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ONLINE FILE W14 2,BANKDIRECT NEW ZEALAND S VIRTUAL BANK. For four decades ASB Bank formerly Auckland Savings Bank Zealand ranked BankDirect third in customer satisfaction. has had a reputation as a technologically savvy bank that ahead of all Big 5 New Zealand banks including ASB Bank. knows how to use information technology for competitive BankDirect remains ASB Bank s virtual bank brand It. advantage In the mid 1960s ASB Bank was a first mover into competes directly against ASB Bank s Fastnet and Fastphone. real time processing of banking transactions In the 1970s services However any ASB Bank customers who have been. ASB Bank replaced its account oriented database software lost to BankDirect have been more than compensated for by. with a customer oriented data model This enabled ASB Bank the BankDirect customers who have switched from one of. to be New Zealand s first bank to introduce a comprehensive ASB Bank s competitors By launching a separate company. customer account product in 1986 a competitive advantage and a new brand to fill an obvious gap in the banking mar. that took other banks more than 2 years to counter ket ASB Bank has been able to increase its customer base. Despite this reputation ASB Bank s launch of its virtual and further enhance its reputation as New Zealand s leading. bank BankDirect bankdirect co nz in 1997 took the technology bank. Australasian banking world by surprise Initiated by CEO and. former CIO Ralph Norris as a skunk works project several Sources Barton and Peters 1992 asbbank co nz accessed April. months earlier BankDirect was launched as a flexible innova 2003 bankdirect co nz accessed April 2003 and consumers co nz. tive bank in an increasingly competitive banking market accessed April 2003. Norris IT background contributed to the BankDirect vision As. a virtual bank BankDirect has no bank tellers and no bank Questions. facilities Instead the bank uses the Internet a telephone. call center ATMs and mobile mortgage managers to conduct 1 Why did ASB Bank launch BankDirect as a separate. business The target market is the online customer who is company rather than within ASB Bank itself. willing to forgo face to face bank transactions and receive 2 Describe BankDirect s value proposition to its. cost savings and innovative services in return For example customers. BankDirect consistently offers one of the lowest interest rates 3 How has ASB Bank benefited from creating a separate. for home loans Despite the lack of face to face contact an online company as its virtual bank brand. October 2002 survey by the Consumers Institute of New. Chapter Fourteen 3, Online File W14 3 Application Portfolio Analysis for a Toy Distributor. A toy distributor is considering three potential EC applications for implementation A create an e marketplace B direct sale. sell side and C MRO procurement Following Tjan s 2001 Internet portfolio map process the senior management and other. interested stakeholders at the distributor have assessed viability top table and fit bottom table on various criteria These. are averaged and plotted on the portfolio map as is shown by the black arrows for application A The results center are. invest in the MRO procurement redesign the e marketplace so it will become viable and sell the direct sell application to. someone else because it does not pay to reengineer the company. EC Market Value Time to Personnel Funding Average, Application Potential Positive Requirement Requirement. E Marketplace A 85 70 20 20 49,Sell side B 70 70 60 50 63. MRO 80 60 80 90 80,Procurement C,Viability Metric on 1 100 scale.
Sell spin off B Invest,Sell side Procurement,Kill Redesign. E Marketplace,low 0 Fit 78 100, EC Alignment Alignment Fit with Fit with Ease of Technical Average. Application with Core with Other Organizational Company s Implementation Overall. Capabilities Company s Structure Culture and Fit,Initiatives Values. E Marketplace A 90 60 90 70 80 78,Sell side B 10 30 30 40 60 35. MRO 90 60 90 80 80 84,Procurement C,Fit Metric on 1 100 scale.
