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Nietzsche Genealogy History 77, material Its cyclopean monuments 2 are constructed from. discreet and p arently insignificant truths and according to a. rigorous metho they cannot be the product of large and. well meaning rrors 3 In short genealogy demands relentles s. erudition Genealogy does not oppose itself t o history a s the. lofty and profound gaze of the philosopher might compare to. the molelike perspective of the scholar on the cOJ ltrary it rej ects. the metahistorical deployment of ideal significations and indef. inite teleologies It opposes itself to the search for origin s. 2 I n Nietzsche we find two uses o f the word Ursprung The. first is unstressed and it is found alternately with other terms. such as Entstehung Herkunft Abkunft Geburt In The Genealogy. of Morals for example E n tsteh u ng or Ursprung serves equally. well to denote the origin of duty or guilty conscience 4 and in. the discussion cif logic and knowledge in The Gay Science their. origin is indiscriminately referred to as Ursprung Entstehung or. Herkunft 5, The other use o f the word i s stressed O n occasion Nietzsche. places the term in opposition to another in the first paragraph. of Human All Too Human the miraculous origin Wunderursprung. sought by metaphysics is set against the analyses of historical. philosophy which poses questions uber Herku nft und Anfang. Ursprung is also used in an ironic and deceptive manner In. what for instance do we find the original basis Ursprung of. morality a foundation sought after since Plato In detestable. narrow minded conclusions Pudend riga 6 Or in a related. context where should we seek th rigin of religion Ursprung. which Schopenhauer located i a particular metaphysical sen. timent of the hereafter It belongs very simply to an invention. Erfindung a sleight of hand an artifice Kunststilck a secret. formula in the rituals of black magic in the work of the. Schwarzkunstler 7, One o f the most significant texts with respect to the use o f. all these terms a n d to the variations i n the use o f Ursprung i s. the preface t o the Genealogy A t the beginning o f the text its. objective is defined as an examination of the origin of moral. preconceptions and the term used is Herku nft Then Nietzsche. proceeds by retracing his personal involvement with this ques. 78 Truth and Method, tion he recalls the period when he calligraphied philosophy. when he ques tioned if God must be held responsible for the. origin of evil He now finds this question amusing and properly. characterizes it as a search for Ursprung he will shortly use the. same term to summarize Paul Ree s activity 8 Further on he. evokes the analyses that are characteristically Nietzschean and. that begin with Human All Too Human Here he speaks of. Herkunfthypothesen This use of the word Herkunft cannot be. arbitrary since it serves to designate a number of texts begin. ning with Human All Too Human which deal with the origin of. morality asceticism justice and punishment And yet the word. used in all these works had been Ursprung 9 It would seem that. at this point in the Genealogy Nietzsche wished to validate an. opposition between Herkunft and Ursprung that did not exist ten. years earlier But immediately following the use of the two terms. in a specific sense Nietzsche reverts in the final paragraphs of. the preface to a usage that is neutral and equivalent lO. Why does Nietzsche challenge the pursuit of the origin Ur. sprung at least on those occasions when he is truly a geneal. ogist First because it is an attempt to capture the exact essence. of things their purest possibilities and their carefully protected. identities because this search assumes the existence of immobile. forms that precede the external world of accident and succession. This search is directed to that which was already there the. image of a primordial truth fully adequate to its nature and it. necessitates the removal of every mask to ultimately disclose an. original identity However if the genealogist refuses to extend. his faith in metaphysics if he listens to history he finds that. there is something altogether different behind things not a. timeless and essential secret but the secret that they have no. essence or that their essence was fabricated in a piecemeal fash. ion from alien forms Examining the history of reason he learns. that it was born in an altogether reasonable fashion from. chance 1 1 devotion to truth and the precision of scientific meth. ods arose from the passion of scholars their reciprocal hatred. their fanatical and unending discussions and their spirit of com. petition the personal conflicts that slowly forged the weapons. of reason 12 Further genealogical analysis shows that the con. cept of liberty is an invention of the ruling classes 13 and not. Nietzsche Genealogy History 79, fundamental to man s nature or at the root of his attachment to.
