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A huge thankyou to everyone who was involved in harvesting the Ongerup. community crop A great days work,saw it quickly taken care of Some good. news for the Gnowangerup crop it has,been purchased as a standing crop so. no harvesting required,Congratulations Jenny and Sue. The WA State Government has initiated an award,for people who have been volunteers to a single. organisation for over 25 years Jenny joined the,Ongerup Red Cross in 1973 and has been a.
volunteer ever since holding various office,bearer positions She is currently an Emergency. Services volunteer attending meetings and,training workshops in Katanning She was given. the award for more than 40 years service to Red,Sue joined Red Cross in Ongerup in 1981 She is. also an Emergency Services volunteer attending,the meetings and workshops in Katanning She. was given the award for more than 30 years ser,vice to Red Cross.
I was contacted by the Red Cross state office and,asked if I would be able to present the awards. publicly As both Jenny and Sue are staff mem, bers at the school I thought it would be a good idea to do it at the school concert I arranged it with Ms Ixer. who agreed that it was a good idea Both Jenny and Sue were most surprised and taken aback but everyone. seemed to agree that it was a very appropriate way to present them Jan Savage. During a prison break I saw a midget climbing the fence As he jumped. down he sneered at me,I thought Well that s a little condescending. WA COUNTRY HEALTH SERVICE,GREAT SOUTHERN,GNOWANGERUP HEALTH SERVICE. Phone 08 9827 2222,Fax 08 9827 2272, COUNCIL MEETING DATES 2016 Email Gnowangerup Admin health wa gov au.
OFFICE HOURS, Council at its Ordinary Meeting on 25th November Monday to Friday 8 30am 4 30pm. 2015 EMERGENCY, Resolved to hold Ordinary Meetings of Council Accident Emergency 24 hour service. commencing at 3 30pm on the following dates FOR AN AMBULANCE DIAL 000. HEALTH DIRECT 1800 022 222,Wednesday 10th February 2016 OUTPATIENTS. Wednesday 23rd March 2016 Monday to Friday By appointment only. Wednesday 27th April 2016 Dressings and other treatment 2 30pm 4pm. Wednesday 25th May 2016,Pathology blood collection Limited Service Only. Wednesday 22nd June 2016,Clients may be referred to Katanning Pathwest or.
Wednesday 27th July 2016 Gnowangerup Shire Medical Practice. Wednesday 24th August 2016 Radiology x rays referred to Katanning Hospital. Wednesday 28th September 2016,Wednesday 26th October 2016 OTHER SERVICES. Mallee Springs Permanent Care,Wednesday 23rd November 2016. Respite Care and Palliative Care,Wednesday 21st December 2016. Telehealth Video Conferencing, All meetings to be held at Council Chambers 28 Meals on Wheels Monday Friday. Yougenup Road Gnowangerup WA 6335 Medical Aids and Equipment hire. Unless otherwise advertised PATS Patient Assisted Travel Scheme Office Hours. Breast Screen WA each alternate year 132 050,Shelley Pike Well Women s Clinic May and November.
CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER POPULATION HEALTH,Katanning Community Health Service 9821 6280. Visiting Gnowangerup on a regular basis,Aboriginal Health. Continence Advisor,Dietician Diabetic Educator,Disability Services. Mental Health, As a little girl climbed onto Santa s lap Seniors Mental Health. Santa asked the usual And what would Occupational Therapy. Physiotherapy, you like for Christmas The child stared at Social Worker.
him open mouthed and horrified for a Speech Therapist. minute then gasped Podiatrist, Didn t you get my E mail GNOWANGERUP COMMUNITY HEALTH SERVICE. Telephone 9827 1334,Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. The 4 stages of life Child Health Nurse,Borden and Ongerup Monthly. 1 You believe in Santa Claus General Health Nurse,Borden and Ongerup As needed. 2 You don t believe in Santa,HOME AND COMMUNITY CARE.
Claus Telephone 9827 2232,Fax 9827 2233, 3 You dress up as Santa Claus Office Hours Monday to Friday 10 00am to 2 00pm. Borden and Ongerup Once a month,4 You look like Santa Claus. Christmas Bowls Dinner,Sunday 20th December 2015,The Ongerup Bowling Club will be. hosting the,Annual Christmas Bowls Dinner,On Sunday 20 December 2015. Please join us for a free fun afternoon of bowls It doesn t matter if. you haven t played before give it try,Bring your friend partner and your children.
Everyone is welcome,Could everyone please bring a plate for a. shared tea at 5 30pm,The Bowls Competition is drawn pairs. Names in before 1pm to,Lester 0407 305 827 or David 0427 721 483. Proudly sponsored by Lester Deering,Ongerup Christmas Tree. 19th of December,The Ongerup Sporting Pavilion,SANTA ARRIVES AT 6 30pm.
Please arrive before that, There will be a sausage sizzle to follow for the children. 5 per family payable on the night, There will be a short Carols by Candlelight afterwards. We hope your children can stay for that,Yongergnow Centre. Holiday Times,The centre will be closed,Thursday 24th December. through til,Saturday 26th December,open again on,Sunday 27th December.
We will be operating on normal,hours from then,The Grapevine will start again on. Thursday January 14th,DECEMBER 2015,Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun. 17 Don bday 18 Social bowls 19 20,Last Beau Rohan Tennis 2 30. Grapevine bday,For 2015 George Bday,21 22 23 24 25 26 27. Merv bday Mark bday Sandy bday,28 29 30 31 Social bowls.
Grapevine resumes January 14th,Q What do you call an elf who sings. A A wrapper,Q Why is Christmas just like your job, SUNFLOWER ARRANGEMENTS A You do all the work and the fat guy. with the suit gets all the credit, Flower arranging and gift baskets Q Why is Santa so jolly A Because he. knows where all the naughty girls live, for Xmas made to order Q What s the difference between the. Christmas alphabet and the ordinary, Call Anna 0428 282568 alphabet A The Christmas alphabet.
Q What do you call people who are,afraid of Santa Claus. A Claustrophobic,1 week s notice needed,Q Why the Christmas tree can t stand. up A It doesn t have legs, for fresh flower What do you call an obnoxious reindeer. arrangements Q Why was Santa s little helper,depressed A Because he had low elf. P 08 9828 2325 F 08 9828 2326 E ocrcgrapevine gmail com W ongerup crc net au ONGERUP GRAPEVINE December 17th 2015 COMMUNITY NOTICES BOWLING CLUB RAFFLE Tickets are available from Ongerup Farm Supplies School and

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