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Joint Meeting of Members of House and Senate,Oklahoma State Department of Education. Presentation of Oklahoma Academic Standards,February 1 2016 Senate Assembly Room 535. 9 30 a m 10 30 a m,OKLAHOMA ACADEMIC STANDARDS,Oklahoma Academic Standards. 70 O S 11 103 6a B 1,on or before August 1 2016 the State Board. of Education in consultation with the State Regents. for Higher Education the State Board of Career,and Technology Education and the Oklahoma.
Department of Commerce shall adopt subject matter,standards for English Language Arts and. Mathematics,Standards Adoption,January 28 2016 State Board of Education. adopts Oklahoma Academic Standards in,English language arts and mathematics. January 28 2016 Oklahoma State Regents for,Higher Education certified the Oklahoma. Academic Standards in English language arts,and mathematics as college and career ready.
Consultation,Oklahoma Department of Career Technology. Education and Oklahoma Department of,Reviewed and provided consultation during. the standards writing process from June,2015 through January 2016. Provided Letters of Support see packet,The Process. Writing Teams represent Higher Education and,Pre Kindergarten 12th Grade Education.
36 Doctorates,59 Masters,5 Bachelors,Average Years of Experience 20 years. 767 years of combined education experience,Evaluation of Standards. Oklahoma State Department of Education,Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. Oklahoma State Board of Career Technology,Oklahoma Department of Commerce. Determined to address the goals of reducing the, need of remedial coursework at the postsecondary level.
and increasing successful completion of postsecondary. 70 O S 11 103 6a B 1,Public Comments,State Board of Education shall provide reasonable. opportunity consistent with best practices for public. comment on the revision of the standards including but. not limited to comments from students parents educators. organizations representing students with disabilities and. English language learners higher education, representatives subject matter experts community based. organizations Native American tribal representatives. and business community representatives,70 O S 11 103 6a B 2. Public Comments,Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. Oklahoma Department of Career Technology,Oklahoma Department of Commerce.
Oklahoma Tribal Representatives,Oklahoma State School Boards Association. Oklahoma business community organizations parents students. Subject matter content experts,Oklahoma educators teachers and administrators. Oklahoma reviewers representing special populations including. special education English language learners and gifted and. talented students, Oklahoma reviewers representing diverse student populations. including Hispanic African American and Native American. Public Comments,Town Halls,Engage OK Conference,Content Consortiums. Focus Groups,Stakeholder Feedback Toolkit,By the Numbers.
185 Oklahoma Pre K through 12th Administrators,1 964 Oklahoma teachers. 50 Oklahoma Higher Education representatives,186 Oklahoma community members. 36 Oklahoma business representatives,27 Oklahoma State Legislators. 118 Oklahoma parents,Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School,Administrators.
Oklahoma Educated Workforce Initiative,Oklahoma School of Science Mathematics. Oklahoma Technical Advisory Committee,Oklahoma State School Boards Association. Oklahoma Teaching Learning Advisory Group,Partnership for 21st Century Skills P21. College Career Readiness Success Center,South Central Comprehensive Center SC3 at OU. Southern Regional Education Board SREB, Dr Larry Gray Professor of Mathematics University of Minnesota.
Dr Sandra Stotsky Professor Emeritus University of Arkansas. Dr Christopher Yakes Salem State College,reviewer for Fordham Institute. Shelli Klein reviewer for Fordham Institute, Dr John Paul Cook Assistant Professor of Mathematics at OSU. Dr Robert Con Davis Undiano English Professor Executive. Director of World Literature Today at OU,Standard Mathematical Algorithms. Grade to Grade Vertical Progressions,Reading and Writing Connections in ELA. Grade Level Appropriate in ELA and Mathematics,Increased Rigor Clarity Accuracy and Alignment.
Early Literacy Explicit Phonics,Cursive Handwriting. Writing Research,Fluency with Mathematics Tables,Verbs based on Bloom s Taxonomy. ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS MATHEMATICS,1 Speaking and Listening 13. 2 Reading Foundations,Reading and Writing Process,3 Critical Reading and Writing 33. 4 Vocabulary 45,5 Language 51,6 Research 57,7 Multimodal Literacies 63.
Oklahoma Academic Standards 70 O S 11 103 6a B 1 on or before August 1 2016 the State Board of Education in consultation with the State Regents for Higher Education the State Board of Career and Technology Education and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce shall adopt subject matter standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics 3 Standards Adoption January 28

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