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NIKKISO Non Seal Pump Introduction 01,NIKKISO Non Seal Pumps. NIKKISO began with the production of centrifugal,canned motor pumps in 1956 making it one of the. first companies in the world to produce these pumps. commercially and it continues to do so today Origi. nally developed for the nuclear industry the centrifu. gal canned motor pump has been developed further, over the years and adapted to a wide range of indus. trial applications NIKKISO has taken a pioneering role. in these developments since its founding For exam, ple the E Monitor is the most advanced system of its. kind for the monitoring of bearing condition,02 NIKKISO Non Seal Pump Advantages.
NIKKISO Non Seal Pumps,The advantages at a glance,Safe Quiet and low vibration E Monitor. No gaskets no leakages Through a double A fully encapsulated system without motor Monitoring of bearing condition during pump. safety enclosure consisting of an internal fan or exposed bearings enables low noise operation for the highest safety. stator lining and an external pressure resistant and low vibration operation. stator housing leakages and thus harmful,impacts to the environment are avoided This. minimizes both immediate and long term risks,for personnel. Small compact and low space requirements Low routine maintenance Simple installation and maintenance. The integration of pump and motor make for No shimming or clearance setting is required Compact design combined with a low number. an especially efficient use of space With mini Simply by design only a few parts are needed of required components enables simple instal. mal foundation space requirements set up lation and maintenance Spacer discs or clear. costs are reduced As no coupling is present ance settings are also no longer necessary. an alignment is not necessary,NIKKISO Non Seal Pump Markets 03. Chemical industry, NIKKISO is one of the leading manufacturers in the sealless.
pump industry for conveying hot oil Non Seal pumps are often. used as transfer pumps for chemical fluids or for unloading rail. Refineries, The applications for refineries include the conveying of catalysts. for alkylation sulfuric or hydrofluoric acid natural gas conden. sates benzene acidic water volatile hydrocarbons or Liquefied. Natural Gas LNG,Energy utilities, In the energy sector NIKKISO centrifugal canned motor pumps. are used as seal water pumps in high pressure condensate ap. plications or for nitrogen oxide suppression,04 NIKKISO Non Seal Pump References. NIKKISO Non Seal Pump References 05,Reference Applications. for NIKKISO Non Seal Pumps,Industry Chemicals,Application.
The production of liquid Industry Chemicals Industry Chemicals. natural gas as a cooling medium Application Application Unloading from. NIKKISO solution High temperature tanks and rail vehicles in paint factories. Pumps with liquid recirculation NIKKISO solution NIKKISO solution. Vertical design 75 kW motor power Pump with cooling jacket Pump with self priming. Industry Chemicals Industry Chemicals,Application Application. Conveying liquids with a high Water treatment Industry Chemicals. melting point NIKKISO solution Application, NIKKISO solution Standard version pump with special Conveying chemicals. Pump with heating jacket around the material titanium for housing and NIKKISO solution. pump and motor housing impeller Pump in standard version. 06 NIKKISO Non Seal Pump Features,NIKKISO centrifugal canned motor pump. In accordance with API 685, NIKKISO centrifugal canned motor pumps have been developed. for the highest pressure applications in refineries and the petro. chemical sector in accordance with API 685 and ATEX. API 685 Sealless Centrifugal Pumps for Petroleum,Heavy Duty Chemical and Gas Industry.
ATEX ATEX guideline 2014 34 EU,The LED display of the E Monitor displays. the axial and radial rotor position during,pump operation Available as a local or. remote display LED directional display for,simplified startup. Integrated thermostats,Temperature monitoring for stator winding. Insulation class C enables uncooled operation,at fluid temperatures up to 180 C.
Temperature monitoring unit,for process medium,Additional temperature monitoring. Bearing available in various materials for custom,ized adaptation to the respective process fluid. CG93 silicon carbide bearings fulfill the API require. ments for bearing service life Stator rotor lining. Hastelloy C 276,Second safety shell,Standard pressure resistance to 40 bar. Shaft protection sleeves and axial thrust washers,Option Available with pressure moni. Shaft protection sleeves available in a wide variety of different surface treatments for individual. toring of the stator space, ized customization for the respective liquid application Replace in the case of bearing change for.
the purposes of new wear layer and wear play The thrust washers dampen a high axial thrust. under disruptive conditions and provide support for the hydraulic axial thrust balancing. 150 300 600 and 900 lb is standard,API 685 Flanges available for ANSI ASME. B 16 5 CL 150 300 600 900 lb RF Developed,for quadruplex nozzle forces and torques. in accordance with API 685,Rotor balancing,API 685 ISO 1940 G 2 5 gm mm. Highly efficient design open or,closed configurations. Available in various materials,and configurations,Automatic axial thrust balancing.
Housing with central supports,API 685 Design pressure of at least. 40 bar with corrosion acceptance,08 NIKKISO Non Seal Pump Components. The most important components,for reliability and safety. The NIKKISO E Monitor has been developed to determine the condition of the hermetically sealed pump bearings during pump opera. tion The position of the rotor is monitored while the pump is operating Furthermore the technically state of the art monitor can be. used for preventive maintenance relating to bearing wear. Separate wear display for axial and radial bearings. Uneven wear of the front or rear bearings,Directional monitoring. Advantages, The directional display indicates whether the pump is rotating in the wrong direction and makes measurements of the.
