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Life Orientation 2 DBE September 2012,NSC Common Assessment Task. INSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION, 1 This question paper consists of three sections namely SECTION A. SECTION B and SECTION C, 2 Answer ALL the questions in SECTION A and SECTION B. 3 Answer any TWO questions in SECTION C,4 Read ALL the questions carefully. 5 Number the answers correctly according to the numbering system used in this. question paper,6 Write neatly and legibly,Copyright reserved Please turn over.
Life Orientation 3 DBE September 2012,NSC Common Assessment Task. SECTION A COMPULSORY,Answer ALL the questions in this section. QUESTION 1, 1 1 Various options are provided as possible answers to the following questions. Choose the answer and write only the letter A D next to the question. number 1 1 1 1 1 10 in the ANSWER BOOK for example 1 11 E. 1 1 1 According to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. A an employee is not required to submit a medical certificate for. being absent from work for more than three consecutive days. B an employee is entitled to five to six weeks paid sick leave. within a period of 36 months, C a pregnant employee is entitled to six consecutive months. maternity leave, D full time employees are entitled to two weeks paid family.
responsibility leave per year, 1 1 2 One of the social consequences of HIV Aids in the workplace. A a reduced labour force,B decreased profitability and productivity. C increased health care costs,D increased isolation and discrimination. 1 1 3 Choose the best strategy to manage conflict, A Get your point across at any cost so that you win because your. opinion is important, B Accept compromise only if it is to your advantage as the other.
person is in the wrong, C Focus on and emphasise the other person s mistake so that. they can see what they have done wrong, D Focus on and emphasise the issue and not the person. 1 1 4 A summary of yourself that best describes your manners beliefs. and values as well as your vision or future plans is called a an. A career statement,B personal mission statement,C vision statement. D action plan statement,Copyright reserved Please turn over. Life Orientation 4 DBE September 2012,NSC Common Assessment Task.
1 1 5 The media has the responsibility to, A expose and publicise the abuse of human rights and corruption. to effect change, B favour a particular political party because it is in the interest of. C not criticize the government and its actions because it is. unconstitutional, D promote the government because the media belongs to them. 1 1 6 If there is a dispute between you and your employer you should. first try to sort out the problem by yourself or with the help of your. union If this is not successful you can contact the. A South African Human Rights Commission,B Independent Police Investigative Directorate. C Public Protector, D Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration.
1 1 7 Which ONE of the following is a human factor that may cause a. A Droughts may cause poor crops and dangerously low water. B A severe storm is a weather hazard that may trigger. widespread devastation, C Toxic emissions in air water and land may cause severe. health problems in poorer communities, D Flooding may lead to people being displaced and evacuated. 1 1 8 Study strategies that are effective include, A studying continuously for at least two hours at a time. B not doing any exercises during examination time in order to. spend more time studying, C determining a place free from distraction where you can. maximize your concentration, D studying the easiest subject first while you are fresh.
1 1 9 Cardio respiratory endurance is the ability, A of the muscles to exert force during an activity. B of the heart and lungs to supply oxygen to the muscles of the. C of the muscles to move for long periods of time and is an. indicator of the muscles ability to do the work, D to move the muscles and joints through their full range of. motion and is beneficial in injury prevention and relaxation. Copyright reserved Please turn over,Life Orientation 5 DBE September 2012. NSC Common Assessment Task,1 1 10 Formal assessment. A assesses only a learner s knowledge in structured tests. B happens only once at the end of the year for promotion. C entails criticism of the learner s tasks and tests. D is structured continuous and provides data for feedback. 1 2 Indicate whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE Choose the. answer and write only true or false next to the question number. 1 2 1 1 2 3 in your ANSWER BOOK Give a reason if the statement is. 1 2 1 Distance education universities have the same minimum. requirements for admission to undergraduate degree programmes. as other universities, 1 2 2 The skill of application in an exam question tests the ability to.
provide a description of a concept only, 1 2 3 Trade unions fulfil an important role in creating conflict between. employer and employee 5,Copyright reserved Please turn over. Life Orientation 6 DBE September 2012,NSC Common Assessment Task. 1 3 Choose a description from COLUMN B that matches an item in COLUMN A. Write only the letter A H next to the question number 1 3 1 1 3 5 in the. ANSWER BOOK for example 1 3 6 J,COLUMN A COLUMN B,ITEMS DESCRIPTIONS. 1 3 1 Coach A specialises in the science of movement and. rehabilitates using exercise as a treatment,1 3 2 Sports administrator.
B reports in the media on current events in the, 1 3 3 Recreational officer world of sport either generally or. 1 3 4 Biokineticist concentrating on just one sport. 1 3 5 Personal trainer C focuses on proper nutrition in order to. promote good health and motivates clients,D helps clients achieve fitness objectives by. providing a one on one assessment an,exercise routine motivation and support. E diagnoses and treats sports related illnesses,and injuries. F oversees the smooth running of a sports,organisation which may range from.
supervising to implementing policies and,regulations. G motivates directs and instructs athletes with,regard to strategies and tactics during a. game or contest,H organises and motivates sporting and leisure. activities such as community functions and,sporting competitions. 1 4 Answer the following questions by writing only the correct answer next to the. question number 1 4 1 1 4 5, 1 4 1 Name the visual tool that helps your brain to unpack and repack.
information like the branches of a tree, 1 4 2 What are games called that reinforce community values and. promote interaction between communities, 1 4 3 Other than taxation name ONE lawful deduction that can be made. from a worker s salary without his her permission, 1 4 4 Identify the study skill that involves quickly reading through a text. or chapter to get the general picture, 1 4 5 What can an employer implement for designated population groups. to achieve fairness with regard to a workforce that is. unrepresentative 5 x 1 5,TOTAL SECTION A 25,Copyright reserved Please turn over.
