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2 Nexus Vol 3, It is a great privilege and pleasure to write This is an honor for me to write best wishes. this message for the third E bulletin of IFS message for this very special Nexus E bulletin. Nexus The idea of Nexus has been initiated on Sperm Function test. to bridge the gap between ART Clinicians and, Embryologists First and second bulletins titled IUI Nuts and. Bolts and Semen Analysis Simplified was, Time has finally come to shift the focus to appreciated by all and have turned out to be. andrology and sperm function test having ready reckoner for the readers. exhausted majority of our resources in field of, embryology and related avenues Sperm health is the key word in fertility. management and all sincere efforts should be, I am sure that the research and scientific made to simplify the science.
management of males will go a long way in, improving the fertility outcome at our ART Indian fertility Society feels proud and. centres congratulates the editors on the launch of third. edition of Nexus e Bulletin It would not only, Amalgamation of urology and andrology is help to disseminate scientific ethical content. need of the day and needs better deciphering but also constantly update everyone with new. and understanding of the underlying events researches and developments across the. On behalf of the Indian Fertility Society I, sincerely thank ORIGIO India Private Ltd for I wish the editorial team best of luck in this. participating with us in this academic endeavor endeavour. Dr Sohani Verma Dr K D Nayar,President IFS,Secretary General IFS. Nexus Vol 3 3, At the very onset the editorial team would like to thank all of you for positively appreciating 1st.
and 2nd E bulletins of Nexus Team Nexus sincerely hopes to bring out such teaching material. for you regularly The bulletin has been named NEXUS which means building bridges. Such bulletins are call of the day and enormously bridge the gap between the existing knowledge. and recent advances Our present edition is focused on simplifying the process of semen. function test and covers all essential details with nice algorithms Part 1 deal with commonly. asked questions and part 2 with bench side work I am sure it will immensely benefit you all. ART services require composite communication between the clinicians embryologist and. technicians for smooth functioning of the ART center Ill advisedly at the present day moment. we don t have many qualified reproductive laboratory support staff and our young clinicians are. also new to this branch having setup the centres with sheer enthusiasm without much of formal. Our motto is knowledge empowers and we sincerely hope that you would enjoy reading this. write up Feel free to communicate with us at any point of time and contribute critically Your. comments would be published in the next bulletin which is titled Semen cryopreservation. We would also like to place on record our truthful thanks to Origio India limited who are helping. us in publication of this bulletin and off course I promise that there is no conflict of interest at. Wish you happy reading and yes don t forget to file this issue. I would formally like to thank my friend Dr Ashish Fauzdar PhD Scientist I Embryology at. ESI PGIMSR Hospital Basaidarapur New Delhi He has un relentlessly worked towards. bringing out this issue from conception to end,Prof Dr Pankaj Talwar. Joint Secretary IFS,Editor NEXUS,4 Nexus Vol 3,Nexus Vol 3 Part 1. Sperm Function Tests SFTs Demystified Concepts, 1 What is the importance of sperm function 3 What are the crucial steps during sperm. tests in infertility treatment oocyte interaction, The basic semen analysis has limited predictive The steps leading to sperm maturation and fertilization. value for pregnancy in couples trying to achieve occur during passage of spermatozoa in the female. through natural conception and in couples undergoing genital tract These include capacitation in the cervical. advanced Assisted Reproductive Technologies ART mucus followed by acrosome reaction sperm zona. pellucida interaction sperm oocyte membrane, It is often realized that there is need for more fusion decondensation of sperm nucleus and.
extended sperm functional testing that helps in better finally fusion of male and female pronucleus. understanding of sperm dysfunctions concealed during. routine semen analysis Ideally the sequential analysis. of sperm functions could assist clinicians in planning. the therapeutic approach and predicting the outcomes 4 Define Capacitation. of treatments such as Intra uterine insemination IUI. In vitro fertilization IVF and intra cytoplasmic sperm. Capacitation can be defined as time dependent,injection ICSI. reversible changes that sperm undergo especially in. the female genital tract which lead to the ability of. Many couples without severe sperm defects can be,sperm to undergo acrosome reaction AR These. treated by less invasive and in expensive options, changes include loss of extrinsic proteins including. provided the sperm function tests ensure normal, acrosome stabilizing factors along with the loss of. fertilization without the use of ICSI, membrane cholesterol These intricate steps results in.
sperms having more fluid and pliable membranes,2 What are the main indications for. performing advanced sperm function test,During capacitation sperm motility changes to the. characteristic pattern and induction of AR becomes. The patient with normal semen parameters may not,possible The rapid spiraling pattern of the sperm. be requiring any specialized tests But in the cases of. movement and subsequently hyperactivated, fertilization failures sample with low sperm count and. sperm motility is commonly associated with sperm, poor sperm motility may require sperm function tests to.
capacitation Computer assisted semen analysis,evaluate different semen parameters. allows objective and repeatable quantification of sperm. motility associated with sperm capacitation, Sperm function tests provide useful insights to deduce. the exact reason for fertilization failure and also guide. infertility experts to adopt the best possible individualized. treatment based on sperm function assay results With 5 Elaborate on the importance of Acrosome. absolute normal semen analysis parameters it may not reaction. be necessary to advise any specialized tests to the. male But in many cases of borderline parameters it. becomes obligatory to do a battery of sperm function Sperm binding to the zona pellucida ZP triggers. tests to evaluate different semen parameters the release of hydrolyzing enzymes and is known as. Acrosome Reaction AR,These tests detect function of a certain part of. spermatozoan and give insight on the events in The acrosome reaction is an exocytotic process of. fertilization of the oocyte It is arduous to depend on a spermatozoa and a prerequisite for fertilization Only. single group of tests for predicting fertility outcome as acrosome reacted spermatozoa are able to pass. the fertility is dependent upon on sum total of all the through the ZP bind the oocyte plasma membrane. functional parameters of the sperm and reliance on any and fuse with the oocyte The physiological acrosome. one of them will be inappropriate reaction occurs at the ZP after sperm binding. Nexus Vol 3 5,The ZP induced acrosome reaction can be assessed. over the the validity and reproducibility of the SPA This. on spermatozoa removed from the surface of the ZP or. assay is considered as heterologous time consuming. exposed to disaggregated human ZP proteins, and relatively expensive test should probably not be.
