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BlueUmbrella Newsletter April 2009, 1 Dutch Cabinet debates about changes to be made to the Childcare Act. In our previous newsletter we mentioned changes which the Cabinet made compulsory in 2009 with. regards to the quality of childcare These changes were aimed at home daycares. gastouderopvang affecting Blue Home and Blue Payroll subscribers. Now the Ministry of Education Culture and Science OCW proposes to make further changes to the. Childcare Act which potentially affect all working parents who have childcare in the Netherlands and. make use of the Child Care Allowance, For parents making use of a cr che the changes will be limited For parents who make use of the. home daycare gastouderopvang regulation the impact may be enormous in terms of legal. requirements and reimbursement of the childcare cost. Proposed changes related to cr ches, The Ministry of Education Culture and Science OCW wants to place a halt on increases in childcare. cost by cr ches Some cr ches charge parents for ten or more hours per day while they use less than. ten hours of childcare per day The new act wants to prohibit this type of overcharging. Proposed changes related to Home Daycares Gastouders. The Ministry of Education Culture and Science OCW wants each childminder gastouder to show. proof of a formal educational qualification The maximum hour rate for the childcare allowance will go. down to 4 per hour if childcare takes place at the location where the childminder lives The. maximum childcare allowance for educational wise unqualified childcare at parents home may be. limited to 130 per month, The Dutch Cabinet is currently debating the changes as proposed by the Ministry of Education. Culture and Science OCW The Ministry strives to get the changes implemented and effective per 1. January 2010, There is strong public resistance to the plans made by the Ministry In the coming month Blue.
Umbrella Mr Nosey and a few other childcare agencies united in a platform will speak to Cabinet. members childcare associations and the press to keep the best parts of the Childcare Act in tact We. will keep you informed about the proposed changes,2 Summer Camps 2009. BlueUmbrella in association with the Summer Camps specialist Simbo is proud to introduce some. extremely worthwhile Summer Camps for your children and their friends this summer right here in. the Netherlands, Below we have listed a number of spectacular camps available in English to give parents an. indication of what camps will be available for different ages of children You ll find more information. about the summer camps on our website www blueumbrella nl and on your MyBlue page. Spectacular Camp,Children aged 4 7,Duration 3 days. Games and Adventure,Location Egmond,Available dates July and August 2009. Crashing through dunes having fun on the beach and playing lots of great games Lots of arts. and crafts activities and adventures Just to wet your appetites your children can make kites. join in the Kid s kitchen and bake the craziest biscuits build sandcastles water games. pyjama disco parties and dressing up,Page 2 of 9,BlueUmbrella Newsletter April 2009.
Lighthouse Camp,Children aged 7 10,Duration 4 and 7 days. Action and Adventure,Location Egmond,Available dates July and August 2009. Packed full of fun on the beach as well as the dunes and woods Fantastic games throughout. the day and climbing a real life lighthouse creating a kite or swimming in the sea and a. subtropical swimming paradise The kids will also join in activities like searching for treasures. and fun water games They will spend a lot of time on the beach building sandcastles. playing hide and seek in the woods and finding treasures. No Limits Camp,Children aged 10 13,Duration 4 and 7 days. Survival Camp,Location Lunteren,Available dates July and August 2009. Kids will take part in a huge number of different activities like scuba diving in a swimming. pool crawling through an obstacle course in an underground maze climbing over rope. bridges and learning to hit the Bull s Eye in archery. Daredevils Beware This is one great adventure Climb rope bridges scale a climbing wall. find a camp with a compass and a map and sleep under the stars. Crafts and Games Camp,Children aged 7 10,Duration 4 and 7 days.
Crafts factory,Location Lunteren,Available dates July and August 2009. Mess around with colour pencils glue and paper and build beautiful creations everyday Kids. can create fantastic things and play exciting games. Kids can create something new every day like postcards paper m ch balloons building. blocks build elephants gorillas or a speedy car animal masks and a mobile for above their. own bed Play the coolest games and join the travel guides on a trip into the woods. Page 3 of 9,BlueUmbrella Newsletter April 2009,Hawaii Camp. Children aged 10 13,Duration 4 and 7 days,Action Beach and Adventure. Location Egmond,Available dates July and August 2009. Kids can enjoy a fantastic camp where fun and excitement collide Plunge in the sea compete. in beach Olympics play beach volleyball or visit the coast guard station Kids will visit the. Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution and hear about the daring sea rescues Swim in the. sea or relax on the sand Kids can make use of body boards and venture into the waves. Enjoy a Hawaii party in the beach hut with Hammocks and tropical cocktails and much. Dance Department Camp,Children aged 10 13 and 13 15.
Duration 7 days,Location Egmond,Available dates July and August 2009. This camp is led by professional dancers Learn the trendiest dance styles and learn to dance. like they do on the video clips Kids can hip hop street dance and clip dance. Dance lessons to their favourite music street dancing freestyles and moving to the beat with. video clips, Even more fun on the beach the sea and of course a day s shopping in Alkmaar. The holiday ends off with a super show an of course costumes and make up. Big Adventure Camp,Children aged 7 10,Duration 4 and 7 days. Big Adventure Camp,Location Lunteren,Available dates July and August 2009. Is nothing ever too high too fast or too exciting This camp is packed with challenging fun. activities like riding mountain bikes through woods scuba diving in a pool and climbing. across a real obstacle course The days are crammed with fantastic activities to make a great. adventure Kids will also spend a day away from the camp in the woods and sleep under the. Page 4 of 9,BlueUmbrella Newsletter April 2009, stars Dinner around a camp fire a treasure hunt with maps and a compass scaling great.
