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Cont e nt s,To protect your health and safety and for correct. use of the Wii system please read and follow the NOTE This Wii console is not compatible with Nintendo GameCube Health and Safety Information 2 3. instructions in this operations manual before setup Game Discs or accessories System Components. or use Wii Console 4 5,Wii Remote Plus 6, Throughout this manual you will see this symbol followed by WARNING or Nunchuk 7. CAUTION These terms have different levels of meaning Wii Sensor Bar 7. Wii AC Adapter 8, WARNING Warns you about incorrect use of the Wii system that could result in Wii AV Cable 8. serious personal injury,System Setup, CAUTION Cautions you about incorrect use of the Wii system that could result in Wii Console 9. personal injury or damage to the Wii system components game discs or accessories Wii AV Cable 10. Wii Sensor Bar 11 14,IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PARENTS Wii AC Adapter 14.
Before allowing any child to use the Wii system a parent or other TV and Audio Video Settings 15. responsible adult should determine whether the Wii system is appropriate. for the child Only children who are old enough and capable of wearing the. Setup of Wii Remote Plus 16 18, wrist strap and properly gripping the Wii Remote Plus should use the system Synchronising Your Wii Remote Plus and Wii Console 19 20. You should also consider whether children should be supervised while Using Game Discs 21. playing games connecting to the internet and or downloading games Be Wii System Play Guidelines 22. sure to explain all safety and health information and instructions to any. children who are going to use the system Failure to do so may result in. Using the Wii Remote Plus 23 24, injuries or damage to the system or other property Using the Nunchuk 25 26. Using SD Memory Cards 27,Troubleshooting 28 30,Radiocommunications Information 30. Australian Registered Design 307095 308112 308225 311634 311910 312055 312056 312057 Warranty and Service Information 31. 312058 312059 312075 312140 313620 319711 319714, This product only plays compatible PAL Wii Discs This product does not play CD or DVD New Zealand Registered Designs 406782 407108 407109 410190. discs This Wii console is for use only in Australia and New Zealand TM and the Wii logo are trademarks of Nintendo 2011 Nintendo All Rights Reserved Elements of the Wii. console and the Wii Network Services are patent pending both in the United States and internationally. H ea l t h a nd Safety In for mation, IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION READ THE FOLLOWING WARNING Repetitive Motion Injuries WARNING Battery Leakage CAUTION Motion Sickness.
WARNINGS BEFORE SETUP OR USE OF THE Wii IF THIS and Eyestrain Leakage of battery acid can cause personal injury as well as damage to your remote Playing video games can cause motion sickness in some players If you or your child. PRODUCT WILL BE USED BY YOUNG CHILDREN THIS MANUAL If battery leakage occurs thoroughly wash the affected skin and clothes Keep battery feel dizzy or nauseous when playing video games stop playing and rest Do not drive. Playing video games can make your muscles joints skin or eyes hurt Follow these or engage in other demanding activity until you feel better. SHOULD BE READ AND EXPLAINED TO THEM BY AN ADULT acid away from your eyes and mouth Leaking batteries may make popping sounds. instructions to avoid problems such as tendinitis carpal tunnel syndrome skin. To avoid battery leakage, FAILING TO DO SO MAY CAUSE INJURY irritation or eyestrain. PLEASE CAREFULLY REVIEW THE INSTRUCTION BOOKLET FOR Avoid excessive play Parents should monitor their children for appropriate play. Do not mix used and new batteries replace all batteries at the same time CAUTION Laser Device. Take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour even if you don t think you need it. THE GAME YOU ARE PLAYING FOR ADDITIONAL HEALTH AND If your hands wrists arms or eyes become tired or sore while playing or if you feel. Do not mix different brands of batteries, The Wii console is a Class I laser product Do not attempt to disassemble the Wii. SAFETY INFORMATION Nintendo recommends alkaline batteries Do not use lithium ion nickel cadmium. symptoms such as tingling numbness burning or stiffness stop and rest for console Refer servicing to quali ed personnel only. nicad or carbon zinc batteries, several hours before playing again Caution Use of controls or adjustments or procedures other than those speci ed. Do not leave batteries in the remote for long periods of non use. If you continue to have any of the above symptoms or other discomfort during or herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure. Do not recharge alkaline or non rechargeable batteries. after play stop