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NISAB AHLE KHIDMAT E SHARIA 266 PART V,CONTENTS OF PART V. No SUBJECT No,1 Merits of Friday 268,2 Friday and the other religions 269. 3 Emphasis on Friday Prayers 270, 4 Rilinquishment of Friday Juma Prayers and its 271. punishment,5 Rules regarding Friday Prayers 272,6 Order for Friday Prayers 272. 7 Conditions for making the Friday Prayers obligatory 272. 8 Conditions of correct performance of Friday Prayers 274. 9 Details of first condition Township 274,10 Details of second condition Muslim Ruler 276.
11 Details of third condition Time of Zohr 276,12 Details of fourth condition Oration Khutba 276. 13 Details of fifth condition Congregation 277, 14 Details of sixth condition General permission 277. 15 Large gathering in Friday Prayers 278,16 The complimentaries of Friday Prayers 278. 17 Rules for proclamation of Friday Call Azan 279,18 Rules for maintaining rows Saf 280. 19 Rules for sermon Khutba 281,20 The items desirable in sermon Khutba 284.
21 The things which are abhorrent in sermon Khutba 284. 22 Rules of hearing sermon Khutba 286, 23 The Khutba of the Holy Messenger S A S on Friday 287. 24 The orders for Friday Prayers 289, 25 The method to deliver oration khutba and prayers 292. namaz of Juma on Friday,26 Miscelleneous Rules of Friday Prayers 293. NISAB AHLE KHIDMAT E SHARIA 267 PART V,27 Eidain Prayers 294. 28 Complimentaries of Eidain prayers namaz 295,29 Time table of Eidain Prayers 296.
30 Sets of Eid Namaz and Praises to Allah 296,31 Method of Eid Namaz 296. 32 Rules for Eid Namaz 297,33 Rules for Eid sermon Khutba 301. 34 Rules for exclaiming glory of Allah 302, 35 Rules of salath Namaz during Solar and Lunar eclipse 304. 36 Namaz on Lunar eclipse 305,37 Namaz on misfortune disorder or calamity 306. 38 Namaz during calamity 306,39 Rules regarding Namaz for Rain Istesqa 308.
40 Venue and method of Prayer for Rain 308,41 Namaz and Khutba for Rain 308. 42 Rules regarding Namaz on horror 310, 43 The method of congregational Prayers during horror 310. 44 Miscelleneous rules of congregational Prayers in denger 312. 45 Zakaat 313,46 Definition of Zakaat 316,47 Stipulations of Zakaat 316. 48 Conditions for making Zakaat Obligatory 317,49 Conditions for correct payment of Zakaat 319. 50 Zakaat on Silver Gold 321,51 Rules for Zakaat on goods of trade 323.
52 Of the Zakaat on Sayeema herds and flocks 324,53 Of the Zakaat of camels 324. 54 Of the Zakaat of Cows 325,55 Of the Zakaat of Goats 326. 56 Miscelleneous rules of Zakaat 326,57 Uses of Zakaat 327. NISAB AHLE KHIDMAT E SHARIA 268 PART V, IN THE NAME OF ALLAH THE MOST BENEFICIENT AND MERCIFUL. PRAISE BE TO ALLAH THE CHERISHER AND SUSTAINER OF THE. WORLD AND THERE IS BETTER RESULT FOR THE VIRTUOUS, Before the rules of Friday Prayers are explained it seems.
worthwhile and compulsory to mention the merits and emphasis thereon. so that its importance and necessity is impressed upon the minds and to. perform it properly Hence the merits are explained first. MERITS OF FRIDAY, Basis of nomenclature Friday is the day of assembly as the Muslims. gather to observe Friday prayers in big mosques Jame Masjid Therefore. this day is called Juma The creation of the universe is started from. Sunday and got completed within six days i e on Friday Hence the Friday. is the day of gathering of entire creature or due to the occurance of. magnificent incidents and assembly of the creation this day is named as. Juma The father of the mankind Hazrat Adam A S was born on this. day He had entered the heavens on this day descended on earth and died. on the same day The ressurection of the world would be on this day only. Merits of Friday 1 The Friday Juma is also called the leader of the days. Saiyed ul Aiyyaam the day of prosperity khair ul aiyyaam the day of. supermacy afzal ul aiyyaam day of witness shahid day of abundance. Yaum ul mazeed and festival of Muslims Eid ul Momineen Several. merits of Friday are shown The Holy Messenger S A S said Friday is. the best of all days on which day Hazrat Adam A S was born admitted. in heavens brought 1 out on this day and it will be the day of. resurrection 2, 1 Prima facie it seems to be ungratefulness but it is a favour because of the appearance of. Haz Adam A S there was propserity in the universe Prophets saints and virtuous people. are born and the land was inhabited by the offsprings of Haz Adam A S till the doomsday. in which there is multi dimensional wisdom of Allah Similarly his death is a means of. delight of union with Allah and His fancies, 2 No Friday passes except jinn and mankind and the entire creature is terrified that it. may be a day of resurrection,NISAB AHLE KHIDMAT E SHARIA 269 PART V. 2 Friday is the supreme day and it is very sacred near Allah It is. greater than Eid ul Azha and Eid ul Fitr, 3 Friday is greater among the days of a year On this day the.
