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Network IR High Speed Dome User Manual, Thank you for purchasing our product If there is any question or request please do not hesitate to contact dealer. This manual is applicable to Network IR High Speed Dome. This manual may contain several technically incorrect places or printing errors and the content is subject to change without notice. The updates will be added into the new version of this manual We will readily improve or update the products or procedures described. in the manual,Network IR High Speed Dome User Manual. Safety Instruction, These instructions are intended to ensure that user can use the product correctly to avoid danger or property loss The precaution. measure is divided into Warnings and Cautions, Warnings Neglecting any of the warnings may cause serious injury or death. Cautions Neglecting any of the cautions may cause injury or equipment damage. Warnings Follow these safeguards to prevent serious Cautions Follow these precautions to. injury or death prevent potential injury or material. 1 In the use of the product you must be strict compliance with the electrical safety regulations of the nation and region. 2 Please use the power adapter which is provided by normal company The standard of the power adapter is AC24V 3A. 3 Do not connect several devices to one power adapter as adapter overload may cause over heat or fire hazard. 4 Please make sure that the plug is firmly connected on the power socket. 5 When the product is installed on wall or ceiling the device shall be firmly fixed. 6 If smoke odors or noise rise from the device turn off the power at once and unplug the power cable and then please contact the. service center, 7 If the product does not work properly please contact your dealer or the nearest service center Never attempt to disassemble the.
camera yourself We shall not assume any responsibility for problems caused by unauthorized repair or maintenance. 1 Do not drop the dome or subject it to physical shock and do not expose it to high electromagnetism radiation Avoid the equipment. installation on vibrations surface or places subject to shock ignorance can cause equipment damage. 2 Do not place the dome in extremely hot cold the operating temperature shall be 30 C 65 C dusty or damp locations or fire or. electrical shock will occur otherwise, 3 The dome cover for indoor use shall be kept from rain and moisture. 4 Exposing the equipment to direct sun light low ventilation or heat source such as heater or radiator is forbidden ignorance can. cause fire danger, 5 Do not aim the camera at the sun or extra bright places A blooming or smear may occur otherwise which is not a malfunction. however and affecting the endurance of CCD at the same time. 6 Please use the provided glove when open up the dome cover avoid direct contact with the dome cover because the acidic sweat of. the fingers may erode the surface coating of the dome cover. 7 Please use a soft and dry cloth when clean inside and outside surfaces of the dome cover not to use alkaline detergents. Network IR High Speed Dome User Manual,TABLE OF CONTENTS. TABLE OF CONTENTS 3,Chapter 1 Brief Introduction 5. 1 1 Description 5,1 2 Outline 5,1 3 Functions 5,1 4 Features 7.
1 5 Default IP User Name and Password 8,Chapter 2 Operation Instructions 9. 2 1 Power up Action 9,2 2 Presets with Special Functions 9. 2 3 Label Display 10,Chapter 3 Menu Operation 11,3 1 MAIN MENU 12. 3 2 SYSTEM INFORMATION 12,3 3 SYSTEM SETTINGS 12,3 3 1 SYSTEM INFO SETTINGS 13. 3 3 2 CAMERA SETTINGS 15,3 3 3 MOTION SETTINGS 17,3 3 4 LINE SYNC 19.
3 3 5 PRESETS 19,3 3 6 PATROLS 20,3 3 7 PATTERNS 21. 3 3 8 PRIVACY MASK 21,3 3 9 AUX 22,3 3 10 CLEAR 23. 3 4 FACTORY SETTINGS 23,3 5 RESET CAMERA 24,3 6 REBOOT SYSTEM 24. Chapter 4 Access to Network Speed Dome 25,4 1Access through IE 25. 4 2Access by Client Software 29,4 2 1 Configuration through Client Software 29.
