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Application Note,www vishay com,Vishay BCcomponents. NTC Thermistors,SELECTION CHART,Wire bondable die,NTCC200 NTCC300 55 to 175 1 2 3 5 1 29153. Miniature accuracy line, NTCLE300E3 40 to 125 0 5 C 1 2 1 2 2 4 AWG30 38 29051. NTCLE201E3 40 to 125 0 5 C 1 2 1 3 2 4 0 3 38 29051. NTCLE305E4 40 to 125 0 5 C 0 5 to 1 0 7 1 6 AWG32 41 29076. NTCLE413 NTCLE428 40 to 105 1 2 3 5 0 5 to 1 5 2 5 3 AWG30 40 29078. High temperature,NTCSMELFE3 40 to 150 5 1 3 0 9 1 7 29119. NTCLG100E2 40 to 300 5 1 3 0 9 1 85 0 56 max 25 4 min 29050. Special long leaded,UL2468 PVC insulation, NTCLS100E3 40 to 85 3 0 75 to 3 15 8 AWG24 400 29060.
NTCLP100E3 40 to 85 3 0 75 to 3 10 6 AWG24 400 29060. NTCLE400E3 40 to 85 3 0 75 to 3 7 6 AWG24 400 29060. Ring Tongue Sensors, NTCALUG02 series 55 to 125 1 2 0 5 5 8 5 AWG32 45 29094. NTCALUG03 series 40 to 125 2 3 0 5 to 1 5 5 5 5 AWG32 70 29114. NTCALUG01 series 40 to 150 5 0 5 7 5 7 1 AWG24 38 29092. NTCALUG01T 2 0 5 7 5 7 1 AWG264 150 29164, A lot of application dedicated sensors NTCA cap types immersion types screw types are also proposed the list is too long to be. presented here Please refer to www vishay com thermistors ntc. RANGE SUMMARY,ACCURACY LINE HIGH TEMPERATURE SENSORS. NTCLE203E3 and NTCLE100E3 NTCSMELFE3 and NTCLG100E2. The flagship of our ranges The accuracy Line sensors offer This range of high quality glass encapsulated NTC. real value for money They have low tolerances as low as temperature sensors are price competitive for general use. 1 on the R25 value and 0 5 on the B value and an Not only can the leaded sensor be used at up to 300 C but. operating temperature range from 40 C to 125 C In their glass encapsulation makes them ideal for use in. addition they are very stable over a long life corrosive atmospheres and harsh environments This makes. them an attractive alternative to other more expensive. SURFACE MOUNT TEMPERATURE SENSROS sensing methods Two types of small glass envelopes are. NTCS0402 NTCS0603 and NTCS0805 series available SOD 27 for sensors with leads and SOD 80. MELF execution for leadless surface mount sensors, Our surface mount NTC sensors for temperature sensing. APPLICATION NOTE,NTCSMELF and NTCLG are not recommended for.
and compensation embody all the qualities of Vishay. automotive though, BCcomponents NTC technology The sensors come in a full. range of R25 values from 2 k to 680 k with standard. AUTOMOTIVE SENSORS,tolerances from 1 to 5,NTCLE203E3 SB0. If special stability criteria are of application our special. series NTCS SMT 1 R25 value per case is highly These components are designed for all automotive. recommended applications especially ECT sensors Their coating is. withstanding harsh potting conditions These components. are compliant to the AEC Q200 norm,Revision 18 Jul 17 2 Document Number 29053. For technical questions contact nlr vishay com, THIS DOCUMENT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE THE PRODUCTS DESCRIBED HEREIN AND THIS DOCUMENT. ARE SUBJECT TO SPECIFIC DISCLAIMERS SET FORTH AT www vishay com doc 91000. Application Note,www vishay com,Vishay BCcomponents.
NTC Thermistors, MINIATURE CHIP ACCURACY LINE HOW NTC TEMPERATURE SENSORS WORK. NTCLE201E3 NTC temperature sensors are made from a mixture of metal. NTCLE300E3 oxides which are subjected to a sintering process that gives. NTCLE305E4 them a negative electrical resistance versus temperature. These sensors combine the features of the accuracy line R T relationship such as that shown in figure 1. with non insulated or insulated leads for remote sensing. applications log R,SPECIAL LONG LEADED SENSORS,NTCLS100E3. NTCLP100E3,NTCLE400E3 B 3740 K, For special applications we can supply three types of. long leaded sensors water resistant sensors for use in. humid conditions pipe sensors for use in corrosive B 4570 K. atmospheres and epoxy coated sensors for general use. SURFACE TEMPERATURE SENSORS,NTCALUG01 0 25 0 25 50 75 100 125. NTCALUG01T T C, NTCALUG02 Fig 1 Typical resistance as a function of temperature for an NTC.