phase rotation during commissioning unnecessary, Since the E Monitor receives its power supply by means of the motor s terminal box external wiring is omitted. The unit is attached to the pump and is ready for use after the pump is commissioned. E Monitor operating principle,V axial wear, Sensors integrated into the stator transmit is registered by the sensors Any change bearings 5An LED illuminated in yellow. the measurement data to the monitoring in the status of the pump bearings is indicates to the operator that the pump. unit The rotor assembly is moved along displayed to the operating personnel by should be checked at the next regular. the radial or axial position in the case means of a simple and clearly arranged system shutdown If the LED lights up in. of bearing wear As soon as the rotor LED display An LED that is illuminated red the pump should be immediately put. leaves its operationally safe position this in green indicates a good state of the out of operation and checked. rear axial clearance front,V axial wear V radial wear. rear axial clearance front down up,V radial wear,NIKKISO Non Seal Pump Components 09. Bearings modular system, NIKKISO bearings are slide bearings The materials used.
range from various carbon graphites through polytetra. fluorethylene PTFE to silicon carbide The use of CG93 Shaft protection sleeves Bearing. a mixture of carbon and silicon carbide enables increased hard coated carbon graphite. protection against wear without any brittleness, The bearings are liquid lubricated and designed with Silicon carbide. a groove for an improved supply of lubricant, Depending on application the shaft protection sleeves. are either plated with chromium or finished with a hard Shaft. ened material, The axial thrust washers made of hardened material. or chromium plated limit the movement of the shafts. under disruptive conditions to reduce the risk of damage. to the pump Axial thrust washer,hard coated, For a simplified installation process the front and rear. bearings are identical shaft protection sleeves are identi. cal and thrust washers are also identical to one another. Automatic axial thrust balancing,The hydrodynamic operating prin.
ciple of a set of fixed and,variable passages enable an auto. matic axial thrust balancing to center,the shaft between the axial thrust Tight. bearings Thus wear to the axial passage,thrust bearings during normal opera Axial thrust. tion is avoided The interchangeable balancing chamber. axial thrust washers and the thrust,side of the carbon bearings come. into contact with one another only, during startup and under disruptive Variable flow passage.
conditions for example if the suction flow adjustment by. flow cuts out By controlling the axial axial shaft movement. thrust on the impeller the motor,cooling flow is not influenced by the. position of the shafts,10 NIKKISO Non Seal Pump Components. Reliable motors, Protection against leakages through seal welded and 100 leakage proof corrosion resistant linings. They ensure that the supplied medium does not come into contact with the stator windings or the core. of the rotor, The complete outer side of the motor is encapsulated in a second leak proof protective shell. Increased operating reliability through the absence of dynamic seals. Motor cooling and bearing lubrication through the supplied medium that is circulated in the area. between the rotor and stator lining, Motor windings and insulation are specially designed and used as an integrated pump component Thus.
a design service lifetime is achieved which corresponds to at least that of conventional air cooled motors. Integrated thermostats at the overheating points of the windings switch off the motor in case of. overheating Control of the winding temperature mainly through fluid temperature as well as through. the use of a cooling jacket, Direct integration of the motor into the centrifugal canned pump ensures not only environmental. protection but also safety at the plant, All parts of the pump are designed for easy and fast maintenance Therefore expensive downtimes. can be minimized,NIKKISO Non Seal Pump Components 11. 12 NIKKISO Non Seal Pump Pump Types,For a wide variety of requirements. The NIKKISO Non Seal Pump Types,Standard applications.
Standard version, Suitable for a wide variety of clean non volatile liquids. with moderate temperature,Flow rate up to 780 m h,Head up to 210 m 300 m at 60 Hz. Motor power up to 132 kW 200 kW without explosion protection. Temperature 60 to 200 C,Viscosity up to 80 cP,High viscosity liquids. The pump type HV is for the use of liquids with a viscosity. of 80 cP to 200 cP,Flow rate up to 180 m h,Head up to 200 m. Motor power up to 44 kW,Temperature 60 to 200 C,Viscosity up to 200 cP.
Jacketed casing for liquids with a high melting point. The HB type pump is equipped with a heating jacket around the pump housing. the motor stator and the rear bearing housing in order to regulate the tempera. ture during the production of liquids with a melting point of up to 140 C. Flow rate up to 160 m h,Head up to 200 m,Motor power up to 22 kW. Temperature 60 to 200 C,Viscosity up to 200 cP,NIKKISO Non Seal Pump Pump Types 13. Fluids with high temperatures,High temperatures with cooling. Developed for the production of hot liquids The process liquid in the. rotor compartment is circulated through the use of an auxiliary impeller. An integrated tube bundle heat exchanger as well as a spacer for thermal. decoupling serve to keep the medium temperature in the motor constant. ly cool and thus maintain a suitable winding temperature. Flow rate up to 780 m h,Head up to 210 m 300 m at 60 Hz. Motor power up to 132 kW,Temperatures up to 400 C,Viscosity up to 200 cP.
High temperatures without requiring cooling, Specially developed for heat transfer applications A special all ceramic. motor insulation is used with the HX pump type For maximum system. heat efficiency an external heat insulation can be used by which the. pump will be ideally suited for conveying thermal oils Through the use of. an optional heating jacket in combination with the ceramic motor insula. tion the HX type works well for the production of liquids with a high. melting point above 140 C which would exceed the upper temperature. limits of the normal organically insulated materials of motors. Flow rate up to 200 m h,Head up to 200 m,Motor power up to 55 kW. API 685 Flanges available for ANSI ASME B 16 5 CL 150 300 600 900 lb RF Developed for quadruplex nozzle forces and torques in accordance with API 685 Automatic axial thrust balancing Rotor balancing API 685 ISO 1940 G 2 5 gm mm Housing with central supports API 685 Design pressure of at least 40 bar with corrosion acceptance of 3 mm

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