being and truth What is found at the historical beginning of. things is not the inviolable identity of their origin it is the dis. sension of other things It is disparity 14, History also teaches how to laugh at the solemnities of the. origin The lofty origin is no more than a metaphysical exten. sion which arises from the belief that things are most precious. and essential at the moment of birth 15 We ten d to think that. this is the moment of their greatest perfection when they emerged. dazzling from the hands of a creator or in the shadowless light. of a first morning The origin always precedes the Fall It comes. before the body before the world and time it is a ssociated with. the gods and its story is always sung as a theogony But his. torical beginnings are lowly not in the sense of modest or dis. creet like the steps of a dove but derisive and ironic capable. of undoing every infatuation We wished to awaken the feeling. of man s sovereignty by showing his divine birth this path is. now forbidden since a monkey stands at the entrance 16 Man. originated with a grimace over his future development and Zar. athustra himself is plagued by a monkey who jumps along be. hind him pulling on his coattails, The final postulate of the origin is linked to the first tw o in. being the site of truth From the vantage point o f an absolute. distance free from the restraints of positive knowledge the. origin makes possible a field of knowledge whose function is to. recover it but always in a false recognition due to the excesses. of its own speech The origin lies at a place of inevitable loss. the point where the truth of things corresponded to a truthful. discourse the site of a fleeting articulation that discourse has. obscured and finally lost It is a new cruelty of history that. compels a reversal of this relationship and the abandonment of. adolescent quests behind the always recent avaricious and. measured truth it posits the ancient proliferation of errors It. is now impossible to believe that in the rending of the veil. truth remains truthful we have lived long enough not to be. taken in 17 Truth is undoubtedly the sort of error that cannot. be refuted because it was hardened into an unalterable form in. the long baking process of history 18 Moreover the very ques. tion of truth the right it appropriates to refute error and oppose. 80 Tru th and Method, itself to appearance the manner in which it developed initially. made available to the wise then withdrawn by men of piety to. an unattai nable world where it was given the double role of. consolation and imperative finally rejected as a useless notion. superfluous and contradicted on all sides does this not form. a history the history of an error we call truth Truth and its. original reign has had a history within history from which we. are barely emerging in the time of the shortest shadow when. light no longer seems to flow from the depths of the sky or to. arise from the first moments of the day 19, A genealogy of values morality asceticism and knowledge. will never confuse itself with a quest for their origins will. never neglect as inaccessible the vicissitudes of history On the. contrary it will cultivate the details and accidents that accom. pany every beginning it will be scrupulously attentive to their. petty malice it will await their emergence once unmasked as. the face of the other Wherever it is made to go it will not be. reticent in excavating the depths in allowing time for these. elements to e scape from a labyrinth where no truth had ever. detained them The genealogist needs history to dispel the chi. meras of the origin somewhat in the manner of the pious phi. losopher who needs a doctor to exorcise the shadow of his soul. He must be able to recognize the events of history its j olts its. surprises its unsteady victories and unpalatable defeats the. basis of all beginnings atavisms and heredities Similarly he. must be able to diagnose the illnesses of the body its conditions. of weakness and strength its breakdowns and resistances to. be in a position to judge philosophical discourse History is the. concrete body of a development with its moments of intensity. its lapses its extended periods of feverish agitation its fainting. spells and only a metaphysician would seek its soul in the dis. tant ideality of the origin, 3 Entstehu ng and Herkunft are more exact than Ursprung in.
recording the true obj ective of genealogy and while they are. ordinarily translated as origin we must attempt to reestablish. their proper use, Herkunft is the equivalent of stock or descent it is the ancient. affiliation to a group sustained by the bonds of blood tradition. Nietzsche Genealogy History 81, or social class The analysis of Herkunft often involves a consid. eration of race or social type 20 But th traits it attempts to. identify are not the exclusive generic characteristics of an indi. vidual a sentiment or an idea which permit us to qualify them. as Greek or English rather it seeks the subtle singular. and subindividual marks that might possibly inte rsect in them. to form a network that is difficult to unravel Far from being a. category of resemblance this origin allows the sorting out of. different traits the Germans imagined that they had finally ac. counted for their complexity by saying they possessed a double. soul they were fooled by a simple computation or rather they. were simply trying to master the racial disorder from which they. had formed themselve s 21 Where the soul pretends unification. or the self fabricates a coherent identity the genealogist sets out. to study the beginning numberless beginnings whose faint. traces and hints of color are readily seen by a historical eye The. analysis of descent permits the dissociation of the self its rec. ognition and displacement as an empty synthesis in liberating. a profusion of lost events, An examination of descent also permits the discovery un. der the unique aspect of a trait or a concept of the myriad events. through which thanks to which against which they were. formed Genealogy does not pretend to go back in time to re. store an unbroken continuity that operates beyond the disper. sion of forgotten things its duty is not to demonstrate that the. past actively exists in the present that it continue s secretly to. animate the present having imposed a predetermined form on. all its vicissitudes Genealogy does not resemble the evolution. of a species and does not map the destiny of a people On the. contrary to follow the complex course of descent is to maintain. passing events in their proper dispersion it is to identify the. accidents the minute deviations or conversely the complete. reversals the errors the false appraisals and the faulty cal. culation s that gave birth to those things that continue to exist. and have value for us it is to discover that tru th or being does. not lie at the root of what we know and what w e are but the. exteriority of accidents 22 This is undoubtedly why every origin. of morality from the moment it stops being pious and Herkunft. can never be has value as a critique 23,82 Tru th and Method. Deriving from such a source is a dangerous legacy In nu. merous instances Nietzsche associates the terms Herkunft and. Erbschaft Nevertheless we should not be deceived into thinking. that this heritage is an acquisition a possession that grows and. solidifies rather it is an unstable assemblage of faults fissures. and heterogeneous layers that threaten the fragile inheritor from. within or from underneath inj ustice or instability in the minds. of certain men their disorder and lack of decorum are the final. consequences of their ancestors numberless logical inaccuracies. hasty conclusions and superficiality 24 The search for descent. is not the erecting of foundations on the contrary it disturbs. what was previously considered immobile it fragments what. was thought unified it shows the heterogeneity of what was. imagined consistent with itself What convictions and far more. decisively what knowledge can resist it If a genealogical anal. ysis of a scholar were made of one who collects facts and care. fully accounts for them his Herkunft would quickly divulge the. official papers of the scribe and the pleadings of the lawyer. their father25 in their apparently disinterested attention in the. Nietzsche Genealogy History 1 the discussion cif logic and knowledge in The Gay Science At the beginning of the text its

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