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NORSOK standard L 005 Rev 1 Sep 2003,Foreword 2,Introduction 2. 2 Normative and informative references 3,2 1 Normative references 3. 2 2 Informative references 3,3 Definitions and abbreviations 3. 3 1 Definitions 3,3 2 Abbreviations 4,4 Fundamental design requirements 5. 4 1 General 5,4 2 Materials 5,4 3 Strength 5,4 4 Corrosion resistance 6.
4 5 Temperature 6,4 6 Leakage 6, 4 7 Information requirements for supplier specific CFC 6. 4 8 Designation and marking 7,5 Product standard 7. 5 1 General 7, 5 2 Particular normative references for clause 5 8. 5 3 General description of flange design and features 8. 5 4 Standard components 9,5 5 Designation 11,5 6 General requirements 11. 5 7 Dimensions 12,5 8 Weights of flanges 13,5 9 Flange faces 13.
5 10 Surface finish 14,5 11 Tolerances 14,5 12 Marking 14. 5 13 IX seal ring 14,5 14 Handling installation and assembly 16. Annex A Normative Flange dimensions and weights 24. Annex B Normative Seals dimensions and weights 48,Annex C Normative Bolt dimensions and weights 52. Annex D Normative Pressure temperature ratings 58,Annex E Informative Materials 60. Annex F Informative Metric bolting 61,Annex G Informative Statement of compliance 63.
NORSOK standard Page 1 of 63,NORSOK standard L 005 Rev 1 Sep 2003. The NORSOK standards are developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry to ensure adequate safety. value adding and cost effectiveness for petroleum industry developments and operations Furthermore. NORSOK standards are as far as possible intended to replace oil company specifications and serve as. references in the authorities regulations, The NORSOK standards are normally based on recognised international standards adding the provisions. deemed necessary to fill the broad needs of the Norwegian petroleum industry Where relevant NORSOK. standards will be used to provide the Norwegian industry input to the international standardisation process. Subject to development and publication of international standards the relevant NORSOK standard will be. The NORSOK standards are developed according to the consensus principle generally applicable standards. work and according to established procedures defined in NORSOK A 001. The NORSOK standards are prepared and published with supported by OLF The Norwegian Oil Industry. Association and TBL Federation of Norwegian Manufacturing Industries NORSOK standards are. administered and published by NTS Norwegian Technology Centre. Attention is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of this document may be the subject of patent. rights NORSOK shall not be held responsible for identifying any or all such patent rights. This standard is based on common principles utilized by VERAX1 Vector International AS and. Off N Galperti SpA, The CFC as described in clause 5 is based upon the SPO compact flange developed by Vector International. Annex A B C and D are normative for products according to clause 5 whilst Annex E F and G are. informative,Introduction, This NORSOK standard is developed to provide an industry standard for a CFC which is an alternative to. conventional flanges as specified in ASME standards European Standard and International Standard with. reduced weight and smaller overall dimensions In addition leak tightness reliability is increased by its. inherent design features and make up procedures The CFC may also be an alternative to other types of. clamp and hub type mechanical connectors, The use of load carrying sealing elements traditionally referred to as gaskets will normally violate the.
fundamental requirements of this NORSOK standard, NORSOK draws attention to the fact that it is claimed that compliance with this document may involve the. use of a patent concerning the product given in clause 5 However the holder of this patent right Patent. no NO177160 has accepted free use of the flange configurations within the application limits contained in. clause 5 of this NORSOK standard, NORSOK takes no position concerning the evidence validity and scope of this patent right. 1 VERAX SPO CFS and GC Compact Flanges are trade names of products supplied by VERAX Vector International AS and. Off N Galperti SpA This information is given for the convenience of users of this NORSOK standard and does not constitute an. endorsement by NORSOK of the products named Equivalent products may be used if they can be shown to lead to the same results. NORSOK standard Page 2 of 63,NORSOK standard L 005 Rev 1 Sep 2003. This NORSOK standard provides general design and manufacturing requirements for CFCs used for joining. equipment valves piping and other piping components A specific and complete CFC product standard is. included in clause 5,2 Normative and informative references. The following standards include provisions and guidelines which through reference in this text constitute. provisions and guidelines of this NORSOK standard Latest issue of the references shall be used unless. otherwise agreed Other recognized standards may be used provided it can be shown that they meet or. exceed the requirements and guidelines of the standards referenced below. Please note that particular normative references for the product standard are given in clause 5. 2 1 Normative references, EN 1092 1 2001 Flanges and their joints Circular flanges for pipes valves fittings and accessories.
