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Yard work minus the work,BREEZE THROUGH LAWN CARE WITH NEW HOLLAND. ZERO TURN RADIUS MOWERS,Who said perfection takes time Built to last. Powerful New Holland G Series zero turn No matter what model you choose each New Holland mower includes a. radius mowers speed you through routine heavy duty steel frame tubular steel axle and cast iron rear bumper Nuts. lawn maintenance faster than you ever and bolts are used in place of self tapping screws. thought possible for added durability, These mowers literally turn on a dime Want more New Holland backs up each. allowing you to squeeze around saplings and G series mower with a three year limited warranty. change direction in one graceful spin This so you re guaranteed years of power packed. maneuverability not only makes you feel like a performance After all you have. pro it saves time with each pass so you can more important things to. finish work sooner and get back to life worry about like how. you ll spend all that new,A cut above the rest found free time. With four models ranging from 19 to 25,horsepower and mower widths from 42 to.
52 inches you ll find a New Holland zero,turn radius mower that suits your exact. needs All models have a 7 mph speed that,lets you zip through mowing jobs large and. small Other features include Models HP Engine Transmission Mowing Width. Fore aft adjustable seats optional foot G4010 19 Kohler Courage SV590 Dual Hydrostatic 42. assist HOC kit standard on the G4050,G4020 21 Kohler Courage SV610 Dual Hydrostatic 50. and arm rests standard on the G4030, and G4050 for maximum comfort G4030 23 Kohler Courage SV720 Dual Hydrostatic 50. Two control levers for easy operation G4050 25 Kohler Courage PRO Dual Hydro Gear ZT2800. no thinking required Drives with charge pumps 52,Hydrostatic transmission for a smooth.
quiet ride,Top discharge design system for fine,cut grass with no clumping. A deck washout port for fast deck,Optional bagging and mulching kits. to provide ultimate versatility,Mowing your lawn never felt so good. POWER MEETS COMFORT IN THE,NEW HOLLAND G SERIES, Go ahead get comfortable It s easy Underneath it all smooth front tires transmission and nothing in front to impede. to do in the New Holland zero turn radius ribbed on the G4010 and anti scalp wheels your view you might say you have the best. mower The contoured high back seat with gently massage the turf With the quiet seat in the house. optional armrests standard on the G4030, and G4050 makes this machine feel tailor A quality cut every time.
made to fit your shape Everything adjusts No matter what mower width you. to reach the right height in seconds no choose each G series mower is a full four. tools needed inches deep This creates a vacuum allow. With the smooth ride and quiet perform ing blades to cut and re cut clippings into. ance of the hydrostatic transmission you ll fine particles The result smooth even dis. feel like you re cruising in a luxury car Go persal without the clumps. on savor a sip of icy lemonade Play your Deck washout ports provide quick. favorite tunes Discover you do like yard cleaning underneath to maintain efficient. work after all airflow for optimum performance Need. to sharpen the blade or get a deeper, Intuitive controls put clean No problem the entire deck can be. you at the helm,removed in under two minutes,Operation comes naturally with the. zero turn radius mower Its two control,levers take the place of the steering wheel. gas pedal forward reverse control and,brake They are ergonomically designed. with hydraulic damping action to ensure,smooth steering.
Each lever adjusts up and down to,give you the perfect fit Nearby an angled. side panel of controls sits within easy reach,Another one handed adjustment lever lets. you select one of seven cut heights and,raise the mower deck for transport The. optional foot assist height of cut kit standard,on the G4050 makes changing the height. There s no thinking required just the,easy operation of a push mower combined.
with the power and efficiency of a tractor,Preserves the peace. You ve worked hard to create your out,door paradise Why spoil the effect with a. hot noisy machine The zero turn radius,mower is right at home in mother nature. Its Kohler Courage engine has an internal,balance system to minimize vibration with. an optional engine cover standard on the,G4050 to insulate noise and heat.
Versatile performance, THE G SERIES GIVES YOU THE FLEXIBILITY TO GET THE JOB DONE. The zero turn radius mower does much Rubber floor mat to reduce vibration. more than cut grass With these optional and dampen noise during operation. attachments nothing stands between you not available on the G4050. and the yard you ve always wanted Rear engine guard that protects the. Double bagging system with an eight back of the engine above the bumper. cubic foot capacity A high lift mower standard on the G4020 G4030 and. blade set is available for the G4050 G4050 optional on the G4010. Mulching kit that includes aerodynamic Engine cover that shields the driver. blades kickers and accelerators to cut from heat and noise while shielding the. clippings repeatedly for extra fine mulch engine from dust clippings and other. debris Rear engine guard,Smooth tires to reduce tracking. damage and allow for smooth turning Foot assist height of cut kit optional. around obstacles standard on the on the G4010 and G4020. G4020 G4030 and G4050 optional on Hitchkit that allows you to pull light. the G4010 Twenty inch tires on the duty attachments. G4050 deliver better traction and a,Front light kit optional on the G4050. smooth ride on uneven terrain,only to make mowing possible in low. Adjustable armrests that make your light,ride extra comfortable by reducing arm.
