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Contacts Pursuant to State Finance Law 139 j and 139 k. DESIGNATED CONTACTS, Pursuant to State Finance Law 139 j and 139 k the Department of Health identifies the. following designated contacts to whom all communications attempting to influence this. procurement must be made,Joseph Zeccolo,New York State Department of Health. Empire State Plaza Corning Tower Room 2756,Albany NY 12237. Phone 518 474 7896,Email jxz02 health state ny us,PERMISSIBLE SUBJECT MATTER CONTACTS. Pursuant to State Finance Law 139 j 3 a the Department of Health also identifies the. following allowable contact for communications related to the following subjects. Submission of Written Proposals or Bids,Lakia Rucker.
New York State Department of Health,Wadsworth Center. Empire State Plaza Room C345,P O Box 509 Albany NY 12201 0509. Phone 518 474 7002,Email nystemgrants wadsworth org. Debriefings and Negotiation of Contract Terms after Award. Submission of Written Questions,Bonnie Jo Brautigam. New York State Department of Health,Wadsworth Center.
Empire State Plaza Room C345,P O Box 509 Albany NY 12201 0509. Phone 518 474 7002,Email nystemgrants wadsworth org. For further information regarding these statutory provisions see the Lobbying Statute. summary in Section E 11 of this solicitation,Table of Contents. A INTRODUCTION 1,B BACKGROUND 1,C DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS 2. D PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS 10,E ADMINISTRATIVE REQUIREMENTS 16.
F APPENDICES 29,G ATTACHMENTS 31,A INTRODUCTION, The purpose of this RFP entitled Scientific Oversight of Stem Cell Consortia is to. secure services of a qualified and responsible entity for the purpose of conducting. ongoing independent scientific review and oversight of Consortia to Accelerate. Therapeutic Applications of Stem Cells funded by the New York State Stem Cell. Science Program NYSTEM the stem cell science research program of the New. York State Department of Health NYSDOH or Department. B BACKGROUND, Advances in stem cell research are encouraging leading scientists to investigate the. potential of cells to treat disease If researchers can develop safe reliable methods. for prevention and treatment of disease millions of Americans living with devastating. diseases such as diabetes or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or injuries such as. severe spinal cord injury could benefit, The Empire State Stem Cell Board ESSCB is authorized to provide funding for. basic applied translational and other research designed to advance scientific. discoveries in fields related to stem cell biology In conjunction with NYSTEM the. ESSCB solicits reviews and makes funding recommendations for creative and. innovative biomedical research projects to be supported by the Empire State Stem. Cell Trust Fund Information about the ESSCB and NYSTEM can be found at. http stemcell ny gov, The consortia to be overseen will be selected pursuant to the second round of. Request for Applications RFAs soliciting applications for Consortia to Accelerate. Therapeutic Applications of Stem Cells The RFA was issued on November 15. 2013 to accelerate development of new clinical applications of stem cells for. prevention and or treatment of disease a copy of the RFA can be found at. http www health ny gov funding rfa 1212030210 Awards have not yet been. made although two consortia are anticipated, NYSDOH seeks proposals in response to this RFP from.
qualified organizations to develop and coordinate ongoing. independent scientific review and oversight for each stem cell. research consortium funded as a result of the above. mentioned RFA,C DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS,1 Staffing and Project Coordination. The selected contractor will ensure that the quality and availability of its staff. assigned to fulfill the NYSDOH contract will be maintained over the term of the. contract Any change to the Project Coordinator position see below must have the. prior approval of NYSDOH 1 Other changes in staff assignments are at the. discretion of the organization provided that personnel replacements have. substantially comparable or better qualifications and experience than original. personnel and sufficient time to devote to the work Any subcontractors must be. approved by NYSDOH however the contractor is responsible for ensuring that all. deliverables are completed to the satisfaction of NYSDOH. a Organizational Staffing Capacity, The bidder should have access to a sufficient number of staff who have. experience in biomedical or health related research and have demonstrated. scientific excellence through their own research publications These staff will. possess appropriate scientific credentials a record of academic publications. within the pertinent disciplines specific research experience and prior. experience in scientific review procedures and preclinical clinical sciences. administration, The bidder should also have access to a sufficient number of staff who have. expertise in all administrative aspects of ongoing scientific review and oversight. to fulfill the tasks of the project including information technology data. management Oversight Panel member recruitment assessment and evaluation. Oversight Panel member liaising conflict of interest identification and. management travel and meeting coordination scientific writing and editing. contract management and fiscal operations,b Project Coordinator. The bidder will identify and designate a single experienced staff member as. overall Project Coordinator for this contract who will dedicate as much time on. this contract as needed to ensure its successful completion This individual will. have the responsibility rank and authority to make decisions on behalf of the. organization and to act as liaison with NYSDOH to ensure completion of all tasks. required for this project The Project Coordinator should have a doctoral degree. in the biomedical sciences and a minimum of three 3 years of professional. experience overseeing all aspects of independent scientific review Because a. significant aspect of this position will be managing senior scientists the Project. NYSTEM program staff will interface directly with the contractor. Coordinator must have strong management skills and the proven ability to. oversee individuals who have attained significant recognition in their respective. 2 Scope of Work, Under the contract resulting from this RFP the contractor will be responsible for the.
