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Testing Dates,Testing Dates,2015 School Year,Multiple Choice Tests. Multiple Choice Tests,April 10 24 8,10 May 2012,Acknowledgment. Front cover image copyright Getty Images PhotoDisc Inc Collection. Developed and published under contract with the Oklahoma State Department of Education by Measured Progress 100 Education Way. Dover NH 03820 Copyright 2015 by the Oklahoma State Department of Education All rights reserved Only State of Oklahoma educators. and citizens may copy download and or print the document located online at https www measuredprogress org web occt1 Any other use. or reproduction of this document in whole or in part requires written permission of the Oklahoma State Department of Education and the. publisher All brand and product names found in this publication are the trademarks of their respective owners. State Superintendent of Public Instruction,State of Oklahoma. Dear Parent Guardian and Student, Soon students will be participating in the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests. These tests are designed to measure knowledge in Mathematics and Reading. Parents guardians will receive a report on their child s performance on the tests. This report will indicate their child s areas of strength as well as areas needing. improvement, This guide provides a list of test taking tips objectives covered in the test and.
practice tests Parents guardians are encouraged to discuss these materials with. their child to help prepare them for the tests During the test week it is very. important for each child to get plenty of sleep eat a good breakfast and arrive at. school on time, If you have any questions about the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests please. contact your local school or the State Department of Education. State Superintendent of Public Instruction,Oklahoma State Department of Education. 2500 North Lincoln Boulevard Oklahoma City OK 73105 4599. 405 521 3301 fax 405 521 6205,http www ok gov sde,Table of Contents. TABLE OF CONTENTS,THE OKLAHOMA CORE CURRICULUM TESTS 1. TEST TAKING TIPS 2,THE MULTIPLE CHOICE TESTS 3,Oklahoma Academic Standards 3.
Mathematics 3,MULTIPLE CHOICE PRACTICE TESTS 11,Mathematics Practice Test 12. Reading Practice Test 32,ANSWER KEYS INSIDE BACK COVER. Oklahoma School Testing Program Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests i. Grade 3 Parent Student and Teacher Guide,The Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests. The Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests, The Governor state legislators and other Oklahoma elected officials have committed themselves to. ensuring that all Oklahoma students receive the opportunity to learn the skills required to succeed in. school and in the workplace To achieve this goal schools must prepare every Oklahoma student for. colleges universities and jobs that require new and different skills. Under the direction of the Legislature Oklahoma teachers parents and community leaders met to agree. upon the skills that students are expected to master by the end of each grade The results of their efforts. Oklahoma Academic Standards provide the basis for Oklahoma s core curriculum. In addition the Legislature established the criterion referenced test component of the Oklahoma School. Testing Program to measure students progress in mastering the Oklahoma Academic Standards and. objectives Tests have been developed by national test publishers that specifically measure the Oklahoma. Academic Standards and objectives at Grade 3 Teachers from throughout Oklahoma have been involved. in the review revision and approval of the questions that are included in the tests. The Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests OCCT a criterion referenced testing program compares a. student s performance with performance standards established by the State Board of Education These. standards referred to as the Oklahoma Performance Index or OPI identify specific levels of. performance required on each test These standards are based upon reviews from groups of Oklahoma. educators and citizens who evaluated the tests and made recommendations. In the content areas of Mathematics and Reading a student s test performance is reported according to. one of four performance levels Advanced Proficient Limited Knowledge and Unsatisfactory. This year students in Grade 3 will take multiple choice tests in Mathematics and Reading. This guide provides an opportunity for parents students and teachers to become familiar with how these. skills in these subject areas will be assessed It presents general test taking tips lists the Oklahoma Academic. Standards and objectives that are eligible for assessment in a statewide testing program gives a blueprint. for the tests and provides practice test questions. Oklahoma School Testing Program Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests 1. Grade 3 Parent Student and Teacher Guide,Test Taking Tips.
Test Taking Tips, The following tips provide strategies for taking the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests Test taking skills. cannot replace proper preparation based on the Oklahoma Academic Standards and objectives which. serve as the foundation for the tests,General Test Taking Tips. Read this guide carefully and complete the practice tests. Make sure you understand all test directions If you are uncertain about any of the directions. raise your hand to ask questions before testing has started. Tips for the Multiple Choice Tests, Read each question and every answer choice carefully Choose the best answer for each question. Check your work if you finish your test early Use the extra time to answer any questions that you. Read the selections on the Reading test carefully, Remember that if you cannot finish the test within the time allotted you will be given additional. time to complete the test, Don t spend too much time on any one question If a question takes too long to answer skip it.
and answer the other questions You can return to any skipped questions after you have finished. all other questions, 2 Oklahoma School Testing Program Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests. Grade 3 Parent Student and Teacher Guide,The Multiple Choice Tests. The Multiple Choice Tests, Each year students in Grade 3 take multiple choice tests in Mathematics and Reading. Each multiple choice subject test is divided into two separate sections These two sections of the test may. be administered on the same day with a break given between the sections or on consecutive days. Students should have enough time to complete all sections Students may be given additional time. if needed but additional time will be given as an extension of the same testing period not at a. different time, Students will mark their answers directly in their test books which are scanned and scored Students who. finish early need to make sure their work is complete and are encouraged to check and verify their. answers prior to closing their test books Students will not be allowed to reopen their test books once. they have been closed for a given test session,The following sections.