playing and see a doctor, WARNING Seizures Do not put the batteries in backwards Make sure that the positive and Speci cations. negative ends are facing in the correct directions Insert the negative end rst Laser Type Semiconductor laser Laser wave length 662nm typ 647nm 687nm. Some people about 1 in 4000 may have seizures or blackouts triggered by light WARNING Electric Shock When removing batteries remove the positive end rst Laser power Max 0 9mW Numeric aperture 0 6. ashes or patterns and this may occur while they are watching TV or playing video Do not use damaged deformed or leaking batteries. games even if they have never had a seizure before To avoid electric shock when you use this system Do not dispose of batteries in a re Use only the AC Adapter that comes with your Wii Console RVL 101 AUS. Do not use the Wii during a lightning storm There may be a risk of electric shock When disposing of batteries follow appropriate local guidelines and regulations AC Adapter Speci cation Input 230 240V 50Hz 52W. Anyone who has had a seizure loss of awareness or other symptom linked to an from lightning For information on battery disposal contact your local solid waste authority Output 12V 3 7A. epileptic condition should consult a doctor before playing a video game Use only the AC Adapter that comes with your system. Do not use the AC Adapter if it has damaged split or broken cords or wires See page 20 for instructions on removing the Wii Remote Jacket and. Make sure that the AC Adapter cord is fully inserted into the wall outlet or installing batteries Warning. Parents should watch their children play video games Stop playing and consult a. doctor if you or your child has any of the following symptoms extension cord Not suitable for children under 36 months of age The Wii Remote Wrist Strap and. Always carefully disconnect all plugs by pulling on the plug and not on the cord the cord of the Nunchuk can coil around the neck The protective lm of the Sensor. Convulsions Eye or muscle twitching Loss of awareness Make sure the Wii power button is turned OFF before removing the AC Adapter WARNING Radio Frequency Interference. Health and Safety Information,Health and Safety Information.
Altered vision Involuntary movements Disorientation Bar consists of small parts and could be swallowed. cord from an outlet, The Wii console and Wii Remote Plus can emit radio waves that can affect the operation. To reduce the likelihood of a seizure when playing video games of nearby electronics including cardiac pacemakers Additional cautionary information appears in this manual. WARNING PREGNANCY AND MEDICAL CONDITIONS Do not operate the Wii console or remote within 25 centimetres 10 inches of a Read this manual completely before setup or use of the Wii. Sit or stand as far from the screen as possible pacemaker. Play video games on the smallest available television screen Consult your doctor before playing Wii games that may require physical activity if you are. If you have a pacemaker or other implanted medical device do not use the. Do not play if you are tired or need sleep pregnant suffer from heart respiratory back joint or orthopaedic problems have high NOTE This product does not contain latex This Product complies with the European. Wii console or remote without rst consulting your doctor or the. Play in a well lit room blood pressure or if your doctor has instructed you to restrict your physical activity or if Directive relating to the use of toxic materials in consumer products. manufacturer of your medical device, Take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour you have any other medical condition that may be aggravated by physical activity. Persons receiving treatment for an injury or disorder involving the ngers hands or arms. 2 should NOT use the rumble function of the Wii Remote or Wii Remote Plus 3. Co m p o n e nts,Wii Console Wii Console,Front view Back view. Game Disc slot,For inserting a Wii Game Disc Slot lights blue. and blinks when a disc is inserted, When WiiConnect24 is set to ON the slot will Sensor Bar Connector.
blink when messages or data are received Connects to the Sensor Bar. DC Input Connector,Connects to the Wii AC Adapter,POWER Button. Press to turn the console ON or OFF,NOTE The Power LED does not go out. when the power is turned off,AV Multi Out Connector Air Vent USB Connectors. Connects to the AV cable for Do not block Connects to USB devices such as the. Power LED your television Wii LAN Adapter sold separately. Shows the status of the Wii console SD Card slot EJECT Button. Green Console power is ON For inserting an SD memory Press to eject a Wii Game Disc. cards See page 27,Orange Standby mode WiiConnect24 is ON. Red Standby mode WiiConnect24 is Off Right side view. Press to restart a game Air Intake,Do not block,SYNCHRO Button SYNC.