trumpet will be blown On this day offer Drud on me in. abundance which will be brought before me, 4 Shahid Witness means Friday No day is so sacred than. Friday It contains a period during which if a Muslim makes. supplications with Allah his Dua will be accepted, 5 To Allah Friday is the day of granting in abundance. This name is carried among the Skydowellers It is the same day. on which one can see Allah in the heavens, 6 On one Friday it was declared O Muslims Allah has decreed. it as Eid day Hence make it compulsory to undertake bath. apply perfumes and use miswak tooth brush, 7 The Friday night is the auspicious night and its day is. resplendent, 8 A Muslim who dies on Friday morning or night he will be.
awarded like a martyr Allah saves him from the torments of the. 9 Every day afternoon the fire of the hell is fomented but on. Friday due to its sacredness it is not fomented,Friday and the Other Religions. It is evident from the Traditions Ahadeeth that the followers. of the other religions were also ordered in the past to gather on Friday. to observe prayers and to thank Allah for the bounties given to them. But they differed in it and they deprived themselves of this favour. This grace has also come to us The Jews chose Saturday on a. conception that the Almighty Allah set Himself free on it after the. creation The Christians chose Sunday on a surmise that it is the. foundation day of the creation Hence these two religions arranged. prayers leaving their worldly concerns on these days But Friday. attaches special importance for humanity since 1 the father of. mankind Haz Adam A S was born on this day besides being the divine. sanctions Therefore this day was adopted on the direction of Allah. 1 Moreover owing to his enterance in Heaven and coming out from Heaven and. fixation of day of the resurrection,NISAB AHLE KHIDMAT E SHARIA 270 PART V. It is found in Hadith that Huzoor S A S has said that we are according. to the Era latter but practically we are former According to the sacred. days the other nations are behind us The Jews celebrate Saturday the. next day and the Christians celebrate Sunday which is third in number as. our day of special prayers is former The Muslims will also enjoy priority. on the day of resurrection and are made free from Judgement of accounts. Friday and Prayers, 1 Namaz is the chosen prayer which is complete and comprehensive. Totally infatuated by Allah it was fixed for five times a day as a means. to gratify the unlimited favours and bounties of Allah which are. continuously showered from commencement rather before the creation. to till last breath and never to end even after the death Friday is a day. which attaches more importance than other days therefore a special. prayer is observed, 2 It is a decided factor that the congregational prayers is the source of. acquisition of the several advantages and blessings The greater the. congregation the more will be the bounties befalling upon the believers. The strengthening of the congregation will not be possible unless and. until the Muslims from all over the nearby places gather at one place. and offer prayers It would have been combursome upon the Muslims to. do so apart from the daily lethargic obligation of prayers five times a. day Therefore the Shariat has fixed it once in a week Because Friday. was very auspecious this special prayer is ordered on this day only. EMPHASIS ON FRIDAY PRAYERS, Supermacy of Friday and obligation Friday prayer is supereme and most.
