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To increase Jamaica s competitiveness in the global environment through lowering of. transport costs 5, To help foster economic growth and to underpin continued human development by. attracting overseas investments 5,B POLICY PRINCIPLES 5. 4 STRATEGIC AND INTEGRATED POLICY ISSUES 7,STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES 7. POLICY STATEMENTS 7,Greater private sector participation 7. Improved co ordination in transport 7, Users should pay for the costs of transport services 8.
Access to subsidies for the provision of services for social and economic benefit 8. Create policy awareness and further participation in policy development 8. Integration across modes 9, Increase access to transport and transport services in rural areas 9. Integrate transport policy planning appraisal and implementation across modes 9. Ensure that regulations are adequate and are enforced to meet international. environmental and safety standards 10, Promote energy conservation and environmental protection 10. 5 LAND TRANSPORT 13,A ROADS INFRASTRUCTURE 13,POLICY STATEMENTS 14. Draft Final National Transport Policy ii, To plan construct and maintain a road system which serves the transport needs of people. and industry 14, To maintain the road network at a level which preserves the value of the assets 14.
To provide a safe road system for users 15, To secure a sustainable means of funding road maintenance expenditures 16. To promote the greater use of public transport 17, To encourage and facilitate greater private sector participation in the construction. management and maintenance of the road network 17, To minimise any negative environmental and social impacts arising from the provision. and maintenance of roads and road infrastructure 18. To improve the inter institutional arrangements for the management of the main and. parochial road networks 18, To develop the institutional capacities and capabilities of the Road Authorities 18. To improve road transport infrastructure to meet the needs of key economic sectors 19. To produce a formal hazard mitigation strategy and a disaster management contingency. plan for the road sector 19,B PUBLIC TRANSPORT 19,STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES 19.
An efficient Public Bus Service 20, Support for JUTC and Montego Bay Metropolitan Transport 20. Regulate the taxi industry 20, To co ordinate the transport agencies and the regulatory and enforcement authorities to. provide a safe efficient and well regulated transport system 21. Ensure that the necessary transport road infrastructure facilities are developed 21. C TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT 21,STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES 21,POLICY STATEMENTS 22. To regulate vehicle weights to ensure better quality and more efficient vehicles 22. To reduce pollution from vehicles 22, To encourage the use of energy efficient transport modes 22. To improve traffic management in urban centres and throughout the country to improve. the flow of traffic 23, To develop an integrated planning approach for roads and developments 23.
Improve road safety 24, Regulate the operation of Modified Road Vehicles 24. D GENERAL 24, To encourage private sector participation in transport through investment in transport. services 24,E NON MOTORIZED TRANSPORT 25,6 RAILWAYS 26. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES 26, To encourage private sector participation in the provision of services 27. Obtain an appropriate share of the freight market 27. Draft Final National Transport Policy iii,To use railway assets effectively 27.
Establish a railway safety regime 28, To expand and develop Jamaica s Tourism Product 28. 7 AIR TRANSPORT 29,STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES 29,POLICY STATEMENTS 29. To encourage public private partnerships for the international airports 29. To enhance the safety of our skies by improving air navigation surveillance and traffic. control systems 29, Promote an efficient and productive aviation industry which will compete domestically. and internationally 30, To facilitate the development and commercialisation of the domestic aerodromes 30. To promote the use of and develop the capacity for international air cargo services 31. Maintain internationally accepted standards for safety and environmental protection 31. 8 MARITIME TRANSPORT 33,STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES 33,POLICY STATEMENTS 33.
Facilitate and enhance the expansion of international trade particularly tourism and. exports 33, Facilitate the expansion of shipping and berthing Infrastructure transshipment ports and. docking facilities for containers bulk cargo passengers and fishing vessels 33. Encourage greater private sector participation in the provision of services 35. Promote an efficient effective and internationally competitive Jamaican maritime. industry 35, Promote international relations with other countries and international organisations. involved in maritime activities 36, Ensure safety security and protection of the marine environment 37. Develop and promote safe local maritime transport activities 37. 9 NON TRADITIONAL MODES OF TRANSPORT 38, 10 POVERTY ALLEVIATION TRANSPORT FOR THE VULNERABLE 39. OBJECTIVE 39,BACKGROUND 39,POLICY STATEMENTS 39, Providing Adequate Public Transport to Places of Employment 39.
Eliminating the Impediments to Non motorized Transport 40. Eliminating Gender Bias in the Provision of Transport 40. Draft Final National Transport Policy iv,APPENDICES. 1 Five Year Transport Infrastructure Development Programme. 2004 2009 Tables A B I VII,2 NTP Supporting Data Tables 1 16 VIII XV. 3 Relevant Acts and Regulations XVI XVII,4 Definitions XVIII. 5 Summary of Bilateral Air Transport Agreements XIX. Draft Final National Transport Policy v,LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS ACRONYMS. AAJ Airports Authority of Jamaica,ARIP Airport Reform and Improvement Programme.
ATM CNS Air Traffic Management Communication Navigation Surveillance. CARICOM Caribbean Community,CMI Caribbean Maritime Institute. COx Carbon Oxides,CSME Caribbean Single Market and Economy. EIA Environmental Impact Assessment,EMS Environmental Management System. FAA Federal Aviation Administration,FIR Flight Information Region. GDP Gross Domestic Product,GMDSS Global Maritime Distress Safety System.
