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WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING,ABOUT ONEWORLD,Oneworld is a bold new imprint. CONTENTS with an appetite for risk,Robert McCrum Observer. To have won two Booker prizes on the trot speaks, Non Fiction 1 to a brave and remarkable editorial eye. Fiction 24 Chris White former Head Fiction Buyer Waterstones. Point Blank Crime 33 The archetypal literary independent passionate. Rock the Boat Children YA 39 distinctive shaped by its founders and bold enough. to take risks the best in UK indie publishing, Oneworld Academic 48 British Book Industry Awards Judges. Beginner s Guides 50,Oneworld the current Ruth Killick Publicity.
Bestsellers Key Backlist 54 Trade Publisher of the Year at the IPG s Independent. Sales Distribution 74 Publishing Awards has many of the other hallmarks. of great independents tight knit nimble and,wholeheartedly committed to the authors and. books it publishes,Bridget Shine CEO Independent Publishers Guild. Oneworld definitely represents the best in UK, independent publishing and is very much a publisher. I admire Their list showcases the best in fiction and. non fiction writing addressing themes of great variety. with commercial appeal,Matthew Bates former Head Fiction Buyer. WH Smith Travel, Autumn 2020 Catalogue Cover indd 2 24 02 2020 10 13.
INSIDE PRINTING,NON FICTION, It s almost a clich to say our planet faces existential threats and. politics grows more bitterly polarised Oneworld is proud to be. introducing a range of experts who can analyse brilliantly the. crises we face In Solved Andrew Wear gives much needed hope. that our problems have tried and tested solutions As inequality. widens across the globe and populism surges Yanis Varoufakis. Katrina vanden Heuvel and Arthur and David Brooks debate the. fundamental question of our time Is Capitalism Broken. Beyond passionate political discussion we re publishing books. that enlighten and connect In an astounding memoir Kadiatu. Kanneh Mason mother of Britain s and perhaps the world s. most musical family celebrates familial bonds and the scales of. human creativity From remote observatories in company with. the occasional marauding bear Emily Levesque aims for the. stars and turns her telescope on the lives of fellow astronomers. Back to the Classics Emma Southon takes us on a crime scene. investigation of ancient Rome and Philip Womack will help you. teach Greek Myths to your dog Finally the greatest unsolved. mystery of the French Resistance and its involvement with. British intelligence is brought to life by the careful detective. work of Patrick Marnham, Our list embraces the power of books to inform and delight and. maybe even bridge some of the divides between us,oneworld new oneworld new. Is Capitalism Broken Voices of a Massacre, Yanis Varoufakis Arthur Brooks Katrina vanden Heuvel Untold Stories of Life and Death in Iran 1988. David Brooks Edited by Nasser Mohajer Foreword by Angela Davis. The Munk Debate on Capitalism Eyewitness accounts reveal how the Iranian state. secretly executed thousands of political prisoners. There is a growing belief that the capitalist system in the summer of 1988. no longer works Inequality is rampant The, environment is being destroyed for profits In some In July 1988 the Islamic Republic of Iran agreed.
Western nations life expectancy is even falling to bring an end to the brutal eight year war with. Political power is wielded by wealthy elites and Iraq Over the next two months under the orders. big business not the people But for proponents of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini political. of capitalism it is the engine of progress not just prisoners around the country were secretly brought. making all of us materially better off but helping before a tribunal panel that would later become. to address everything from women s rights to known as the death commission They were not. political freedoms told what was happening and did not know that. one wrong answer concerning their faith or, We seem to stand at a crossroads do we need to fix political affiliation would send them straight to. the system as a matter of urgency or would it be the gallows. better to hold our nerve,Through eyewitness accounts of survivors research. Popular Economics,by scholars and memories of children and spouses. July 2020 History, 7 99 of the deceased Voices of a Massacre reconstructs. 144pp the events of that bloody summer Over thirty US August 2020. A Format Paperback years later the Iranian government has still not 30 40. ISBN 9781786079176,eISBN 9781786079183,acknowledged that these killings took place 480pp.
