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address superhero myths identify as word that he introduced Perhaps he. academics in larger disciplinary areas intended the term to function informally or. specializing in a different subject who believed the meaning of the word would be. simply happen to have studied a superhero apparent in its construction In either case. at some point In other words superhero Langley s term and its variations have now. research is not usually produced by people entered the public arena and suggest that. who claim such research as their primary superhero research may be serious and. academic interest A line of inquiry inspired significant in academic study The following. by this knowledge regarding the production essay will explore the potential meaning and. of superhero scholarship includes whether implications of being a superherologist. superhero myths may warrant constitution of examine the academic boundaries of. an academic discipline or whether existing superhero studies and call for future. scholarship is already most productive by research in superherology. examining superheroes as objects of study, This question is significant to superhero Men and Masks Who is Travis Langley. researchers because the academic, categorization of their scholarship impacts Understanding Langley s academic work. how superhero stories are studied including and introduction of the word. the scope of research and acceptable study superherologist may lend insight into how. methodologies other scholars may navigate superhero. In 2012 a superhero researcher Travis research as well Langley is presently. Langley at Henderson State University in situated in the department of psychology at. Arkansas published a book publically Henderson State University HSU edu His. indicating superhero research as his primary status is notably professor of psychology. interest Further Langley introduced a term and not professor of superherology Even. implying that there is something scientific so as with other instances of his public. and therefore academically legitimate biographical information Langley s entire. about studying superheroes In the About blurb on his Henderson State webpage. the Author section his book Batman and emphasizes his authority on the psychology. Psychology A Dark and Stormy Knight of superheroes and fictional television. Langley 2012 introduced himself as a characters with the discipline of. superherologist Additional reading of psychology being mentioned almost as a. Langley s biography in the book revealed backdrop HSU edu Although there are. that he had been using the title of undoubtedly commercial benefits for authors. superherologist for some time in both social of best selling books on superheroes to. media and for scholarly work e g personal advertise themselves as a superherologist. website with course syllabi academic Langley s focus on superhero stories as a. conference schedule etc Despite use of primary research interest still rails against. the unique term superherologist though the American comics stigma and potential. Langley did not write any explanation of the academic prejudices Langley obviously. The Phoenix Papers Vol 4 No 1 August 2018 117, acknowledged the potential academic on the Interpretation and Influence of. backlash of studying superheroes by the Comic Arts Dr Langley and his. claiming that the professor side of my life students investigate how fans see. and the nerd side were two separate things themselves and their heroes Travis. until I went to ComicCon in 2007 It was a has also been a child abuse. place that celebrates interests that might investigator courtroom expert and. ostracize people somewhere else I felt undefeated champion on the Wheel. happy comfortable and full of joy in this of Fortune game show even though. environment HSU edu The merging of none of the puzzles they gave him. Langley s two previously separated social were about psychology or. identities of academic and geek a superheroes 2012 About the. transformation seemingly akin to the dual Author emphasis in original. identity tropes of many superhero stories, culminated in the publication of Batman and Even though Langley s biography splits up. Psychology in 2012 With Batman and writing space about psychology and. Psychology Langley took his self appointed superherology fairly evenly the breakdown. title of superherologist and advertised it to of individual accomplishments clearly. the world Analyzing the phrasing of favors superherological research Again. Langley s bio in the book highlights the while acknowledging that Langley s. negotiation of his academic identity at the credibility as a superhero scholar may. time influence the success of his book s,Langley s biography in the book is.
Superherologist Travis Langley representative of the public self that he has. teaches on the psychology of crime presented for years The focus on. mental illness social behavior and superherological work in Langley s Batman. media including comic books not and Psychology biography is similar to what. to mention a course titled Batman at may be found in his Henderson State site. Henderson State University He biography as well Both Langley s book. received his bachelor s degree in biography and his HSU webpage present a. psychology from Hendrix College researcher who does not merely tack. and his psychology doctorate from superhero studies as a footnote onto their. Tulane University An organizer of curriculum vitae or conveniently forget their. the Comics Arts Conference he superhero scholarship in certain contexts to. regularly speaks as a panelist the contrary Langley always identifies as. discussing the psychology of both a professor of superherology and. superheroes at conventions such as psychology, San Diego Comic Con International Generally speaking other scholars. WonderCon and New York Comic would not question what it means for. Con As part of their ongoing Langley to be a professor of psychology. ERIICA Project Empirical Research The discipline of psychology has a long. The Phoenix Papers Vol 4 No 1 August 2018 118, standing history with recognizable theories understanding constitution of academic. methods and objects of study disciplines Communication studies is an. Superherologists if anyone besides Langley appropriate exemplar for consideration on. may take on the title do not enjoy the same this topic for several reasons 1. recognition popular history or clarity in communication studies like superherology. methodology Even so Langley has is a relatively young formal area of study. consistently presented himself as much as a compared to other disciplines 2. professor of superherology as psychology communication scholars have therefore. implying a perception of similarity and recently recorded their struggle with. perhaps equitability between the two areas questions of academic identity for other. of study Based on Langley s negotiation of scholars to read and consider 3. his public academic identity scholars communication studies is now generally. interested in superhero research may benefit recognized as a discipline giving observers. from investigating whether superherology of its struggle for disciplineship a. might be considered a field a true complete view of the process 4. equitable counterpart to disciplines such as communication research emerged from. psychology interdisciplinary scholarship much like. present superhero studies and 5 much, Hero s Journey From Subject to Field superherological work emerges from. communication scholarship based on a, If a type of research constitutes a disciplinary interest in how comics movies. discipline field the terms consistent with television etc function as media Based on. most literature on the topic will be used an examination of communication studies. interchangeably to represent the same recent transformation from a subject to a. grouping of research criteria then one could discipline researchers may be able to. expect to see entire departments at observe whether superherology mirrors any. universities eventually dedicated to that of the qualities that communication studies. scholarship degrees in that discipline being used in its own academic promotion. bestowed etc Does superherology meet all As recently as 2005 Gronbeck wrote an. of the criteria of an academic discipline as article with a very telling title about the. Langley s work seems to imply Have then current state of communication studies. academic communities simply not become Is Communication a Humanities Discipline. far enough removed from comics stigma to Struggles for Academic Identity In regard to. acknowledge the disciplinary potential of understanding broad academic identity. superhero studies These questions can only Gronbeck 2005 explained. be answered with a thorough understanding, of criteria that scholars have traditionally With the advent of the modern ist.
