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The Olympus Group s Corporate Philosophy and CSR, Toward the Realization of a Better. Livelihood and Happiness, The Olympus Group strives to realize better health and happiness for people by being integral. members of society sharing common values and proposing new values through its business activities . Olympus Group Corporate Philosophy , INtegrity INnovation INvolvement. Integrity in Society Creating Innovative Value Social Involvement. We aim towards establishing firm ties with, society through the three IN s. Since 1994 the Olympus Group has regarded the Social IN corporate philosophy as the. starting point for management thought The Olympus Group strives to realize better health. and happiness for people by being integral members of society sharing common values and. proposing new values through its business activities This is Social IN and it describes the. basic Olympus philosophy underlying all our activities Social IN comes from Social Value IN. the Company a concept of incorporating social values into the Company s activities . Approach to CSR CSR Concept of the Olympus Group,Through its CSR activities the Olympus Group.
responds to the needs and expectations of society, and fulfills its obligations and responsibilities . We believe that to justify the continuing existence Contribution to Contribution to Society. Society through through Other,of Olympus as a company and help people to. Social demands and expectations, Business Voluntary Activities . CSR Development of both society and Olympus, enjoy healthier and happier lives we must fulfill our By providing needed value. to society and producing, By investing in society and.
establishing a meaningful, responsibilities through dialogue with all stakeholders profits through business relationship with it. persons and organizations with which we interact, Business Employees. through our business activities including customers Customers. partners, Shareholders and their, families,suppliers shareholders and investors as well as. employees and their families local communities and Local International. communities communities,the international community . responsibilities, Local communities and the international community include.
Duties and, to society, general citizens NGOs NPOs the government and Fulfilling all obligations through compliance with. international organizations laws regulations and business ethics. The, Economy Society environment, OLYMPUS CSR REPORT 2017. 1, About the Editing Process Publication Date, , Annual publication Japanese and English editions . The Olympus CSR Report 2017 has been published to inform. stakeholders about the Group s CSR related basic policies llJapanese edition August 31 2017. management structure and CSR related activity results in fiscal The previous edition was published on August 31 2016 The. 2016 publication of the next edition is scheduled for August 2018 . The reporting format used in this report is in line with the standard llEnglish edition September 29 2017. disclosure items of the Global Reporting Initiative GRI Sustainability The previous edition was published on September 30 2016 The. Reporting Guidelines Ver 4 0 the international standard for CSR publication of the next edition is scheduled for September 2018 . reporting The report also contains details of the Group s corporate Information Disclosure Distribution Media. , governance structure and policies as well as wide ranging activities. from each of the social and environmental perspectives The Olympus Group is ramping up efforts to disclose and distribute. information in a bid to provide stakeholders with a deeper. Reference Guidelines understanding of its activities The principal tools used to disclose. GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Ver 4 0, ll and communicate this information are as follows .
The report does not however address all of the requirements of ll Principal corporate information disclosure and distribution. the comprehensive and core level options of the guidelines media. Environmental Reporting Guidelines 2012 of the Ministry of the. ll http www olympus global com en , Environment Japan The Olympus Group website. The ISO 26000 guidelines and the 10 Principles of the United. Nations Global Compact were also used as reference when ll Financial information disclosure and distribution media. selecting items for inclusion in the report http www olympus global com en ir data . Financial Results, Period Covered by the Report Medium Term Management Plan. Organizations Covered by the Report Corporate Disclosure. This report covers the activities of the Olympus Group which for Securities Reports. reporting purposes covers Olympus Corporation as well as its 107 Annual Reports and other materials. consolidated subsidiaries and two affiliated companies as of March ll Non financial information disclosure and distribution media. 31 2017 , http www olympus global com en csr , In principle the organizations covered by the report are as follows. any change in the reporting organizations covered with respect to a CSR activity website. specific matter is identified separately http www olympus global com en csr download . ll Corporate governance The Olympus Group CSR Report and other materials. ll Social aspects Olympus Corporation and Olympus Medical. Systems Corporation, ll Environmental aspects Olympus Corporation Olympus Medical. Systems Corporation and their main domestic and overseas. business enterprises However small businesses are excluded . Note A, s the environmental performance data has been revised due to expansion.
of the coverage of information to be disclosed the data values may differ. from past disclosed environmental performance , Period Covered by the Report April 1 2016 March 31 2017 . The report contains some information outside this period . Disclaimer, External Assurance This report includes past and present performance details of the. Scope of external assurance The amounts of CO2 emissions and Olympus Group and outlines the Group s plans and outlook as of. energy consumption the date of publication along with forecasts based on management. plans and policies These forecasts represent assumptions and. Scope 1 Scope 2 and Category 4 emissions from upstream determinations based on information available to management as. transportation and distribution of Scope 3 of the date of the report Accordingly the actual results of future. External Assurance Organization Lloyd s Register Quality activities and events may differ materially from forecasts due to a. Assurance Limited LRQA variety of factors ,CONTENTS. The Olympus Group s Corporate Philosophy and CSR 1 Society. About the Editing Process 2 Employment and Labor Relations 29. Message from the President 3 Occupational Safety and Health 31. Special Feature 1 upporting Endoscopic Surgeon Training. S Training and Education 36, Program in Emerging Countries 5. Diversity and Equal Opportunity 39, Special Feature 2 evelopment and Use of Human Resources.
