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Oneworld Highlights,Page 2 Page 6 Page 8 Page 10,Page 12 Page 16 Page 18 Page 24. Page 25 Page 30 Page 31 Page 36,Coming Soon 2,New in Paperback 24. Recently Released 30,Coping With 37,Beginner s Guides 38. Select Backlist 40,Contacts 46, For more information visit www oneworld publications com. 2 Coming Soon,This Flawless Place,Bruno Portier,A beautiful modern day reimagining of The Tibetan.
Book of the Dead one of the world s most influential. and treasured spiritual texts, Evoking inspirational classics like The Alchemist This. Flawless Place Between is a transcendent story about. the end of life It is a story of love of the choices we. make and the paths we walk and how the great divide. that we have built between the living and those that. have passed is no divide at all, Fiction On an isolated stretch of road in the Tibetan About the Author. UK April 2012 mountains a motorbike skids off the road Bike and Bruno Portier is a writer. US May 2012 photographer and, riders spin over the edge plunging into a ravine A. Hardback documentary maker He, Tibetan peasant hurries to help but while the young travelled around Asia. 208 pages husband tries in vain to save his wife s life the stranger for twelve years before. 10 99 16 95 focuses on guiding her spirit along the new path it undertaking a PhD in social. 9781851688500 anthropology and writing, must take So begins a cathartic journey that carries.
this his first novel, Ebook Anne away from her broken body and back through. 9781851688517 the traumas and ecstasies of her life As she revisits her. past and the futures of those she will leave behind she. begins to accept not only her death but also her life. and that what happens next will be up to her, A luminous novel for all those who loved Siddhartha. and Jonathan Livingston Seagull, This inspiring novel will quench anyone s thirst for knowledge and. spirituality,Psychologies magazine, For more fiction visit www oneworld publications com. Coming Soon 3, For more fiction visit www oneworld publications com.
4 Coming Soon,Running the Rift,Naomi Benaron,Winner of the 2010 Bellwether Prize for Socially. Engaged Fiction, Running the Rift follows Jean Patrick Nkuba a gifted. Rwandan boy from the day he knows that running, will be his life to the moment he must run to save. his life a ten year span in which his country is,undone by the Hutu Tutsi tensions Born a Tutsi he. is thrust into a world where it s impossible to stay. apolitical where the man who used to sell you,gifts for your family now spews hatred where the.
girl who flirted with you in the lunchroom refuses. to look at you where your Hutu coach is secretly, training the very soldiers who will hunt down your. family Yet in an environment increasingly restrictive. for the Tutsi he holds fast to his dream of becoming. Fiction About the Author,Rwanda s first Olympic medal contender in track. UK March 2012 Naomi Benaron teaches at, a feat he believes might deliver him and his people. Paperback Original Pima Community College, Arizona and online through from this violence When the killing begins Jean. 384 pages the Afghan Women s Patrick is forced to flee leaving behind the woman. 8 99 Writing Project An advocate the family and the country he loves Finding them. 9781851689217 for African refugees in again is the race of his life. her community she has, Ebook worked extensively with The Bellwether Prize is awarded biennially by.
9781780740782 genocide survivor groups in Barbara Kingsolver for an unpublished novel that. Rwanda She has won the G,S Sharat Chandra Prize for. addresses issues of social justice It has previously. Short Fiction and the Lorian been awarded to The Girl Who Fell from the Sky. Hemingway Short Story also published by Oneworld,Competition She is also an. Ironman triathlete, Truly fearless writing culturally rich and completely engrossing. Barbara Kingsolver author of The Poisonwood Bible, Unflinching and beautifully crafted a memorable read Highly. recommended,Library Journal, For more fiction visit www oneworld publications com.
