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Table of Contents,Personal Message from Jeff Gardner 3. Copywriter Biographies 4,Headlines 12,Problem Agitation 64. Pricing Comparison 65,Scarcity 76,Takeaway 77,Reason Why 84. Postscripts 86,Value Building 93,Bullets 94,Guarantee 106. Openings 115,Pricing 136,Bonuses 144,Benefits 150,What s in the Course 152.
Additional Copywriting Resources 153,THIS IS NOT A FREE EBOOK. If you received this manual free either directly or indirectly. without paying for it it is a stolen copy Using embedded tracers. added to this PDF we re constantly able to track and shut down illegal. copies If you received this ebook from a source other than our website. www MyInstantSwipeFile com, please contact us at support myinstantswipefile com. Please help us in the fight against Internet Piracy. Important Copyright Information, All of the sales copy inside this manual is copyright protected by the copywriter see. attributions throughout manual Samples of copy included in this manual are to be. used as examples only You can model the examples in terms of style layout flow and. to give you inspiration but you are barred from using any sales copy in this manual. word for word This is considered Copyright Infringement is illegal and punishable. by law The copywriters who have allowed us to include their copy inside this manual. were very gracious in giving us permission to reprint it here Please be respectful of their. work and not violate their copyright protections Individual copyright holders reserve. the right to prosecute violators to the full extent of the law. This Compilation As Presented Here is Copyright Protected. Copyright 2006 by Gardner Marketing Group Inc, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in. any form or by any means electronic or mechanical including photography recording. or by any informational storage or retrieval system without express permission from the. Published By,www MyInternetSwipeFile com,DISCLAIMER AND LEGAL NOTICES.
While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this manual. neither the Authors nor the Publisher assumes any responsibility for errors. inaccuracies or omissions Any slights of people or organizations is unintentional If. advice concerning legal or related matters is needed the services of a qualified. professional should be sought This book is not intended for use as a source of legal or. accounting advice The sources website URL s and other contact information may. change at any time without notice Any income claims or amounts mentioned in this. manual or on the websites featured in this manual are unique experiences and your. results will vary For Information Purposes Only,A Personal Message. from Jeff Gardner,President of Gardner,Marketing Group Inc. Over the last 20 years I ve been fortunate, enough to learn how to write killer copy from some of. the world s best copywriters I ve learned the secrets to. writing great copy from books courses and seminars. from the likes of Claude Hopkins Victor Schwab Dan Kennedy John Carlton Gary. Halbert Bob Bly Joe Vitale Michel Fortin Yanik Silver Russ von Hoelscher Joseph. Sugarman and the list goes on and on and on, However some of the best lessons I ve learned have come not from books or tapes or. seminars but directly from the copy written by these master copywriters By taking a. step back stepping out of the consumer s shoes and into the shoes of the copywriter. I ve been able to dissect and learn so much from the actual letters of these copywriters. This intense study has paid off handsomely over the years To date I ve been fortunate. enough to write many sales letters that have generated over one million dollars And. even with this skill in my pocket I continue to study and learn from great copywriters. I put this manual together as a way for anyone with the desire to become a better. copywriter to have the tools necessary to study the masters quickly and conveniently. I ve contacted some of the world s top copywriters and received their permission to. use portions of their best sales letters I then dissected their letters and placed them into. easy to find categories This way whether you re learning to write killer headlines or. you need an idea for a killer headline for a new piece you re working on you can easily. find successful headline examples from the best copywriters in the world. I truly hope you use this manual to better your copywriting skills and increase sales. whether for yourself or your copywriting clients Use it in good health. Best Wishes,Jeff Gardner,Gardner Marketing Group Inc.
Mansfield Texas,Copywriter Biographies, Bob Bly is an independent copywriter and consultant with more than 20 years of. experience in business to business high tech industrial and direct marketing. Bob has written copy for over 100 clients including Network Solutions ITT Fluid. Technology Medical Economics Intuit Business Legal Reports and Brooklyn Union. Gas Awards include a Gold Echo from the Direct Marketing Association an IMMY from. the Information Industry Association two Southstar Awards an American Corporate. Identity Award of Excellence and the Standard of Excellence award from the Web. Marketing Association, Bob is the author of more than 50 books including The Complete Idiot s Guide To Direct. Marketing Alpha Books and The Copywriter s Handbook Henry Holt Co His. articles have appeared in numerous publications such as DM News Writer s Digest. Amtrak Express Cosmopolitan Inside Direct Mail and Bits Pieces for Salespeople. Bob writes sales letters direct mail packages ads e mail marketing campaigns. brochures articles press releases white papers Web sites newsletters scripts and. other marketing materials clients need to sell their products and services to businesses. He also consults with clients on marketing strategy mail order selling and lead. generation programs, Bob has appeared as a guest on dozens of TV and radio shows including MoneyTalk. 1350 The Advertising Show Bernard Meltzer Bill Bresnan CNBC Winning in. Business The Small Business Advocate and CBS Hard Copy He has been featured in. major media ranging from the LA Times and Nation s Business to the New York Post. and the National Enquirer, For a FREE Copywriting Information Kit or a free no obligation cost estimate on. copywriting for your next project contact,Bob Bly Copywriter.