ONLINE FILE W14 4,IBM S E BUSINESS STRATEGY, IBM has been a huge presence in the computer industry since 4 Dedicated services providing faster better information for. its inception in the 1940s In the face of increased competi IT analysts and consultants financial analysts media. tion over the years IBM has revamped its business strategy and stakeholders e care for influencers. continually Even more important though is IBM s need to 5 Improving the effectiveness of IBMers by making. capture new business opportunities and technologies such needed information and services available to them. as EC and to develop a business strategy for that purpose e care for employees. Since 1999 IBM s declared strategy has been to transform 6 Working closely with customers and suppliers to improve. itself into an e business in order to provide business value to the tendering process and to better administer the huge. the corporation and its shareholders number of transactions involved e procurement. To ensure successful implementation of its e business 7 Using the Internet to better communicate IBM s marketing. strategy IBM formed an independent division called stance e marketing communications. Enterprise Web Management that has the following four goals 8 Creating a visible and usable portal by modifying the old. 1 To lead IBM s strategy to transform itself into an e business Web site enterprise portal. and to act as a catalyst to help facilitate that transformation The company later added two more initiatives. 2 To help IBM s business units become more effective in 9 Using Lotus Notes and Domino the company created. their use of the Internet both internally and with their many knowledge management applications knowledge. customers management, 3 To establish a strategy for the corporate Internet site This 10 Moving close to 50 percent of all training to the Web by. includes a definition of how it should look feel and be 2003 e learning. navigated in short to create the online environment. most conducive to customers doing business with IBM Some of these initiatives have already borne fruit For. 4 To leverage the wealth of e business information accumu example the e procurement system that spans IBM globally. lated in case studies to highlight the potential of e busi saved the company more than 6 billion in 1999 2002. ness to customers reducing maverick unplanned buying from 33 percent to. 2 percent Online sales were close to 20 billion in 2002. Like many other companies IBM first used the Internet However there is more to e business than just how many. as a static digital brochure basically a tool for posting dollars per day IBM sells or saves on the Web In the procure. information IBM is now moving toward comprehensive ment area for example IBM is invoicing electronically to. e business carrying out business transactions of all kinds reduce the millions of paper invoices it sends out and to. over the Internet intranets and extranets between IBM and enable fast competitive tendering from its suppliers IBM has. its suppliers among members of its Business Partner Net evaluated every step of the procurement process to determine. work among its employees and so on IBM wants to become where the use of the Web can add value This has resulted in. truly e business oriented and to focus on how it can use the identification of more than 20 initiatives including col. powerful networking technology to fulfill the diverse needs laboration with suppliers online purchasing and knowledge. of its customers and partners management based applications in which the company is. One of the major issues in moving to e business was already reducing cost and improving purchasing For more. the redesign of many of its core business processes on the information see Bonnett 2000 As a matter of fact a new. Internet including sales procurement customer care and corporate culture has been created People are sharing and. knowledge management Implementing EC frequently re collaborating and are happier in doing their jobs. quires such a redesign IBM adopted a strategy of stream. lining its core business processes by simplifying its internal Sources Bonnett 2000 and ibm com e business doc content. business processes using BPR eliminating redundant IT casestudy 46406 html accessed January 2003. applications reduced from 16 000 to 8 000 simplifying. IT infrastructure reducing the number of data centers from. 131 to 16 introducing standardization creating one global Questions. network instead of 31 and more 1 Why it was necessary to simplify business processes. The company targeted EC projects at those areas in before doing EC. which IBM could earn the biggest ROI It focused its activi. 2 Relate this case to strategy initiation formulation and. ties initially around eight key initiatives,implementation. 1 Selling more goods over the Web e commerce 3 Review Section 14 7 Which factors contributed to. 2 Providing customer support online from technical support IBM s success. to marketing backup e care for customers, 3 Support for IBM s business partners over the Web e care 4 Do you think that IBM is becoming an e business Why. for business partners or why not,Chapter Fourteen 5.
Online File W14 5 Automatic Translation of Web Pages. Many vendors offer automatic Web translation applications However not all automatic translations are equally good so some. evaluation of these products is needed According to Sullivan 2001 the best way to access machine translation is to use the. following three criteria 1 intelligibility how well a reader can get the gist of a translated document 2 accuracy how. many errors occur during a translation and 3 speed how many words per second are translated Because the quality of auto. matic translation has not always been as good as human translation many experts advocate use of the computer as a produc. tivity booster with human translation as a double check However as time passes automatic translation is becoming better. Sullivan 2001, There are three Web page translation methods 1 dictionary based translation 2 machine translation and 3 methods. using what in linguistic jargon is called parallel corpora Direct dictionary based translation is the simplest method However it. suffers from some problems among which are 1 the problem of inflection a translation problem due to difference between. written and spoken words 2 translation ambiguity 3 how to handle compound words and phrases and 4 how to trans. late proper names and other untranslatable words Hedlund et al 2004. Some popular translation products are, WorldPoint worldpoint com offers a WorldPoint Passport multilingual software tool that allows Web developers to create a Web. site in one language and deploy it in several other languages. AltaVista offers the free Babel Fish Translation world altavista com that translates Web pages e mail and text Babel Fish. supports 19 language pairs It is linked to Newstran com newstran com which translates online newspapers to English. Alis Technologies and Netscape developed AutoTranslate which is offered in the Netscape browser Available in the view. menu click on translate users can translate a Web page to a desired language out of 10 available languages. Google offers a service google com language tools that automatically translates the content of Web pages published in. French German Italian Spanish Portuguese and more to English All you have to do is click on the Translate this Page but. ton that appears after a title in a foreign language. Uniscape com now Trades com offers software that does multilingual translation for companies that want to provide trans. lated Web pages from their URLs Product documentation Web sites marketing materials and software interfaces can be local. ized in many languages quickly and cost effectively The company s site translationzone com also is a portal for translation. professionals worldwide and offers resources to help translators expand their customer base Professional translators can pur. chase the latest releases of TRADOS software trados com as well as create online professional profiles through which they can. market themselves to potential clients The portal currently has more than 12 000 registered users. Rikai com is an online character translator that allows users to translate Japanese Web pages. Lonely Planet creates branded and unbranded travel content that is distributed through a number of distributors including bookstores travel sites e g Travelocity and publishers of in flight magazines Although a significant portion of this content carries the LP brand only rarely does LP have a relationship with the pur

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