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COMPLETE PLANT CLOSURE OF,COMMERCIAL PRINTER, HEIDELBERG 2 COLOR MODEL SM102P MITSUBISHI 6C MODEL D30000LS 6 COATER POLAR MOHR 45 PAPER CUTTER. 267 MILLION IMPRESSIONS MODEL 115X, POLAR MOHR 45 PAPER CUTTER 3 RIMA STACKERS RS10S ZENITH 3 KNIFE TRIMMER. MODEL 115EMC MON,PRINTING PRESSES SHEET FED CTP SYSTEMS. Mitsubishi 6 Color Sheet Fed Printing Press Model D30000LS 6 2008 Fujifilm Javelin 8600Z CTP System Model PT R8600Z S N 96. with Coater S N 4694 New 2008 267 Million Revolutions 2004 Fujifilm Luxel T 9000 CTP AS CTP System Model PT R8600. Simulchange Auto Plate Changing Auto Blanket Wash S N 722. Auto Ink Roller Wash Sentinel Style Ink Cannister System STACKERS. Comrac Console with Intellitrax Scanning Densitometer Gammtech Stacker Model KL507 1. Grafix IR Dryer Baldwin AQ Pump Circulator Tresu Chiller 3 Rima Stacker RS10S New 1997. Re Circulator Available by Private Negotiation MBO Stacker Model SBAP 72E S N 80872. Mitsubishi 8 Color Sheet Fed Printing Press Model MBO Stacker Model SMAP 82ME S N 90000807. DHVR30302001 with Coater S N 3HVR 3030 New 2001 349. Million Revolutions Perfector Semi Auto Plate Changing TRIMMERS. Auto Blanket Wash Auto Ink Roller Wash Sentinel Style Gammerler Rotary Trimmer Mod RS111 530. Ink Cannister System Comrac Console with Intellitrax. Scanning Censitometer Grafix IR Dryer Baldwin AQ Pump SADDLE STITCHERS. Circulator Baldwin Chiller Re circulator Available by Muller Martini Prima Saddle Stitcher S N 91 06217 95 New. Private Negotiation 1997 6 Pocket Cover Feeder 3 Knife Trimmer 2 Wizard. Heidelberg 2 Color Sheet Fed Printing Press Model SM102P Easy Drum Wire Dispensers. Perfector Dahlgren Dampening Muller Martini Prima Saddle Stitcher S N 95 03081 91 05226. New 1997 6 Pocket Cover Feeder 3 Knife Trimmer, PRINTING PRESSES WEB McCain Saddle Stitcher 8 Pocket 3 Knife Trimmer. Harris M 300 Web Press New 1983 22 3 4 cutoff 36 web. width 5 Print Units Butler Infeed with 4 Roll Stand Splicer PERFECT BINDERS. Double Web Capable Blava Ribbon Deck Blava Sheeter Muller Martini Mono Block Perfect Binder New 1990. Fromer Folder with Double Parallel Capability Stobb 27 Feed Pockets 18 Clamp Binder Muller Martini 3672. Stacker 23 Knife Trimmer 2000 Cooling Ramp Conveyors. 2 ONLINE BIDDING ONLY REGISTER AND BID AT WWW THOMASAUCTION COM 203 458 0709. SALE DATE THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 12 1 00 PM ET, LAWSON CLASSIC CNC 6 SPINDLE DRILL PRIM HALL OFF LINE TIPPER MOD 5 286 HARRIS M 300 WEB PRESS.