22 East Quackenbush Avenue 3rd Floor Dumont NJ 07628. Phone 201 385 1220 Fax 201 385 1138,Website http www bly com. email rwbly bly com,John Carlton, John Carlton is truly one of the top copywriters in the world He is an internationally. known and respected copywriter who has worked with Jay Abraham Gary Halbert and. other marketing greats,Who The Hell Is John Carlton. By Mark Landstrom, They call him the secret weapon Secret because he has so far. avoided the harsh limelight of fame preferring to lay low and let his. work do his talking Weapon because any marketer lucky enough to. hire this brilliant writer will see profits skyrocket. John Carlton has been a top freelance advertising copywriter for. over 21 years now Many of his ads are legendary among writers and. clients He brings an edginess and street savvy to ad writing that. actually forces you to read every word, And the big question has always been How does he pull off these.
must read insanely profitable masterpieces Well here is his first. tell all book Finally And he spills all the beans Every trick and. secret and proven tactic from writing head turning headlines to. crafting a closing offer you simply cannot refuse, The Information In This Book Is Worth A Fortune To. Anyone Who Uses Or Needs To Use Advertising, The man himself defies easy description He s had an amazing. education in life including stints as rock and roll lead guitarist. newspaper cartoonist and deep sea salmon fisherman He s been a. hitchhiking hippie a corporate executive spy and an observing. bohemian in hot spots like Silicon Valley Miami Beach and. He s the nicest guy you ll ever meet in business when he s not. busting your balls with his wicked sense of humor One of the rare. ones who is honest to a fault generous gracious and yet completely. unafraid to express an unpopular opinion He will fight for what he. believes in and bullies clients into doing what he knows is right. And they love him for it, But it s John s passion for studying people that permanently raised. the ceiling on what it takes to be called great in today s mean. streets of marketing Learning what he understands about. consumer psychology can put your business on the big buck fast. John has never been far from the epicenter of the direct marketing. world He went from being the high priced hot shot freelancer that. L A agencies snuck in the back door to write the pieces their own. staff couldn t pull off to working on the entrepreneurial inside. with world class marketing gurus like Jay Abraham and established. hall of fame copywriters like Jim Rutz, Around 1988 Gary Halbert the world s greatest living. copywriter invited John to handle the big desk at his Hollywood. offices on Sunset Blvd and during the ensuing marketing. adventures these two men changed the nature of direct response. advertising forever, John was among the first to write television infomercials to.
advertise on the Internet and to mine the new industry of. videotaped information He says, I ve had fun brushes with death helped shy men accumulate. fortunes and watched helplessly as rich corporations came. tumbling down from their own idiocy There s no better way to learn. how the world works than to roll up your sleeves and get filthy with. experience like this, I ve been stupid smart lucky well off broke mocked loved and. despised and I ve learned something from every damn minute of. it I can identify and relate to every type of customer you ll ever see. And I can sell to them, In his prolific career John has promoted nearly every product or. service used by human beings This staggering list includes top. financial advice newsletters hugely expensive and exclusive. marketing seminars 7 000 just to attend a conservative better. sex guide with the largest mailer in the U S his control ruled for. over 5 years despite constant attempts by other pro writers to knock. it off how to fight instructional videos from Navy SEAL. commandos and highly skilled streetfighters a fascinating multi. million dollar niche market golfing advice his famous one. legged golfer ad shocked the country club crowd plus reams of. letters and ads for retail businesses self help products both. entrepreneurial and corporate Web sites doctors real estate. brokers diets precious metals fund raisers and personal letters. that have motivated people to change their lives forever. When John s ads which often fill three entire pages run in. magazines the whole look of the publication subsequently. changes as other advertisers pump up the size and tone of their. own ads to keep pace with John s hard hitting style of raking in. profits His direct mail letters have long been used all over the world. as study guides for great copywriting His rare recorded interviews. are eagerly studied by insiders, In fact other top writers and marketers have secretly sought out. John s advice for years Now you can tap into this same deep well of. This book is an astonishing opportunity to learn insider tactics and. shortcuts used by only the best copywriters in the business Here is. a man used as a secret weapon by multi million dollar. companies whose fees have caused uninitiated clients to choke. Yet the results his ads pull are so staggering he is often booked a. year in advance despite never having advertised his services. You cannot reach John by phone He will however respond to all. inquiries via email at support marketingrebel com Or by fax to 1. 775 562 2655 Or through snail mail at,John Carlton.
316 California Ave 114,Reno NV 89509, Mark Landstrom is a designer and video producer in San Luis. Obispo California, NOTE You can see what John is up by going to his frequently. updated blog at www john carlton com or by visiting his. website at www marketingrebel com,Randy Charach, Randy Charach has helped thousands of people achieve their goals during the past two. decades And he has done it in a memorable and meaningful fashion. He has authored and co authored hundreds of audio video and written books and. courses to help people make more money with his marketing methods His book titles. include Secrets of a Millionaire Magician www MillionaireMagician com and Niche. Magic www NicheMagic com, His courses Randy Charach s Complete Guide to Internet Marketing. www InternetMarketingGuide com and the Internet Marketing Crash Course. www InternetMarketingCrashCourse com are top sellers on the web. Randy has the ability to quickly achieve an unusually high level of success in his chosen. fields And he shares his methods in his entertaining inspiring and practical. presentations and programs, He s an in demand speaker at leading seminars throughout North America where he.
explains in detail how he made over 100 000 in his first 5 months as an Internet. Marketer He shares the methods he applies to propel many more profitable and diverse. Around 1988 Gary Halbert the world s greatest living copywriter invited John to handle the big desk at his Hollywood offices on Sunset Blvd and during the ensuing marketing adventures these two men changed the nature of direct response advertising forever John was among the first to write television infomercials to

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