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E Links We have a number of links to other sites on our website These are offered as a courtesy and a convenience We assume no responsibility for the. content safety security or privacy of any such site or any transactions with respect thereto If you have questions or concerns about any other site s. policy regarding these matters you should contact that site or its sponsor. 3 Standards and Requirements for Using Online Banking. A Enrollment Process The Online Banking service requires you to complete the initial enrollment process by providing the information needed to enable the. B Accounts You may request to access via Online Banking any account on which you are a signer or owner If you desire services that allow you to initiate. payments or transfers from the account s you will need the required withdrawal authority for the account s to be able to complete the transaction By. using Online Banking you agree to maintain one or more accounts with us and to keep sufficient balances in each account to cover any transactions and. fees that are ultimately approved by or related to the system If the accounts added to the service are jointly held or have multiple agents you agree that. access to the information and all transactions initiated by the use of your username and password are authorized unless we have been notified to cancel. the service, C Fees for the Online Banking Service There is no fee to enroll or view account information within Online Banking or Mobile Banking No fees will be. assessed to bank customers for using the alert functions transfer functions or bill pay services Fees will apply for using the People Pay services within. Online Banking or Mobile Banking, D Termination of Online Banking You may terminate the use of Online Banking by contacting us in writing by mail email sent through the Online Banking. website or personal delivery to us Online Banking is a privilege extended to you and we retain the right to cancel your access to Online Banking at any. time without prior notice and without cause You will remain responsible for all transactions approved via Online Banking prior to the cancellation of that. feature and for any other fees associated with your use of Online Banking If your account is closed or restricted for any reason Online Banking. accessibility will automatically terminate, E Ownership of Material We are a member of Fidelity Integrated Financial Solutions and the Online Banking system is a product of Fidelity Integrated. Financial Solutions Unauthorized reproduction in whole or part is prohibited. 4 Online Banking Features, A Balance Inquiries Bill Payment Transfer and People Pay Limitations. You may use Online Banking to check the balance of your accounts pay bills online transfer funds among your accounts transfer funds to other bank. account holders or process one time person to person payments externally via People Pay. Savings and Money Market Accounts are subject to federally regulated transaction limitations which dictate how many transactions can be completed. within a monthly service charge period Up to six 6 transfers to include AccountTRANSFER Overdraft Protection transfers are permitted to another. account of yours at the bank or to a third party These transfers may be by means of preauthorized or automatic transfer or telephone agreement. Transactions not within these limitations may result in the closure of your account Additionally you may visit the bank to withdraw funds have us mail. you a check payable to you or withdraw money at the ATM with your card These are not third party transactions and are not limited however normal. transaction fees will apply There are no limits to the number of transfers or Bill Payments from accounts that are checking accounts We currently limit. the Bill Payment Service to Checking and Money Market Accounts only People Pay is available for most personal checking money market and small. business accounts in which the owner is a sole proprietor. Balances shown in your accounts may include deposits subject to verification by us The balance may also differ from your records due to deposits in. progress outstanding checks or other withdrawals payments or charges The balances are updated periodically and the system will display the most. current as of date on the Accounts summary page There may be situations that cause a delay in an update of your balances The Online Banking. system will use the most current balance available at the time of a transaction to base our approval. B Special Information about the Stop Payment Check Reorders Address Change Order Documents and Secure Email Services. The Online Banking system includes several menu options that provide a means to securely forward your request to us for processing Generally requests. received from the Online Banking system will be processed within two 2 business days using procedures that would handle similar requests received by. mail or fax If urgent action is required we recommend that you contact us directly by telephone or in person. The Stop Payment feature is designed to submit a request to stop payment on checks you have written There may be additional fees associated with. some of these services The Stop Payment feature is not available to cancel the payments scheduled through the Bill Payment service If you have a. problem or need to cancel a Bill Payment you must stop remove the payment from your Payment Outbox prior to it being processed. C Scheduling Transfers and Payment Authorization, Once enrolled in Online Banking you may make one time or recurring transfers at any time to any accounts on which you are a signer or owner.