PN designated Part 1 Steel flanges, EN 1779 1999 Non destructive testing Leak testing Criteria for method and technique selection. 2 2 Informative references, API 6D Specification for Pipeline Valves Gate Plug Ball and Check Valves. ASME B1 1 Unified Inch Screw Threads UN and UNR Thread Form. ASME B16 5 Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings, ASME B16 20 Metallic Gaskets For Pipe Flanges Ring Joint Spiral Wound And Jacketed. ASME B16 25 Buttwelding ends, ASME B16 34 Valves Flanged Threaded and Welding End. ASME B18 2 2 Square and Hex Nuts Inch Series,ASME B31 3 Process Piping.
ASME B36 10M Welded and Seamless Wrought Steel Pipe. ASME B36 19M Stainless Steel Pipe, ASME VIII Div 2 Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Alternative Rules. ASTM A193 Standard Specification for Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel Bolting Materials for High. temperature Service, EN 1591 1 Flanges and their joints Design rules for gasketed circular flange connections Part 1. Calculation method,EN 13445 3 Unfired pressure vessels Part 3 Design. EN 13480 Metallic industrial piping, EN 13480 2 Metallic industrial piping Part 2 Materials. ISO 2768 1 General tolerances Part 1 Tolerances for linear and angular dimensions without. individual tolerance indications, ISO 4200 Plain end steel tubes welded and seamless General tables of dimensions and masses.
per unit length, ISO 4287 Geometrical product specification GPS Surface texture Profile method Terms. definitions and surface texture parameters, ISO 4288 Geometric Product Specification GPS Surface texture Profile method Rules and. procedures for the assessment of surface texture,NORSOK M 630 Material data sheets for piping. 3 Definitions and abbreviations,3 1 Definitions, verbal form used for statements of possibility and capability whether material physical or casual. NORSOK standard Page 3 of 63,NORSOK standard L 005 Rev 1 Sep 2003.
ASME pressure class ASME B16 5 and ASME B16 34,compact flanged connection CFC. non gasketed bolted static pipe connection including two flanges and where the bolt loads are transferred. through metal to metal contact between the flange faces. barrier to prevent the passage of fluids which does transmit all loads between flanges as shown in EN. 1591 1 Figure 3, verbal form used to indicate a course of action permissible within the limits of the standard. individual or organisation that buys the pipe connection on behalf of the user and or operator or for its own. component providing a barrier to prevent the passage of fluids transmitting no significant loads between the. verbal form used to indicate requirements strictly to be followed in order to conform to the standard and from. which no deviation is permitted unless accepted by all involved parties. verbal form used to indicate that among several possibilities one is recommended as particularly suitable. without mentioning or excluding others or that a certain course of action is preferred but not necessarily. individual or organisation that takes the responsibility for the supply of the pipe connection and its. conformance with this NORSOK standard,3 2 Abbreviations. API American Petroleum Institute,ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials,BL blind flange.
CFC compact flanged connection,DN nominal pipe diameter mm. EN European Standard,ID internal diameter, IF integral flange as part of some other equipment or component. ISO International Organisation for Standardisation. IX a special metallic seal ring applied in clause 5. LB line blinds including PS and PB,NCF5 NORSOK compact flange according to clause 5. NORSOK standard Page 4 of 63,NORSOK standard L 005 Rev 1 Sep 2003. NPS nominal pipe size inch,OD outer diameter,PB paddle blank.