NTCALUG03 temperature sensor,NTCALUG02 and NTCALUG03 measure surface. temperature with small gradients difference between The relatively large negative slope means that even small. surface and NTC element temperature due to low thermal temperature changes cause a significant change in. conductivity of the nickel wire electrical resistance which makes the NTC sensor ideal for. NTCALUG01T is a rugged product developed to withstand accurate temperature measurement and control. temperatures as high as 150 C during thousands of hours The main electrical characteristics of an NTC ceramic. without any wear out sign no insulation resistance loss temperature sensor are expressed by three important. parameters and their tolerances see below,IMPORTANT NTC PARAMETERS. PARAMETER DESCRIPTION,The resistance of the sensor in at the. reference temperature of 25 C,B value A material constant expressed in Kelvin. The temperature coefficient of resistance,expressed in K or in C.
APPLICATION NOTE,RESISTANCE R25 AT 25 C 289 15 K, The resistance at 25 C substantially at room temperature. provides a convenient reference point for thermistors. Tolerances on R25 are due mainly to variations in ceramic. material manufacture and tolerances on chip dimensions. Through the use of highly homogeneous material, compositions and proprietary ceramic sawing techniques. allowing precise control of chip dimensions products are. available with tolerances on R25 lower than 1,Revision 18 Jul 17 3 Document Number 29053. For technical questions contact nlr vishay com, THIS DOCUMENT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE THE PRODUCTS DESCRIBED HEREIN AND THIS DOCUMENT. ARE SUBJECT TO SPECIFIC DISCLAIMERS SET FORTH AT www vishay com doc 91000. Application Note,www vishay com,Vishay BCcomponents.
NTC Thermistors,MATERIAL CONCTANT B SENSOR TOLERANCES. B is a material constant that controls the slope of the RT The total tolerances of the NTC sensor over its operating. characteristic see figure 1 which can at least to a first temperature range is a combination of the tolerances on R25. approximation be represented by the formula and on B value given by the formula. R T R 25 exp B 1,T 298 15 R R 25 T 298 15, Where T is the absolute temperature of the sensor Figure 2 is a graphical representation of this formula which. shows a minimum at 25 C since this is the temperature at. In practice B varies somewhat with temperature and is. which the sensor is calibrated Above and below this. therefore defined between two temperatures 25 C and. temperature the tolerances increase due to the increasing. 85 C by the formula, tolerances on B value giving the graph a butterfly shape. B 25 85 ln,R 25 358 15 298 15, B25 85 expressed in K is normally used to characterize and 10. compare different ceramics Tolerance on B or B25 85 is R. caused mainly by material composition tolerances and. sintering conditions The latest materials offer tolerances as 8. low as 0 3 on some specific B25 85 values, In most cases better fitting curves than pure exponential are 6.
required to measure the temperature accurately see competitor. formula 1 That is why each NTC material curve is defined. by a 3rd order polynominal as shown below 4,2 3 Vishay. R T R 25 exp A B T C T D T 3,or inversely expressing T as a function of RT. 1 50 25 0 25 50 75 100 125,R T 2 RT 3 RT,A 1 B 1 ln C 1 ln D 1 ln. R 25 R 25 R 25, Fig 2 Typical resistance change as a function of temperature for. The two approximations 3 and 4 represent the real material a 1 Vishay NTC temperature sensor compared to a. curves with an error smaller than 0 1 at any given 1 sensor with a higher B tolerance. temperature, The values of the coefficients A B C D A1 B1 C1 and D1 The exceptionally low B value of the Vishay.
are given in some datasheets as NTCLE100E3 and in the BCcomponents sensor compared with those of typical. R T computation sheets which can be downloaded competitors see figure 2 gives a flatter R R butterfly. from the website curve which means you can get more accurate temperature. www vishay com thermistors curve computation list measurements using Vishay BCcomponents NTC. temperature sensors,APPLICATION NOTE,Revision 18 Jul 17 4 Document Number 29053. For technical questions contact nlr vishay com, THIS DOCUMENT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE THE PRODUCTS DESCRIBED HEREIN AND THIS DOCUMENT. ARE SUBJECT TO SPECIFIC DISCLAIMERS SET FORTH AT www vishay com doc 91000. Application Note,www vishay com,Vishay BCcomponents. NTC Thermistors, TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT OF THERMAL TIME CONSTANT AND RESPONSE. RESISTANCE TIME, The temperature coefficient of resistance expresses the The speed of response of an NTC sensor is characterized by.
