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students PP PA decreased from 19 1 to 14 9 from July 30 000. overcome 2018 to July 2019 Attendance officer, barriers to Non PP PA decreased from 10 4 to 8 8 from. July 2018 to July 2019, attendance This is with increasing our roll by 60 children 30000 Family. Our graduated This is with increasing our roll by 60 children liaison worker. rewards support,consequences to,be further, Continued strong Renew Maths Continued improvement in KS1 progress and Need to continue successful introduction into year 3 4500. outcomes in maths Mastery licence attainment in Maths at EXS and GDS through peer observations and staff training. particularly at the and purchase the Judgements confirmed in LA moderation. higher standard scheme for Year 2,Purchase both,online and physical. resources to,support maths,curriculum, Calm start to Renew Peer Continues as part of pause time approach to No change 150.
learning time after Massage facilitate a calm start to learning after breaks. break or lunch licence and,training for,existing staff. Sustain and increase Renew PIXL Most successful year yet in terms of Teacher to work with KS2 teachers to upskill them in 45 000 salary. Outcomes Highest outcomes across Oasis how to use very accurate assessment for learning so 1000 breakfast. Year 6 outcomes membership primaries that impact is felt more widely than year 6 club overtime. Employ specialist Challenge this year is the change to year 6 staff as we materials. teacher to split Year have four forms of entry for the first time and 2 new electricity. 6 three ways in the staff in the year group We have a teacher going on 5000 PIXL. morning and to maternity leave in October who will be teaching with. teach interventions year 6 in the morning,Year 6 Breakfast. Ensure strong Employ three Especially successful You are Awesome Roll out of You Are Awesome into KS2 requiring one Salaries. progress across the programme in year 5 that will now roll out more TA to be used for this purpose Double numbers 100 000. primary phase and across KS2 PIXL therapies continue to be in year 6 will require more TA time for therapies. assistants to effective in year 6,narrow or close any provide. disadvantaged gaps additional,interventions,ii Targeted support. Desired outcome Chosen Impact Did you meet the success criteria Lessons learned Cost. action approach Include impact on pupils not eligible for PP if Will the strategy continue change. appropriate, Children lacking age Employ a Phase analysis shows positive impact of Yes the external sessions Need to ensure that 5000 SALT.
expected oracy skills speech external therapist support In school support general SALT methods are integrated into mainstream team. has not been as successful due to teaching so need for staff training continues. therapist to inconsistency of sessions,directly and to. lead staff inset, Identification and Purchase EP has helped SENCO in several successful We have several children all PP who are new entrants As listed above for. timely support for additional hours statement applications and securing special into the school over the year who have complex SEN EP. children identified from Educational schools placements for children that require and who have taken teacher and TA time away from. such main school population This group s learning and. with SEN Psychologist to therefore other children s who can benefit from the. assist Inclusion teacher will be improved with the skills of a specialist. Leader in SEN teacher who can then teach this group when. managing SEN appropriate and train other staff Several children have. caseload OT needs delivered by a trained member of support. Educational staff,Psychologist to,also support staff. in planning,appropriate, Support for children Employ Mighty We had 3 PP children who benefitted from Continue with service for 3 more children who meet 1350 MMoV. who struggle with Men of MMoV mentor last academic year Their meet the criteria. behaviour choices Valour mentors behaviour choices and academic attainment. improved greatly due this intervention as well,Will be an as other school approaches.
additional, Increase Employ a Family Very successful year with this post Increased As above joined up approach between Attendance As above. engagement with Worker to reach parental take up of services and signposts on and family liaison. difficult to reach out to families,parents and carers support and sign. post as and when, Ensure all children Money set aside Several examples of children accessing this Continue as is 10000. to subsidise facility through referral from family liaison. have a decent officer,breakfast breakfast club,provision if. Help children Employ the Continue as is 13000 Place to. Effective first year of Place2Be provision with be licence. overcome issues services of,a variety of services drop in place to talk.