deliverables as stated in this section, a Recruit Engage and Maintain Oversight Panel Membership. The contractor will establish and maintain an independent Oversight Panel for. each of the funded consortia It is expected that each Oversight Panel will be. comprised of no less than five and no more than eight members at any one. time including the chairperson, The contractor will be responsible for engaging Oversight Panel members as. consultants implementing procedures regarding conflicts of interest and. confidentiality assessing members effectiveness and maintaining. membership appropriate to the progression of each consortium s scientific. projects Each Oversight Panel will have a range of expertise appropriate to. the specific scientific goals of the consortium throughout the contract term. Thus the composition of the Oversight Panels may change to address the. needs of each consortium as it progresses or at the discretion of NYSDOH. to assure satisfactory performance of Oversight Panel members Selection. retention evaluation and maintenance of satisfactory Oversight Panel. membership will be an ongoing responsibility of the contractor A. membership turnover rate of one member per year is anticipated. The contractor will work with NYSDOH to identify and recruit appropriate. Oversight Panel members and chairs NYSDOH will provide the contractor. with a list of potential Oversight Panel members submitted by the awarded. consortia as part of their applications for funding as well as NYSDOH s own. recommendations This list may be updated periodically and will serve as. only one source It is expected that the contractor will recruit appropriate. experts from among the world wide scientific community to ensure. composition of each Oversight Panel is appropriate throughout each. consortium s contract term anticipated to be July 1 2015 through June 30. 2019 In the course of recruitment the contractor will fully instruct all. members on their expected role and duties emphasizing that Oversight Panel. members are expected to provide frank and specific reviews and advice to. the Consortium and to NYSDOH NYSDOH will have final approval on the. selection and retention of Oversight Panel members and chairpersons. for each consortium NYSDOH retains the right to reject Oversight. Panel members,b Consortia Liaison Activities, The contractor will act as liaison to the Oversight Panels NYSDOH and the. consortia This will include coordination of periodic communications and. meeting planning activities distribution of agendas and pre meeting scientific. briefing books including the most recent consortium progress report and other. materials requested by the Oversight Panel and reporting of Oversight Panel. recommendations, Two weeks before a consortium Kick off meeting see below the contractor. will arrange a teleconference of the Oversight Panel contractor and NYSDOH. staff to reinforce NYSDOH expectations and to provide a preview of the. consortium and the role of the Oversight Panel During this teleconference. Oversight Panel members will be encouraged to raise any initial concerns. with respect to the consortium workplan budget and timeline. The Oversight Panels will be responsible for advising NYSDOH regarding. removal or addition of aims investigators staff consultants and. subcontractors revision or addition of milestones other changes to the. workplan budgetary adjustments and whether to proceed at key decision. points including the identification of specific activities and next steps As. such the Oversight Panel will be provided confidential access to the peer. review critique and all data and materials supported by the award including. but not limited to scientific progress reports and unpublished data. The contractor will work closely with NYSDOH the consortia and the. Oversight Panels to ensure that each consortium s project development is. proceeding according to schedule This will include review of periodic. progress reports and updates submitted by the consortium In addition to. recommendations based upon these reviews the contractor and Oversight. Panel will determine and recommend to NYSDOH the need for additional. meetings of the Oversight Panel changes in milestones addition or deletion. of aims or other interim action necessary to ensure project completion. An NYSDOH staff member will be designated as the primary contact for the. contractor NYSDOH staff will communicate final approval of all plans and. acceptance of deliverables under the contract and will work closely with the. contractor consortia and Oversight Panels throughout the contract term. c Planning and Coordination of Oversight Meetings,i General Information.
The contractor will facilitate periodic communications with NYSDOH the. Oversight Panel members and the relevant consortium leadership necessary. to plan the details of each Oversight Panel meeting The primary purpose of. such meetings will be to evaluate scientific progress and contribution of. specific consortium members see section d Consortia Evaluation below. toward milestones In general Oversight Panel meetings will include. presentation of consortia project data including progress toward project. milestones critical scientific assessment updates to the consortia contract. workplans discussion of related budget issues and recommendations for. action Possible outcomes of these meetings include project continuation. redirection or discontinuation staffing and budgetary adjustments Continued. funding and Go No go determinations will be made by NYSDOH following. receipt and review of consortium progress reports and the recommendations. and reports of the Oversight Panel, Each Oversight Panel will meet in person with its consortium at least. annually and at other time periods either in person or electronically as. appropriate to the established consortium project milestones and key decision. points and to ensure continuous progress throughout the consortium s. contract term The Oversight Panel will determine the number of meetings. per year according to the needs of each consortium The table on page 6. outlines the number of meetings anticipated per consortium each year. It is anticipated that in person meetings will be held within the facilities of the. consortium member institution most appropriate to the milestone s under. review and always within the continental United States However the. contractor is responsible for selecting the venue for the meetings The host. consortium member institution for each meeting will assist the contractor in. making the specific meeting arrangements The contractor will ensure that. the specific location provides adequate audio visual capacity and equipment. to support speaker presentations and Oversight Panel discussions This. includes but is not limited to quality sound systems and microphones LCD. projectors pointers laptops and projection screens and white boards and. New York State Department of Health Empire State Stem Cell Board A Request for Proposals for Scientific Oversight of Stem Cell Consortia Schedule of Key Events RFP Release Date April 4 2014 Written Questions Due April 30 2014 Letter of Interest Due optional April 30 2014 Response to Written Questions On or about May 7 2014 Proposal Due Date June 2 2014 by 3 00 pm

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