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JUSTIN WADSWORTH,TEACHERS GUIDE,CREATING A,OLYMPIC LEARNING. GILMORE JUNIO AND DENNY MORRISON,FRIENDSHIP ENVIRONMENT. DOMINIQUE MALTAIS,DETERMINATION Each story featuring a well known. Canadian Olympian or coach from the,Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games is. brought to life with activities that engage,students in literacy physical activity.
character and team building challenges,Through these values based Olympian and Coach. stories students discover that Canadian athletes, JEAN PHILIPPE reached great success not only through tremendous. LE GUELLEC physical talents but also through character and. EXCELLENCE intelligence Complementing these captivating. stories is the mental fitness resource Be a Champion. for Life Energy Gains and Energy Drains Together, these resources create a foundation for teachers to. inspire their students to exercise their mind,TESSA VIRTUE body and character. AND SCOTT MOIR,SILVER LEVEL,Grades 4 5,2 www olympic ca education.
SPORT WITH,The Canadian Olympic School Program COSP is. designed in accordance with the founder of the BLENDING. modern Olympic Movement Pierre de Coubertin s, philosophy of Olympism By recognizing the value of. CULTURE AND EDUCATION, Olympians and coaches as role models the program Each Athlete and Coach story is tailored to three. engages students with the joy found in effort while reading levels Bronze grades 2 and 3 Silver. blending sport with culture and education The grades 4 and 5 and Gold grades 6 to 8 Each. Athlete and Coach stories balance intellectual story comes with progressive activities that are. instruction cultural development and physical open ended and tailored to address a diverse range. education The heart of the curriculum focuses on of learning styles and proficiencies They focus. participation effort and the pride in knowing you on six main facets of understanding explaining. have given your all to the pursuit of excellence interpreting applying taking perspective. OLYMPIC VALUES AS empowering and developing self knowledge These. critical thinking skills are woven into all three stages. EDUCATIONAL TOOLS of the learning sequence in order to promote deeper. understanding of the values and concepts,The worldwide Olympic values of friendship. excellence and respect act as a foundation for Through many facets of the 2014 2015 Canadian. these stories Each Athlete and Coach story will Olympic School Program children and youth can. focus on the development of a character value connect values to their lives at home at school and. within your students By engaging students in each in their local community Perhaps they can begin to. narrative they have the opportunity to expand their see their world in new and different ways. understanding of this value and to expand their,moral capabilities.
TEACHING GUIDE FOR EDUCATORS, Current curriculum theory emphasizes the importance of reinforcing value. messages through narratives storytelling art posters drama and physical. movement Activities based on the stories events ceremonies and symbols. of the Olympic Games have school wide relevance,Group sizes for activities will be. indicated by the following icons, Independent Activity Small Group Activity Large Group Activity. 3 PIERRE DE COUBERTIN,OLYMPIAN STORY,GILMORE JUNIO AND DENNY MORRISON SOCHI 2014. FRRIENDS I,Gilmore Junio watched the Vancouver 2010.
Olympic Winter Games from home with a broken,back He wished he was there racing in the short. track speed skating events but a crash in a race,left him at home watching the Games on TV He was. disappointed and thinking of quitting the sport, But his thoughts changed when he saw Denny Morrison and. his teammates win a gold medal in long track Maybe he too. could win a medal He decided to,try long track speed skating DENN. GILMORE JUNIO AND,DENNY MORRISON SILVER LEVEL,Grades 4 5.
4 CANADIAN OLYMPIC SCHOOL PROGRAM 2014 2015 www olympic ca education. For the next four years he trained with Denny They. became close friends Gilmore was a sprinter and helped. Denny with his starts Denny was better in the longer. distances like the 1000 and 1500 metres and Denny,helped Gilmore improve his endurance. Before the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games both of them. raced the 1000 metres at the Canadian Olympic Trials. Denny fell on the final turn sliding to the finish in fifth. place Only the top four skaters would race in Sochi Denny. was crushed, Gilmore finished third He knew that Denny was better in. this event and asked the coach if he could give his spot. to Denny The coach said no because Denny had not DENNY MORRISON SOCHI 2014 GILMORE JUNIO SOCHI 2014 GILMORE JUNIO AND DENNY MORRISON SOCHI 2014. qualified Gilmore would compete in the 500 metres and. the 1000 metres Denny would compete in the 1500 metres. and the team pursuit I DIDN T JUST WANT TO TAKE A SPOT IN THE RACE. Gilmore believed he could win a medal in Sochi but he. finished tenth in the 500 metres He was disappointed He. I WANTED OUR BEST SKATER TO RACE, knew that Denny had a good chance to medal in the 1000 GILMORE JUNIO. metre event Denny was race fit and this was his best event. I didn t just want to stand on the line again I wanted to. put our best skater out there Gilmore said, He spoke with the same coach about giving up his spot so. that Denny could compete in the 1000 metres This time the. coach agreed Denny had accepted that he didn t qualify for. his best event But two days before the race he got a text. message from a Russian number,Are you ready to skate the 1000.