Coming Soon 5,I Turn Out the Lights,Zoya Pirzad, The internationally acclaimed bestseller from Iran. now debuting in the English language,This multi award winning novel set in southern. Iran follows an Iranian Armenian housewife s,struggles to find fulfilment within her family s. expectations A model 1960s wife and mother,Clarisse leads an unremarkable life She has all. she s ever wanted a well respected engineer,husband and three children tucked away in a.
wealthy middle class neighbourhood of Abadan,Swaddled in the comforting monotony of. cleaning cooking sewing shopping and dining,at the Oil Company club Clarisse s greatest. anxiety is keeping the peace with her critical,mother unmarried sister distant husband and. Fiction About the Author,quarrelling children,UK May 2012 Zoya Pirzad is a renowned. US June 2012 Iranian Armenian writer and But her tranquillity ends forever with the arrival. Paperback Original novelist She has written of an enigmatic Armenian family across the. B Format two novels and three,street The debonair widower his beguiling.
288 pages collections of short stories, all of which have enjoyed tween daughter and his mother a domineering. 8 99 15 00, international success Her aristocrat with an exotic past steal their way. 9781851689255, most recent collection of into Clarisse s home And before she has time. Ebook stories The Bitter Taste of to understand what s happening passions. 9781780740843 Persimmon won the prize for,Best Foreign Book of 2009. politics and a plague of locusts have whipped up, in France She grew up in emotions that she never knew she had Suddenly.
Abadan where this novel is there are options opinions desires a wholly. set and now lives in Tehran different life ready for the taking but only if she. can figure out what they are,Published to instant acclaim in Pirzad s native. Iran and winning multiple awards including,the prestigious Houshang Golshiri award for. Best Novel of the Year I Turn Out the Lights is a,humorous yet poignant insight into the hopes. and aspirations of Iranians in the years that led to. the Islamic Revolution, For more fiction visit www oneworld publications com. 6 Coming Soon,No Worse Enemy,The Inside Story of the Chaotic Struggle.
for Afghanistan,Ben Anderson,The most intimate and gripping account of the. Afghan War, Informed by five years embedded with the Grenadier. Guards and US Marines one described him as a brave. motherf er critically acclaimed documentary,filmmaker Ben Anderson Panorama and Dispatches. provides a gripping account of the chaos at the, heart of the Afghanistan war The only journalist to. Current Affairs have witnessed every recent major Afghan military About the Author. Military History campaign Anderson reveals the disturbing chasm Ben Anderson has been. UK March 2012 making documentaries and, between the official rhetoric of peaceful withdrawal.
US March 2012 writing for over 14 years, and the deadly reality on the ground producing over 40 films. for the BBC Channel 4 and, 234 x 156mm Including interviews with military top brass Anderson. the Discovery Channel He, 304 pages charts the progress of the West s counter insurgency has presented five of his. 16 99 24 95, strategy the so called Good War and recounts how own series for BBC2 and. 9781851688524, the country and Taliban stronghold Helmand province fronted four programmes.
Ebook in particular has descended into ever increasing levels for Panorama He has been. 9781851688630 a finalist for a BAFTA award, of violence Detailing IED explosions multiplying UK and has written for The. and US casualties civilian deaths and Taliban fighters Times Guardian Esquire. who melt into the local population No Worse Enemy is London Review of Books. a bold and frightening insight into the longest war of Daily Mirror and the Daily. modern times, One of the best war reports I have ever seen Brilliant is an overused. word but I thought it was truly brilliant, David Dimbleby on Ben Anderson s film Taking on the Taliban. For more current affairs titles visit www oneworld publications com. Coming Soon 7, For more current affairs titles visit www oneworld publications com. 8 Coming Soon,Inside Job,The Rogues Who Pulled Off the Heist.
of the Century,Charles Ferguson, The definitive big picture on the financial crisis. and our financial future from the man behind the,Academy Award winning documentary. When Charles Ferguson s documentary film Inside Job. hit cinemas it was a sensation opening the public s. eyes to the mistakes and misdeeds that dragged the. global economy into crisis But Ferguson was only able. to show 2 percent of the material he gathered Now he. Business delivers the rest in this shocking must read sequel About the Author. Current Affairs Charles Ferguson won the, Based on explosive interviews conducted personally Academy Award for Best. UK May 2012, Paperback Original by Ferguson as well as primary documents buried in Documentary Feature in 2011. 216 x 135mm court records and archives Inside Job the book traces for his acclaimed film Inside. Job which was narrated by, 288 pages in gripping detail how the financial industry and its.