GOJ Government of Jamaica,ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation. IMO International Maritime Organisation,ITA Island Traffic Authority. ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems,JCAA Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority. JRC Jamaica Railway Corporation,JUTC Jamaica Urban Transit Company Ltd. KMTR Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region,MAJ Maritime Authority of Jamaica.
MARPOL Marine Pollution Convention,MMR Montego Bay Metropolitan Region. MMTH Metropolitan Management Transport Holdings Limited. MOU Memorandum of Understanding, NCHIP Northern Coastal Highway Improvement Project. NGO Non governmental Organisation,NIBJ National Investment Bank of Jamaica. NIP National Industrial Policy,NMT Non motorised Transport. NMV Non motorised Vehicle,NTP National Transport Policy.
NWA National Works Agency,OUR Office of Utilities Regulation. PAJ Port Authority of Jamaica,PPT Public Passenger Transport. PRA Parochial Revenue Act,PSC Port State Control,RMF Road Maintenance Fund. STATIN Statistical Institute of Jamaica, STCW Standards of Training Certification and Watch keeping. TA Transport Authority,TIA Transportation Impact Assessment.
TPDCO Tourism Product Development Company Limited,TRA Toll Roads Act. Vision Statement, Sustainable competitive safe accessible and environmentally. friendly transport network providing world class Air Land Rail and. Marine facilities contributing to a vibrant import export and. transshipment trade for Jamaica and the world,not yet complete and may require. FOREWORD additional refinement,The persistent transportation of. amaica s transportation infrastructure, includes a main road network contraband across Jamaica s.
throughout the island two international borders, airports and four domestic aerodromes an With respect to land transport. air traffic control system three public deep there is still limited capacity within. water ports and nine ports dedicated to the public sector to. specialised commodities a mainline railtrack a effectively oversee and. system and six privately owned mining guide the development of. railway lines The country is also endowed the transportation system. with a large fleet of private highway vehicles b manage public resources. trucks buses and taxis and a national c enforce transportation. airline An extensive road network provides regulations in relation to. the basis of transit for a variety of transport overloading speeding. modes playing a role in supporting the safety and illegal public. economic and social development of passenger transport. Jamaica Many Jamaicans earn their living, in the transportation sector and a fairly These problems are. elaborate network of private and public compounded by a lack of available. institutions have been or are being data that would allow such functions. developed to manage the system to be performed effectively. Jamaica s transportation system is beset by, some fundamental difficulties as follows The New National Transport. The development of the, transportation system has been taking The National Transport Policy prepared in. place in the absence of a 1993 by the then Ministry of Public Utilities. comprehensive well articulated and Transport was never completed and. National Transport Policy that should promulgated and omitted the critical issue of. guide its overall development and maintenance,ensure that specific transportation.
initiatives are integrated into an overall Based on this the former Ministry of. vision for economic and social Transport and Works embarked on. development developing and completing a National,Transport Policy Document in 1998 with. In the absence of a cohesive set,assistance from Transport Canada. of policy principles and strategic,Subsequently a Needs Assessment for the. directions the public sector cannot,National Transport Policy was completed in. identify what it ought to be doing,2000 The document was partially based on.
better what it should no longer do,the National Industrial Policy A Strategic. and what it could do in collaboration,Plan for Growth and Development which. with other entities,was published in April 1996,Adequate investment cannot be. obtained from the scarce public,resources while components of the Policy Themes. system identified to become financially The development of the National Transport. self sustaining remain fragile Policy was guided by a clear sense of. While the Government of purpose and sound policy principles This. Jamaica has moved forward with was drafted within the framework of existing. institutional reforms to more effectively policies such as the Road Safety Policy and. meet the needs of the transportation National Construction Policy among others. system many of these changes are The following are the principles which. guided the approach to policy development, and which assisted the consideration of all Fundamental Aims of the Policy.
the detailed issues faced by each transport The fundamental aims of the policy are to. support the goals of the NIP for,sustainable economic growth and. Competition Competition social development,and market forces should guide the. transport system to ensure efficient,identify the legislative and. administrative arrangements to,affordable and responsive services. support the policy objectives,and carriers should be able to.
compete within the various modes of ensure the development of the. transportation transport system in light of the,realties of the global economy and. Cost Recovery Transport,the national fiscal situation. users and providers should contribute, to the real cost of resources facilities ensure compliance of the transport. and services provided to them at sector with international security and. public expense safety standards, Economic Development provide a framework within which. Economic well being and the appropriate institutional. growth should be served by an arrangements can be created and. effective and efficient transport system strengthened. Consultation Shared emphasize the human and physical. public private infrastructure facilities resource needs for implementation. having to include public consultation in of the policy. decisions on funding and spending provide a framework within which. Private Sector transport infrastructure and services. Participation Services should be can be used efficiently by the. provided by the private sector as far Government and other. as practicable stakeholders, Environmental Protection provide a framework within which.
Service being provided in transportation can be developed. sustainable manner with minimum and operated in a safe and. Draft Final National Transport Policy iii To plan construct and maintain a road system which serves the transport needs of people and industry

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