4 2 2 3D Intelligent Positioning 34,4 2 3 Presets 37. 4 2 4 Patrols 38,4 3 Configuration by DS 9000 Series DVR 39. 4 4 Search and Modify IP by SADP 40,4 4 1 Search active devices online 40. 4 4 2 Modify device information 41,4 4 3 Resume default password 42. 4 5 Access by WAN 42,Network IR High Speed Dome User Manual.
Appendix 1 Network Cable Connection 44,Appendix 2 Lightning Surge Protection 45. Appendix 3 RS485 Bus Connection 46, Appendix 4 24VAC Wire Gauge Transmission Distance 49. Appendix 5 Table of Wire Gauge Standards 50,Network IR High Speed Dome User Manual. Chapter 1 Brief Introduction,1 1 Description, Integrating the network remote monitoring capability with the functions of the IR high speed dome the Network IR High Speed Dome. is a new product model which features easy installation and operation and facilitated wiring design With built in video server the. Network Speed Dome is capable of providing the following new features real time video stream compressed and then transmitted via. network to different clients simultaneously based on Ethernet and analog video output supported TI DAVINCI processing chip and. platform adopted to ensure high reliability and stability of performance H 264 compression adopted to effectively save network. transmission bandwidth and HD storage space dynamic configuration of encoding parameters PPPoE DHCP UDP MCAST and. TCP IP protocols supported bidirectional voice talk OSD overlay and RS 485 serial port control built in Web Server allows control. of speed dome via IE browser main stream and sub stream selectable for transmission local and remote alarm response actions. multi zone motion detection with different sensitivity levels configurable remote integrated storage based on IPSAN and NAS and. watermark technology adopted for stream data to prevent unauthorized operation of the record files etc. The Network IR High Speed Dome can be widely applied to various monitoring scenes such as the river forest road railway airport. harbor oil field sentry plaza park scenic spot street station stadium etc. 1 2 Outline,Network IR High Speed Dome,1 3 Functions.
Multi lingual OSD Menu, The dome provides multi lingual OSD menu for display of system information and setting of dome parameters. Self adaptive to Multiple Protocols, The dome is compatible with PELCO D PELCO P PRIVATE Code protocol etc and is capable of being self adaptive to these. protocols without need of selecting protocol by DIP switch settings. Network IR High Speed Dome User Manual,Keyboard Control. The pan tilt movement and zoom actions of dome can be controlled by the control keyboard DVR matrix etc. Limit Stops, The dome can be programmed to move within the limit stops left right up down which are configurable by the control keyboard. DVR or client application software, The dome provides 4 scanning modes auto scanning frame scanning random scanning and panorama scanning The scanning speed.
can be set by OSD menu from level 1 to 40 with the corresponding speed ranging from 1 second to 40 second. Preset Freeze Frame, This feature freezes the scene on the monitor when going to a preset This allows for smooth transition from one preset scene to. another and also guarantees that masked area will not be revealed when going to a preset. Each of the user definable presets can be programmed to use pan tilt camera settings and other settings When preset is called the. dome will automatically move to the defined position User is allowed to add modify delete and call each preset. Label Display, The on screen label of the preset title azimuth elevation zoom and other operations can be programmed by menu and displayed on the. In manual tracking mode when a target object goes directly beneath the dome the dome will automatically rotate 180 degrees in. horizontal direction to maintain continuity of tracking When the dome rotates flips the camera starts moving upward as long as you. continue to hold the joystick in the down position This function can be realized by image center flip depending on different camera. models The feature can be enabled disabled through the menu. Privacy Mask, The privacy mask allows a user to program user defined areas that cannot be viewed by the operator of the dome system A masked. area will move with pan and tilt functions and automatically adjust in size as the lens zooms telephoto and wide. 3D Intelligent Positioning, The speed dome can be controlled with the 2 buttons and scroll of mouse can be used under PRIVATE Code protocols with devices. and client software Click on a certain area and the device will move to the scene with corresponding point as the center When a. rectangular area is selected by left clicking the mouse device will move to its center and enlarge it With right clicking the lens will. zoom in and the scroll can easily make the lens zooming and mouse operation automatically incorporates zooming effect. Note Please refer to Section 4 2 2 3D Intelligent Positioning for the specific instructions. Proportional Pan Tilt, Proportional pan tilt automatically reduces or increases the pan and tilt speeds in proportion to the amount of zoom At telephoto zoom.