Royal Hardback,Territories UK BC ISBN 9781786077776. eISBN 9781786077783,Territories World ex Iran, Yanis Varoufakis is the former finance minister of Greece and the author of several. international bestselling books including Talking to My Daughter About the Economy. And the Weak Suffer What They Must and Adults in the Room. Arthur Brooks is a Harvard professor bestselling author and a Washington Post. columnist His latest book is Love Your Enemies, Katrina vanden Heuvel is editorial director and publisher of The Nation She writes. a weekly column for the Washington Post Nasser Mohajer is a writer and researcher of contemporary Iranian history He has. lived and worked in France since 1983 frequently collaborating with other Iranians. David Brooks is a New York Times columnist and author of the bestselling The Road to in exile He has edited and published books and articles about the experiences of the. Character and The Second Mountain The Quest for a Moral Life Iranian diaspora and the prisons of the Islamic Republic. point blank,oneworld new oneworld new,Solved Weirdest Maths. How other countries cracked the world s biggest problems At the Frontiers of Reason. and we can too David Darling and Agnijo Banerjee,Andrew Wear.
The future we want is already here it s just not The startlingly young genius and his professor. evenly distributed delve into the rich and strange world of. mathematics,Denmark is set to achieve 100 per cent renewable. energy by 2030 Iceland has topped the gender Maths is everywhere in everything It s found. equality rankings for a decade and counting at the finest margins of modern sport It s in the. South Korea s average life expectancy will soon electrical pulses of our hearts and the flight of. reach ninety How have these places achieved such every bird It is our key to secret messages lost. remarkable outcomes And how can we apply languages and perhaps even the shape of the. those lessons to our own communities universe itself. If other countries can do it so can we By bringing. together for the first time tried and tested solutions The brilliant combination of an accomplished. to society s most pressing problems from violence science writer and a young mathematical prodigy. to inequality Andrew Wear shows that the world Bobby Seagull author of The Life Changing. we want is already within reach Magic of Numbers and co presenter of Monkman. Seagull s Genius Guide to Britain,Solved is a much needed dose of optimism in an. Popular Mathematics Popular Science, Society Social Sciences atmosphere of doom and gloom Informative. Popular Economics July 2020, accessible and revelatory it is a celebration of the US August 2020. US August 2020 power of human ingenuity to make the future 9 99 17 95. 16 99 21 99 brighter for everyone 256pp,Export TPB 12 99 B Format Paperback.
336pp ISBN 9781786078056,Short Royal Hardback eISBN 9781786078063. Export Trade Paperback Territories World, ISBN 9781786079015 David Darling is a science writer astronomer and tutor. TPB 9781786079497 He is the author of nearly fifty books including the bestselling. eISBN 9781786079008 Equations of Eternity He lives in Dundee Scotland. Territories World ex ANZ, Agnijo Banerjee is one of the world s most outstanding young. mathematicians Aged thirteen he attained the highest possible. score on Mensa s IQ test and in 2018 he became the first. Andrew Wear has degrees in politics law economics and public policy person from the UK in 24 years to obtain a perfect score in the. Alan Richardson,Paul Hermes, and is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School A fellow of the International Mathematical Olympiad He was born in India. Institute of Public Administration Australia his work appears in peer but grew up in Scotland. reviewed journals as well as in the Guardian The Mandarin and others. weirdmaths com,oneworld new oneworld new,AUGUST AUGUST.