22 3 4 CUTOFF 36 WEB WIDTH, GAMMTECH STACKER MOD KL507 1 GAMMERLER ROTARY TRIMMER CLARK 5 700 LB CAP ELECTRIC W ROLL. MOD RS111 530 CLAMP MODEL ECG30, TABBERS Polar Mohr Jogger Model RB5 Jogger STRAPPERS. Kirk Rudy Model 535 Tabmaster Tabber S N 5981282 New 1989 2 Signode Plastic Strapping Machines. S N 302 474 Knorr Jogger Model RL3 S N 6758010 Model LBX2000 S N LBX2525 2008. Kirk Rudy Model 527 Tabber LBX1921 2006, S N 1198 1483 FOLDERS 2 BESTPACK Strapping Machine Model. Profold Tabber Model Protab S N 164 MBO Folder Model B32 S 1 32 4 S N SM2000 S N 8066364 8025861 New. w Profold Systems Controller S03 146 4 4 4 Perfection Series 2008. Continuous Feed, VARIABLE DATA PRINTING MBO Folder Model B26 S N T06 74 FORKLIFTS. Kirk Rudy Model 215B Belt Driven Shuttle Perfection Series Dual Feed 4 4 4 Toyota 6 500 Lb Capacity Electric Forklift. Feed Base Wet Inkjet System S N MBO Air Knife Folder Model Z2 Z N Model 7FBCU32 S N 61640 Quad. 80 5489 w Speed Dri Drying System 82970421 Mast w Side Shift. Kirk Rudy Model 215N Belt Driven MBO Air Knife Folder Model Z6 S N Hyster 5 300 Lb Capacity Electric Forklift. Shuttle Feed Base Wet Jet Inkjet G9776 Model E50XL 27 S N C108V0987CK. System S N 0501 06561 w Kirk Rudy 2 Guk Z Knife Folder Model ZK500 S N Triple Mast Side Sift. Drying System 56448 New 2010 38488 New 1998 Hyster 4 550 Lb Capacity Electric Forklift. Video Jet BX6400 Inkjet Coding Model ESOXL 27, Machine S N 08252000BWD DRILLS Hyster 4 550 Lb Capacity Electric Forklift.
Lawson Classic Inline Multi Spindle Drill Model ESOXL 27 Triple Mast Side Shift. PAPPER CUTTERS CNC Controls 6 Spindle Clark 5 700 Lb Capacity Electric Forklift. JOGGERS LIFTS w Roll Clamp Model ECG30 S N, Polar Mohr 45 Paper Cutter Model PACKAGING MACHINES ECG358 0170 6839FB Triple Mast. 115X S N 7831136 New 2008 Stork Texwrap Packaging Machine. Cascade Roll Clamp, Polar Mohr 45 Paper Cutter Model Model 2203 S N S3014 with Belco. Clark 3 350 Lb Capacity Electric,115EMC MON S N 59931614 New Heat Shrink Tunnel. 3 Wheel Forklift w Roll Clamp Model,1989 2 Lantech Rotary Stretch Pallet. TM25 S N TM247 476,Polar Mohr Paper Lift Model L1000 W 3 Wrappers.
S N 5972344 New 1989, COMPLETE LOT CATALOG REGISTRATION AND BIDDING WWW THOMASAUCTION COM 3. INSPECTION WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 11 9 00 AM 4 00 PM LOCAL. ROTARY STRETCH 2 GUK Z KNIFE FOLDER MODEL ZK500 2 MBO KNIFE FOLDERS. PALLET WRAPPERS 2010 1998 Z2 Z6, 2 BESTPACK STRAPPING MACHINES MBO PERFECTION SERIES MBO B26 PERFECTION SERIES. MODEL SM2000 B32 S 1 32 4 4 4 4 DUAL FEED 4 4 4, STORK TEXWRAP MODEL 2203 3 KIRK RUDDY TABBERS 535 537 PROTAB 2 KIRK RUDDY VARIABLE DATA. BELCO HEAT SHRINK TUNNEL PRINT LINES, BALERS TRUCKS VEHICLES ITW Dynatec Dynmelt S Series Hot glue. Summit Horizontal Baler Model PR 9S Chevy 3500 Box Truck New 2009 VIN Unit S N 135820101671. S N 9809633 New 1999 with Summit IGBJG31K991173870 2 TEC Catalytic Afterburners Model. Hydraulic Auto Dumper Conveyor 2017 International Diesel 24 Box Truck HXC 4000 Quantum 3000. 70 HP 39 000 Miles, Selco Horizontal Baler Model H50 128A TOOLROOM MAINTENANCE.
