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Setting your new team,member up for success,Introduction. The first few weeks of an employee s time This guide has been produced to help. with a new company are key in ensuring you welcome your new team member. they settle in well and feel supported by into your business and consists of a. their manager and their team members range of practical steps you can take. to put them at their ease in their new,As we all work on a remote basis your role role. in creating a positive on boarding,experience for your new team member has. never been so crucial,This guide has been produced to help you. welcome your new team member into your,business and consists of a range of.
practical steps you can take to put them at,their ease in their new role. They re hired What happens next,You ve shortlisted. interviewed made the final,decision and your chosen Step 1 Step 2. candidate has accepted, your offer Your new team member will Contact your new team member to arrange a call to. receive their job offer discuss their home working arrangements. You now have some time, This is a great opportunity to make first contact with.
to ensure that your new You may be required to set up your new employee. team member is fully your new team member s IT, equipment and systems to Take some time to find out about their experience of. prepared for the realities home working in the past and talk through how you. ensure the equipment can be, of working remotely in delivered to their home in time and your team are managing this. their role and are ready to for their first day Make them aware that their IT equipment will be. start work on their first sent to them prior to their start date and confirm. day the address this should be sent to,Ask them to confirm with you when their IT. These steps outline what equipment has arrived,will happen next. Planning the Induction, Employees who receive a comprehensive introduction to the business their team and their role are more.
likely to be more productive more quickly, What could you do to keep in contact with What systems will they need to learn and. your new team member prior to their start be familiar with How will you help them. date develop this knowledge, How will you welcome your new team What plans will you put in place to keep in. member on their first day contact with them, How will you help them understand their Is there an appropriate person who could. role be their buddy during their first few,Who will they need to interact with and. build relationships with Regular communication with your new. team member will be critical to their,How will they meet other members of success.
Introducing a buddy to help a new team member settle in is a useful way of providing on going support to them. and will help you prioritise the time you need to bring them up to speed. What role could a buddy play Things to bear in mind. A go to person for any queries your Consider the buddy s workload and ensure they. new team member has on systems have the time to commit to providing support. processes and ways of working,Ensure both the buddy and your new team. A person who can keep in regular member know how long the buddy will provide. contact with your new team,support for,member something that is of. particular importance for them when,Make sure the buddy knows what your new team. starting a role in a remote working, environment member s role is so they are aware of what they. may need to know, Make sure the person you have in mind is keen to help.
An Induction timetable in a virtual world,Prior to start date Day one. Ensure all is in place for the delivery of IT IT set up call. Develop an Induction plan for their first three One to one call with your new team member. months Share Induction plan for coming weeks check. IT will organise a time on their first day to IT is working agree plan for first day Provide. assist in the set up of their equipment information on their buddy. Make your team aware of their new colleague Introduce team members Hold a virtual team. meeting by Skype with the team using, Make contact to confirm their start date and cameras. time and to arrange a call on their first day,Consider what work shadowing or training. they may require,Assign a buddy,An Induction timetable in a virtual world. To do s Guidance and further information, Arrange any training required for systems and business Their buddy or another team member could provide this.
processes e g Skype Fuse business specific software. holidays sickness etc, Ensure your new team member is aware of any Training may be assigned to them on their entry into the. mandatory training they must undertake business, Arrange a time to discuss their job role your expectations Explain more about your role the size of the team and how you. and performance measures both in the short term as they all fit into the wider business Use video calling on Skype. settle in and in the longer term, Take some time to explain how the team are managing Explain the main tools and approaches the team uses Consider. working together on a remote basis the introduction of a team charter to establish ways of working. Arrange for either you or another member of your team to Encourage use of video calls using Skype. check in at least once every day with your new team. Host a virtual team lunch or social event at the end of the. first week,An Induction timetable in a virtual world. Months One and Two,To do s Guidance and further information.
Company Induction Programme If your company holds induction sessions when new members. join find out the dates of upcoming sessions and how to access. Put in place one to one weekly catch ups for first month Make the most of the technology by enabling use of cameras. and then monthly thereafter as a minimum when using Skype. Month Three and beyond,To do s Guidance and further information. Put in place monthly catch ups as a minimum Arrange these in advance for the next six months or year. Discuss goal setting and assign goals for the year. Check that your new starter has completed all mandatory. online training,Induction checklist, This quick checklist will help you keep track of your new team member s first few weeks and months. Read in conjunction with the Induction timetable on pages 7 8 and 9. Prior to start Day One Week One Month One and, IT Request form Welcome call Systems training Company Induction. Inform team of new Introduce team New joiner mandatory Regular catch ups. starter members training,Goal setting, Create Induction Plan Call to discuss job role discussion. and expectations,Confirm start date Completion of new joiner.
and time and call Work shadowing and mandatory training. on first day training,Plan work Daily check in,shadowing and training. Virtual team lunch,Assign a buddy social event,Additional learning offers and resources. Every Employee Needs an Onboarding Buddy, A case study from Microsoft Dawn Klinghoffer Candice Young Dave Haspas. https hbr org 2019 06 every new employee needs an onboarding buddy. Leading From a Distance Ideas for Supporting Your Remote Workforce in Times of Change. Dr Gabriella Kellerman BetterUp s Chief Innovation Officer. http www betterup com en us resources blog leading from a distance ideas for supporting your. remote workforce in times of, change camp none utm medium OSM utm source LI utm campaign AMS20. Remote utm term BL, Howden Employee Benefits Wellbeing work with clients of all sizes both in the UK and.
globally to provide dedicated employee benefits wellbeing consultancy We ve won many. industry awards for our work and are widely recognised for our innovative and creative. approach to benefit design, We remain committed to supporting clients and the wider HR community during these. challenging times If you want to know more or simply to have a chat about ways you can. support your employees please get in touch with your consultant or contact us. Tel 44 0 20 3327 5700,Email info howdengroup com,Visit www howdengroup com uk en employeebenefits. This document or any portion of the information it contains may not be copied or reproduced in any form without the permission of Howden. Howden Employee Benefits Wellbeing Limited is part of the Hyperion Insurance Group Registered in England and Wales under company number 2248238 with its registered office at One Creechurch Place London EC3A 5AF. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. On boarding in a virtual world March 2020 Setting your new team member up for success The first few weeks of an employee s time with a new company are key in ensuring they settle in well and feel supported by their manager and their team members As we all work on a remote basis your role in creating a positive on boarding experience for your new team member has never been so crucial This

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