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Historical Geographical,Background,Origin is in Iceland. and other realms of Europe,Influenced Western,culture started in Bronze. Age 1600 450 B C,Christian priests,destroyed many records. considered as paganism,Historical Background Continued. Youknow Beowulf England also important is,Nibelungenlied Germany.
Elder Edda 1300 A D poems Icelandic,Younger Edda prose Snorri Sturluson 1200. Elder Edda s work is more important,Compared to Illiad not as organized. Differences from Greek Mythology,More stories were about gods rather than mortals. Not as mainstream but more intriguing to many,Concept of inevitable doom ETERNAL. Heroic die fighting,Heaven is not eternal Asgard includes death.
All northern tales are tragic but light in the darkness is. Similarities to Greek Mythology,war like cultures war like. myths gods,creation myth,pantheon of gods,moral world. Map of Norse Region,Conception Creation of the Gods. Started with two regions,Niflheim northern Muspellheim. waste of fog and ice southern region of,flame and brightness.
Creation of the Gods Continued,Between Niflheim and Muspellheim existed a. central region called Ginnungagap,From this region where warmth and cold met. came first creature Ymir and a great hornless cow,called Audhumla. As Ymir grew a male and female,came from his armits and family of. trolls from his legs,Creation of the Gods Continued.
Trolls produced Frost Giants called Jotars that soon. multiplied producing fair and ugly offspring,Cow licked iceblocks and uncovered Buri. Buri married Jotar and had son Bor,Bor had three sons Odin spirit Vili wild and Ve. They founded the Aesir race, They killed Ymir and pushed his bleeding body into. Ginnungagap and his blood drowned all Frost Giants. except Bergelmir, He repopulated the icy area and vowed to avenge Odin. Feud began between Frost Giants and Odin s followers. Creation of the World,The Aesir raised up Ymir s body and formed the.
world from it,Blood sea and lakes,Flesh earth,Bones mountains. Broken bones rocks and pebbles,Skull dome of sky dwarf in each corner to hold up. Eyebrows wall around earth called Midgard and, meant to protect people from Frost Giants who roamed. Creation of Humans, Odin and two of his court Hoenir and Lodur saw two. trees ash and elm he breathed into them and they,became a man and woman.
Hoenir gave gift of understanding,Lodur gave outward form and five senses. They were to live on earth,Below earth dwarfs small and twisted. creatures worked with metals, Above earth sun moon two children to drive across sky. in chariots,End of days came when giants would destroy the. sun moon resulting in Ragnarok doom,The World Tree.
Giant ash tree Yggdrasil,Origin unknown,Sustained life. Branches went to heaven,And into the earth,Three roots Aesir realm. Niflheim realm land of dead,Root of Niflheim spring. of Mimir Odin and eyesight,The World Tree cont,Beneath tree sacred spring of fate called Well. of Urd looked after by 3 Norns,3 Norns Urd Fate Verdandi Being Skuld.
Necessity also called past present future,Controlled destiny and nourish earth. Eagle and hawk on top wind enemy lookout,Giant serpent at roots trying to destroy it. and the evil squirrel with its insults such a jerk. I hate you,Different Worlds of the Norse,Muspellheim brightness and light. Niflheim cold and darkness Hel gloom,Ginnungagap gap where creation came from. Jotunheim Frost Giants home icy, Earth realm of mortals surrounded by Midgard created.
Darkalfheim under earth dwarfs,Alfheim land of elves. Asgard home of Aesir gods rainbow bridge Bifrost,Odin s palace highest point. Golden palace Gimli where good people went, Vanir gods lived in Asgard love and peace more obscure. Norse Mythology English IV Myth amp Legend Historical amp Geographical Background Origin is in Iceland and other realms of Europe Influenced Western culture started in Bronze Age 1600 450 B C Christian priests destroyed many records considered as paganism Historical Background Continued You know Beowulf England also important is Nibelungenlied Germany Elder Edda 1300 A D

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