Was this a bad joke Who is this he replied,It s Gil read the response I m serious. Denny ran to meet Gilmore He was so grateful for his. friend s selfless gesture We were all this big ball of. emotion Denny recalled I was just vibrating with energy. I could have raced right there,GILMORE JUNIO AND DENNY MORRISON SOCHI 2014. Denny was still excited when he lined up for his heat He. started very fast and focused on keeping low pushing to. the side and swinging his arms When he reached the final. stretch he knew he was ahead He won his heat with the. second best time so far But there were still five pairs left. One by one they finished without skating faster The final. pair crossed the line and he was too nervous to look at. the scoreboard A coach grabbed his shoulder and yelled. Denny You got silver, Gilmore had nervously watched the race from the stands. When they announced the winners he slipped out of his DENNY MORRISON SOCHI 2014 GILMORE JUNIO AND DENNY MORRISON SOCHI 2014. seat He wanted Denny to get all of the attention but. Denny found him in the tunnel under the stadium He gave. him a big hug of thanks,SPEED SKATING, This is your moment Gilmore said However Denny Short track speed skaters race around a rink the size of a hockey rink There are. insisted that he come along to meet with the media for lots of skaters in each race They often bump into each other around the tight. interviews corners Long track speed skaters race around a 400 metre oval There are only two. people in each race Their times are recorded and compared to those from skaters in. When Denny finished his warm down he was met by the. other races When Denny Morrison raced he did not know his eventual placing until all. coaches support staff and Gilmore We all linked arms with. Gilmore in the middle and we started jumping in a circle. of the other skaters had raced This made for some nervous minutes as he watched his. around him cheering and crying Denny recalled It was my competitors try to match or beat his time. favourite moment It felt like,START START START,3000M 1000M 1500M.
the medal was a team victory IT FELT LIKE THE,MEDAL 5000M. Short track speed skaters WAS A TEAM VICTORY,race around a rink the size DENNY MORRISON. of a hockey rink There are, lots of skaters in each race They often bump into each. other around the tight corners Long track speed skaters. race around a 400 metre oval There are only two people. in each race Their times are recorded and compared to FINISH. OLYMPIC DEBUT LADIES MEN LAPS, those from skaters in other races When Denny Morrison 500M 1960 1924 1 1 4 500M. 1000M 1960 1976 2 1 2, raced he did not know his eventual placing until all of.
1500M 1960 1924 3 3 4 1500M, the other skaters had raced This made for some nervous 3000M 1960 7 1 2 3000M. 5000M 1988 1924 12 1 2, minutes as he watched his competitors try to match or beat 10 000M 1924 25 5000M. his time 10 000M,START FINISH START,500M 1000M 10 000M. DENNY MORRISON LEARNING SEQUENCE,GILMORE JUNIO FRIENDSHIP. CONNECTING BUILDING A PROCESSING USING TRANSFORMING. FOUNDATION FOR NEW LEARNING STRATEGIES TO ACQUIRE AND SHOWING UNDERSTANDING IN A. USE KNOWLEDGE NEW WAY, Think pair share Read together the Story of Gilmore Friendship Wreath.
and Denny as a whole class, Independently students list 8 qualities of a good friend Display the handprints and the list of qualities generated. These can be phrased as nouns adjectives or verbs by the class discussion Distribute a handprint to each. Students meet with one partner share their lists and Group Discussion student and ask that they thoughtfully write their top five. work together to generate a list with 6 qualities of a qualities on their Give me Five handprint Students cut. Students return to their groups of four and discuss which. good friend Using the list of 6 qualities each partner these out and make a class Friendship Wreath by glueing. friendship elements from the Give me Five handprint. group connects with another group of two creating these together on a large Bristol Board or by stapling these. were evident in the story These can be shared in small. groups of four students As a group of four reduce the to a bulletin board in a circular wreath shape. groups then as a whole class I think Denny showed,list to 5 top qualities. respect when he,Give me Five Class Discussion,Using the hand template Give me Five sheet the. group should write one idea on each finger or thumb of. Ask Are there qualities of friendship that are not on your. group s handprint Discuss selflessness as a characteristic. EXTENSION ACTIVITY, the hand to present to the class One student from each. within a friendship Explore times when a good friend may Friendship Wreath. group presents their Give me Five sheet to the class choose to put the needs and wants of another before his or. her own Discuss Would you change any of the words on Using the conversation and handprints the class. your hand Using chart paper a computer and projector collaborates to write a Friendship Charter outlining. or the white board generate a list of other words that did the expectations responsibilities and rights of a friend. not appear on the groups handprints Post this in the classroom for reference throughout the. school year,THINKING ABOUT,FRIENDSHIP,In my group,of 4 let s pic.
CANADIAN OLYMPIC SCHOOL PROGRAM,Eric Boul Denny Morrison Marcie Good. Ty Greene Claire Cairnie,Derek Kent WEBSITE,Marie Eve Marleau Todd Denis. GRAPHIC DESIGNER,Nathaniel Miller Mark Nadolny,Andy Maier. Kate Moorhouse Georgia Sapounas,Olya Ovtchinnikova. TRANSLATION,Marc Andr Plouffe PHOTOGRAPHS,C lyne Malette Editor.
Sandra Sassine Winston Chow,Pascale Seide Legros,Paulo Senra Ben Stevenson. Tys van der Drift,INTERVIEWER,Sylvain Leclerc,SILVER LEVEL. OLYMPIAN STORIES GILMORE JUNIO AND DENNY MORRISON FRIENDSHIP Each story featuring a well known Canadian Olympian or coach from the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games is brought to life with activities that engage students in literacy physical activity character and team building challenges Through these values based Olympian and Coach stories students discover that Canadian athletes

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