S N 10897133 New 1989 50 HP with PLANT SUPPORT DEPARTMENT. Cyclone Feeder 2 Epson Stylus Pro 9900 Wide Format Band Saws Lathe Double End Grind. Proofers New 2014 2011 ers Drill Presses H Frame Press Belt. AIR COMPRESSORS DRYERS 2018 Epson SureColor P8000 Sanders Shop Presses Tool Cabinets. Quincy 125 HP Rotary Screw Air Wide Format Printer w X Rite Work Benches Hand Tools etc. Compressor Model QSI 600 Spectroproofer Fiery RIP, Quincy 75 HP Rotary Screw Air 3 2017 I mac All In One Computers. Compressor Model QAI 370 ACA318 21 5,S N 97871 Prim Hall Off Line Tipper Model 5 286. Premier Compressed Air Dryer S N 3012,4 OBTAIN YOUR REMOVAL QUOTES BEFORE BIDDING. ONLINE PRINTING AUCTION,MISCELLANEOUS PLANT SUPPORT. Portable Carts Pallet Racking Strappers Better Pack Case Paper Counter Scissor Lift Tables Wire Baskets Apple Power. Sealers Tape Dispensers Banders Welders Ink Mixers UP PC s Desktop PC s Proofers. 2017 INTERNATIONAL DIESEL LIFT RITE TOYOTA PALLET LIFTS. 24 BOX TRUCK 39 000 MILES,GRANITE ELITE 1 MAX LATHE CRAFTSMAN PORTABLE.
13X 40 CC TOOL CABINETS,IMPORTANT NOTE TO OUR,PRINT INDUSTRY AUCTION BUYERS. Since The Year 2000 as introductory agent outside of our auctions we have. assisted Buyers Sellers with over 200 Print Industry Mergers Acquisitions. With over 2500 Pre qualified Nationwide Printers looking to grow through M A. we welcome the opportunity of working with on M A, Appraisals Auctions or non bankruptcy exit strategies. Tom Gagliardi 203 458 0709,AUCTION INFORMATION, ONLINE PRINTING Payment Due In Full Friday September 13 2019. Payment Types Certified Check or Wire Transfer,Payment Information. Irina Lehkmus irina thomasauction com, AUCTION As Is Where Is All Items Are Sold As Is Where.
203 458 0709 x108, By order of Is With No Warranty or Guarantee of Operating Technical Information. Gateway Press Condition Auctioneer Strongly Recommends That. Buyers Inspect Equipment Prior to Bidding,Fred Moss fredtmoss gmail com. 781 844 1645,4500 Robards Lane Louisville KY 40218. Removal Removal begins Monday September 16 Onsite Removal. 2019 Removal Hours 9 AM to 5 PM M F All items Jon Standish Jon thomasauction com. SALE DATE THURSDAY must be removed by Friday September 27 2019 Any 203 915 3430. SEPTEMBER 12 1 00 PM ET items not removed by this date will be considered. abandoned and bidder will forfeit all right to any. Registration,Claire Carrano Claire thomasauction com. INSPECTION WEDNESDAY items not removed including all deposit or payment. 203 458 0709 x100, SEPTEMBER 11 9 AM TO 4 Removal Costs Buyers are fully responsible for all cost.
Considering an Auction or Appraisal, PM LOCAL to remove their purchases Please btain removal. Tom thomasauction com, quotes prior to bidding and bid accordingly 203 458 0709 x102. Buyer s Premium 15,Under Management of, Staggered Closing Times Lots Have 60 Second THOMAS INDUSTRIES. Staggered Closing Times 2414 Boston Post Road,Guilford CT 06437 2310. Auto Extend Bidding If a bid is submitted with less 203 458 0709 203 458 0727 Fax. than 3 minutes remaining the closing time for that lot http www thomasauction com. will be extended by 3 minutes, ONLINE BIDDING ONLY REGISTER AND BID AT WWW THOMASAUCTION COM 203 458 0709 5.
Under Management of,PRESORTED FIRST CLASS,THOMAS INDUSTRIES U S POSTAGE. 2414 Boston Post Road,Guilford CT 06437 2310,203 458 0709 203 458 0727 Fax. Permit No 80,http www thomasauction com Milford CT. ONLINE AUCTION,By order of,Gateway Press FORWARDING SERVICE REQUESTED. 4500 Robards Lane Louisville KY 40218,THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 12.
COMPRESSOR MODEL QSI 600,Sale under Management of,In conjunction with. THOMAS INDUSTRIES INC,2414 BOSTON POST RD GUILFORD CT 203 458 0709. THE NATIONS LEADING FULL SERVICE PRINTING GRAPHICS TEAM. Hyster 5 300 Lb Capacity Electric Forklift Model E50XL 27 S N C108V0987CK Triple Mast Side Sift Hyster 4 550 Lb Capacity Electric Forklift Model ESOXL 27 Hyster 4 550 Lb Capacity Electric Forklift Model ESOXL 27 Triple Mast Side Shift Clark 5 700 Lb Capacity Electric Forklift w Roll Clamp Model ECG30 S N ECG358 0170 6839FB Triple Mast

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