Customers with a personal checking or savings account may make one time or recurring transfers to another First National Bank Texas or First. Convenience Bank customer Online Banking transfers will be limited to 5 000 per calendar day Business account holders are able to make one time or. recurring transfers at any time to any account on which you are a signer or owner Transfers are allowed up to the available balance in the transfer from. You can cancel a recurring transfer at any time through Online Banking Transfers will be immediately debited from your account if processed before 9 00. p m CT and will be deposited into the recipient s account In order to transfer funds to another First National Bank Texas or First Convenience Bank. customer you must first enroll in Online Banking The recipient must also be enrolled in Online Banking and have a checking or savings account at First. National Bank Texas or First Convenience Bank You will be required to provide information in order to process the transfer to include account number. account type description and either the company name or account holder s last name There is not a fee assessed for scheduling an Online Banking. transfer between accounts at First National Bank Texas or First Convenience Bank You authorize the bank to withdraw debit or charge the necessary. funds from your designated account in order to complete all of your designated transfers and payments You agree that you will instruct us to make a. withdrawal only when a sufficient balance is or will be available in your accounts at the time of the withdrawal. The completion of a transfer or payment is subject to the availability of sufficient funds at the time the transaction is posted If enough funds to complete. the transfer or payment are not available we may refuse to complete the transaction. The bank is under no obligation to inform you if it does not complete a payment or transfer because there are non sufficient funds in your account to. process the transaction In this case you are responsible for making alternate arrangements or rescheduling the payment or transfer within Online. D Bill Payment Service, The Bill Payment service enables customers to pay their bills online or via a mobile device To access the Bill Payment service online or via a mobile device. you must first enroll by selecting the Bill Payment menu on the Accounts Overview screen within Online Banking To use the service have completed the. enrollment steps and have a valid Social Security Number. To pay bills using Bill Payment set up your payees by choosing from the Payee List or by entering necessary information to create a new payee within. Online Banking Paying a bill can be conducted online or via a mobile device once a payee is created within Online Banking We maintain a large vendor. database of regional or national billers to make this process quick and easy The Bill Payment service will also allow you to see a history of the payments. made from your accounts, Providing there are sufficient funds in your account scheduled payments will normally be charged to your account on the business day that is associated. with the scheduled due date for the bill Each scheduled payment must be greater than 1 and less than 10 000 01 The daily aggregate Bill Payment limit. is 10 000 for all payments processed on one 1 business day You will receive an email if a scheduled payment is declined when presented for payment. You also may change the payment to a future date, Although payments may be scheduled for the current business day or any date in the future at any time they will only be processed once a day at our Bill. Payment Cut Off Time of 8 00 p m CT on any business day If you attempt to schedule a payment for that day after 8 00 p m the system will notify you. that the payment will be scheduled for the next business day Anything scheduled on a non business day or after the Bill Payment Cut Off Time will not. be sent out until the following business day Since we must forward the funds and billing information to the payee some lead time for payments is. necessary In general the Bill Payment system will attempt to notify you when you can expect the payment to be received by the payee The estimated. payment deliver by date is typically shown on the screen when you schedule the payment Our Bill Payment system assumes the payee vendor will. promptly process the payment on the business day it is received Any delays caused by the payee vendor would result in additional days before the. payment would show on their records By using the Bill Payment service you authorize us and any third party payment processing agent we may use to. choose whatever method we determine in our sole discretion is the most effective method to process your requested Bill Payment transaction. The time frames generally will be determined by the way the payment is sent to the payee If we have to send a paper check in the U S Postal system we. typically suggest sufficient time as five 5 business days prior to the payee receiving the payment for processing at their address If the payee accepts the. payment electronically we generally define sufficient time as two 2 business days prior to the payee receiving the payment In all cases the payment will. be delivered to the payee vendor by the tenth 10th business day after the payment was approved and charged to your account. Our Liability for Incomplete Bill Payment Transactions We are responsible for processing all payments properly initiated through the Bill Payment system. in accordance with this agreement Except as provided in the following sentence a transfers generally will be processed within two 2 business days of. the completed transfer transaction and b we will be liable where the system caused a payment delay or failed to process a payment to be received by the. payee vendor by the tenth 10th business day following the date your account was charged for the payment as described in Limited Late Fee. Reimbursement provision below Transactions may take longer to process and we will not be responsible for any damages you suffer due to processing. delays or failures if any of the following occur, 1 Funds are not showing on the system s available balance in your account that is to pay for the bill or transfer at the time of the transaction. 2 Funds are subject to legal process or other encumbrances restricting the payment or transfer. 3 You had knowledge of or questions about the possible malfunction of the system when you initiated the transaction. 4 Any information provided by you about the payee is incorrect. 5 Any delays in the handling of the payment by the payee. 6 Natural disasters fire flood tornado etc or other uncontrollable circumstances mail delays power failures etc prevent proper completion. and delivery of transactions, 7 Other applicable laws and or regulations exempt us from liability.
8 It can be shown that the merchant or payee received the payment within the normal delivery time frame and failed to process the payment. through no fault of Online Banking Mobile Banking or our service providers. 9 It can be shown that the delay was caused by unusual mailing delays by the U S Postal Service. Limited Late Fee Reimbursement We will reimburse you up to 50 per payment for any payee imposed fee or portion of finance charges associated with. the late payment amount that the payee will not waive or reverse as a courtesy to you or to us or any third party and that was incurred by you due to a. payment posting late provided that the payment resulting in such a fee was scheduled in accordance with this agreement and instructions relating to the. service and provided that none of the circumstances listed above are applicable Reimbursement will not apply to payments scheduled in any applicable. grace period that is if the due date for a payment is the first 1st day of the month and by agreement there is a fifteen 15 day grace period to make t. ONLINE SERVICES TERMS AND CONDITIONS MOBILE BANKING END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT These Online Services Terms and Conditions set forth the conditions under which you may utilize the online features of your account s

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