settings the pan and tilt speeds will be slower for a given amount of joystick deflection than at wide zoom settings This keeps the. image from moving too fast on the monitor when there is a large amount of zoom. Auto Focus, The auto focus enables the camera to focus automatically to maintain clear video images. IR Cut Filter, The IR cut filter can be set to Auto Day and Night In auto mode the camera is capable of automatically switching Black White. mode Night and Color mode Day with regard to environment lightening conditions In manual switch mode user can increase. sensitivity in low light conditions by switching to Black White mode while the Color mode is preferred in normal lighting. conditions,Low Light Electronic Shutter, The shutter speed will automatically slow down in low illumination conditions to maintain clear video images by extending the. Network IR High Speed Dome User Manual, exposure time The feature can be enabled disabled by the menu. Backlight Compensation BLC, If a bright backlight is present the subjects in the picture may appear dark or as a silhouette Backlight compensation BLC enhances.
objects in the center of the picture The dome uses the center of the picture to adjust the iris If there is a bright light source outside of. this area it will wash out to white The camera will adjust the iris so that the object in the sensitive area is properly exposed. Wide Dynamic Range WDR, When the Wide Dynamic Range WDR function is on the dome is able to balance the brightest and darkest sections of a scene to. produce a picture that is better balanced in lighting and provides more details. White Balance WB, This feature automatically processes the viewed image to retain color balance over a color temperature range The default setting for. white balance is AUTO, The Network IR High Speed Dome provides up to 8 patrols In each patrol user is allowed to specify the scanning track by a group of. user defined presets with the scanning speed between two presets and the dwell time at the preset separately programmable. A pattern is a memorized repeating series of pan tilt zoom and preset functions that can be recalled with a command from a. controller or automatically by a configured function alarm park time task or power up By default the focus and iris are in auto. status during the pattern is being memorized,Power Loss Position. The dome supports the power loss position capability with the predefined dwell time It allows the dome to resume its previous. position after power is restored,Alarm Response Action.
The speed dome supports 2 alarm inputs which can be set to NO normally open NC normally closed or OFF Upon having received. the alarm input signal the dome will automatically activate a user defined action which can be programmed to patrol pattern or preset. AUX Output, An auxiliary output is a configurable signal from the dome back box that can trigger another device to operate The dome provides 2. auxiliary outputs AUX1 and AUX2 The auxiliary output type can be set to NO or NC by menu And the alarm dwell time is. configurable as well,User Management, The dome allows the users to be edited in groups with different levels of permission In the admin login status the user is allowed to. configure the user groups and user parameters Multiple users are allowed to access and control the same network speed dome via. network simultaneously,1 4 Features,Built in WEB Server. 1 channel of compressed video stream transmitted via network and decoded for local display. Up to 6 domes can be simultaneously connected via network. Support multiple network transmission protocols,WEB access for WAN applications. Management of dome configuration and user permission administration via Ethernet. IP address dynamic allocation,Built in Driver Receiver.
Network IR High Speed Dome User Manual, Full digital design with power off protection for all data. Integrated design ensures high reliability, 256 presets and 8 patrols programmable each patrol with a maximum of 32 presets configurable. 4 patterns with the recording time reaching up to 10 minutes. RS 485 bus control, Up to 24 privacy mask areas programmable depending on camera models. Self adaptive to PELCO D PELCO P PRIVATE Code etc with various baud rates selectable. We shall not assume any responsibility for problems caused by unauthorized repair or maintenance Warnings 1 Do not drop the dome or subject it to physical shock and do not expose it to high electromagnetism radiation Avoid the equipment installation on vibrations surface or places subject to shock ignorance can cause equipment damage 2 Do not place the dome in extremely hot cold

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