heights and a mudslide are just a few things the kids will enjoy Have a go on a 107 metre. waterslide as often as they like, BlueUmbrella families prepare your children for a fantastic opportunity to enjoy this summer at one. of the English Camps They will love it If you are interested in any of these super Camps for your. children please contact us at BlueUmbrella for more information and registration. All details and brochures about each camp are available to you at BlueUmbrella We know they re. going to love it We hope your children have a really good summer holiday. 3 Children s High Tea, Enjoy muffins brownies and scones prepared by your children at the Children s High Tea at. Kinderkookcaf in Amsterdam on Sunday 19 April 2009 Open to children aged 6 and above the kid. chefs will learn to bake stir weigh mix and decorate sweet treats. The chefs will also make their own lunch at 12h30 The Chef s Lunch consists of sausage rolls and. puzzle bites a well kept secret dish only shared amongst chefs While the chefs work their guests. can socialise and meet other international families. Parents brothers sisters and family friends are invited to come along and mingle while enjoying. sandwiches salads and drinks sponsored by BlueUmbrella Families with younger children will be. delighted to know that a kids corner will be set up by BlueUmbrella giving the adults some time to. interact The kids corner will transform the young guests to mini chefs allowing them to show their. gastronomic skills by making pizzas and puzzle bites. At 15h00 the guests are treated to the delicious spread of food prepared and served by the kid chefs. The chefs will also serve drinks to their guests Hot tea will be served in flasks to prevent any. We can only invite 10 kid chefs accompanied by at least 1 adult to this event so make sure that you. RSVP quickly,Sunday 19 April,12h00 Arrival,12h30 Kid chefs head over to the kitchen. 15h00 High Tea served by the kid chefs,15h30 End of culinary festivities. Kinderkookkaf,Vondelpark 6 aan het Kattenlaantje,1071 AA Amsterdam.
Page 5 of 9,BlueUmbrella Newsletter April 2009, EUR 20 for 1 kid chef and an adult guest Additional guest tickets are EUR 5 for adults and. children aged 3 and up and free for children under the age of 3. The price includes,workshop and lunch for the kid chefs. high tea prepared by the kid chefs and other refreshments for the adult guests. entertainment 30 minutes culinary fun and refreshments for accompanying children. 4 Payment Schedule for parents and childminders, The question about payment procedures at BlueUmbrella seems to come up every now and then so. we thought it would be helpful if we could simply clarify all procedures in this Newsletter. Collecting the parental contributions, These will be automatically debited from the parents account on the 25 of each month for the. following month This will enable BlueUmbrella to pay the cr ches on time on the family s behalf for. each following month,Childminder s remuneration, At the end of each month parents are required to forward the hours worked and remuneration.
amounts for the child minder to BlueUmbrella As the child minders work on a per hour basis the. hours submitted to BlueUmbrella can essentially only be forwarded on the last day of each month. This procedure is done on the personal page of the parents my time sheets by the last day of each. month This provides BlueUmbrella with the required information on the hours as well as the amounts. which have to be transferred to the child minder s bank account BlueUmbrella will gather this. information on the first day of the month and authorize payment to their accounts by the 3 of the new. Page 6 of 9,BlueUmbrella Newsletter April 2009, 5 BlueUmbrella launches our brand new Logo and Look. BlueUmbrella is continuously developing new services to support international families living or. planning to live in the Netherlands As we start to offer more service beyond childcare we feel that our. brand needs to be refreshed to reflect the changes we are implementing. In the last week of April 2009 we will reveal our new Logo and Face to our current and new parents. We trust that you will also become familiar with our brand new look and hopefully we will be able to. reach more international parents in our efforts to welcome you in your new country BlueUmbrella. continues to simplify your childcare matters and live up to our mission to be the trusted partner for. international families,6 New Service for PayRoll customers. BlueUmbrella has worked extensively to accommodate international families in finding suitable. solutions for their specific child care situation Some parents choose to have their children attend a. cr che other parents choose to make use of a child minder in their homes and many parents also. choose to employ a nanny domestic servant The last mentioned scenario where a family has a live. in nanny or domestic servant is a complicated arrangement where the parent essentially has to. become an employer This brings about an enormous amount of legal required efforts in order to. accommodate the employment procedure according to Dutch legal specifications. BlueUmbrella has deliberated with legal advisors and the Dutch Tax Office to see how we could. potentially make this a more uncomplicated process for our families For this reason we have. introduced a new method to administer the PayRoll procedure In the future BlueUmbrella will take. the role as the employer of the nanny domestic servant on behalf of the parent and in doing this we. will take away the responsibility from the parent in the role as employer. Parents who have questions about this new service and how it will work in each family please contact. our colleagues who will be more than happy to assist with information. 7 Parents searching for Cr ches or Schools, Being an international in a foreign country can be difficult at the best of time Add language cultureand. childcare into the mix and you may feel overwhelmed BlueUmbrella knows what you need to know. about the Dutch childcare system to get you headed in the right direction. Recently BlueUmbrella has introduced a service called BlueSearch This service assists international. parents who are seeking suitable childcare for their children We take care of the search process and. communication with the various cr ches to establish what the options are for parents with regards to. the availability of childcare for their children, We are determined to assist as many international parents with their specific needs when it comes to. their childcare Hopefully more international parents will hear about this fantastic fairly new service. which we are currently offering and contact BlueUmbrella for help in this area All information about. Blue Umbrella families prepare your children for a fantastic opportunity to enjoy this summer at one of the English Camps They will love it If you are interested in any of these super Camps for your children please contact us at Blue Umbrella for more information and registration All details and brochures about each camp are available to you at Blue Umbrella We know they re going

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