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Receiving Orders, All incorrect damaged or missing parts must be reported within 48 hours of receiving the. order We are not responsible for damage to parts as a result of improper shipping handling. storage or misuse In the event of receiving damaged goods please hold onto the original. packaging that the order came in Further instruction will be given after the issue has been. A Return Material Authorization RMA number is required for all merchandise returned for. Please email parts rigmasterpower com to request an RMA number In this email include the. RigMaster invoice packing slip your name phone number part number part description and. reason why you are requesting an RMA number, Parts are to be returned only if an RMA number is issued by RigMaster If no RMA is present. the package will be rejected when delivered, The following are the terms and conditions when returning parts. Shipping cost is covered by you, Any customs broker or duty fees that occur are also covered by you. Parts may be subject to a 15 restocking fee, The RMA form must be posted in plain sight on the package Failure to have the RMA.
form present will result in a rejected package RigMaster is not responsible for any. charges that apply, All RMA numbers expire in 30 days from the issue date If parts are not received by the. expiration date the RMA along with the opportunity to return parts will be closed. Upon receiving the parts there will be an inspection to see if they are in re saleable. condition in order to issue credit Damaged or unfit parts will be disregarded and no. credit will be issued, To save you some costs on shipping you may declare the value to be 15 00 or less and declare. Canadian Goods Being Returned, www apuworld com is our public parts catalogue and has a similar navigating style as the dealer. parts order site Parts cannot be ordered through this site You may share this site with your. customers to verify parts and part numbers,Parts Manual. Under the Support Materials link on the dealer site www dealer rigmasterpower com there. is a RigMaster Parts Manual This will be useful to determine which parts are for which. RigMaster models,Frequent Part Confusions, Please consult the RigMaster Parts Manual for the following parts and model fits.
Condensers The older model RigMasters use RP9 002 condensers There are two different. mounting bracket styles for these condensers Please be sure which one your customer has. before placing the order, RP9 002 S Old style condenser with RP9 002 C Old style condenser with. side mounted brackets centre mounted brackets, Compressors RMP RMC 14 6 models were originally manufactured using a V Belt driven. compressor RP9 128K Midway through the production period of this model the drive system. was changed to a serpentine system This original serpentine compressor was manufactured by. Hodyon and was of very poor quality RP9 132K is a MUST HAVE complete upgrade kit that is. needed to replace the Hodyon compressor and includes the following items. RP9 132 Sanden Serpentine Compressor,RP10 001 66 Compressor Mounting Bracket. Mounting Hardware,A way to differentiate the Hodyon. RP9 132K Sanden Compressor Kit,compressor from the Sanden is the.
pulley and clutch assembly Note,that the Hodyon pulley is painted. black while the Sanden pulley has,been plated and is metallic in. The mounting brackets are also,different Notice that the Sanden. bracket has a radius cut while the, Hodyon has a rectangular one Hodyon Serpentine Compressor. Electric Condenser Fans There could be one of two electric condenser fans that are mounted. on the left of the main unit, RP9 230 is a pusher fan that pushes the air into the engine compartment from left to right The.
following is the order of components in which the air flows Typically used on RMP14 6 and. 1 Electric condenser fan,2 Condenser,3 Radiator,4 Over the motor. 5 Past the belt driven fan,6 Out the right side of the engine compartment. RP9 229 is a puller fan that pulls the air into the engine compartment from right to left The. following is the order of components in which the air flows Typically used pre RMP14 6. 1 Belt driven fan,2 Over the motor,3 Condenser,4 Radiator. 5 Electric condenser fan,6 Out the left side of the engine compartment. Power Module and Cabin Controllers,RP7 901 Cabin Controller.
This controller is only compatible with,older style power module RP7 902. RP7 902 Power Module,Version 107 and 108 power module Only. compatible with older controller PR7 901,This power module is no longer available If this. needs to be replaced you must upgrade to the,new style power module RP50 250 and cabin. controller RP50 201,Yellow faced May also come in Red.
RP7 900A was a kit which included RP7 901 and RP7 902 This is no longer. available as a kit,New Style Can be used to upgrade from old style. RP50 201 Cabin Controller,This controller is only compatible. with RP50 202 and RP50 250 power,Previously known as RP7 9001. RP50 202 Power Module,Version 115 power module Only compatible. with RP50 201 cabin controller,This power module has been superseded to.
Grey faced May also come in light blue,Previously known as RP7 9002. RP50 250 Power Module,Version 125 and 126 power module Only. compatible with RP50 201 cabin controller,Fluorescent green faced. RP7 9000B was a kit which included RP50 201 and RP50 250 This is no. longer available as a kit Order parts separately, Alternators All newer generation RigMasters with Orange Perkins or Yellow CAT. motors in them came factory with a 60 amp alternator 185046470 On the other. hand the older models Grey Perkins motors either had a 40 amp 185046220 or. 25 amp 185046300 alternator, The 40 amp alternator in no longer available but can be replaced by the 60 amp only.
if the connector wire from the wire harness is changed to match the 60 amp. alternator order RP13 010, The 25 amp alternator is upgradeable to the 60 amp but it requires a fair amount of. work and parts You can find information on this upgrade in the service bulletins on. the RigMaster dealer website,Expansion tanks All RigMaster units have. only one radiator cap on the entire system,The older style had the radiator cap on the. expansion tank RP5 021,The newer style tanks all have plastic caps. because the radiator caps are mounted on,the neck of the radiator The first version of.
these tanks was a plastic one RP5 1002, Then came a larger aluminum tank RP5 1002 AL which has been superseded to the current. and largest tank RP5 1008 RP5 1008 is a direct replacement for RP5 1002 and RP5 1002 AL. Exhaust flex muffler,RP6 080K is a complete muffler. upgrade kit This kit includes,RP6 081 New muffler,RP6 082 New flex pipe. RP6 083 2 Gaskets,and mounting hardware,This kit maybe be installed on RP6 080K. all RigMaster units but may require slight modifications to the frame There must be two. bolting holes large enough to allow the carriage bolts to pass through the frame These newer. style flex and mufflers are designed to mount flush to the frame. The older style exhaust systems had a flex pipe,RP6 008 with a shorter braided flex portion.
and required the use of a clamp to mount to the,muffler RP6 009. One way to differentiate the two exhaust styles,are from the flex pipe The newer pipe RP6. 082 has 2 flanges and 6 braided stainless steel,flex portion The older pipe RP6 008 has only 1. Parts If you have a general parts inquiry that you would like to email the preferred address is parts rigmasterpower com This is a community inbox and will be

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