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Bake some crazy cookies play Simon Says or go Parents prayer. on an O hunt Or check out more fun ways to God knows the disappointment you experience when. learn to obey your children are disobedient Adam and Eve s first. act of defiance toward God their Creator was to, Work through your choice of activities over a week or disobey His direct command. more to help your kids,Use this prayer to ask God to help you be patient. be quick to obey their parents as you strive to teach your children to be obedient. Alternatively formulate your own prayer based, deepen their desire to obey God on the verses suggested under Scripture guided. prayer for parents,adopt a positive attitude toward. authority figures Sample prayer,Loving Father Your Son Jesus was so obedient.
This lesson also helps curb defiance an that He humbled Himself to death on the cross. argumentative attitude and a tendency to ignore Philippians 2 8 His prayer was Yet not as I will. instructions but as You will Matthew 26 39 Jesus was so. passionate about obedience that He said My food, is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to finish. Lesson contents His work John 4 34 His time on earth provides a. Parents prayer 2 real life example for us to follow. Kids talk with God 3, Speak a blessing 4 I desire to be like Jesus but so often fall short of. Memory verses 4 my goal Some days I imagine You are up in heaven. Kick off craft 5 thinking How many times do I have to tell him. Bible stories 5 her Please forgive my lack of diligence in following. Creative discipline 11 Your directions,Hands on options 11. I ask that You will give me a humble obedient spirit. that desires to wholeheartedly obey Your commands,I pray with David Oh that my ways were steadfast. in obeying Your decrees Teach me O Lord to, follow Your decrees then I will keep them to the end.
Give me understanding and I will keep Your law and. obey it with all my heart Psalm 119 5 33 34 I pray. my children will see in me a passion for doing Your. will that inspires them to follow You wholeheartedly. Your heart is filled with pain over sin yet You are. gracious slow to anger and abounding in love,Genesis 6 5 6 Exodus 34 6 Psalm 145 8 I find. it grievous and frustrating when my children do,not obey me Please fill me with Your Spirit to. enable me to provide correction as You would in a, gracious and loving way After all it is easier for my. children to obey me when I give advice gently and,patiently than when I am in drill sergeant mode. When my children are disobedient please give,me Your wisdom so that I may govern them in a.
2012 Focus on the Family Canada Association All rights reserved 2 Obedience Kids of Integrity. discerning way distinguishing between right and Family requests. wrong 1 Kings 3 9 Help me to notice and give them Ask God to help you and your family to be obedient. appropriate recognition when they do obey in all circumstances. Deuteronomy 30 5 10 Psalm 25 4 5, I pray for my children and I Psalm 119 44 48 John 14 23 26 Proverbs 16 9 20. don t want them to do the right thing just because. they have to Rather I ask that You will bless them. with obedient hearts that desire to obey You and Kids talk with God. others in authority Please help my children to keep Use this section to help your children request God s. their way pure by living according to Your Word May help in growing in the area of obedience The sample. they be diligent in seeking You with all of their hearts prayers all begin with Dear God however you. so that they will not stray from Your commands may use any other names for God your children. are comfortable with i e Jesus Father God Lord, I pray that because and have Jesus Heavenly Father Abba Father Lord If your. hidden Your Word in their hearts they will be kept children are ready to learn how to formulate their. from sinning against You Psalm 119 9 11 As they own prayers use the verses under Scripture. grow up I pray they will guard Your teachings as guided prayer for children for inspiration. the apple of their eye Bind them on their fingers, Lord and write them on the tablet of their hearts Sample prayers. Proverbs 7 1 3 Dear God it is hard to obey sometimes like right. now Please help me to obey my parents as I know, We read in 1 John 2 5 6 But if anyone obeys His this pleases You Amen. word God s love is truly made complete in him This. is how we know we are in Him Whoever claims to Dear God when I feel like disobeying please help. live in Him must walk as Jesus did This is my prayer me to think of the promise You gave us in the. for our family that we will obey Your Word and Bible when I obey my parents things will go well for. walk as Jesus walked in complete obedience to You me Jeremiah 7 23 Amen. Dear God please send Your Holy Spirit to help me be. Scripture guided prayer for parents obedient to You my parents and teachers Amen. Read and pray through one or more of the selected, Scriptures under each heading Focus on listening to God Dear God please help me to listen to You and my.