accepted for constitution of a discipline university came the effort to chisel. The field of communication studies has out disciplines congeries of. been selected as an exemplar for definitional and methodological. The Phoenix Papers Vol 4 No 1 August 2018 119, apparatuses dividing the social and essentially claims contrary to other. human worlds into identifiable conceptions that a contemporary discipline. segments each with axioms and can exist based on worldviews which. theories logics for inference and preclude the scientific use of scientific. vocabularies for study p 230 methods of research p 258 For superhero. emphasis in original studies Pearce s argument means that. scholarship does not necessarily need to, Gronbeck observed three recognizable traits strictly adhere to a particular set of scientific. of an academic discipline each of which or social scientific methodologies in order to. much be unique and identifiable as a part be considered a discipline even though as. of the discipline axioms and theories Pearce recognized the gradual incorporation. logics and vocabularies p 230 Later in of such methodologies would not invalidate. the article Gronbeck affirmed that previous work in a content area Pearce s. communication studies should be considered conclusions about discipline being grounded. a discipline because it can be understood in bodies of discourse lead him to make the. theoretically or paradigmatically in a fully argument that the power of the. panoply of perspectives and that the field is communication studies discipline derives. clearly defined or articulated in from its diversity and disorder Disorder. conceptions calling for either social results from the simultaneous presence of. scientific quantitative qualitative or incommensurate paradigms each with a. humane critical cultural perspectives p viable claim to be the legitimate form for the. 240 In sum scholars in communication discipline p 281 These competing. have uniquely recognizable descriptions of worldviews then created a body of. the world understandings and beliefs discourse in which scholars could find. regarding the operations of the world and recognizable traditions of research while. terminology to articulate these special also seeing space for future innovation. descriptions and understandings Among the Pearce accepted that communication studies. other criteria that Gronbeck suggested which he acknowledged as a discipline was. regarding disciplinary status the standard of chaotically formed from multiple sources or. recognizable methodologies was also traditions and yet found unity for the. implied overlapping strands of tradition in the, Gronbeck s view of communication increasing disciplinary monographs. studies has been both complimented and journals and critiques pp 268 and 278. complicated by other scholars For example Pearce s point of view on academic. Pearce 1985 argued that communication discipline then suggests that a field can be. studies as it is presently known came known via a unique and recognizable body. about based on a logic created in the of discourse which can be manifested in. dialogue of two schools of thought monographs journals and or critique To. rhetoric and speech p 259 Pearce s Pearce critique was especially important. observation is significant because he because it indicated that there was enough. The Phoenix Papers Vol 4 No 1 August 2018 120, substantial scholarship in a research area to and rhetorical techniques for making sense. warrant appraisal from other scholars p of communicative phenomena. 278 Unfortunately comics scholarship, With the journey of communication particularly superherological research has.
scholarship in view researchers may explore produced few distinctive theories and. whether currently diasporic superherological perhaps depending on the criteria being. students may tie together their chaotic applied no unique theories at all Although. research strands to form a cohesive superhero scholars frequently utilize theory. discipline in their work the production of superhero. theory is limited if not non existent, Secret Identity Is Superherology a Virtually all comics scholarship that seems. Discipline to produce theory is indeed simply,developing ideas which are largely. Like Gronbeck present superhero advancements based on pre existing models. researchers first concern should be whether or axioms from larger research areas For. superherology is a humanities discipline example in his seminal work Understanding. identifiable through social scientific Comics The Invisible Art McCloud 1993. On Superherology Kyle Hammonds University of Oklahoma Abstract In 2012 Travis Langley s book Batman and Psychology A Dark and Stormy Knight introduced the term superherologist indicating Langley s belief that scholars who study superheroes belong to a unique field of study This presentation seeks to explore historical academic standards for the constitution of disciplines

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