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The cleaning lady from The meaning of life by Monty Python. The Pythons started as a reaction to the oppressive English society The. Pythons do not approve any absolute Hence they started killing every sacred. cow there is, 1 Babies are sacred The Pythons No they are not They wrote a. sketch on killer babies, 2 Judges are sacred The Pythons No they are not So lets write a. sketch on cross dressers homosexual judges, 3 Old ladies are sacred The Pythons No they are not They wrote. a sketch on insane killer old ladies, 4 Homosexual should be immune to criticism since they suffered so much. The Pythons no they should not be immune A typical polit. ical correct view The Pythons were among the first to rightly un. derstand that the political correctness movement is a dangerous left. wing movement that destroys our free speech And if free speech is. destroyed we loose it all They have been mocking political correctness. as long as they existed The following joke would not be approved. by the left Brian hears for the first time that his father was a Roman. Horrified Brian asks Do you mean to say you were raped. Mandy Well at first yes, The anti semitic words of the cleaning lady in the title completely.
breaking any political correctness may sound offensive But these lines. do not make fun of Jews They make fun of people who hate Jews This. is lost too often, A French liberal appears after the cleaning lady and apologies in an. over the top way making fun of political correctness. The Pythons fondly make fun of Homosexuals in every opportunity. They do not hate homosexuals Graham Chapman a member of the. group was Gay, 5 Army officers are men of honor The Pythons No they are not In. the film The meaning of life they show soldiers being butchered while. the officers do nothing but care for themselves ignoring simple soldiers. who are dying like flies around them, 6 The Jews suffered a lot and so should be immune to critic. The Pythons No they should not be immune to critic They. fondly make jokes of Jews Many times, In The life of Brian the Jews are presented as hagglers Splitters Over. the slightest differences, Consider this scene that takes place in Passover The Jews and Pon.
tious Pilate speak Pilate who can not pronounce R he is an histor. ical figure Him replacing R with W is just a joke and not based on any. evidence In particular they were not talking English in the land of. Israel at the time He wants to release OK not release wealese some. one and asks for suggestions This is a long tradition The Jews could. not care less about saving someone from death It is an amazing. cruelty from the Jewish side to play games instead of saving a. person This is a sad and unethical It is interesting that people. note the joke but not the terrible immorality of the action of the Jews. here The Jews get a pass because its a comedy They just want to. make fun of him hearing him saying names that start with R. The Jews Release Robert, Pilate All wight I will welease Wobewt The Jews are laughing so hard. that some of them can not even stand They just laugh their belly out. on the sand,The guards we do not have a Robert,Pilate to the Jews listen we do not have a Wobewt. The Jews Release Roger,Pilate all wight I shall wealease Woger. The guards we do not have a Roger sir, Pilate gets angry and says a line I use a lot in my life. No Wobewt no Woger, I inserted this answer to my dayly practice If I try to solve something.
and I try one way and it does not work a second way and it does not. work etc I tell myself No Wobewt no Woger, 7 Lamber jacks are tough men the Pythons No they are not They. wrote a song about a lamber jack who wants to be a girly just like. my dear papa, 8 Respect authority in society No we should not Authority cor. rups and absolute authority corrups in an absolute way They. made fun of authority from the first moment and never stopped For. example Self Defense against Fresh Fruit Cleese plays a Sargent in. the army who teaches a bunch of soldiers a lesson of How to defend. yourself when attacked with a banana, The Sargent says Now it s quite simple to defend yourself against. a man armed with a banana First of all you force him to drop the. banana then second you eat the banana thus disarming him You. have now rendered him helpless The rest of the sketch is both cruel. and silly the Sargent shoots and kills one of the soldiers. In a recurring motive an idiotic Colonel appeared many times out of. the blue and may stop the sketch by saying that its too silly to continue. Here is their anti war sketch called The worlds funniest joke As. usual very very clever Much more clever than funny. A fellow invents a joke so funny that anyone who hears sees it dies. laughing from cardiac arrest Its that funny So this fellow who in. vented the joke reads it and dies, His mother comes and is horrified to see her son dead But then she. reads the joke an laughs so hard that she dies from a cardiac arrest. The army finds a way to use this joke as a weapon Each soldier is. given one word of the joke written on very big pieces of paper When. the soldiers hold the papers up and are aligned properly the whole. joke can be seen The enemy reads the joke and dies from heart attack. Their sketches have a point Almost always In this case the point is. war is a joke on our expense, In general the Pythons dislike strong characters and think they are.
9 A person should not talk on sex in public The Pythons there is. nothing shameful about sex, In one of their sketches if it can be called a sketch a man goes to a. policeman and asks him for the time Its 14 30 the policeman answers. Then they stop Stay in silence for a few second and then the man says. to the policeman,Should we go to my house,John Cleese found this sketch funny. In The meaning of life a teacher gives a sex education class with his. wife Both remove their cloth and have sex from start to orgasm nude. in front of the students The students are not impressed and are bored. by the lesson This is not talking on sex in public but rather having. sex in public, No one expected the Pythons with their English humor to make it in the. USA But they had a huge success Because of their contempt to authority. The Pythons are credited as changing the humore in television They de. fied many other axioms Their sketches had no punch lines Circular sketches. Stream of consciousness sketches Combining highly intellectual humor with. some of the most infantile jokes I have ever seen, The Pythons think that boxing wrestling etc is garbage So they do a. sketch of a person fighting himself This is not funny at all This is a clever. sketch The Pythons do have sketches which are funny But this is rare. Sketches were mixed with each other or ended in the middle In the. middle of a sketch it my be stopped as the above Colonel appears and claims. the sketch is too silly to go on Sketches could end by lines taken from. previous sketches Their humor was total anarchy, But since it was so new and daring it was highly controversial They were.