list the Oklahoma Academic Standards eligible for multiple choice testing in each subject area. reproduce the student directions,present practice test questions for each subject. provide information about preparing for testing to the Oklahoma Academic Standards. Oklahoma Academic Standards, The Oklahoma Academic Standards that are eligible for testing in the Grade 3 multiple choice tests for. each subject area are presented below They represent the portion of the Oklahoma core curriculum in. these subject areas that is assessed on the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests The skills are grouped into. standards with specific objectives listed under each one Student performance on the multiple choice tests. is reported at the standard and objective levels in all subject areas In Mathematics student performance is. reported by the content standards Please note that not all Oklahoma Academic Standards and objectives. are appropriate for the statewide assessment This guide includes only the Oklahoma Academic Standards. and objectives that are assessed by the OCCT and are based on the 2009 revision for Mathematics and the. 2010 revision for Reading,Mathematics Process Grade 3. Process Standard 1 Problem Solving, 1 Use problem solving approaches e g act out situations represent problems with drawings and. lists use concrete pictorial graphical oral written and or algebraic models understand a. problem devise a plan carry out the plan look back. 2 Formulate problems from everyday and mathematical situations e g how many forks are needed. how many students are absent how can we share divide these cookies how many different ways. can we find to compare these fractions, 3 Develop test and apply strategies to solve a variety of routine and non routine problems e g look.
for patterns make a table make a problem simpler process of elimination trial and error. Oklahoma School Testing Program Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests 3. Grade 3 Parent Student and Teacher Guide,The Multiple Choice Tests. 4 Verify and interpret results with respect to the original problem e g students explain verbally why. an answer makes sense explain in a written format why an answer makes sense verify the validity. of each step taken to obtain a final result, 5 Distinguish between necessary and irrelevant information in solving problems e g play games and. discuss best clues write riddles with sufficient information identify unnecessary information in. written story problems,Process Standard 2 Communication. 1 Express mathematical ideas coherently and clearly to peers teachers and others e g with verbal. ideas models or manipulatives pictures or symbols, 2 Extend mathematical knowledge by considering the thinking and strategies of others e g agree or. disagree rephrase another student s explanation analyze another student s explanation. 3 Relate manipulatives pictures diagrams and symbols to mathematical ideas. 4 Represent discuss write and read mathematical ideas and concepts Start by relating everyday. language to mathematical language and symbols and progress toward the use of appropriate. terminology e g add more becomes plus repeated addition becomes multiplication fair. share becomes divide balance the equation becomes solve the equation. Process Standard 3 Reasoning, 1 Explain mathematical situations using patterns and relationships e g identify patterns in situations.
represent patterns in a variety of ways extend patterns to connect with more general cases. 2 Demonstrate thinking processes using a variety of age appropriate materials and reasoning. processes e g manipulatives models known facts properties and relationships inductive specific. to general deductive general to specific spatial proportional logical reasoning and or. not and recursive reasoning, 3 Make predictions and draw conclusions about mathematical ideas and concepts Predictions. become conjectures and conclusions become more logical as students mature mathematically. Process Standard 4 Connections, 1 Relate various concrete and pictorial models of concepts and procedures to one another e g use. two colors of cubes to represent addition facts for the number 5 relate patterns on a hundreds chart. to multiples use base 10 blocks to represent decimals. 2 Link concepts to procedures and eventually to symbolic notation e g represent actions like snap. clap clap with symbols A B B demonstrate 3 4 with a geometric array divide a candy bar into 3. equal pieces that represent one piece as 1, 3 Recognize relationships among different topics within mathematics e g the length of an object can. be represented by a number multiplication facts can be modeled with geometric arrays 1 can be. written as 5 and 50, 4 Use mathematical strategies to solve problems that relate to other curriculum areas and the real. world e g use a timeline to sequence events use symmetry in art work explore fractions in quilt. designs and to describe pizza slices, 4 Oklahoma School Testing Program Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests.
Grade 3 Parent Student and Teacher Guide,The Multiple Choice Tests. Process Standard 5 Representation, 1 Create and use a variety of representations appropriately and with flexibility to organize record. and communicate mathematical ideas e g dramatizations manipulatives drawings diagrams. tables graphs symbolic representations, 2 Use representations to model and interpret physical social and mathematical situations e g counters. pictures tally marks number sentences geometric models translate between diagrams tables. charts graphs,Mathematics Content Grade 3, Standard 1 Algebraic Reasoning Patterns and Relationships The student will use a variety of. problem solving approaches to extend and create patterns. 1 Describe orally or in written form create extend and predict patterns in a variety of situations. e g 3 6 9 12 use a function machine to generate input and output values for a table show. multiplication patterns on a hundreds chart determine a rule and generate additional pairs with the. same relationship, 2 Find unknowns in simple arithmetic problems by solving open sentences equations and other.
problems involving addition subtraction and multiplication. 3 Recognize and apply the commutative and identity properties of multiplication using models and. manipulatives to develop computational skills e g 3 5 5 3 7 1 7. Standard 2 Number Sense and Operation The student will use numbers and number relationships. 2 Oklahoma School Testing Program Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests Grade 3 Parent Student and Teacher Guide Test Taking Tips The following tips provide strategies for taking the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests Test taking skills cannot replace proper preparation based on the Oklahoma Academic Standards and objectives which

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