PED Pressure Equipment Directive,PN nominal pressure bar. PS paddle spacer,PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene Teflon. RI rigid interface,WN weld neck,XS extra strong,4 Fundamental design requirements. 4 1 General, This clause specifies the minimum design requirements CFCs shall fulfil in order to be compliant with this. NORSOK standard, Supplier specific CFCs may refer to this NORSOK standard when additional requirements to the minimum.
requirements specified in this NORSOK standard are agreed between purchaser and supplier The intension. is to allow alternative designs to the products supplied in accordance with clause 5. A specific and complete CFC dimensional standard ranging from DN 15 to DN 1200 in pressure classes CL. 150 to CL 2500 max DN 600 for CL 2500 is included in clause 5. CFCs shall comply with the requirements in the piping or pressure vessel code agreed between the supplier. and the purchaser,CFCs shall, Be designed for face to face make up for transfer of the bolt loading through the flange faces. Be designed so that a static mode is maintained in the bolted joint up to a specified static mode pressure. defined by the purchaser Static mode is maintained as long as the difference between maximum and. minimum nominal load sustained by the bolts in the joint does not exceed 5 of minimum guaranteed. yield load when measured from zero to static mode pressure at room temperature and at minimum. required bolt preload The static mode pressure shall be at least equal to or greater than hydrostatic test. 4 2 Materials, Flanges covered by this NORSOK standard shall be made from forgings forged bars castings and for BL. and LB flanges only plates For WN flanges the manufacture shall be from forgings or forged bars For IF. and RI flanges the manufacture shall be from forgings or castings Flange type BL and LB can be. manufactured from plate materials, For WN flanges all mechanical test specimens shall be located to coincide with the WN position. For forged bars mechanical test specimens shall be made for both the longitudinal and the transverse. The hot isostatic pressed process is an acceptable alternative to forging. No repair welding shall be permitted without prior approval of the purchaser All welding shall be carried out. in accordance with a written procedure,4 3 Strength. CFCs shall generally have a level of structural safety that is comparable to that of the connecting pipe or. piping component CFCs shall be designed against the following possible modes of failure as appropriate. NORSOK standard Page 5 of 63,NORSOK standard L 005 Rev 1 Sep 2003.
Gross plastic deformation excessive yielding,Leak tightness. Fatigue failure, Furthermore considerations shall be given to maximum and minimum assembly bolt preload and possible. loss of bolt preload during operation due to combination of minimum assembly bolt load pressure external. loads and thermal effects Minimum assembly bolt load shall be determined based on assessment of. accuracy of bolt preload method short term and long term bolt relaxation. Sufficient resistance against the relevant failure modes shall be demonstrated by a calculation method. which has been validated by testing This testing shall also verify the static mode as defined by 4 1 by. applying a relevant pressure and external load test When the internal pressure is gradually increased it. shall be demonstrated by measurement of force or elongation of the bolts that the above requirement is met. up to the specified strength pressure, The calculation methods or experimental testing method e g Pressure Equipment Directive PED Annex I. 2 2 4 shall provide sufficient safety margins consistent where applicable with the requirements in the. piping or pressure vessel code agreed between the supplier and the purchaser Calculation or testing shall. demonstrate that shakedown is achieved at a load level defined as the ultimate capacity Two cycles of. maximum tensile or bending load is sufficient for this purpose. Calculations shall be made for design conditions that include pressure external loads assembly loads. thermal effects and tightness Design conditions include assembly bolt up condition hydrostatic test. ASME B1 1 Unified Inch Screw Threads UN and UNR Thread Form ASME B16 5 Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings ASME B16 20 Metallic Gaskets For Pipe Flanges Ring Joint Spiral Wound And Jacketed ASME B16 25 Buttwelding ends ASME B16 34 Valves Flanged Threaded and Welding End ASME B18 2 2 Square and Hex Nuts Inch Series

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