used to evaluate fertility potential Oehniger S et al. These tests are limited by the restricted availability of. human ZP s Acrosomal status after induction of the. acrosome reaction can be assessed by microscopy,7 What is the role of Sperm zona pellucida. flow cytometry or fluorescently labeled lectins The. interaction and discuss available methods,zona induced acrosome reaction ZIAR is calculated. for detection,as the difference between the ZIAR stimulated and. the spontaneous unstimulated acrosome reaction, The zona plays a major role in controlling fertilization. and it is the most potent and only physiological inducer. of the acrosome reaction To fertilize a human oocyte. A clinical cutoff value of 15 is reported for the, sperm must recognize and tightly bind specific receptors.
difference between ZIAR and spontaneous acrosome, on the zona which are species specific Zona binding. reaction It is postulated that the failure to pass zona. and subsequent acrosome reaction induction is the, binding assays cases with poor acrosome reactivity to. precursor for final fertilization Abnormal sperm zona. solubilized ZP should be referred for ICSI, pellucida interaction may be the major dysfunctional. step in preventing fertilization,6 What is the role of Sperm penetration. Assay SPA as sperm function test in IVF treatment and observation of IVF oocytes can. predicting infertility give insight into the zona binding of the sperm Two. commonly available zona binding assays are hemizona. This test was one of the first bioassays of sperm function assay and a competitive intact zona binding assay. that got developed In this heterologous system human. sperm were subjected to capacitating conditions and 8 Elaborate on the available sperm ZP. incubated with hamster oocytes devoid of the zona binding assays. pellucida enzymatically The sperm penetration assay. with zona free hamster ova was widely used in the pre The interaction between spermatozoa and the ZP is a. ICSI days critical event leading to fertilization and reflects multiple. sperm functions i e completion of capacitation, The SPA measures the spermatozoa s ability to as manifested by the ability to bind to the ZP and to.
undergo capacitation acrosome reaction fusion and undergo ligand induced acrosome reaction. penetration through the oolemma and decondensation The two most commonly used sperm ZP binding tests. within the cytoplasm of hamster oocytes and was used are. to evaluate male fertility potential Hemizona assay HZA. Competitive zona sperm binding,The conventional SPA depends on the occurrence of. spontaneous acrosome reactions in populations of Although both assays have different methodologies. spermatozoa incubated for prolonged periods in vitro but they both use assessment of tight binding of sperm. The fusion of human spermatozoa to the hamster to the ZP as the primary endpoint In an independent. oocyte is functionally the same as that with the comparison in an internally controlled assay have. human vitelline membrane since it is initiated by the demonstrated high predictive value for the outcome of. plasma membrane overlying the equatorial segment of fertilization in vitro. acrosome reacted human spermatozoa,The HZA is an internally controlled bioassay that. As a prognosticator of IVF failure the sensitivity varied evaluates the ZP binding potential of a sperm population. from 0 00 to 0 78 and specificity ranged from 0 51 to 1 00 The HZA provides a functional homologous test for. for diagnosing male factor infertility Mao et al 1988 sperm binding to the ZP during which populations of. The reproducibility of this assay and standardization of fertile and infertile spermatozoa are compared within. methods between laboratories is low as this procedure the same assay The assay uses matching halves of. is less efficient and the biological process may involve a human ZP from an oocyte with no developmental. different mechanism potential salt stored or cadaveric. The studies have shown a poor clinical value of the The HZA is indicated in cases where repeated. SPA as a predictor of fertilization with good sensitivity poor or no fertilization is recorded during IVF. but very high false positive rates There are concerns therapy or in the presence of moderate severe. 6 Nexus Vol 3, oligoasthenoteratozoospermia to determine clinical Hyaluronic acid receptors on sperm head are important. management Furthermore it has been demonstrated for inducing specific capacitation motility pattern as. that oligozoospermic men have a very high frequency well as for zona binding In vitro binding test is a very. of defective sperm ZP interaction This is examined good indicator of sperm membrane receptor and is. by sperm zona binding assays and the ZP induced performed by binding to hyaluronic acid immobilized. acrosome reaction consistent with their low natural on plastic of glass surfaces or through commercially. fertility or low fertilization rate in conventional IVF available HBA slides. In the HZA sperm from fertile men are used as a b Gelatin Assay. control and typically exhibit significantly higher binding. capacity to hemizonae compared with sperm from Multiple enzymes are present in the sperm acrosome. infertile patients Prospective clinical studies reported a including several acid hydrolases commonly found. cutoff Hemizona index HZI value of 35 as predictive in lysosomes Acrosomal enzymes help the sperm to. of IVF outcome penetrate the cumulus mass and the zona pellucida. Gelatin film lysis is one such method which detects. Of importance reported clinical results for IUI therapy acrosome proteolytic activity in terms of gelatin. showed that an HZI 30 was associated with a digestion in the area surrounding the sperm head. Nexus Vol 3 improving the fertility outcome at our ART centres Amalgamation of urology and andrology is need of the day and needs better deciphering and understanding of the underlying events On behalf of the Indian Fertility Society I sincerely thank ORIGIO India Private Ltd for participating with us in this academic endeavor Dr Sohani Verma President IFS This is an honor for

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