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N AT I O N A L G E O G R A P H I C M A G A Z I N E. T H E RO L E O F W I T H E AC H I S S U E AS PIONEERS OF. T R U S T E D U N B I A S E D N AT I O N A L G E O G R A P H I C T H E M E D I A F RO N T I E R. LO N G F O R M J O U R N A L I S M G O E S F U RT H E R National Geographic continues to push. is as important as ever providing by telling stories of humankind from the magazine into new terrain creating. a spotlight for the important stories an up close perspective to deepen a more immersive journey and experience. that define our time and matter people s understanding of the world for its audience while re thinking the. most to a new generation and their role in it role it can play for its partners. HIGHLIGHTS,N AT I O N A L G E O G R A P H I C,Compared with all MRI measured magazines. M AG A Z I N E I S M O R E V I B R A N T,National Geographic ranks 1 in reach of. THAN EVER WITH 78,O F R E A D E R S R AT I N G T H E Men. M AG A Z I N E A S V E RY G O O D O N E,Generation Z. O F MY FAVO R I T E S A N D A TOTA L, R E AC H O F 3 0 3 8 6 0 0 0 A D U LT S Postgraduate degree.
B U T M O R E I M P O RTA N T T H A N,Influentials. THE SIZE OF OUR AUDIENCE DID YOU,I S I T S Q U A L I T Y W H I C H E. merging Millennials Millennials with,A third of National. P ROV I D E S O U R PA RT N E R S T H E HHIs of 100 000 Geographic magazine. O P P O RT U N I T Y TO C O N N E C T readers are millennials. Self employed Professional Managerial That s more than. W I T H A F F LU E N T E D U C AT E D 10 million readers. which makes millennials, I N F LU E N T I A L C O N S U M E R S the largest audience. segment of our readership,Source GfK MRI 2018 Spring.
E D I TO R I A L C A L E N DA R 2 0 2 0 S TO RY D E S C R I P T I O N S. N AT I O N A L G E O G R A P H I C S O R I G I N A L J O U R N A L I S M F O C U S E S O N C O R E. TO P I C S S U C H A S S C I E N C E A N D I N N O VAT I O N A D V E N T U R E A N D. E X P LO R AT I O N C R I T I C A L I S S U E S C U LT U R E A N D T H E N AT U R A L W O R L D. JA N U A RY M A RC H Earth The Next 50 Years, Special Issue FUTURE OF Cover END OF TRASH If we allow current trends to continue. MEDICINE In nature stuff moves in circles But humans it s not crazy to worry about the end of. Future of Women s Health have thrown a monkey wrench into the civilization It s also possible though that. elegant machinery We voraciously we will emerge from this forest dark. Zoanne Clark a former E R physician with a new way of living on Earth one that. and now an executive producer and extract resources from one part of nature. transform them into consumer goods doesn t deplete the planet s natural riches. writer for the ABC series Grey s or require us to decamp for Mars. Anatomy looks at the state of women s and services and dump the waste in a. health and wellness place where it s a pollutant rather than. a resource The solution some people M AY,Pain say is to make our economy more like. Scientists are just now starting to a natural ecosystem Cover GENIUS ARETHA. understand how the brain experiences Autism Our story on Aretha Franklin will chart. pain and to explore the genetic basis for the arc of her genius and the impact she s. why people experience pain differently Autism is a rapidly growing diagnosis up had beyond music especially in the fight. 600 percent in the past 20 years A great for civil rights Her musical genius was. World s Healthiest Diet deal has been written about why but this nurtured by her family and community. Blue Zones author Dan Buettner will story focuses on the who spotlighting and we ll look at her life experiences that. look at what researchers have learned the increases attention on underserved link back to her genius. about why certain foods help us live groups and adults who have spent most of. longer healthier lives their lives misdiagnosed or undiagnosed Tompkins. Microbiome Former CEO of Patagonia Kris Tompkins,spent the past several years buying. Research into our microbiome is rapidly APRIL and conserving millions of acres of land. revolutionizing our understanding of Special Issue EARTH DAY 50 throughout South America with her. the vital role the 40 million bacteria in now deceased husband Doug Tompkins. our intestines and elsewhere play in our TWO PASTS TWO FUTURES. The Good and the Bad the founder of The North Face In the. physical and mental health process they ve inspired citizens to take. Each story will be a reported essay pride in their country s stunning unique. documented with an expansive graphics and diverse landscapes and motivated. F E B R U A RY package and accompanied by sidebar governments to protect the land But there. Cover CLOTILDA SLAVE SHIP examples and annotations The stories is a lot more work to do. After a yearlong search by marine will form a narrative that defines the. archaeologists the schooner Clotilda moment and the planetary choice. Earth The Last 50 Years JUNE,the last known ship to bring enslaved. Africans to America s shore has been Nat Geo looks at a half century of Cover UNVEILING THE AMERICAS. discovered in a remote arm of Alabama s progress and damage Since 1970 as the As revolutionary imaging technology is. Mobile river shedding new light on a lost human population has exploded taking enabling researchers to detect ancient. chapter of American history environmental destruction global and ruins hidden by dense jungle canopies. American Prairie altering climate for centuries to come for centuries how can a nation that s. At the same time the number of people economically yet rich in cultural and. Today the American Serengeti is one, living in extreme poverty has plummeted ecological treasures blaze a path toward.