Used when synchronising a Wii Remote or Wii,Remote Plus with the console See pages 19 20. Components,Components,Battery Cover, Do not remove battery cover unless instructed to do so by a Nintendo Customer Service Representative. The CR coin lithium battery CR2032 may contain perchlorate material to which special handling rules may apply. Co m p o n e nts,Wii Remote Plus Back view Nunchuk Wii Sensor Bar. Shown with the included Wii Remote Jacket attached Shown with the battery cover removed Nunchuk Plug. Connects to the External Extension, Control Stick Connector on the Wii Remote Plus Sensor Bar Plug. Pointer Lens Plugs into the Sensor Bar Connector on the back of the Wii console. Wii Remote Wrist Connector Hook See pages 11 14 for installation instructions. Strap Insert the cord of the wrist, See page 18 for information on strap through the hook.
wrist strap use,Power Button,Press to turn the Wii console. Control Pad,Strap Lock,HOME Button Z Button,Press to display the HOME SYNCRO Button SYNC. Menu screen See page 64 Wii Used when synchronising a Wii C Button. Operations Manual Channels and Remote Plus with the console See. Settings for more information pages 19 20,Lock Release Levers. Squeeze levers to remove,Minus Button plug from Wii Remote Plus. Plus Button Wrist Strap,Attachment, Speaker To take advantage of the features of the Nunchuk accessory you must use Wii.
game software that supports Nunchuk gameplay features Look for this icon on. 1 Button External Extension game packaging for games that are designed to be used with Nunchuk. 2 Button Allows connection of external, NOTE If the Control Stick is moved out of neutral position when the Wii power is turned ON or when To avoid this from occurring do not move the Control Stick when. accessories such as the Nunchuk,Components,Components. NOTE Some Wii Remote models include a hole connecting to the remote that position will be set as neutral position causing incorrect game control during Turning the Wii console on. Plugging the Nunchuk into the Wii Remote Plus, Player LEDs in the battery cover and a protrusion to push the game play To reset the Control Stick allow it to return to the normal neutral position then simultaneously Starting Channels from the Channel Menu. Indicate which player the Wrist Strap cord SYNC Button with not available on all models hold down the A B Plus and Minus buttons on the remote for three seconds Returning to the Wii Menu from games or Channels. remote is set up for See page 19 for more information. 6 REVISED 7,Co m p o n e nts Sy s t e m S e t up,Wii AC Adapter Wii Console Usage Precautions. Wii Console Placement,Place the Wii console on a at horizontal surface.
Please read and follow the precautions listed below when. setting up and using the Wii console Failure to do so NOTE Choose a location to set up the console that has enough room to. allow for free flow of ventilation around the console. may result in damage to your Wii system or accessories. IMPORTANT To avoid damage to the Wii console do not place it on. Do not use any AC Adapter other than the one provided with your system its side. The console has intake and exhaust vents designed to maintain adequate. ventilation Do not operate the console in any location where these vents may. become covered or obstructed for example on carpet or in a tightly enclosed. space Keep vents clear of any dust or other foreign material. AC Plug DC Plug Do not disassemble or try to repair the Wii console accessories or components. Connects to a 230V 240V AC Connects to the DC Input connector. wall outlet on the back of the Wii console After you have nished playing be sure to remove the Game Disc from the. Do not store the Wii console in a humid place on the oor or in any location. where it may collect dirt dust lint etc, Wii AV Cable Do not drop hit or otherwise abuse the Wii console components or accessories. Wii Operations Manual System Setup MAA RVK S AUS C0 NINTENDO AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Scoresby Industrial Park 804 Stud Road Scoresby Victoria 3179 Australia www nintendo com au support nintendo com 1 Health and Safety Information 2 3 System Components Wii Console 4 5 Wii Remote Plus 6 Nunchuk 7 Wii Sensor Bar 7 Wii AC Adapter 8 Wii AV Cable 8 System Setup Wii Console 9 Wii AV Cable 10

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