with their mental Place2Be counselling for children and parents place to. health and well counselling think targeted groups and specific class circle. being service to work times for year 3 settling at Long Lane and. with children year 6 transition,directly and to,train staff. iii Other approaches, Desired outcome Chosen Impact Did you meet the success criteria Lessons learned Cost. action approach Include impact on pupils not eligible for PP if Will the strategy continue change. appropriate, Some parents cannot Money set As requested by parents or family liaison Needs to be publicised more widely in newsletter so 10000. afford the full cost of aside to worker that parents know to contact school if support is. residential trip or subsidise cost,after school clubs of activities for. require it, Some children Money set As requested by parents or family liaison Needs to be publicised more widely in newsletter so 1000.
cannot afford the aside to worker that parents know to contact school if support is. cost of uniform subsidise the,and or to replace cost of new. lost or damaged and,uniform replacement,school uniform. 3 Prior Year achievement, Achievement for 2018 19 All Pupils eligible for PP Pupils not eligible for PP. National Academy National Academy National, achieving EXP or above in RWM combined KS2 88 65 86 51 91 71. achieving HS in RWM combined KS2 21 11 6 5 46 13,Progress score combined KS1 KS2 N A.
achieving EXP or above in reading KS2 93 73 92 62 96 78. achieving HS in reading KS2 28 28 11 17 55 31, Progress score reading KS1 2 1 2 0 0 8 0 6 1 8 0 3. achieving EXP or above in writing KS2 91 78 89 68 96 83. achieving HS in writing KS2 41 20 25 11 68 24, Progress score writing KS1 2 2 5 0 1 9 0 4 3 6 0 3. achieving EXP or above in maths KS2 90 79 89 67 91 84. achieving HS in maths KS2 36 24 19 15 64 31,Progress score maths KS1 2 1 2 0 1 2 0 7 1 2 0 3. achieving EXP or above in reading writing and maths Y2 73 64 74 50 75 69. achieving GD in reading writing and maths Y2 20 11 13 51 23 13. achieving EXP or above in reading Y2 84 75 90 62 81 78. achieving GD in reading Y2 32 26 29 14 34 28, achieving EXP or above in writing Y2 79 70 79 55 79 73. achieving GD in writing Y2 21 16 13 7 25 17, achieving EXP or above in maths Y2 82 76 84 62 81 79.
achieving GD in maths Y2 33 22 26 12 37 24, achieving expected standard in phonics Y1 89 82 93 71 88 84. achieving GLD EYFS 75 72 68 56 78 75,exceeding GLD EYFS N A. Attendance 95 4 attendance,PA 11 2 PA,FT Exclusion FT Exclusions 0 3. of pupils 0 002 of,In year movement 33 left 56 joined 20 PPA. 4 Barriers to future attainment for pupils eligible for PP including high ability. Please refer to the EEF documents Teaching and Learning Toolkit Families of schools database and Evaluation Tool and also the Pupil Premium Awards. In school barriers issues to be addressed in school such as poor oral language skills. A Often lower attainment particularly on entry, B Speech language vocabulary and comprehension skills are lower for some disadvantaged pupils than for other pupils.