fiercely attacked The attacks amused the group They could not care less. about what critics and after The life of Brian Bishops thought on them. 1 2 One mind and soul, The film was very hard to make because the two leaders of the group Cleese. and Terry Jones who directed had completely different objectives Terry. Jones wanted and did insert a very serious and sad part in the film The. subject of this essay, John Cleese wanted to make a pure comedy Cleese fought back against. the serious elements of the film This resulted in a complex mess A film. which attacks itself, The other Pythons called Cleese and Jones respectively the brain and. heart of the group Cleese was the comic genius He is a natural anthro. pologist for what makes people laugh Large part of his life Cleese held a. troublesome cooperation with the late Graham Chapman Chapman is the. one playing Brian in The life of Brian Chapman was the best actor so. was given the two main parts in The holly grail and The life of Brian. Chapman contributed in his joint work with Cleese but certainly not a lot. Until the end of the seventies Chapman was a heavy alcoholist You see in. The holly grail that it s hard for him to remember his lines In addition. Chapman was lazy Cleese did not care for this cooperation that was forced. on him and that the credit is given to both, The pair Cleese Chapman started at the College days Cleese Our. humor back then was to show a couple of people hitting each other A. typical scene written by Cleese is the limbless knight scene of The holly grail. Only he could have written such a cruel scene Because the scene is like a. cartoon in fact it is not cruel at all, Presenting a bunch of people hitting each other is funny because English.
gentleman do not do that, According to Cleese British do not discuss emotions in public It is in. appropriate They say all the time How do you do without meaning it. Therefore every conversation carries a risk You are afraid to the inappro. priate You ask How do you do sir and get a response My mother. died this morning What can you answer to that when emotions are out of. Cleese violent humor is in a bitter reaction to the repression of the British. society The brilliant intellectual humor in The life of Brian is I guess mostly. due to Cleese But he has a lot of anger inside him which he denies which. made the The life of Brian very violent, The following is an important argument between Cleese and Jones that. dates to the immediate time after The Life of Brian was out Cleese does not. see blasphemy in The life of Brian nor heresy attacking the church Cleese. said I am willing to defend The life of Brain as a purely religious film I. agree with Cleese Jones claimed that the film is heresy which is completely. untrue Things are not so simple between the two This is because Cleese is. a religious person and did not care for the accusation of heresy Cleese was. watchful against any type of blasphamy in their work. 2 The controversy the film created, Woody Allen Do you disagree with my correct opinions. 2 1 Comedies are not that important, The life of Brian is regarded as a light comedy The reconstruction of the. period is good In the Rotten Tomatoes site the film is rated 96 fresh. amazinly high for a comedy The film was chosen many times best comedy. of all time, I want to look on the serious and sad parts of the film Any reader should.
judge if I am making sense,2 2 Offended, The life of Brian turned out to be very offensive for the right wing Many. important Bishops attacked the film The Pythons were amused by that A. disc of the film ccan be rented or bought at the usual store The disc is inside. a cover Usually the cover carries the positive reviews on the film This film. may be unique On the box of the rental of The life of Brian only insults. by leading Bishops appear Thus only insults appear One of them claims. that If you like the film you are mentally ill This is kind There are. much worse comments, Thee conservatives went on an all out war against the film The contro. versy made the film a huge hit and made the Pythons very rich The Pythons. publicly thanked the conservatives for their help One indeed should thank. those who make you rich Even the conservatives will tell you so. They all liked the teaching of Jesus Terry Jones said The things Jesus. said are fine He was a very nice person Who should object to you should. love your neighbor, They show Jesus twice in the film so that it will be clear that Brian is. not Jesus This did not work Conservatives Brian is Jesus The Pythons. No Brian is not Jesus Jesus appears twice so you can tell they are not the. same person The conservatives No Brian is Jesus We know what you. No discussion is possible with such answers,3 Why is this film a footnote. I do not know All I can do is discuss some of the serious and sad parts of. the film Among others,1 Tragedy and Comedy as defined by Aristotle.
2 The life of Brian as a tragedy,3 The life of Brian as a comedy. 4 Tragedy wins, 5 Test of rationality reverse logic and There must be some illogical. explanation for this, 6 Test of rationality the bearded ladies the haggler and Its written. 7 Can we know anything about god Does god intervenes in our world. Umberto Eco The name of the rose and universal religion the univer. sal leaders and their special privileges, 8 Why is the life of Brian so similar to the life of Jesus Is Brian holly. Is Jesus god,9 An absurd world,10 Scenes that fight each other.
11 True love and its demise,12 Why does everybody betrays Brian. 13 Irrationality and fear as the devil, 14 The life of Brian as a religious film a religion compatible with the film. 15 Extreme left and right political movements universal ideas of the left. self hatred the People Front of Judea as a left wing movement. 16 The right violence as a solution thoughts control glorious deaths. 17 The sad case of Simon,18 Ben the confused prisoner. 19 Fatalism in The life of Brian, 20 Good people have a sense of humor evil people do not. 21 The life of Brian an existential world, Should the film The life of Brian be a footnote in cinemas history as.
Terry Gilliam said,The film was accused of bad taste What does th. On the serious and sad parts of The life of Brian Guy Kortsarz January 2 2019 1 Prolog the Pythons The lm The life of Brian by written by the Monty Python group Graham Chapman John Cleese Terry Gilliam Eric Idle Terry Jones Michael Palin Directed by Terry Jones Terry Gilliam The Pythons are perhaps a footnote in cinema history 1 1 We are too rude Not true You are too British Because

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