP EtherNet IP. 3 1 2 How to Install Option in Frequency Converter. Items required for installing a network option in the frequency converter. The network option, Network option adaptor frame for the AF 650 GP AF 600 FP This frame is deeper than the standard frame to allow space for the network option beneath. Strain relief only for unit sizes 11 and 12,Instructions. Remove Keypad panel from the AF 650 GP AF 600 FP,Remove the frame located beneath and discard it. Push the option into place The Ethernet connectors must be facing upwards. Remove both knock outs on the network option adaptor frame. Push the network option adaptor frame for the AF 650 GP AF 600 FP into place. Replace the Keypad and attach cable, Do not strip the Ethernet cable and ground it via the strain relief plate The grounding of screened Ethernet cable is done through the RJ 45 connector on the.
After installing the OPCEIP option be aware of the following parameter settings. par O 01 Control Site 2 Controlword only or 0 Digital and ctrl word. par O 02 Control Word Source 3 Option A,OPCEIP EtherNet IP. 3 1 3 LED Behaviour, The option has 3 bi coloured LEDs according to ODVA specifications. LED Label Description,MS Module Status,NS1 Network Status Ethernet Port 1. NS2 Network Status Ethernet Port 2, The option LED s operates according to ODVA specifications. State LED Description,No power Off The device is un powered.
Device operational Green Solid green The device is operational. Standby Green Flashing green The device needs commissioning. Minor fault Red Flashing red The device has detected a recoverable fault. Major fault Red Solid red The device has detected an un recoverable fault. Self test Flashing red green The EIP option is in self test mode. Table 3 1 MS Module Status,State LED Description,The device does not have a valid IP address or is. No IP address no power Off,un powered, There are no established CIP connections to the de. No connections Green Flashing green, There is established at least one CIP connection to. Connected Green Solid green,the device, Connection time out Red Flashing red One or more CIP connections have timed out. The IP address assigned to the device is already in. Duplicate IP Red Solid red, Self test Flashing red green The EIP option is in self test mode.
Table 3 2 NS1 NS2 Network Status one per port, During normal operation the MS and at least one NS LED will show a constant green light. OPCEIP EtherNet IP,3 1 4 Topology, The OPCEIP features a build in Ethernet switch thus having two Ethernet RJ 45 connectors This enables the possibility for connecting several EtherNet IP options. in a line topology as an alternative to the typical star topology. The two ports are equal in the sense that they are transparent for the option If only one connector is used either port can be used. Illustration 3 2 Star topology,Illustration 3 3 Line topology. For line topology please refer to section Recommended design rules In a line topology all drives must be powered either by mains or by their 24 V DC option. cards for the build in switch to work,OPCEIP EtherNet IP. Please observe that mounting drives of different power sizes in a line topology may result in unwanted power off behaviour. Smaller drives discharge faster than bigger drives This can result in loss of link in the line topology which may lead to control word timeout. Although GE has tested and reviewed the do cumentation within this manu al GE makes no warranty or representation either expres s or implied with respect to this documentation including its quality performance or fitness for a particular purpose In no event shall GE be liable for direct indirect special incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or t he inability to

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