The Last Stargazers America and Iran, The Enduring Story of Astronomy s Vanishing Explorers The Long and Winding Road from 1720 to the Present. Emily Levesque John Ghazvinian, What does an astronomer actually do An epic history revealing how the US and Iran. We all look to the stars but what separates a went from allies to adversaries over the course of. professional stargazer from the rest of us three hundred years. To be an astronomer is to journey to some of the In the eighteenth century Thomas Jefferson and. most inaccessible corners of the globe braving John Quincy Adams greatly admired the Persian. mountain passes sub zero temperatures and Empire while Iranians regarded America as. hostile flora and fauna Not to mention the an ideal their own government might emulate. pressure of handling equipment worth tens Beginning there how did they become the enemies. of millions It is a life of unique delights and they are today. absurdities and one that may be coming to a close, Since Galileo astronomy has been a fount of In this rich fascinating history John Ghazvinian. human creativity and discovery but soon it will be traces the complex story of relations between. the robots gazing at the sky these two powers Drawing on years of research. conducted in both countries including access, In The Last Stargazers Emily Levesque celebrates to Iranian government archives rarely available. an era of ingenuity and curiosity and asks us to to Western scholars he leads us through the. think twice before we cast aside that sense of four seasons of US Iranian relations the spring. Popular Science Astronomy History, August 2020 wonder of mutual fascination the summer of early.
August 2020, 18 99 interactions the autumn of close strategic ties 30. 320pp and the long dark winter of hate A revealing 704pp. Short Royal Hardback, account America and Iran lays bare when where Royal Hardback. ISBN 9781786078230 ISBN 9781786079473, eISBN 9781786078247 and how it all went wrong and why it didn t have. eISBN 9781786079480, Territories UK BC ex Can to be this way Territories UK BC ex Can. An important urgently needed book a hugely,ambitious illuminating portrait of the long.
entwined history of Iran and America Kirkus, Emily Levesque is an astronomy professor at the University of John Ghazvinian is a historian at the University of Pennsylvania He was born in Iran. Washington She has won the American Astronomical Society s Annie raised in London and Los Angeles and has a doctorate in history from the University. Jump Cannon Prize and been named an Alfred P Sloan Research of Oxford He has written for the Sunday Times New Statesman Slate and The Nation. Fellow in Physics She lives in Seattle emsque He lives in Philadelphia. oneworld new oneworld new,JULY AUGUST AUGUST, Priests de la R sistance MMP Survival of the Friendliest. The loose canons who fought Fascism in the twentieth century Why We Love Insiders and Hate Outsiders and How. The Revd Fergus Butler Gallie We Can Rediscover Our Common Humanity. Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods,Who says you can t fight fascism in a cassock. What s the secret to humanity s evolutionary, A timely and uplifting book A hugely enjoyable account. success Could it be our strength our intellect or, of clerical heroism in the face of evil Butler Gallie.
something much nicer, achieves an inspiring effect through the sheer cumulative. impact of so many brave decisions,From the authors of New York Times bestseller. The Genius of Dogs comes a new popular science,book about how friendliness is really the key. A fascinating and entirely benign book imbued with a. factor in the survival of our species Exploring this. surprisingly muscular Christianity and full of stories you. hugely ambitious topic Hare and Woods present,may not know but which need to be heard. an elegant new theory called self domestication,Spectator BOOKS OF THE YEAR.
looking at animal mainly dog and ape examples,of cooperation and empathy and what this can. Second World War History July 2020 US January 2021 B Format Paperback 9 99 16 95 tell us about the evolutionary success of Homo. 288pp ISBN 9781786078308 eISBN 9781786076731 Territories World. sapiens It has huge implications for our society, You Are Not So Smart MMP Praise for The Genius of Dogs. Why Your Memory is Mostly Fiction Why You Have Too Many. Friends on Facebook and 46 Other Ways You re Deluding Yourself You would be hard pressed to find a more Popular Science Evolution. August 2020, David McRaney cheerful optimistic and warm hearted read 16 99. Spectator 288pp,Think you re rational Think again Demy Hardback. ISBN 9781786078834, Want to get smarter quickly Read this book eISBN 9781786078841.
David Eagleman author of The Brain The Story of You Territories UK BC ex Can. Simply wonderful An engaging and useful guide to how. Agnijo Banerjee is one of the world s most outstanding young mathematicians Aged thirteen he attained the highest possible score on Mensa s IQ test and in 2018 he became the first person from the UK in 24 years to obtain a perfect score in the International Mathematical Olympiad He was born in India but grew up in Scotland weirdmaths

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