Sunshade kit optional on the G4050,fatigue during long stretches standard. only to protect your skin and eyes from,on the G4030 and G4050 optional on. the hot summer sun,the G4010 and G4020 Rubber floor mat. Adjustable armrests,Double bagging system,MODELS G4010 G4020 G4030 G4050. Horsepower hp kW 19 14 2 21 15 7 23 17 2 25 18 6, Make Kohler Courage SV590 Kohler Courage SV610 Kohler Courage SV720 Kohler Courage PRO.
No of cylinders 1 1 2 2,Cooling system Air,Fuel capacity gal L 3 11 4 4 15 1. Full pressure lubrication Standard,Starter key w safety interlock Standard. Air cleaner Standard,DRIVE SYSTEM, Type Dual hydrostatic transaxle with integral pump and motor one at each wheel Twin hydro gear ZT2800. hydrostatic transaxle,with charge pumps,Max speed forward mph kph 7 0 11 3. Max speed reverse mph kph 3 4 5 5 5 8 0,Implement clutch Electric.
Service brake Hydrostatic dynamic braking, Parking brake Lock Automatic engagement with steering levers in neutral Manual LH lever. ELECTRICAL,Voltage 12 volts,Charging system amps 15. OPERATOR STATION AND CONTROLS, Steering Dual padded lever hydrostatic with hydraulic dampening. Seat adjustable fore and aft 15 mid back 18 high back 18 high back 18 high back. Armrests Optional Optional Standard Standard,Cup holder Standard. Storage bin Standard,Front casters Double yoke,WHEELS AND TIRES.
Front Casters 10 x 4 ribbed 10 x 4 smooth 10 x 4 smooth 10 x 4 smooth. Rear 18 x 7 5 8 2 ply 18 x 9 5 8 2 ply 18 x 9 5 8 2 ply 20 x 10 4 ply. DIMENSIONS in cm,Length overall,with grass catcher 90 0 228 6 NA. less grass catcher 73 1 185 7,Width overall, with deck deflector down 53 8 136 7 63 0 160 0 63 0 160 0 65 0 165 1. with deck deflector up 46 0 116 8 53 5 135 9 53 5 135 9 53 0 134 6. with grass catcher 52 8 134 1 56 8 144 3 56 8 144 3 NA. Height overall to top of seat 37 2 94 5 40 2 102 1 40 2 102 1 42 2 107 2. Wheelbase 48 1 122 2 46 4 117 9,Turning radius inside rear wheel Zero turn. Net weight estimated lb kg 500 226 8 552 250 4 565 256 3 649 294 4. MOWER DECKS,optional mulching kits available,42 in 107 cm side discharge Standard NA NA NA. 50 in 127 cm side discharge NA Standard Standard NA. 52 in 132 cm side discharge NA NA NA Standard,Spindles 2 3 3 3.
Anti scalp gauge wheels Standard,ATTACHMENTS ACCESSORIES. 2 bag grass catcher 8 cu ft 23 m3 Optional, Rear engine guard Optional Standard Standard Standard. Engine top cover Optional, Foot assist height of cut kit Optional Optional Standard Standard. Smooth tread front tires Optional Standard Standard Standard. Sunshade kit NA Optional,Hitch kit Optional,Front light kit NA Optional. WARRANTY 3 year limited,Value Service and Solutions.
When you place your confidence in,New Holland agricultural equipment you SM. also get the finest support Your local,NEW HOLLAND TOP SERVICE. New Holland dealer stands behind you at MAKES YOUR NEEDS A TOP PRIORITY. every step with the equipment parts serv,ice and financial services you and your. operation need,Become part of the family You ll find the. perfect combination of equipment at your,New Holland dealer including a full line of.
tractors hay and forage equipment harvesting,crop production and material handling. equipment We re one big productive family,Ask your New Holland dealer about becoming. part of the family and receive special,FAMILY VALUE discounts. Quality parts and service Turn to your,New Holland dealer after the sale for. expert factory trained service and genuine,New Holland branded parts to keep you.
working productively season after season,Financing solutions Your New Holland dealer. can tell you about smart ways to turn your,financial challenges into opportunities with a. portfolio of innovative financial services,available through CNH Capital including. customized financing leasing insurance and, the purchasing convenience of a Commercial 866 NEW HLND. 866 639 4563,Revolving Account,YOUR NEW HOLLAND DEALER.
For reliable equipment parts and,service or just honest advice on farming. and finance turn to New Holland and your,trusted New Holland dealer. Visit our Web site at www newholland com na, Design materials and or specifications are subject to Safety begins with a thorough understanding of. change without notice and without liability therefor the equipment Always make sure you and. Specifications are applicable to units sold in Canada the your operators read the Operator s Manual. United States its territories and possessions and may vary before using the equipment Pay close. outside these areas attention to all safety and operating. decals and never operate machinery, 2008 CNH America LLC All rights reserved New Holland without all shields protective devices. and CNH Capital are registered trademarks of CNH America and structures in place. We are proud to support the FFA LLC Any trademarks referred to herein in association with. goods and or services of companies other than CNH America NH7030803 070820 MG PRINTED IN U S A. LLC are the property of those respective companies. 2 Who said perfection takes time Powerful New Holland G Series zero turn radius mowers speed you through routine lawn maintenance faster than you ever

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