Matt Damon and is among, 11 99 enablers went rogue Ferguson shows how three decades the top 30 documentary. 9781851689156, of deregulation on both sides of the Atlantic invited the releases of all time A former. Ebook crisis particularly as key players cycled through positions entrepreneur with a PhD. 9781780740720 of power in government independent academia and in political science from. MIT he began his career, big ticket finance And he argues that the continuing in filmmaking with a 2007. dearth of criminal prosecutions and liability charges are documentary on the Iraq. sending a message that the bankers and their cronies war No End in Sight. can continue their dangerous business as usual,With clarity toughness and stunning freshness. Ferguson offers an unrivalled accounting of our, political and economic leadership and our prospects.
for eventual recovery, As gripping as any thriller Perhaps the most sensational aspect. is Ferguson s contention that the crash corrupted the discipline of. economics itself, The Guardian on Charles Ferguson s film Inside Job. One of the outstanding journalistic achievements of the past decade. Daily Mail on the film Inside Job, For more business current affairs titles visit www oneworld publications com. Coming Soon 9, For more business current affairs titles visit www oneworld publications com. 10 Coming Soon,Megacatastrophes,Nine Strange Ways the World Could End.
David Darling,Dirk Schulze Makuch,Discover the mind boggling science behind the. imminent or not apocalypse, With centuries of failed predictions and the continual. absence of a nuclear holocaust it sometimes feels like the. Day of Reckoning has been permanently delayed Well. now you can celebrate the year of the Mayan Apocalypse. in style with David Darling and Dirk Schulze Makuch as. they delve into the amazing science behind the strangest. Popular Science About the Authors,ways the world could end. UK April 2012 David Darling is an, US April 2012 Could it be the asteroid hurtling towards us from outer astronomer freelance science. Paperback Original space or super volcanoes veiling the Earth beneath a writer and creator of one. 216 x 135mm of the most popular online, cloud of ash Swiss black holes gobbling up the solar.
256 pages encyclopaedias of space and, system or a tiny army of nanobots in a deranged feeding astrobiology He is the author. 10 99 15 00, 9781851689057 frenzy Oh and don t forget there s always the risk of numerous works including. of alien invasion Ranking each potential disaster with the bestselling Equations of. Ebook Eternity, their Catastrophometer David and Dirk provide the best. 9781780740270 Dirk Schulze Makuch is, guide to the worst that could happen and explore what. currently an Associate, we could do to avert potential disaster So sit down face Professor in Astrobiology at.
the inevitable and prepare to discover the awesome Washington State University. science behind our inevitable doom His research has been widely. published in media ranging,from academic journals to. New Scientist,Together they were the,critically acclaimed authors. of We Are Not Alone,An exhilarating ride, The Times Higher Educational Supplement on We Are Not Alone. Well written and provocative,New Scientist on We Are Not Alone. For more popular science titles visit www oneworld publications com. Coming Soon 11, For more popular science titles visit www oneworld publications com.
12 Coming Soon,About Time,From Sun Dials to Quantum Clocks. How the Cosmos Shapes Our Lives,Adam Frank,From Stonehenge to beyond the Big Bang an. exhilarating scientific exploration of how we make time. Time is the grandest conception of the universe that. we humans have been able to imagine and its most, intimate the very frame of human life In About Time. astrophysicist and award winning writer Adam, Frank tells the scientific story of this wonderful and. Book of the Dead one of the world s most influential and treasured spiritual texts Evoking inspirational classics like The Alchemist This Flawless Place Between is a transcendent story about the end of life It is a story of love of the choices we make and the paths we walk and how the great divide that we have built between the living and those that have passed is no divide at all On

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