and allowing His Spirit to direct you as you pray parents so that I can be obedient Amen. Character focus Dear God help me to hide Your word in my heart so. Begin by letting God know how much you appreciate that I won t sin against You Psalm 119 11 Amen. His love and guidance, Exodus 15 1 11 13 Psalm 73 23 26 Psalm 139 7 10 Dear God I am sorry that I have disobeyed my. Isaiah 30 18 21 John 16 12 15 parents Please forgive me and help me to obey next. Heart search,Acknowledge when and how you fall short of. obeying God,Deuteronomy 30 15 20 1 Samuel 15 22 23. Proverbs 13 13 Isaiah 1 18 20 1 John 2 3 4,Thank God for ways you have seen obedience. exhibited in your family, 2012 Focus on the Family Canada Association All rights reserved 3 Obedience Kids of Integrity.
Scripture guided prayer for children Memory verses. Read through one of the selected Scriptures under each Choose one of the verses below to learn during your. heading and help your children pray based on the verse study on obedience. that you read Encourage them to listen to God and, allow His Spirit to guide them as they pray Psalm 119 5 Oh that my ways were steadfast in. obeying your decrees,Character focus, Begin by letting God know how much you appreciate Proverbs 1 8 9 Listen my son to your father s. His love and guidance instruction and do not forsake your mother s. Psalm 119 73 Proverbs 2 6 Psalm 73 23 24 teaching They will be a garland to grace your head. and a chain to adorn your neck,Heart search, Acknowledge when and how you are disobedient Proverbs 3 1 2 My son do not forget my teaching. 1 Samuel 15 22 Proverbs 13 13 Isaiah 1 18 20 but keep my commands in your heart for they. will prolong your life many years and bring you,Gratitude prosperity. Thank God for ways you have been obedient, Proverbs 13 13 He who scorns instruction will pay for.
Personal requests it but he who respects a command is rewarded. Ask God to help you and your siblings to be obedient. Psalm 119 9 11 John 14 23 26 Ephesians 6 1 3 Proverbs 16 20 Whoever gives heed to instruction. Proverbs 4 10 13 prospers and blessed is he who trusts in the Lord. Proverbs 19 16 He who obeys instructions guards his. Speak a blessing life but he who is contemptuous of his ways will die. God will reward your efforts to teach your children. to obey promptly Here are some ideas that will Isaiah 1 18 20 Come now let us reason together. help you celebrate your children s progress says the Lord Though your sins are like scarlet they. and encourage them to keep working on this shall be as white as snow though they are red as. important attribute crimson they shall be like wool If you are willing and. obedient you will eat the best from the land but, is such an obedient boy girl if you resist and rebel you will be devoured by the. sword For the mouth of the Lord has spoken,I really appreciate how quickly you obey. John 14 15 If you love Me you will obey what I,God is pleased with such immediate obedience. John 14 21 Whoever has My commands and obeys,them he is the one who loves Me. Thank you for remembering my instructions, They will be a garland to grace your John 14 23 Jesus replied If anyone loves Me he will.
head and a chain to adorn your neck obey My teaching. Thank you for obeying it sure makes Ephesians 6 1 3 Children obey your parents in the. life easier for all of us when we obey Lord for this is right Honor your father and mother. which is the first commandment with a promise, That it may go well with you and that you may enjoy. long life on earth, 2012 Focus on the Family Canada Association All rights reserved 4 Obedience Kids of Integrity. Colossians 3 20 Children obey your parents in reward these examples of obedience Thank. everything for this pleases the Lord your children for obeying and showing you that. they love you and God Let your children know, 1 John 2 5 6 But if anyone obeys His word God s that when they obey they can add more hearts. love is truly made complete in Him This is how we to the poster. know we are in Him Whoever claims to live in Him, must walk as Jesus did 6 Hang the poster in a prominent location as a. reminder to be obedient,1 John 5 3 This is love for God to obey His.
