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Mystery Suspense, I t s the waiting I can t stand Let me belly crawl across a. minefield into an enemy stronghold Or give me an, MP5 and a load of clips and just let me shoot my way in. face to face with a ruthless kidnapper and his outrageous. demand the attach case in exchange for Marty s life. Anything but this playing along with the perps while an The Fourth Assassin. innocent woman pays the price I know the last thing Gena Matt Beynon Rees. wants is a hero or me I made the mistake of letting her. go once putting the assignment ahead of the heat between. us Since then she s survived things I can only imagine but. no one can escape a death agent alone Now I ve got one. last chance to win her trust to get it right,Family Storms. V C Andrews, A rriving to visit his son Ala in the heavily Palestinian. neighborhood of Bay Ridge Brooklyn Omar Yussef, discovers the beheaded body of one of the boy s room.
mates When Ala is arrested as a suspect Omar Yussef. must investigate to prove his son s innocence uncovering a. deadly conspiracy of international proportions,The Gordian Knot. Bernhard Schlink, L iving on the streets with her destitute mother selling. knickknacks and trinkets just to survive Sasha Porter. dreams of someday having a normal life with a real house. and family But she never dreamed a devastating tragedy. would bring her those very things on a stormy night by a. rainspattered highway a speeding car veers out of control. striking and killing her mother and badly injuring Sasha. Found Wanting,Robert Goddard, G eorg Polger ekes out a lonely living as a freelance. translator in the south of France until he is ap, proached by a certain Mr Bulnakov who has a intriguing. proposition Georg is to take over a local translation. agency and finish a project left by the previous owner who. died in a mysterious accident The money is right and then. there is the matter of Bulnakov s secretary Francoise with. whom Georg has fallen hopelessly in love Late one night. however Georg discovers Francoise secretly photograph. ing a sensitive military project He is shocked and heart. R ichard Eusden is on his way to work in London one. unremarkable winter morning when he is intercepted. by his ex wife who asks him to ferry an old attach case to. broken Then her eventual disappearance leaves him not. only bereft but suspicious of the motivations behind Mr. Bulnakov s offer, their friend Marty Hewitson in Brussels Richard expects.
to be back in London within the day but in Belgium. Marty is nowhere to be found Instead Richard comes. Southeast Regional Mail Services January 2012 39,Mystery Suspense. Gutshot Straight The Headhunter s Daughter,Lou Berney Tamar Myers. P rofessional wheel man Charles Shake Bouchon is, too nice a guy for the life he s led and not nice enough. for any other Fresh out of prison he s supposed to deliver. I n 1945 an infant left inadvertently to die in the jungles. of the Belgian Congo is discovered by a young, Bashilele tribesman on a mission to claim the head of an. a package to Vegas strip club owner Dick the Whale enemy Recognized as human despite her pale white skin. Moby and pick up a briefcase for Shake s former boss and and strange blue eyes the baby is brought into the tribe. lover Alexandra Ilandryan pakhan of L A s Armenian and raised as its own Thirteen years later the girl now. mob But when the package turns out to be Gina a called Ugly Eyes will find herself at the center of a con. wholesome young housewife Shake decides to set her troversy that will rock two separate societies. free a move as noble as it is boneheaded,Hard Rain Joe Hill.
David Rollins, M errin Williams is dead slaughtered under inexpli. cable circumstances leaving her beloved boyfriend, A s a special investigator for the U S Air Force Vin. Cooper thought he d seen it all But even he can t, believe his eyes this time Colonel Emmet Portman U S. Ignatius Perrish as the only suspect On the first anniver. sary of Merrin s murder Ig spends the night drunk and. doing awful things When he wakes the next morning he. air attach to Turkey wasn t simply murdered in his Istan has a thunderous hangover and horns growing from. bul residence He was carefully dismembered his body his temples Ig possesses a terrible new power to go with. parts laid out like an exploded diagram except for twelve his terrible new look a macabre gift he intends to use to. missing bones three of which show up a few days later at find the monster who killed his lover Being good and. another grisly murder scene And when it turns out that praying for the best got him nowhere Now it s time for. the dead colonel happened to have the second victim s revenge. business card in his Rolodex it looks as if there s a serial. killer at large,Southeast Regional Mail Services January 2012 40. Mystery Suspense, The Key to Midnight Corbett George Weir Sarah Cortez Jesse Sublett Dean.
Dean Koontz James Tim Tingle Milton Burton Lisa Sandlin Jessica. Powers and Bobby Byrd,The Messiah Secret,James Becker. A haunting nightmare is the key to one woman s mys. terious past in the spine tingling novel from 1 New. York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz,The King of Lies. A ssessing the contents of a lavish English estate mu. seum conservator Angela Lewis discovers a crate full. of sealed pottery jars one of which holds a parchment. which describes the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth. For Angela the find is a miracle a written reference to Je. sus outside of the New Testament But her discovery. draws her and her husband Chris into a centuries old. race for the truth that they may not win or survive. Murder in Plain Sight, F rom the masterful New York Times bestselling and. two time Edgar Award winning author of The Last, Child and Down River comes this tour de force of mur. Marta Perry, der and the dark ripples it sends through a man his family.
and community,Lone Star Noir,Bobby Byrd and Johnny Byrd ed. D id a sweet faced Amish teenager brutally murder a. young woman To save her career big city lawyer, Jessica Langdon is determined to defend him against the. community s bitter and even violent outrage Yet without. an understanding of Amish culture Jessica must rely on. arrogant businessman Trey Morgan who has ties to the. Amish community and believes in the boy s guilt, T exas enters the Akashic Noir Series arena with a daz. zling array of terrifying well crafted short fiction In. cludes brand new stories by James Crumley Joe R Lans. dale Claudia Smith Ito Romo Luis Alberto Urrea David. Southeast Regional Mail Services January 2012 41,Mystery Suspense. Neverland While Galileo Preys,Douglas Clegg Joshua Corin.
F or years the Jackson family has vacationed at Rowena. Wandigaux Lee s old Victorian house on Gull Island. a place of superstition and legend off the southern coast of. T hat s the message discovered atop an elementary, school in downtown Atlanta Across the street are the. bodies of fourteen innocent men and women each, the U S One particular summer young Beau follows his quickly and cleanly murdered The sniper Galileo is on. cousin Sumter into a hidden shack in the woods and the loose He can end a human life from hundreds of. christens this new clubhouse Neverland The rundown yards away And he is just getting started. shack in the woods is the key to an age old mystery a. place forbidden to all But Neverland becomes the place. where children begin to worship a creature of shadows. which Sumter calls Lucy When Neverland itself is, threatened with destruction the children s games take on a. horrifying reality and Gull Island becomes a place of un. relenting terror,The Price of Love and,Other Stories. Peter Robinson, E ver since the publication of his first mystery featuring.
Detective Inspector Alan Banks Peter Robinson has, been steadily building a reputation for compulsively read. able and perceptive novels that probe the dark side of hu. man nature Plumbing the territory that his work has so. successfully staked The Price of Love and Other Stories. includes two novellas and several stories featuring the. Yorkshire policeman at his finest In these stories the dis. parate motives that move humans to harm one another. from love and jealousy to greed and despair are all ex. plored with fascinating depth,Southeast Regional Mail Services January 2012 42. Mystery Suspense Southeast Regional Mail Services January 2012 41 The Key to Midnight Dean Koontz A haunting nightmare is the key to one woman s mys terious past in the spine tingling novel from 1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz The King of Lies John Hart For Angela the find is a miracle sus outside of the New Testament But her discovery F rom the masterful New York Times

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