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First Sea Going Woman Radio Operator,Miss Graynella Packer. Jacksonville Florida,November 1910 to April 1911, Served aboard the Clyde liner Mohawk a US Atlantic. coastal passenger steamer in full charge of the wireless. radio room Prior to this she worked as a telegrapher on. shore for two years Little is known about Miss Packer. after she left the Mohawk They say her ambition was to. handle atmospheric electricity aboard a big ocean liner. Later in 1922 she was elected as a member of Oklahoma. State Bar Association in Oklahoma City,Source of Photographs U S Library of Congress. To read more about this interesting YL read,The Autobiography of a Girl Amateur. Radio Amateur News March 1920,Website http earlyradiohistory us 1920auto htm.
1999 2011 YLRAIO Website,RMS Titanic Sunk Early Morning of April 15 1912. This sinking disaster prompted new international radio laws regarding. frequency allocations and operating procedures Ships were now. required to carry two radio operators, Soon after a Boston lady name unknown applied for a ship s wireless. operator position without success, The ship had one male wireless operator and wireless men had to bunk. together due to confined space allotted them, Despite company policy this lady radio operator married the ship s. wireless operator and spent their honeymoon at sea. 1999 2011 YLRADIO Website,USA Radio Act of May 18 1912.
New Regulations, With the adoption of licensing amateurs were restricted to transmitting on. wavelengths 200 meters and below plus prohibited from transmitting on. commercial and military wavelengths If violated there would be fines. Ships must maintain 24 hour radio watch and stay in contact with nearby. Call signs were assigned to radio transmitters not to the operators. These new restrictions in the United States caused the number of radio. amateurs to drop by 88, This also had a profound effect on women radio operators causing their. numbers to decrease,1999 2011 YLRadio Website,The Book of Wireless. Archie Frederick Collins,Born Jan 8 1869 in South Bend Indiana. Died Jan 3 1952 in Nyack New York,Image Source Wikipedia the free encyclopedia.
Collins at a radio telephone set in 1904, Fancy a boy sitting in his room at home with his finger on a telegraph key and a. telephone receiver to his ear thousands of boys are doing this wonderful thing every. day and night of the year and you my young friend can do it as easily as they for any. boy can own a real wireless station if he really wants to End of Quote From The Book of. Frederick Collins an experimenter in wireless telephony owned the large Collins Wireless Telephone. Company He wrote many books One such book was The Boy Scientist which had a positive influence. on young boys and a negative one on young women, During this early period gender inequality was prevalent not only in the women homes but also in books. magazines and the work force etc Young women had few educational career and recreational choices. They were not welcomed in the amateur radio community nor in commercial radio It took a very. confident brave women to challenge companies who had an all male policy work force In amateur radio. by sending Morse women were able to pass themselves off as OMs to get on air and enjoy conversations. with other operators Otherwise women would be ignored by most male operators. 1999 2011 YLRADIO Website,Electrical Experimenter,October 1916. Magazine published the following article titled,The Feminine Wireless Operator. Just because a man Marconi invented commercial wireless. telegraphy does not mean for a moment that the,fair sex cannot master its mysteries.
Author Unknown,1999 2011 YLRADIO Website,Events Affecting Women. Early 20th Century, Gender inequality existed in the family educational institutions and workforce This impacted. on women s feelings and their choice of activities. Before WWI a large number of women entered the workforce primarily in traditional. female occupations teaching nursing secretarial work telephone and telegraph work. WWI began summer of 1914 and ended November 1918 In Canada an Order in Council was. issued to suspend operation of amateur radio stations and all non essential amateur radio. activity On Aug 15 1919 this order was cancelled and amateurs stations could apply for. licenses The U S A did not declare war against Germany until April 16 1917 A similar. Executive Order was issued All loyal amateurs were encouraged to join the armed forces. where their skills were needed It is reported that of the 6000 U S amateurs 4000 served. during the war years 1917 1918 Out of necessity women in both countries had to assume. full responsibility for their families plus work in jobs previously denied them before the war. Canada s first wave of feminism 1900 1930 had two goals Woman had the right to vote. and are persons under the law In 1918 Canada Elections Act enfranchised all female. citizens over age of 21 to vote federally It was not until 1940 that Canadian women achieved. full suffrage in all provinces In 1929 Canadian women were declared to be persons under. the law thanks to five Alberta womens appeal to the British Privy Council. All of these events impacted greatly on women Over time with increased responsibilities. confidence and self esteem women began to realize that they have value intelligence and. the right to attend Universities and Institutes of Technology to pursue careers in any field. of study they choose Women have joined the amateur radio fraternity over the 20th. Century in increasing numbers despite the fact that they are and will likely remain greatly. outnumbered by men,1999 2011 YLRADIO Website,Licensed Amateur Radio Female. 1914 First Canadian YL Wireless Radio Operator,Miss M S Colville XDD of Bowmanville ON. Only 10 of active amateurs were licensed,Only 79 licensed Canadian amateurs.