prominent It enjoys greater merits than all other prayers The time of Friday. prayers is fixed for Zohr But there is much emphasis on Friday prayers. than the Zohr namaz and its reward is more than the Zohr The punishment. for relinquishing it is also severe than the Zohr namaz In fact the Friday. Juma prayer is prominent and permanent prayer among the five times. prayers and it is the individual responsibility In the Quran it is laid down. NISAB AHLE KHIDMAT E SHARIA 271 PART V, O believers when the call is proclaimed to prayer on Friday. the day of Assembly hasten earnestly to the remembrance of. God and leave off business and Traffic that is the best for you. if you but know, It is narrated in various Ahadith Friday is the Haj for poor believers. Friday prayer is compulsory on every Muslim except for four persons a slave. a woman a boy and a diseased blind and traveller are also exempt The. person who undertakes bath and adopts utmost cleanliness anoint his. hairs apply perfumes and then go for Salath sit down in the mosque. without disutrbing the others perform Nafil Salath as many times as. feasible maintain silence after the Imam starts oration Then his sins from. that time onwards till the next Friday will be wiped out in addition to three. more days it is because Allah says whoever does one virtue the reward for it. will be ten times, Whoever takes a perfect bath and starts early in the morning for. the Friday mosque Jame Masjid on foot not on any conveynance hear the. oration during this time not engaged in any vain activity each step will. fetch the reward of a year s worship a year s fasting and a year s Salat. Relinquishment of Friday Juma prayers and its punishmentt. On relinquishment of Friday prayers terrible punishment is. forecast Huzoor S A S says, 1 I was determined to ask someone to lead the prayer appoint the. Imam and I will myself burn their houses of those who do not join the. Friday prayers, 2 People should refrain from relinquishing the Friday prayers.
otherwise Allah will seal their hearts and they will be pushed in the. 3 The person who without reasons relinquishes the Friday prayers. he will be recorded as a hypocrite in a book which will never be effaced. or amended, 4 The person who without excuse relinquishes the Friday Prayers. three times Allah will seal his heart,NISAB AHLE KHIDMAT E SHARIA 272 PART V. 5 There is a reference in hadith that the Almighty Allah will withdraw. His care from a person who forsakes three Friday Prayers continuously. In fact he has thrown Islam behind his back, 6 The person who bears witness of Allah and the Doomsday it is. compulsory for him to say Friday Prayers except ill wayfarer woman. lad and slave, Hence whoever is foresaking the Friday Prayers engages himself in. vain activities or business Almighty Allah avoids him from His Bliss. Allah is absolute and praiseworthy That means He does not need your. sacrifice He is blessed, 7 Huzoor S A S delivered a S ermon and declared therein.
O people beg pardon from Allah before you die and hasten in doing. virtues and remember in devotion the name of Allah frequently and. strengthen your relations with Allah by your charity open or secret if. you do this your fortunes will be expanded and you will be supported. and your miseries will be removed Behold that Allah made Friday. prayers compulsory for you It will remain compulsory wherever you. live any month and any year till the day of resurrection During my. life or after my death if any one takes it lightly and forsakes it or. refuses it his miseries will not be cleared even by his ruler whether he. is just and righteous or cruel He will not be prosperous in his life. Behold that neither his prayers will be accepted nor alms and charity. and Haj Not even any vitrue unless he repents if he repents Allah. may forgive him,RULES REGARDING FRIDAY PRAYERS,1 Order for Friday Prayers. 1 The Friday prayers is an individual responsibility From Quran. Hadith consensus of opinion it is evident that it is more stressed than. zohr prayers as one of the signs of Islam The person denying this. obligation will become an unbeliever and relinquisher without excuse is. a transgressor, 2 Conditions for making the Friday prayers obligatory. There are 6 conditions of obligatory Friday prayers. NISAB AHLE KHIDMAT E SHARIA 273 PART V,a A resident not obligatory on wayfarer 1. b A healthy person not compulsory on an ill 2 person and his attendant. when there is no one to look after him Very old and weak who cannot. walk These persons are catagorised as ill, c A free person slave 3 is not under obligation of Friday prayers. d A male woman is not under obligation of Friday prayers. e Able to walk lame 4 is not under obligation provided his limping is. not a bar to come to a mosque for Friday prayers, f Not blind on a blind person Friday prayers is not obligatory 5 but it i.
Miscelleneous Rules of Friday Prayers 293 NISAB AHLE KHIDMAT E SHARIA 266 PART V 27 Eidain Prayers 294 28 Complimentaries of Eidain prayers namaz 295 29 Time table of Eidain Prayers 296 30 Sets of Eid Namaz and Praises to Allah 296 31 Method of Eid Namaz 296 32 Rules for Eid Namaz 297 33 Rules for Eid sermon Khutba 301 34 Rules for exclaiming glory of Allah 302 35 Rules of

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