commands And His commands are not Each time you add a heart to your poster review. burdensome the memory verse and remind your children that. they show they love God when they obey Him and,their parents. Kick off craft,Painters needed no experience required For this. activity you will help your children make a poster Bible stories. that reminds your children to be obedient The Bible provides many stories that illustrate. how much God values obedience Choose one of the, Love in action poster stories below as appropriate for your children If. Directions you wish you may use the accompanying questions. 1 Write or paint the following header at the top of to help your children internalize the truths from. a large piece of poster paper To Love Means to the passage. If the Bible passage is too complex for your kids, 2 Choose one of these verses on obedience from paraphrase the story yourself or use the summary. John 14 and write it on your poster provided under key concepts. John 14 15 If you love Me you will obey what I Adam and Eve tangle with a snake. command Read Genesis 2 15 17 Genesis 3, John 14 21 Whoever has My commands and obeys Questions for discussion.
them he is the one who loves Me 1 What did God ask Adam and Eve not to do. John 14 23 Jesus replied If anyone loves Me he will 2 What did they do. obey My teaching,3 What did God do when Adam and Eve. 3 Paint your children s feet with washable paint disobeyed Him. and have them make footprints across the paper,4 What are some things Mommy and Daddy ask. 4 Explain to your kids that the footprints represent you to do. someone doing exactly as they are asked, Remind them that the Bible says that if they love 5 Do you always obey. God they will obey His commandments Explain, that when they obey God or their parents they 6 Do you think God is happy when you disobey. are showing that they love them,7 What do you think God would want Mommy and.
5 Remind your kids of one or two recent incidents Daddy to do when you disobey. where they obeyed you Add one or two heart,stickers or draw heart shapes on the paper to. 2012 Focus on the Family Canada Association All rights reserved 5 Obedience Kids of Integrity. Key concepts A disobedient wife, God gave Adam and Eve a wonderful garden filled Read Genesis 19 15 29 and 2 Peter 2 4 10. with many fruit trees He told Adam and Eve that, they could eat any fruit they wished except for the Questions for discussion. fruit of one tree the tree in the middle of the 1 What did the angels instruct Lot and his family. garden But Satan wanted Adam and Eve to disobey to do. God One day Satan convinced Eve to try the, forbidden fruit and Adam ate some too Instead 2 What did Lot s wife do. of doing what God asked them to do they did what, Satan wanted them to do 3 After Lot s wife disobeyed what happened.
Adam and Eve felt very badly after they had, disobeyed but God had to discipline them anyway 4 If Mom and Dad tell you not to peek inside a gift. He had to send them out of the beautiful garden is it hard or easy to obey. Just as God disciplined Adam and Eve He expects, parents to discipline their children to help them learn 5 If Mom and Dad tell you to is it easy. to obey to obey, Abraham obeys when it is difficult 6 What does it mean to despise authority. Read Genesis 12,7 What does God say about those who. Questions for discussion ignore instructions,1 What did God ask Abraham to do.
8 What do you think God wants us your parents,2 Did he go to do if you do not obey. 3 Because Abraham obeyed what did God Key concepts. promise to do for him Lot tried to honour God in everything he did and to. live how God wanted him to But Lot and his family, 4 Do Mommy and Daddy ask you to do things that lived in a city filled with very wicked people Two. are hard for you to do angels came and told Lot to take his family and hurry. out of the city and not to look back as God was, 5 What do you think your parents will do for you about to destroy the city. when you obey, Lot s wife disobeyed the instructions given by the. Key concepts angels and looked behind her as they were fleeing. 5 Remind your kids of one or two recent incidents where they obeyed you Add one or two heart stickers or draw heart shapes on the paper to reward these examples of obedience Thank your children for obeying and showing you that they love you and God Let your children know that when they obey they can add more hearts 2

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