sensitivity of a sensor to temperature changes It is defined its time constant This is the time for the sensor s. as temperature to change by 63 2 i e 1 to 1 e of the total. 1 R change that occurs when the sensor is subjected to a very. R T rapid change in temperature, Using formula to eliminate R this can be re expressed as The conditions under which the time constant is measured. B are important Two are normally considered, T Ambient change the component is initially in still air at. Which means that the relative tolerance on is equal to the 25 C Then quickly immersed in a fluid at 85 C The fluid. relative tolerance on B value is usually silicone oil but other fluids e g water for. washing machine applications air for tumble dryers can. THERMAL STABILITY also be specified, The stability of an NTC temperature sensor is expressed in Power on power off conditions the component is. terms of the maximum shift in its electrical properties R25 heated by applying electrical power in still air to an. and B values after it has been subjected to an extended equivalent temperature of 85 C after which electrical. period at its limit operating conditions Figure 3 for power is removed and cool down time is measured at. example shows the long term deviation of R25 and B value 63 2 of the temperature difference. for a standard lacquered component from the NTCLE100E3 Figure 4 represents the typical voltage drop variation over a. series with an R25 of 10 k boiler sensor experiencing a transition from air at 25 C to. the temperature of boiling water The graph shows a. 0 20 response time of about 4 s when the measured voltage. Shift in corresponds to an equivalent temperature of 72 4 C. 0 10 max 4,0 05 Voltage,average T 25 C,102 103 Time h 104. Fig 3 Aging characteristics dry heat at 150 C of a. NTCLE100E3 series NTC temperature sensor with an R25 of 10 k. 1 10 20 t s 30, TEMPERATURE CYCLING Fig 4 Typical output of a boiler sensor undergoing a sudden.
APPLICATION NOTE,temperature transition from 25 C to 100 C. Another important criterion for assessing the performance. of an NTC sensor throughout its operational life is its. resistance to thermal cycling To assess this products are ADVANCED DEVELOPMENT AND. subjected to rapid temperature variations covering the HIGH TECHNOLOGY MANUFACTURE. extremes over which they are expected to operate until The high accuracy of our NTC temperature sensor series is. failure is induced principally a result of advanced development and. These tests fully demonstrate the high reliability of our high technology manufacture. products our soldered types for example NTCLE300E3. types withstanding more than 5000 cycles and our glass. encapsulated types NTCLG100E2 more than,100 000 cycles without failure. Revision 18 Jul 17 5 Document Number 29053,For technical questions contact nlr vishay com. THIS DOCUMENT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE THE PRODUCTS DESCRIBED HEREIN AND THIS DOCUMENT. ARE SUBJECT TO SPECIFIC DISCLAIMERS SET FORTH AT www vishay com doc 91000. Application Note,www vishay com,Vishay BCcomponents. NTC Thermistors, ADVANCED DEVELOPMEMT SELECTING AN NTC TEMPERATURE SENSOR.
Audits of our factory by major customers especially in the STEP 1. automotive industry regularly award us top marks This is. the result of strong commitment to development and heavy Decide on the sensor series you need from the Selection. investment in personnel and equipment Only by such Chart. commitment have we been able to develop new and better Your choice depends on the operating temperature range. materials with B value tolerances as low as 0 3 and other criteria such as. HIGH TECHNOLOGY MANUFACTURE,Product size, Our most significant improvement in NTC temperature. sensor manufacture has come through the use of precision Required mechanical execution i e naked chip SMD. sawing This gives much better control over repetitive epoxy coated molded surface sensor or glass sealed. R25 value than the earlier pressing or tape casting Lead length and diameter. techniques and has allowed us to achieve R25 tolerances. lower than 1 After manufacture we electrically test every STEP 2. one of our NTC temperature sensors at reference or other Decide on the value of R25 you need Refer to the. temperatures R T characteristics of the sensor series you chose in Step 1. In these characteristic curves each sensor in the series is. COMPONENT QUALITY OUR GUARANTEE OF, distinguished by its R25 value Choose an R25 value to give. NTC Thermistors Application Note www vishay com Vishay BCcomponents APPLICATION NOTE Revision 18 Jul 17 2 Document Number 29053 For technical questions contact nlr vishay com

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