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Maria Part 1, a You will transport to your room and she comes in to yell at you. b The next morning go downstairs and Maria will be waiting She say s you need go to. Terracotta fashion store to pick up a package for her She give you 5 and her keys. c Go to the weapon store in old quarter and make a copy of her keys. d Go to New Neighborhood and enter in Terracotta Fashion Store. e Talk to the shop girl and she gives you Maria s package. f Leave the store go back to Old Quarter enter your house. g Maria is waiting you in front of the door Give her the package and you will transport to. After school go to Maria s room take a copy of your room key check Maria s laptop press ok. when ask for password at 19 00 hours go to family room check Maria s Laptop left side get. to the password, Next day morning before school go to Maria s room check laptop read the diary go to school. Maria stand s in frond of the door and she tell you you are grounded after school do the chore. she gave you 4 times Weekend nothing to do If you cheat for money go to New. Neighborhood and purchase from computer store games to increase reputation. Continue to do chores until Maria take s you to her sister house enjoy. Next day morning look Maria s laptop after shool go straight home and the family room see. the scene at night 24 00 hours watch tv she comes to watch tv with you after that go upstairs. look the scene Aunt calls you and invites you for dance be patient after her dance it take. some time to see the next dialog then you go home with aunt enjoy. Next Morning check Maria s laptop go to school after school at 23 00 hours go and watch TV. see the scene when you go to sleep Maria visit you Saturday at 19 00 go to family room from. the right door see the scene go to sleep and she visit s you again Sunday at 19 00 hours play. console in your room enjoy the scene Next day before going to school check Maria s laptop. go to school at 19 00 hours go to Maria s room enjoy. After midnight go to Maria s room Try to touch her while she sleeps The first time she will. a You can do this on any night As you increase your stealth you can progress further. b The next morning after your first attempt leave your house. c A girl will run into you and steal 5 of your money You can now begin stealth training better. use cheats to increase stealth use the lamp right from your pc input 1640 for password. On the weekend in the morning find Maria on the beach in Old Quarter and talk with her. a She will ask you to join her on the beach, b Go back home and into your room and in the closet next to the computer take your swimsuit. c Go back to the beach and talk to Maria Enjoy the scene. d On the same day at night while you sleep Maria will wake you up. On the first weekday morning after you spend time with Maria on the weekend talk to her. downstairs in the exit doorway of your home before the afternoon arrives a She will take you. to her job, a You have to go into the computer of Maria s rival Dr. b Grab the money from the office, c Look on the north wall at the calendar and then on the.
whiteboard If you can t figure out the puzzle the,password is 1998. d Go to the PC and enter the password, e Once inside the computer visit the following in this. order Recycle Bin Photos folder and Documents,Erenipeltol. f Get out of the office and talk to Maria You will transport. back home Talk again with Maria Enjoy the scene,You MUST do this mission with Maria before Day 30. in the game,Now back to Rachel s quest,Next day go to School.
a Talk with Rachel in the classroom She will ask you to change the answers on her exam. you have to sneak into the teachers area and don t let them see you. 1 Walk the green line and hide down the hallway at 1. 2 A teacher will pass you once she stops run past and over to the right and collect the 150. 3 Go down along the path but make sure not to go too fast and run into the teacher walking. the same direction, 4 Stop at the door marked by 2 and check it out if you don t the keys won t be in the desk. 5 Continue to follow the teacher and then grab the honey from the locker then go in the door. 6 Grab the 5 from the desk and wait till the teacher you were following turns around and. goes back the other way,7 Exit the door marked 5 after she passes. 8 Continue to the left and grab the 15 from the locker and quickly get in the door marked 6. you may have to backtrack and hide if you don t get there before the next teacher comes. ix Grab the 5 and the Milf s Hentai Magazine and then go to the desk to get the teacher s. room key marked 7, 9 Walk back to the door marked 2 while avoiding teachers. 10 Grab the Candies Pregnancy Test and 2 then go to the desk and change the answers. 11 Your character will go to leave and notice Ms Taylor s coat You ll get her house key and 5. then the character will move to exit from a side window. You need to go to the weapon store in Old quarter to make a copy of her keys You have 1 min. 30 sec to get to the store make the copy and then get back to the side of the building where. you came out of the window, 1 If you arrive on time You will have a copy of the keys to Ms Taylors House. 2 If you don t arrive on time WARNING Ms Taylor will change the locks at her house and you. will not be able to do the Ms Taylor quest line, Once you re back inside the teachers room there will be no more teachers in the area Walk.
back to the exit on the North West and when you exit you will transport to attend the second. Visit Rachel in her house She will finish what you started in the alley When you are about to. finish you have a choice to warn her,a Warn her More love. b Don t Warn her Less love, You can visit Rachel at home during the afternoon on weekdays morning and afternoon on. weekends Do not go to another date with her only home visits. Continue Rachel home visits When your love level is high enough if you talk to Rachel at her. home she will ask you to recover her comics, Talk to the beggar next to her house and retrieve the comics for a fee of 50. Go back to Rachel s house and enjoy a new scene, When your love level is high enough if you talk to Rachel at her home she will ask you for a. favor you have to go to Beth s house to pick up some of Rachel s things. Visit Beth at her home in the afternoon time Beth lives in house number 4 in High. Neighborhood Second home at right of bus stop,a Enter in Beth s House.
b Talk with Beth s mom,c Go upstairs,d Enter in Beth s room and talk with her. e She will return Rachel s stuff, Go to Rachel s house Give her stuff back and watch another new scene. Continue visits to increase your love with Rachel, When your love level is high enough if you talk to Rachel at her home she will ask to have sex. Sex will not go well the first time, In the afternoon you can visit Morgan at his home Morgan lives in house number 5 in High. Neighborhood Behind Beth s house,a Enter Morgan s house.