1915 First U S YL,Emma Chandler 8NH W8NH of St Mary s Ohio USA. Featured in QST issue Oct 1916,1999 2011 YLRADIO Website. The Electrical Experimenter,The Feminine Wireless Amateur. October 1916 Article,15 year old KATHLEEN PARKIN of San Rafael CA. expert radio operator and mechanician, received a first grade commercial radio operator s.
license from U S Gov t station s call was 6SO,She practiced her code daily on a buzzer for many. years prior to receiving her license Slide 10 Buzzer Image. Kathleen made all of her own apparatus like the,kilowatt set shown in this image. View Article 1916 Image in, Thomas H White http earlyradiohistory us 1915fem htm. Electrical Experimenter magazine published 1913 to 1920. 1999 2011 YLRADIO Website 9, The round object on left side of the wood base is the buzzer. Three binding posts the middle post connection was used when two hams. wanted to send and receive Morse with each other,1999 2011 YLRADIO Website.
San Francisco Chronicle, Credit Source Thank you to the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper for. giving YLRADIO permission to use this 1916 image,1999 2011 YLRADIO Website. Popular Science Monthly 1917,Girl s Wireless School at Hunter College NY. With U S A declaring war against Germany April 1917. Preparedness Included Women Radio Operators, Source of Image Popular Science Monthly 1917 Issue Reviewed This Event. Thomas H White made mentioned of this in his link at. http earlyradiohistory us sec012 htm,1999 2011 YLRADIO Website.
American Radio Relay League ARRL,Story of Acronym YL. Miss M Adaire Garmhausen 3BCK the first Young Lady. Thank you to ARRL for giving,YLRADIO permission to use. these two images,1999 2011 YLRADIO Website 13,Eunice Randall. 1CDP and W1MPP, Around 19 years of age Eunice Randall built her own amateur radio station ER In 1919 Eunice became the first. announcer on air at AMRAD 1XE WGI broadcasting station in Boston Massachusetts. American Radio Research Company male colleagues strongly opposed hiring Eunice With a team of engineer radio. experts she demonstrated built and tested equipment To keep company s radio station on air this six foot lady. climbed the tower when necessary earning their respect. In 1925 AMRAD went bankrupt and shut down Eunice still. continued working as an engineer and an active YL in amateur. radio activities She married to Ken Thompson W1PS in 1948. an employee of AMRAD Their retirement years were spent in. Maine where Eunice Randall Thompson died in 1982, Image Source Eunice s niece Eunice Stolecki gave this 1921 image to.
Donna Halper Assistant Professor of Communication Lesley University. Cambridge Mass Thank you to Donna Halper for giving me permission to. use it on YLRADIO Website, Read Donna Halper s informative essay on Eunice Randall at. http www oldradio com archives people randall htm,1999 2011 YLRADIO Website 14. Ethel Pick VE2HI,QSL Card 1937, QSL cards confirm that two amateur radio stations have made contact with each other. Station signal and call sign details are recorded on card Cards will be exchanged with. one another through regular post and or QSL Bureaus SWL stations often send cards. First Sea Going Woman Radio Operator Miss Graynella Packer Jacksonville Florida November 1910 to April 1911 Served aboard the Clyde liner Mohawk a US Atlantic coastal passenger steamer in full charge of the wireless

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