of the fastest disappearing areas in the, and people are living much longer sustainable development. American West due to climate change, and hunting This story looks at the Earth Today A Photo Essay Women and Migration. efforts of the American Prairie Reserve Between past and future Nat Geo A team of women photographers from. to create a 3 million acre fully functioning presents a time capsule of 2020 The Everyday Projects will document. ecosystem a portfolio of photographs capturing how migration impacts women world. Modern Beauty the beauty of Earth today and what s wide and show the massive scope of how. being lost social economic political and climate,Beauty standards are at once a. issues among others are pushing and,celebration of femininity and an agent. pulling women from their homes,of conformity This story will document.
women as they navigate the complex,pressures of modern beauty standards. especially with the added pressures,created by the internet and social media. All editorial subject to change, E D I TO R I A L C A L E N DA R 2 0 2 0 S TO RY D E S C R I P T I O N S. J U LY U S Child Marriage N OV E M B E R, Everest Special Issue THE ROOF OF 200 000 children were married in America Cover RISE OF THE MACHINES. THE WORLD from 2000 to 2015 In the U S 25 states This story will explore the software. Everest Expedition have yet to set a minimum age below which machines and factories behind the. a child cannot marry This story will look Fourth Industrial Revolution and the. This story documents the findings of the at the life long consequences of child. single most comprehensive scientific impact of this revolution on the labor. marriage and the complicated issues that force and by extension the political. expedition to Mount Everest in history lead to such a choice. in an effort to better understand the climate both in the U S and globally. impacts of climate change on the region Women and Democracy. Mustang Treasures SEPTEMBER Across continents women are finding. High in remote northern Nepal the ancient Coal Ash new power in numbers as politics pave. Kingdom of Mustang is facing a crisis Carbon Dioxide from coal burning is a the way for more women in decision. looters are stealing their antiquities primary source of our climate crisis But making positions. Snow Leopards coal leave another lingering legacy an. ash laced with toxins and carcinogens DECEMBER, This big cat once reigned supreme in the The question of what to do with the ash.
Himalayas We ll cover efforts to protect is becoming acute Cover REPATRIATION. the species which is vulnerable to climate For decades leaders from Egypt to. change habitat loss and human activities Bengal Girls. Nigeria to Peru have called for the, such as poaching This is an investigative look at child return of cultural treasures looted by. Everest North Side trafficking in West Bengal India Since European explorers and colonizers. 2011 more than 35 000 minor girls have a plea that has fallen mostly on deaf ears. Writer Mark Synnott and photographer been reported missing and presumed. Renan Ozturk lead a team up the Tibet This story will explore some of the most. kidnapped many of whom are sold to hotly debated questions of our post. side of Mount Everest gangs and forced into prostitution colonial times Where do the world s. Himalaya Water Tower Great Lakes great cultural treasures belong. We will examine the current state and The Great Lakes hold 20 percent of the Living Lullabies. future of the Himalaya glaciers that serve world s freshwater and more than 35. as the crucial water towers in Asia Living Lullabies illuminates critical issues. million people rely on their six quadrillion facing women and children through the. gallons for drinking In a warming world multidisciplinary storytelling of families. AUGUST where drought will become increasingly night time rituals The project aims to. common the Great Lakes may be North explore how issues at the top of global. Cover REIMAGINING DINOSAURS America s most valuable resource more agendas conflict migration public. Over the past few years a dazzling array vital than coal gas or oil health and climate change affect and. of fossil finds coupled with advances in are reflected in the stories of bedtime for. technology have dramatically revised children around the world. our pictures of even the most iconic O C TO B E R,dinosaur species Meditation. Out of Eden Part 8 Meditation and mindfulness have been. Paul Salopek s foot journey across northern part of human culture for millennia But. India from Pakistan to Myanmar offers a only in the past few decades has meditation. storytelling map in to this vital country that gone from being a preoccupation of. no other media platform can hope to match spiritualists to becoming a subject of. a rich atmospheric boot level look at India serious scientific inquiry. at the threshold of an era that conceivably Smart Phones. might be called the Indian Century A look at smart phones and how they are. Atomic Bomb affecting our behavior,We mark the 75th anniversary of the Menstruation. first and so far only times that For millennia menstruation has been. nuclear weapons were fired in war Nat both considered sacred and feared This. Geo returns to Japan for what may be story will examine how the spectrum of. one of the last anniversaries witnessed menstrual stigmas manifest in science. by many hibakusha the bomb survivors culture and communities around the. world and highlight the new science that,is at long last giving women a deeper. understanding of their bodies,All editorial subject to change.