D, Human Rights 41, at Olympus 11, Fair Business Practices 43. Profile Product Responsibility 49,Profile 13 Social Contribution Activities 54. Business Overview and Markets Served 14, Environment. Communication with Stakeholders 17, Environmental Management 56. Governance Environmental Performance 60,Corporate Governance 18.
Compliance 20 GRI Guideline Reference Chart 69, CSR Management 25 Assurance Statement related to GHG Emissions 79. OLYMPUS CSR REPORT 2017, 2, Message from the, President Special Feature Profile Governance Society Environment. Message from the President,Working toward sustainable. growth together with society ,under our Social IN philosophy. Hiroyuki Sasa, President and Representative Director.
Message from the, President Special Feature Profile Governance Society Environment. Our management philosophy and corporate vision, The Olympus Group strives to realize better health and happiness for people by being integral. members of society sharing common values and proposing new values This Social IN . management philosophy underpins every facet of the Group s business activities As an. overarching vision we also look to contribute to society by making people s lives healthier . safer and more fulfilling around the world , Striving for sustainable growth with our stakeholders. Olympus contributes to society through its corporate citizenship activities that utilize the. technologies and expertise gained in its Medical Scientific Solutions and Imaging Businesses . In the emerging economies of Asia for example the demand for advanced medical care is. growing alongside economic growth We provide support in training medical professionals. capable of meeting this need This activity requires the cooperation of a wide range of. stakeholders including persons in the medical care industry both in Japan and in the. developing countries We tap into the bonds of trust it cultivated in the Medical Business for. activities in this area , In achieving sustainable growth it is also necessary to foster employee growth In. fiscal 2016 Olympus embarked on upgrading work efficiency and making changes in work. styles under the Business Process Re engineering Project Especially in Japan support for. employees to enrich their lives and work began under the name Work Life Integration We. believe that betterment in both work and personal life will lead to growth for our employees. and will ultimately create synergy and advances in our competitiveness . I am convinced that these activities will build the driving force to realize our management. philosophy , Initiatives toward the sustainable development of society.
As a global company Olympus continues to engage in activities that are geared toward. the sustainable development of society We are making earnest efforts in the area of social. responsibility including the environment and governance as designated in ISO 26000 the. international standard on social responsibility We also joined the UN Global Compact in 2004. and remain committed to observing and promoting the 10 basic principles that cover a wide. range of issues including human rights labor and anti corruption Additionally we formulated. the Basic Policy for Corporate Governance and are taking steps to reinforce our governance. structure and systems , Moreover we are working to build a compliance structure that will enable us to fulfill our. global aspirations , Moving forward Olympus will meet the expectations of all its stakeholders on an. advanced level and act as a good corporate citizen At the same time we will work to achieve. sustainable growth in concert with society , OLYMPUS CSR REPORT 2017. 4, Message from the, President Special Feature Profile Governance Society Environment. Special, Supporting Endoscopic,1,Feature Thailand, Surgeon Training.
Vietnam, Program in Emerging Countries Indonesia, Rapid economic growth in Asian emerging countries has produced an unexpected. byproduct increasing lifestyle related diseases such as cancer and diabetes . Together with international cooperation organizations and medical associations in. Japan Olympus supports training opportunities as a part of our corporate citizenship. activities that make the best of our strengths , Endoscopic surgery is less invasive compared to open surgery and is an advanced. medical treatment that can shorten the recovery time It is expected that the Quality of. Life QoL of patients will be increased as the number of endoscopic surgeons increases . Our intention is to contribute to improving healthcare standards in emerging. countries by spreading Japan s advanced medical technologies and services which is. related to SDG 3 Ensure healthy lives and promote well being for all at all ages which. is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals SDGs suggested by the United Nations. to transform the world towards a sustainable future . This Special Feature introduces Olympus Corporate. Citizenship Activities and international support focusing. on the medical training activities that we have conducted. over two years in Thailand since fiscal 2015 and includes. comments from the people involved in these activities . OLYMPUS CSR REPORT 2017, 5, Message from the, President Special Feature Profile Governance Society Environment. Message from the CSR Division Manager,Contributing to healthcare development in. emerging countries by offering our expertise,gained through medical business.
Olympus has been running medical businesses for over contribution unique to us that. 60 years since we developed the world s first practical utilizes the know how we have. gastrocamera in 1950 Since its birth our endoscope gained through our medical Masahito Kitamura. has been developed and improved based on advice business Division Manager of CSR Division . Executive Officer , from doctors and medical professionals We believe that The training is a result of Olympus Corporation. our expertise concerning medical needs and regional collaboration between industry . conditions across the world accumulated over a long period government and academia with help from individual. Profile 13 Business Overview and Markets Served 14 Communication with Stakeholders 17 Governance Corporate Governance 18 Compliance 20 CSR Management 25 Society Employment and Labor Relations 29 Occupational Safety and Health 31 Training and Education 36 Diversity and Equal Opportunity 39 Human Rights 41 Fair Business Practices 43 Product Responsibility 49 Social Contribution Activities 54

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