Life Orientation 7 DBE September 2012,NSC Common Assessment Task. SECTION B COMPULSORY, Answer ALL the questions in this section In this section your answers must be written. in full sentences as far as possible,QUESTION 2, Study the cartoon below and answer the questions that follow. 2 1 State TWO factors that may contribute to students abusing alcohol 2. 2 2 Explain TWO ways in which alcohol can contribute to the spread of HIV and. Aids 2 x 2 4, 2 3 Critically discuss TWO ways in which communities can take responsibility to. prevent alcohol abuse among teenagers 2 x 2 4,Copyright reserved Please turn over.
Life Orientation 8 DBE September 2012,NSC Common Assessment Task. QUESTION 3, Read the extract below and answer the questions that follow. I recently read an article about new technologies in the workplace It is possible the. article reported to make it seem as if you are actually in your office doing work when. you are really somewhere else As an example the writer briefly talked about a guy. that used his cellphone to change the screen on his office computer to make it look like. he was working yet all the while he was sitting in a nearby restaurant. Imagine the possibilities Leave your lights on and computer powered up when you go. home at night and the next day enjoy a leisurely day on the golf course or shopping. No one will ever know you re not there, Of course doing something like this brings up a few ethical dilemmas for anyone in the. workplace or for that matter any ethical person, At the company I work for the CEO recently warned people about coming in late and. leaving early He asked the question Am I getting my money s worth And that s the. point We all want to make sure that we get value in return for money that we pay out. Beyond the earthly concerns of wages and responsibilities to our companies we are. not allowing ourselves to fully experience the dignity that comes through work Being. out of the office when we should be working actually robs you of your integrity and self. Montgomery J 2011 Adapted from Ethics in the Workplace 2011. Retrieved 21 May 2012 from www Amazon com, 3 1 Name ONE ethical issue that is reflected in the extract above and explain why.
you view this as an ethical issue 3, 3 2 Other than earning a salary explain THREE ways in which work adds to. YOUR growth and development 3, 3 3 Using your knowledge of rights and responsibilities in the workplace explain. what action can be taken against employees who do not follow company. policy 2 x 2 4,Copyright reserved Please turn over. Life Orientation 9 DBE September 2012,NSC Common Assessment Task. QUESTION 4, Read the case study below and answer the questions that follow.
Gugu is a high school learner who is very popular at school She is friendly and. outgoing and loves playing netball for her school and soccer for the local community. club Her participation in sport has meant a great deal to her it has given her self. confidence and has developed her social skills, Gugu s mother however does not agree with her participation in sport Her mother. thinks it is more important for her to learn to cook and clean the house Gugu says her. mother is more traditional and does not support her participation Gugu s mother says. Where I come from girls and women don t go out work and sports is for boys Their. husbands support them and they work inside the home Girls must be prepared for. marriage That is the way I was raised, Her mother does not believe that girls should go to sporting clubs In my village it was. not allowed girls were not encouraged to play sports However here in the city things. seem to be different, 4 1 The case study above illustrates the social benefits of Gugu s participation in. sports What are the physical benefits of Gugu participating in sports 2. 4 2 Discuss TWO ways in which the role of sport and games differ in westernised. societies compared to more traditional societies 2 x 2 4. 4 3 The media tends to maintain the traditional gender roles of men and women. by portraying sports as mainly suitable for men Suggest TWO ways in which. the media can change this negative perception of women in sport 2 x 2 4. TOTAL SECTION B 30,Copyright reserved Please turn over. Life Orientation 10 DBE September 2012,NSC Common Assessment Task.
Answer any TWO short essay questions in this section Your essay must be. 15 20 lines,QUESTION 5, Read the extract below and answer the question that follows. For most of us the experience of conflict in interpersonal relationships is a negative. one but it does not have to be Conflict can also be positive. Switzer C 2010 Difference between constructive and destructive conflict. Retrieved 21 May 2012 from www Livestrong com, Write a short essay in which you critically discuss THREE ways in which conflict can. contribute positively to a healthy relationship and explain how each of the following. skills will assist you in managing conflict,Empathy 10. QUESTION 6, Read the extract below and answer the question that follows. Unemployment is a reality for most school leavers therefore it is important to be aware. of the trends in the job market It is not good to select a career for which there is no. demand An important part of finding employment is to identify the niche gap in the. Write a short essay about unemployment in which you do the following. Explain TWO reasons for the unemployment of Grade 12 school leavers. Critically discuss how an entrepreneur can create employment opportunities for. him or herself by reading and identifying the niche market Use an example to. illustrate your answer 10,Copyright reserved Please turn over.
Life Orientation 11 DBE September 2012,NSC Common Assessment Task. QUESTION 7, Analyse the cartoon and text below and answer the question that follows. BUILD A BRIDGE FOR WELFARE RECIPIENTS,GRANNIES BRAVE CROC RIVER FOR. PENSIONS REPORT,THESE ARE THE,Pension Officials,Apathetic Corrupt. Text enhanced for clarity, What a chilling horrific and heart breaking story Village grannies must brave crocs for.
grants Your reporter Mhlaba Memela has opened a real can of worms. Women and children risking their lives to cross then re cross a raging crocodile. NATIONAL SENIOR CERTIFICATE GRADE 12 Distance education universities have the same minimum requirements for admission to undergraduate degree programmes

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