C Reduced opportunities to attend school enrichment clubs. External barriers issues which also require action outside school such as attendance rates. D Attendance Some disadvantaged children have attendance and punctuality issues which have a detrimental effect on their progress. E Home support a small percentage of disadvantaged children have limited support at home for their endeavours at school. F Circumstances in the home may have an impact on the pupil s emotional wellbeing in school such as housing issues or a poor diet. 5 Desired outcomes, Desired outcomes and how they will be measured Success criteria. A Early gaps closed quickly by putting early intervention in PP gaps narrowing or closed without reduced attainment overall. place for pupils eligible for PP PP chn continue to be a. focus in all pupil progress discussions An initial focus on S. and L in EY basic skills in KS1 and a more broad curriculum. C All PP children participate in school trips and clubs No one excluded from clubs due to cost. D The attendance and punctuality of PP children improves Reduce the number of persistent lateness or absenteeism among pupils eligible for. PP EWO involvement not needed Attendance for the children is at least 96. E Greater engagement with parents to support their child at Homework completed on time and to a good standard. home An increase in parental attendance at basic skills workshops. Engagement with family worker pastoral team as required. F Greater capacity to support children with their emotional Staff knowledge and capacity to support children struggling with their emotional. wellbeing wellbeing increased, G Children in receipt of PP make at least the same progress as Assessment data and tracking shows at least the same progress of PP children and peers. their peers from the same starting point who started at the same point. 6 Planned expenditure,Academic year 2019 20 PP allocation 360 527. The three headings below enable schools to demonstrate how they are using the pupil premium to improve classroom pedagogy provide targeted support and support. whole school strategies,i Quality of teaching for all. Intended Chosen action approach What is the evidence and rationale How will Staff lead Expected length of Costs. outcome Expected length of strategy Reference EEF and other sources of you ensure strategy Does this. evidence it is When will this be include non,implemented reviewed PP funding.
well Notes from review in addition,add in different colour. Ensure most Reduce number of unfamiliar Relationships key to access Curriculum leads Relevant CLs Termly 3 staff. vulnerable children adults teaching these subjects and for vulnerable children review as part of under DPs members in. can access all using a PPA team of in school staff Attachment in the MRE total 90 000. creative and Bespoke training from curriculum classroom Effective AFL With 1 3. physical aspects of leads and behaviour lead for all and metacognition EEF funded from. the curriculum and PPA team most impactful strategies PP funding. that the curriculum 30 000, is relavant to our Membership of subject associations 1200. children s local to ensure rigour in topics See membership of. needs and builds curriculum vision subject,cultural capital associations. Children able to Fund Coolmilk scheme for all Croydon Council Monitor Cool KAp Weekly 12 000 Cool. learn after breaks children on FSM Lunch leaders publications on importance Milk update CTs Milk funding. and lunches ensure PP children eat all their food of balanced diet with limited through the. at lunchtimes Continue to remind strain food and lots of brain office Lunch 150 Peer. parents of what constitutes a foods leaders Massage. balanced meal for concentration MISA research attachment monitor subscription. Renew Peer Massage licence and training on benefits of school. provide training for new and existing nurturing touch lunches and. staff feedback to, Improve Educational Psychologist SOL Ofsted good practice Weekly JBo Weekly 300 renewal of. attendance consultancy and in school reports KCSie guidance if meetings with MCl DSL training. attendance officer work together children are in school they Principal and per annum. to help students overcome are safe and they can learn Attendance 150 DSL. barriers to attendance Officer supervision,Heroes pilot extending out from 7 000 EP.
years 5 and 6 Attendance on support more, A more joined up approach to agenda at all suited to. attendance linking it with PLT meetings targeted,safeguarding and pastoral support support section. Attendance officer is now also a Attendance on 500 SOL. DSL CPD schedule,Pastoral team in place family 30 000. liaison DSLs and SENCO to take a Attendance,synaptic approach officer. 30000 Family,liaison worker,EWO support, Sustain and Renew PIXL membership Previous results and Regular team MCr LEv Baseline Data drops 56000 DP.
increase progress in year R 2 and 6 teaching and Headstart ongoing salary x 2. Have non teaching deputies to split, outcomes for PP prove this method works drop ins in year teacher AFL middle 1000 breakfast. Year 2 and 6 five ways in the morning,children in all groups leader MRE club overtime. and to teach interventions in the,years especially Collaborative materials. for higher prior approach to electricity, Timetable experienced year 6 pupil progress 5000 PIXL. Oasis Shirley Park Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 1 Summary information Oasis Shirley Park All through Primary Phase Academic Year 2019 20 Primary PP allocation 360 527 364 580 271 children 3 LAC inc 7 post LAC Date of most recent PP Review Total number of pupils in Primary Phase 810 Number of pupils eligible for PP of pupils eligible for PP 36 1 No KS1 PP pupils 229 No KS2

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