T O TA L A U D I E N C E P R O F I L E,N AT I O N A L G E O G R A P H I C. R AT E B A S E 2 5 0 0 0 0 0,2019 SPRING MRI,000s COMP COV INDEX. Total 27 959 100 0 11 2 100,Men 15 317 54 8 12 7 113. Women 12 642 45 2 9 8 87,Age Median 47 6 years,18 24 3 648 13 0 12 4 110. 25 34 4 834 17 3 10 8 96,35 44 4 441 15 9 11 0 98,45 54 4 058 14 5 9 7 86.
55 64 4 702 16 8 11 3 100,65 6 277 22 5 12 5 111,b 1997 2010 Gen Z 2 445 8 7 13 2 117. b 1977 1996 Millennials 9 485 33 9 10 9 97,b 1965 1976 GenXers 4 741 17 0 9 7 86. b 1946 1964 Boomers 8 553 30 6 12 1 108,b pre 1946 Pre Boomers 2 735 9 8 11 6 103. Income Median HHI 72 815 Median IEI 43 983,HHI 100 000 9 711 34 7 11 2 100. HHI 150 000 5 096 18 2 11 7 104,HHI 200 000 2 457 8 8 11 8 105.
HH Net Worth 1M 3 391 12 1 13 6 121,Att Grad College 18 936 67 7 12 6 112. Bachelor s Degree 10 428 37 3 13 2 117,Post Graduate Degree 4 290 15 3 14 9 132. Occupation,C Suite Top Management 1 508 5 4 14 2 127. Top Management 1 312 4 7 13 9 124,Managers Professionals 7 562 27 0 12 0 107. Mgt Bus Fin ops 2 548 9 1 9 8 87,Prof Related occup 5 014 17 9 13 6 121.
Household Composition Median Home Value 269 481,Own Home 18 093 64 7 11 0 98. Married 14 097 50 4 10 7 95,Kids in HH 10 115 36 2 10 7 95. Influentials 2 872 10 3 19 4 173,Super Influentials 1 084 3 9 22 9 204. 3 public activities last year,5 public activities last year. Source GfK MRI 2019 Spring Report 2019 GfK MRI All Rights Reserved. PREFERRED EDITION AUDIENCE PROFILE, N AT I O N A L G E O G R A P H I C P R E F E R R E D.
R AT E B A S E 9 0 0 0 0 0,2019 SPRING GFK MRI,000s COMP COV INDEX. Total 10 845 100 0 4 4 100,Men 5 799 53 5 4 8 111,Women 5 046 46 5 3 9 90. Age Median 50 9 years,18 24 1 106 10 2 3 7 86,25 34 1 489 13 7 3 3 76. 35 44 1 778 16 4 4 4 101,45 54 1 796 16 6 4 3 98,55 64 1 881 17 3 4 5 104. 65 2 794 25 8 5 5 127,b 1997 2010 Gen Z 786 7 2 4 2 97.
b 1977 1996 Millennials 3 095 28 5 3 5 81,b 1965 1976 GenXers 2 153 19 9 4 4 101. highlights national geographic magazine is more vibrant than ever with 78 of readers rating the magazine as very good one of my favorites and a total

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