b Talk to Morgan and he will tell you that in the East Town bookstore Jet s store you will be. able to train to increase your sexual skills Do the first special lesson At this point use cheats. to increase sexual skill go home use the lamp right of pc if you want go back to Jet when you. enter for special lesson you see on screen your increased stats. If you play the game correctly until this point the in game day s must be 22 to 29. Dad Part 1, When 1st part of Maria s quest finished at day 30 Dad will come home and give a gift to each. member of the family, a you will be transported to school do not enter the school. b Return home and visit Maria and Dad s room enjoy. The next day morning when you wake up you will see Dad in the hallway talking on the phone. a Watch the scene and then follow him outside of the house do not get too close keep about. 4 boxes away, b Follow him through New Neighborhood into Commercial Neighborhood and into the alley. c Watch the scene, The next day you go to school The director will stop you when you enter and have a. conference with you and Dad,a When you leave the meeting go up to.
the first floor and head over to the east,b Travel to the room on the bottom left. of the map and go inside to find a,screwdriver,c From there exit the door and near the. door to the right you will see a,ventilation shaft You can t miss it there. is a big arrow blinking on it use the,screwdriver to open the shaft and climb. Refer to Image to see the path and,location of all interesting events.
1 Spy Brenda,2 Spy Carol,3 Spy Ms Gyna,4 Spy Pam and Nadine. 5 Spy on Dad,After class go to your house and Dr,Robson will be outside Talk with her. On the same day go to your home at 18 00 and speak with Maria in the kitchen for another. scene IMPORTANT This must occur on the day you talk to Dr Robson once your father. speaks to you at night the opportunity is gone, When you transport to your room at night Dad will come to your room to talk to you. The next morning go to school Dad will come to pick you up at the school after class finishes. He will take you to meet Warren i Warren will talk to you he will offer to give you something. You have three options women money luxury,ii Women sex with warren s whore My choice. iii Money 500,iv Luxury Alienmecha PC, b After your choice Warren will ask your Dad to go pick up his niece You will go with Dad.
c You will meet Kayla In the car let her do what she wants. d Upon arriving at Warren s house Steve will talk to Dad and the two will leave You will have. to attempt to listen to their conversation, e Walk to your left and check the door to Warren s office to see another scene Green Circle. f Enter the room on the upper right of the map and you will see the stars for where to go Red. Circle on Image,g Push the chair over to this spot to. climb up and listen,h When the scene ends Kayla will. catch you She will ask you to take,her to buy clothes IMPORTANT. Save your Game You can lose the,driving mission and get a game over.
Also you will need to save to see one,scene with Daisy in changing room. To see that scene use,RpgmakersaveEdit or save editor. online valiable 19 to change your,relationship with Daisy to 50 write. down the old value so after the event,to change Daisy s relationship back. i In the car she will make advances,at you In this scene press the.
buttons that appear on the screen, before they disappear If you fail 3 times you will die and the game will end. j Once in the store watch the scene and then you will transport to the dressing room. k You can spy on the women in the rooms Daisy Ms Robson Kayla. When you spy on Daisy she is give you a hand job if rel val changed to 50. l Choose the dress you like best on Kayla,m Return to Warren s house. Now we go to Maria s quest Part 2, When you are in your room after midnight Maria will come and confront you about what. happened in the kitchen WARNING You will be given a choice you must tell Maria the truth. or your storyline with Maria will end,a Tell the truth. b You will have sex with Maria Maria is very good in bed so she will deplete your stamina. faster than other girls Make sure your endurance is maxed. c You will talk some more and she will leave the room. Now we go to Dad s quest Part 2,Do not got to school the next day.
Spent time untill night Dad will come and find you in the room. Watch the scene in the alley,Now we go to Maria s quest Part 3. Next morning when you go to school Maria will be waiting for you outside the school. a She wants you to come and see her boss, b The meeting with the boss will end outside Otter Laboratories Maria will leave. Visit the News Stand in Old Quarter and buy the first Tinymon card for 20. Go to Sarah s room in your home during the afternoon 15 00 to 17 00 hours and give her the. card then watch the scene, Check out the vending machine near the beach in Old Quarter Image. Go to the construction site in Old Quarter and speak. with the foreman He will tell you he thinks his wife is. cheating and will offer to help if you can find out He ll. give you the keys to his house to find evidence You. can now begin the foreman s wife quest,a You must complete foreman s wife quest before. you can progress with Sarah,Foreman s Wife Sharon,Go to the foreman s house during the day to.
spy on his wife The foreman lives in building 5,of New Neighborhood. a Enter in house and take all items Image,b Go upstairs. c Discover the Foreman s wife with her lover,d After talking Sharon will give you three. options the options do not change any,outcome of the story. i 100 She gives you 100,ii 1000 She gives you 100 and a Blow job.
iii Fun with that body fuck her and finish with a, Go to talk with the Foreman at the construction site in Old Quarter. a You have two options CAUTION This decision does influence the development of the. i Betray the wife,ii Cover the wife, CHEAT OPTION If you edit your save file you can cheat and make both choices to progress. both storylines simultaneously, Choose both to Betray the wife and Cover for the wife of the foreman. When you are confronted with the choice to Betray or Cover for the foreman s wife. choose either option and you can edit your save file to go back and choose the other. leaving both quest lines open,Make your choice with the foreman. MY NEW LIFE WALKTHROUGH v 1 7 Intro Play it Enter your name Select if you want to see the Intro or not o TIP You want to select yes because your relationship with Laura and Maria will not improve if you skip Once the introduction is complete you are transported to school Go up to the First floor Talk to all classmates Morgan Tyna Jason Tom Daisy Nadine

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